Getting Smoked

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Chris had come to the party late, and had only showed up at all to get along with other people at the office. Not knowing very many of the people there, except the previously mentioned clods, he was sitting over in the far corner of the room by the wide screen t.v. watching the ball game. A fairly tall guy, about five eleven and a hundred and eighty pounds, a young looking forty.

Chris noticed her in one of his periodic checks around the room to see if there were other people arriving that knew or attractive women. That’s when he saw her.

She had on a black skirt with a red blouse. The skirt was short and revealed a leggy strong looking girl with dark high-heeled shoes. Her chest was big, not enormous but nice, and her shirt showed off some very nicely shaped tits. She shook her head around a bit, showing off shoulder length blond hair. She had tan healthy looking skin to go with the hair. The girl was sitting on the other side of the room almost directly across from Chris.

Chris looked at her a little bit and then turned back to the ball game.

This girl was totally hot. She squirmed her butt around in the chair. Then Chris heard her clear her throat, and then she coughed again clearing her throat. Is it possible she could be a smoker, that would be too much to hope for.

She took in some air and blew it out shaking her head a little as she did. Chris thought to himself, that’s it, you need a smoke, isn’t it.

She was talking to another girl who looked also like she was about twenty five or twenty six and then she waved her hand in front of her face as though she were fanning something, and at the same time blowing air through her lips. She laughed a little bit while doing it. A smoke is coming up. He thought.

In a little bit she picked up her purse and began rummaging through it, and then a lighter was pulled out. Excellent! Chris’s heart began beating harder and he already started to get hard. “Please let it be a 120, please let it be a 120.” He said to himself softly enough that no one could hear it. “That’s it, you’d like ten or fifteen nice satisfying puffs of smoke, wouldn’t you sweetie?” After more rooting around, she finally extracted her pack. It was nice and long. Wow I am hitting the jackpot, Virginia Slims Menthol, fuck. Chris thought. Come on baby, time for a smoke. She fiddled with the pack and then finally pulled one of the long thin pretty looking cigarettes out. She looked up at the other woman that she was talking to. Chris was too far away to be able to make out what they were saying, and the room was fairly crowded and noisy. She put the elegant looking cigarette between her fingers of her right hand. The other woman laughed and then the girl Chris was looking at laughed. Come on. He thought. She threw her hand around and gestured. Then he looked away and back at the game not wanting to be caught staring. Chris looked back in a few seconds, not wanting to miss the light up. Again she squirmed in her chair, pushed her head back and laughed showing a good number of white teeth. Chris thought she looked around the room to see if any men were checking her out. A time or two Chris thought she had seen him staring. The two women continued talking and laughing. Where’s the smoke, where’s the smoke? He thought to himself.

Finally she put the cigarette between her lips and tilted her head back, then snapped the lighter on in front of the cigarette and brought the flame to it, it caught and she reached down and put the lighter back in her purse. She drew on it, not too long and then casino siteleri put it back in her hand and rested it on her knee. With her lips really close together, she blew out a short quick light up time puff out to the floor. Chris thought, wow that was cool, as he watched the little smoke puff dissipate.

She sat there with her mouth open listening as the other woman talked, then came the next puff, this time it was a nice long puff, the cigarette went to her lips and the tip glowed red quite awhile, her hand went away from as she sucked on the smoke. She took the cigarette away from her mouth and her hand went down to her knee again, there was a big inhale and a small little smoke cloud was left right in front of her nose, then her mouth opened and a big white cloud of smoke came out across the room. Chris watched it as it careened out and dissipated. “Wow. He said to himself. That was excellent. He turned and made himself watch the t v for a bit so as not to be so obvious, but he was afraid of missing a puff. His cock was already rock hard. He looked over again and almost on cue the cigarette went back to her lips and then a big ball of smoke hit the table to her side that the ash-tray was sitting on. She had pointed her mouth down and had blown the smoke right at the table. She played with her cigarette, flicking the ashes out in the tray. Chris stared at the pretty looking puff of smoke. Wow! This has been an awesome sighting. He thought.

Chris forced himself to watch the baseball game that was on the wide screen television. But he kept thinking about the chick with her awesome long cigarette. His cock couldn’t get any harder. He looked over again, there really wasn’t much of it gone. Great, he thought, there must be loads of good puffs left in it. After a time, the lit cigarette went back up to the hot girl’s mouth, and she took a big drag, this time it was smoke rings, a couple of them didn’t turn out good, but the three that did were excellent. Then the other woman must have said something funny because she began laughing again.

Chris was close enough to hear that they were talking but not close enough to make out what they were saying, not with all the people there in the crowded restaurant. Thank God they allowed smoking in here, he thought. Shit, I loath those anti smoke nazi’s. He looked over at the two women and the girl in red, she put the cigarette back in her mouth and sucked on it again, then tilted her head up and blew out a thick white cloud of smoke.

This is excellent smoking, Chris thought.

She fiddled with the cigarette awhile and then it seemed to Chris that she pointed to his side of the room, the women laughed. Then she put it in the ashtray for a bit.

The cute looking cigarette sat smoldering in the ashtray while the two women sat talking. Chris thought, what about all that good tasting smoke that you’re missing out on. There are good puffs left, come on baby.

She let it sit there until it had pretty well burned down. Godamnit, he thought. Then she picked it back up and put it in her mouth, the end burned red while she drew on it, then another big white cloud of smoke was exhaled into the room.

Then another quick puff, that was blown down at the floor, then another one. “She must have gotten nicotine withdrawal all of a sudden.” He said not very loudly.

The awesome Virginia Slims Menthol was almost gone now, the blond girl stuck it in her mouth for one last time and made the little butt end that was left glow red again, then took it out, leaving canlı casino the little puff in front of her face that seemed to be her trademark. Then put it out in the ash tray. She held the tasty smoke in her mouth for a bit, then looked over to his side of the room and exhaled a big cloud. God that was an awesome smoke, he thought.

He looked at them a little more, then the two women looked at each other, grinned and stood up. The looked like they were leaving, but then they turned towards his side of the room and began walking towards it. Shit, he thought. He turned and looked at the television as though he hadn’t noticed them. “Check this out.” He heard one of them say. The other one giggled.

“Excuse me. One of the women said. Excuse me.”

He hadn’t looked up, pretending that he hadn’t been watching. The question is, what to do? She might really be pissed off.

She stood there half smiling, then she said, “Who do you think you are, I saw you staring at me, what are you, some kind of a nut?”

He looked at her, she was very pretty and taller than he had supposed when he saw her sitting down. She stood with her legs sort of spread apart and her hands down at her sides with her palms out. She wasn’t mad, she and the other girl were playing some sort of a head game. He thought.

“What’s your problem mister? Are you some kind of anti smoking weirdo?”

She and the other girl sort of smiled to each other.

“No, that’s not it, I don’t know very many people here, and I don’t like the ones I do know from my office, I thought I knew you that’s all.” He said.

“Uh huh. She said rolling her eyes. What’s your name sweetie?”


“Well, Chris, how about this?” She asked and reached into her purse and pulled out one of those beautiful Virginia Slims 120 that he had stared at before.

His cock couldn’t have gotten any harder.

Look at this, you want a smoke?” She said leering at him. The other girl laughed.

Shit, he thought to himself.

“I don’t think so.” He said finally.

The girl put her cigarette in her mouth and pulled her lighter out, then she stood about a foot in front of him. “I think I’ll give you a smoke anyway.” She said laughing.

This is too much, he thought, the excitement getting the best of him.

She lit her lighter and put the flame up to the cigarette, and he watched the red tip start glowing. She took a good long puff, then took the cigarette out and without inhaling, blew the smoke right at his head. He watched the smoke come right at him as she sort of flicked it at him without inhaling. The thick puff of smoke made him gasp for air and it burnt his eyes. Both women started laughing.

“How’d you like that sweetie?” She stood there laughing.

“Wow, that’s too much.” Chris said finally, when a little of the shock wore off.

Then she put the long thin beautiful cigarette back up to her lips and sucked on it again, getting another big puff, this time she gathered her breath and blew a big cloud of smoke right in his face. “This is cool!” The other girl said.

“What are going to do about it baby?” The girl with the cigarette asked.

“This is what I meant by smoking a guy, the blond girl looked over at her friend and grinned, they won’t move a muscle.” She put her cigarette up to her lips again, and began preparing another blast of smoke for Chris’s head. He watched almost like he was hypnotized, she sucked on her cigarette taking another big puff, then without inhaling, she sent another kaçak casino big cloud of white smoke directly at his face. It slammed into him burning his eyes and taking his breath away for a moment.

Getting blasted with all that smoke again was too much for Chris’s cock and he shot his wad right there in his pants. Big thick gobs of cum went into his jizz stained shorts.

She went over to an ash tray flicking the ashes off, then she said, “What do think about that sweetie? Huh, do you like all that smoke?”

“I’m not sure.” Chris said after a bit.

“Yeah well I know.” She said leering at him.

“I think I’ve proved my point Tina, the smoking girl said, you give me a pack of 120 cigarettes and I can get any guy I want. Give them a taste of that smoke and they become putty in your hands.”

Chris peered through a thick haze of smoke that seemed to hover around his entire upper half. He could taste the smoke in his mouth.

The girl then walked back over and stood in front of him again, in about the same spot that she had stood in before. “This should get your attention.” She said, and stuck her cigarette in her mouth again. He watched as the pretty thin cigarette glowed again as she prepared another puff of smoke. This time she blew it at his chest and it hit him and bounced up in his face.

She giggled a little and put the cigarette quickly back up to her lips preparing to inhale again.

Then Tina said, “Uh oh.”

“What?” The smoking girl asked.

“I think the restaurant manager is on his way over.” Tina said.

“Oh shit!” She took one last puff, blew it in Chris’s face and went over and put the cigarette out.

The blond girl said, “Lets cruise, then she said to Chris, bye honey, don’t try to get up too fast.”

Chris sat there surrounded by the thick smoke and coming down from an incredible orgasm.

“That was fucking awesome. Tina said as they walked away. I never thought it would work.”

The other girl laughed again, “Like I said, there are guys that just love smoke, a smoking girl is it!

The restaurant manager was a big heavy set guy who walked up to the girls, he said, “Is there a problem here?”

“No, there’s no problem.” The girl who had smoked Chris said.

“Well it looked to me like you were harassing one of our customers here, I think you should leave right now.” He said unpleasantly.

“Yes, we’re going.” Tina said, and the girls left.

Chris sat there listening to the conversation wondering what he was going to do. He waved his hand and had moved some of the smoke away from his face and it was disappearing somewhat, when she wasn’t there to blow it at him continually. He didn’t want the restaurant manager to see the cum stains in the front of his pants. He got up and pulled his jacket off and held it over the spot. He felt like he was getting light-headed from the smoke but when he got up he was alright.

The big restaurant manager came over to Chris, “Are you alright sir?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“What was that all about?” The big man asked with a funny look.

“That girl felt that I was staring at her and she didn’t like it, that was her way of getting even.” Chris said dryly.

“Well that’s strange, you should have asked for help sooner, I could have had them thrown out. We’re sorry for the inconvenience sir.” The big man said.

Chris didn’t tell him that the whole thing was an enormous turn on, he didn’t look like a smoker nor did he look like he had a fetish.

Chris said, “It’s alright. I’m okay.”

“Very good.” The big man said and left.

Chris went out to the parking lot, hoping they would be out there, but they weren’t. He came back the next couple of nights hoping to run into them, but alas, it didn’t happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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