Fun with Photos Ch. 11

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Once again boys ‘n girls, all the main characters in this story are fictional. But the website they visit is real as are the occasional website user, with permission of course.

This chapter turned out to be pretty long, with a lot of build up. Just think of it as foreplay for all the hot fun to follow ;->

For the folks following the series, I rehash some things about the characters’ past in each chapter for anyone who reads it as a stand alone story. But starting from the beginning is highly recommended.

And again, I visit the website in question on my phone and the characters in the story use a laptop. Some of the page descriptions may be different. If that throws anyone off, I apologize.


It had been a few days since Meagan and Todd had their hot chat session with Tammy and Frank, the sexy couple who called themselves Advntrpr.

Meagan and Frank had started it off while waiting for their spouses, exchanging photos and describing what they could do with each other. They both had a good climax, and both were busted when Todd found Meagan sweaty and out of breath, and Tammy walked in on Frank covered in his own cum.

Than Todd and Tammy had chatted while getting oral from their own respective partners, before they progressed to fucking and exchanging more pics of themselves and describing what fun they could all have together.

All four of them had had a great time and intense orgasms were had all around.

Meagan was disappointed that she had not been able to catch Tammy online since that night. They had exchanged some messages, both thanking the other couple for a great night, but the two women had not been online at the same time to discuss what happened.

Meagan was somewhat grateful that she hadn’t run into Tammy’s husband Frank online. He had had a big part in the fun she’d had that night. But he was also the guy who made Meagan forget her rule about not chatting with guys without Todd being present.

Sure, Meagan knew Todd would be joining her as soon as he got the baby down for the night. She was just getting to know Frank in the meantime.

And Frank had been alone too, waiting for Tammy to return from the store. with batteries for her dildo, no less.

Todd and Tammy had joined in eventually and all four had a great time, but it wasn’t until after Meagan and Frank had each had their first orgasm of the night.

That wasn’t a habit Meagan wanted to get


Todd and Frank had a brief conversation the following day. They both had complimented the other couple on how hot their photos were, and described briefly how hot it made them seeing the others as they were having sex of their own at the same time.

Todd had of course commented on how hot Frank and Tammy’s wife sharing post was. That was how Todd had discovered them in the first place. Meagan had read the exchange later as it was still in the messages folder.

Todd had probed Frank about his wife sharing experience. Frank highly recommended it! That gave Meagan a thrill. She knew that it was just a matter of time until she got to experience two men at once!

While Meagan wanted very much to talk to Tammy again, she was also a little apprehensive. Meagan was not sure if she could admit to Tammy that she had fantasized about Tammy licking her that night. She figured she would let the conversation flow and if it came out, then so be it.

Tammy and Frank had been playing with a toy pussy on Frank’s cock, and Meagan was imagining it was her pussy riding him. She had been riding Todd in the same reverse cowgirl position the toy was in. Then came the photo of Tammy licking Frank’s balls and staring straight at that pussy.

Suddenly Meagan could picture the pretty blonde woman licking Todd’s balls as Meagan rode him. Tasting her juices flowing over him. Following the trail of sweet nectar straight up the base of Todd’s shaft to where it was engulfed by Meagan’s stretched lips, and up to her aroused clit! Meagan had cum very hard. The image so real in her mind.

Prior to their chat session Meagan had occasionally been exploring some of the ffm and lesbian posts on the website. She was kind of surprised with herself and her reawakened curiosity about other women.

She contributed these feelings to the sheer number of sexy women she saw online on a daily basis. Many of the women who viewed their posts commented about Todd’s awesome cock. And Meagan expected that, she agreed, Todd did have a great cock.

But when Meagan got compliments and outright propositions from women, that was unexpected. And the old emotions that it stirred up was also unexpected.

It had been years since she had felt these feelings and curiosities about other girls. A healthy love for men and their cocks had helped her to forget all about the time in college when she was almost seduced by a sexy woman.

Sure she still noticed beautiful women when she was around them. She would even occasionally canlı bahis imagine them naked. And she still had to admit it was pretty hot to think about. But she hadn’t really had the urge to explore those feelings. To follow through and actually experience it, in years.

But when she started to visit that website and post pictures of herself, a couple of sexy women had complimented her on her posts, it got her thinking about it again.

Especially since some of the compliments came with offers of sex, and very vivid descriptions of the things they wanted to do with her!

It was only natural to be curious about the people who complimented her, and to visit their profile, look at their posts if they had any. Usually it was guys, and Meagan read at their profiles, looked at their dick pics. Many of them turned her on. Some did not, because regardless of how nice their cock might be, some guys were just too crude.

Plenty of comments came from usernames that were listed as a couple. Then it was anyone’s guess as to which partner had made the comments unless they specified.

She could easily fantasize about the guys. Picture the acts they described in their comments. That was why she got involved in the first place, to turn on guys. She’d always loved men looking at her. She never considered that she might excite women too!

So when she had provocative comments from women, she wanted to see who they were and what they were into. And some of them were very sexy! Some were married and some weren’t. Some were bisexual. Others were lesbian and only interested in the girls.

And that got her thinking about Sheryl and her near brush with girl on girl sex. She had been very curious for a while but never followed through with it. It had been in college and there was no limit to the number of cocks available to an attractive and horny young woman.

She had been tempted to broach the subject with her roommate and lifelong best friend Beth. They had shared everything with each other over the years, especially when it came to sex. But for some reason Meagan had held back on that.

She had been afraid of ruining the close bond her and Beth had. She knew all too well how much Beth loved men, and had never seen any indication that her friend may be interested in the fairer sex. So she kept her thoughts to herself.

Although Beth had mentioned not too long ago that she had allowed herself to be picked up by a couple. She never said whether she had played with the wife also, or if she just helped her please her husband.

And the girls no longer had the opportunity to spend an evening talking about sex together. So Meagan never got all the juicy details.

Beth had not stopped by since before that night of the chat session with Tammy and Frank. Meagan was sort of grateful, as she didn’t know how she would act around her.

Beth had come into play in Meagan’s recent sapphic fantasies. Her visual image of Tammy had evolved into her sexy bff between her legs as she rode Todd reverse cowgirl, sucking on her clit and licking her pussy juice off of Todd’s cock and balls.

It had been so real, and so incredibly erotic, that she knew she would be embarrassed to see her friend in person.

It was all too easy to visualize sex with Beth. They had been friends since they were little girls. They had come of age together, learning about sex and all the fear and excitement that went with it.

They’d shared with each other their loss of virginity, first blowjobs, first cunnilingus. Basically everything they experienced in the world of sex.

They had screwed their boyfriends in both the same car and the same room more times than she could count. Being roommates in college just added more sexual activity to the list.

In fact it was in college that their intimacy with each other increased even more. Besides having even more same room sex, they often spent evenings talking about sex when they didn’t have a date.

They discussed the guys they were seeing. Who’s dick was bigger. Who lasted longer. Which guys enjoyed eating pussy. Which guys around campus they wanted. And the conversation always got each girl worked up.

Eventually they decided that they had fucked and sucked and been eaten in front of each other enough times that they really had no good reason why they couldn’t masturbate in the same room too!

Originally they would start by diddling themselves under their pajamas as they talked. Then take turns taking a long shower and satisfy their itch.

A quick game of rock, paper, scissors would decide who went first and who diddled on their bed until the other was done.

Of course there were times when one girl caught the other in the act of self-gratification, and they just went with the flow. It really wasn’t a big deal as they were that comfortable with each other.

Then one night Beth had broken the ice by asking “Honey, we’ve seen each other cum enough times before, do you mind if we don’t go bahis siteleri shower tonight? I just want to make myself cum right here, laying down and comfortable.”

Meagan had had that same thought a few times herself, so she said she was okay with it. They proceeded to continue the conversation about men and their dicks with each girl reaching under their covers to play with herself.

The first couple of times were awkward, the orgasms muted. But one night when they had been drinking all inhibitions had been tossed aside.

Their dates had both been arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. They got into a fight on the way home from a bar with some other guys who tried to come onto the girls.

There had been so much flirting and groping at the bar and on the dance floor that both girls were dripping wet and ready for some cock.

They were pissed at their dates and highly frustrated, and more than a little drunk. When they got back to the dorm they started to compare notes of the night’s events. Soon they were so horny that they just stripped off their clothes and began playing with themselves.

No sheets hiding the action this time. No pajamas or even panties to block the other’s view. They each were on their bed facing each other across the small aisle between them. Propped up by some pillows against the wall they openly pleasured themselves, first with fingers, and then the toys came out. It was just unbridled self-satisfaction.

After that night they never bothered to try to hide from each other again. The exhibitionism and voyeurism of it all just made it that much fucking hotter. The intimacy of the act only served to bring the girls even closer.

It was not long after this started that Meagan had the encounter with Sheryl, the hot little British bi-sexual girl. Meagan knew in her heart that had Sheryl’s roommate not come back, that she would have had sex with her.

Meagan had been so tempted to tell Beth about the night with Sheryl. As she pleasured herself and gazed at her friend’s naked body she wondered what would happen if she brought it up.

She wondered how Beth would feel, both emotionally about the subject, and physically. Meagan actually wondered what it would be like to feel Beth’s slim tight body.

Beth had not been blessed with big tits like Meagan had. But like many slender girls, she had a fantastic ass!

And while her tits were not big, they were capped by a pair of amazing nipples. While Meagan had long thick nipples, her areolas were flat.

Beth’s got very puffy when she was aroused. And the hotter she got the thicker they got. To the point where you couldn’t distinguish the point where the areola ended and the nipples began.

And how would she taste? She already knew what she looked like during sex, and the noises she made when she climaxed. She even knew her intoxicating smell.

Meagan realized she had been washing the same plate for some time now as her mind wandered. Her erotic daydreaming was nothing new. Especially since she found the website they were now visiting on a daily basis. But it was new to daydream about other women.

She was usually thinking about guys. Men looking at her posts and jacking off. Men leaving sexy comments about her pictures and describing the dirty things they wanted to do with her.

And of course men sending her tributes, pictures of their hard cocks spewing cum all over her pictures.

Now as she put the last of her dishes away she made her mind up to go log on to that damn distracting website and look at some sexy women.

She knew she was breaking her promise to herself yet again to get in a workout while Jr was napping. She had not liked how she looked in some of her posts, with the extra pounds from her pregnancy still on her midsection.

She had resolved to work on getting rid of it. But she always found herself sitting in front of the computer with her hand or a toy on, or in her pussy until the baby woke up.

Meanwhile downtown, Beth was undoing an extra button on her blouse before walking into her favorite coffee shop.

As she entered she scanned the counter for her favorite barista. She spied Trevor as he was serving a latte to a large breasted woman in a dress. Beth smiled to herself as she watched Trevor try to check out the woman’s tits without getting caught.

When the woman looked into her purse for her wallet Trevor snuck in a good look at the woman’s cleavage. He managed to pull his eyes away just as the woman pulled her money out and looked back up at her handsome and ever attentive server.

Beth knew that her little titties were no match for the ones that Trevor was now checking out. But she also knew he would enjoy seeing them anyway. She knew that Trevor enjoyed their encounters and had grown to understand that Beth wanted him to look at her, encouraged it even, by the way she always positioned herself to be seen.

She was also confident that her large, puffy bahis şirketleri nipples trying to poke through her bra and thin top were just as enticing as big boobs to a nineteen year old boy.

He was young and horny, and he would check out any woman available. And Beth just loved to put on a show for him. And they had formed a special sort of relationship since Trevor started to work here.

She had been coming to this coffee shop since it opened and fondly remembered Trevor’s first day on the job. He had spilled cream down his apron and pant leg while she bent over to look into the muffin case.

She was wearing a loose, low cut blouse that hung open when she bent over. It afforded anyone in front of her a pretty good view of her thin lace bra.

He had been very embarrassed. But even more so when Beth told him she found a man with cream running down his leg because of her to be very sexy.

He had turned bright red and called his co-worker over to cover while he ran to the men’s room to clean up.

Beth was very pleased to see the beginning of an erection bulging his apron as he ran out from behind the counter.

She was also quite pleased when he was in the Men’s room longer than would be necessary to clean his pants. And the erection was gone when he returned. But he wouldn’t make eye contact with her.

Before she left she caught him alone as he cleaned off a table near her and apologized. She also gave him a nice tip. He told her it was okay but still couldn’t make eye contact.

Trevor had come a long way since then. He was now comfortable enough with Beth to look her in the eye when she ordered. He also took her flirting and flashing and double-entendres in stride, even playing along with her.

But Beth could still get him to blush, and of course get the bulge under his apron to grow. And Beth was always both impressed and curious about the size of that bulge.

She never passed up a chance to let Trevor catch her looking at it. And to Trevor’s credit, he was no longer embarrassed by her looking. He was really coming around with his confidence level.

As the line moved up and Beth was devising a plan to arouse the young man, she heard a familiar voice call her name. When she turned she saw Meagan’s mother Mary in line behind her.

“Hello Mary!” Beth said as she stepped out of line to join her best friend’s mother. They warmly greeted each other with a hug. Beth and Meagan had been so close for so long that they each considered the others mother to be like their own.

Beth was glad to see Mary, but disappointed that she would have to behave herself with Trevor. She certainly wasn’t going to flirt with the young guy too much in front of Mary.

Her and Meagan had always been careful about hiding their robust sexuality from their parents.

“So how’s our girl? Have you seen Meagan lately?” Mary asked Beth. “She seemed to be a little down the last time I spoke with her.”

“I haven’t been over this week.” Beth replied. “I think she just misses working. And she’s a little upset that she still has some of the extra weight from the baby. She can’t find the time to workout that she thought she’d have. And of course she’s tired.”

“I know, baby’s tend to take up all your time and energy. That’s the way it is. I have offered to babysit while she works out but Jr always insists on looking for her.” Mary said before adding “Then I suggested she get out. Go join a gym or something. We could make it a scheduled thing, a couple times a week. But she wont leave Jr. It’s part of being a new mom, always worried. By the time they have a second kid she will run away every chance she gets!” Mary said with a laugh.

They made it to the front of the line and placed their order. Trevor knew of course what Beth wanted. He got the ladies their drinks as they chatted.

He sensed right away that Beth was going to behave herself in the company of the older woman and was a little disappointed. He looked forward to this sexy woman teasing and flirting with him every morning.

After Mary picked up her latte she stepped back to let Beth get to her drink. Beth suggested she go to the table where Beth always sat. She had laid her computer bag there on her way in. It was a high table that was in plain sight of the counter. Beth chose it because she could show Trevor her long legs, and the occasional peak up her skirt.

With Mary out of the way, Beth managed to allow Trevor to catch her looking for the lump under his apron while she reminded him not to forget the cream. He blushed and smiled he told her that he would never forget the cream.

She made sure their hands touched as she took her coffee from him and blew him a little kiss. He smiled as she paid him, and as always she gave him a nice tip. Then she glanced at his crotch again before giving him a wink and went back to join Mary at the table.

Once they were settled, Beth related that she had suggested her gym to Meagan also. Telling Mary “I told her you would probably love to spend some time with your grandson. And I belong to a gym that has yoga, zumba and pilates classes. I go to the zumba class every chance I get. It’s so much fun, and a really great workout!”

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