Getting to Know Maggie

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I’ve always been a loner of sorts. And ugly. Growing up I never had girlfriends, and even in college it was rare for me to snag a date on my own. Most of my dates were blind dates arranged by one of my buddies. It didn’t help that I’d not grown up around girls and really didn’t know how to talk to them, felt awkward and intimidated, so I mostly just sat there quietly.

Not much changed after college except that I got a job a long ways away from home. I did start working out at a gym a good bit and actually got into pretty darn good physical condition. Not a body builder or anything, just solid, slimmed down and fit. I also got used to talking to the women in the office were I worked. They were all older than me and enjoyed saying things that would make me blush or squirm. As the months stretched into years I got comfortable with just about anything they talked about, and talking to them, too. There was never anything going on between me and any of them, just some open flirting now and then to ease the stress of the work, but at the end of the day all of them said goodbye and headed home to their husbands and kids.

I’ve always been an outdoors type, too. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and lately into landscape and nature photography. I spend most of my open weekends in the woods in pursuit of one or more of those hobbies, and most of my vacation time is spent likewise.

One of those trips was earlier this past autumn. We’d been through a crunch time at work and I’d put in tons of extra hours making sure our final work was spot on. The management took note, gave us all a bonus for good work accomplished, and I was even given an extra week or so off. My boss knew how I wanted to be in high woods of the mountains in autumn for the leaf change, so off I went.

I made my base camp on a Sunday afternoon at a campground right off one of the main backwoods routes through some of the highest and most spectacular forests in the region. That time of year the roads and campgrounds are usually crawling with tourists, people wanting to enjoy the crispness of the autumn air in the high country, and enjoy the long range vistas of fall color across the mountain ridges. But, as I suspected, nearly everyone was cleared out by late on Sunday, returning to their hometowns for the beginning of the workweek. I always tent camp, and found the site selection to be to my choosing. Indeed, there were only a handful of other tenters sticking around, and I found a spot well away from the others. There were a dozen or so big RV rigs parked in another section of the campground, but from where I was they may as well have been in another world.

I got camp set up, had hauled in some firewood and built a small fire just to chase the chill away, and was cooking up some supper just before dark when I noticed a woman walking along the loop road past my site. As I looked up she paused, smiled and waved, I waved back, and she just stood there for a moment. She looked to be about my mother’s age, maybe late 50’s or early 60’s, but in good shape. Her hair seemed gray in the fading light, and had a pleasant face. I also noticed that in the chill of the evening her nipples were clearly evident under her lightweight shirt. She smiled wider, then walked on. I watched as she strode away, and noticed that her legs and ass looked firm, like she was used to walking and regular exercise.

The next morning dawned bright but with a bit of chill in the air. It felt great, but after the summer heat the flannel shirt felt good too. I decided to grab a shower before getting anything to eat, so I slipped on some shorts and sandals, grabbed my towel, and headed out to the showers. This campground had two unisex bathhouses for campers and I headed to the nearest one to my site. The trail headed in the general direction of the RV section and was shared by the tent crowd in my area as well as any RVer’s that wanted to use them. The bathhouse was small with only three private stalls inside. I was really surprised when I walked in that someone was already in one of the private stalls. They had the hot water steaming and there was a fog through the house. I took the adjacent stall, closed the door, stripped and got my own hot water going. With the two showers making copious amounts of fog, the whole place was soon filled, and warming up, too.

The other person finished before me and I thought they’d gone since I didn’t hear any noises in the place. I cracked my door open a couple of inches to let some steam out while I toweled off. When I pulled the towel off from drying my hair I looked up to see someone just outside my shower door. It startled me a bit, I casino oyna covered my groin with my towel and reached to pull the door shut. Still, no sounds from anyone.

I dried off, pulled on my shorts, shirt and sandals, and stepped out from the shower stall. I fully expected to find myself alone but found the same woman I’d seen the evening before. She was sitting in her shower stall, door wide open, with a bathrobe on. She was rubbing lotion on her arms and legs, looked up at me, smiled and spoke.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. You’re a very nice looking young man, and I couldn’t resist a peek. Please forgive me.” At that she held out her hand to shake. I had to step partially into her stall to take her hand, and replied.

“It was my fault, I shouldn’t have opened the door. I thought I was the only one here. Sorry.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry, I rather enjoyed what I saw!” and again her smile grew. As I was reaching for her hand she held it higher for me, and when she did my eyes shot to the front of her robe. I apparently wasn’t tied and when she raised her arm a bit the front pulled open a little further, with the separation going down a little further. It was very clear that she didn’t have on a bra or shirt under the robe, and the deep cleavage between what must have been ample breasts was drawing my eyes like a magnet.

I tried not to stare, but the woman must have sensed my inability to look away, and obviously liked the control it had over me. She held my hand in that position for a long pause before dropping and speaking again.

“I’m Maggie. And you are?”

“Oh, yes ma’am, I’m Derrick.” I was having a hard time keeping my eyes away from her chest, and she made no effort to cover herself. Oh, and I forgot to say that I’m always in some state of being horny, and seeing her cleavage was giving me a hard on.

Maggie pulled her hand back, leaned back against the backrest, crossed her right leg over her left knee and was squeezing more lotion into her hand. Looking back and forth from the lotion to me she grinned a bit, obviously knowing very well what affect she was having on me. She wasn’t a bad looking woman, pretty damn good as a matter of fact. Her face wasn’t deeply wrinkled, her skin was toned, and she looked fit for her age. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and was mostly gray with streaks of what had been her natural brunette color. Her eyes sparkled, even in the foggy dimness, a light brown color. Even without make-up she looked better than most women can aspire to, and the more I looked at her, the more I felt pulled to her.

She shifted her legs just a bit to better apply the lotion, the robe riding up her thighs further. Thighs that were mature but very firm. The top of the robe draped over her upper leg, splaying further and further open, higher and higher as the splay widened. I just stood there watching, seemingly powerless to speak or move away, but engrossed in the sight. When she had finished with that leg she leaned back again, uncrossed her leg and without holding the robe the two sides fell wide across her lap. I could see further up her thighs, a sight that held my attention as if I were hypnotized. Maggie was surely looking at me, at my face, watching as I was mesmerized by her sight. She shifted very slightly, moving her knees just very slightly apart, the robe opening up further. As I stared at the sight she parted her knees just enough that I caught sight of the darkness of her womanhood. Dark hair. Dark pubic hair. I stared. I don’t know how long she let me look, but in a moment she closed her knees, pulled the robe closed and stood up from the bench seat.

“How long will you be here, Derrick?”

“Oh, ah,” I was stumbling to speak. It was as if I’d been in a fog, invisible as I had watched voyeuristically at this magnificent specimen of a woman, “I’ll be here a few days. I’m, ah, taking, ah, um, pictures of sunsets, waterfalls, that kind of stuff.” I felt hot, embarrassed. Caught.

“Well, Derrick, maybe I’ll see you as I make my evening walk around the loop. Bye.” With that she smiled at me, touched me on the arm, and stepped out of the stall.

“Yes, ma’am, I look forward to it.” Boy, that sounded stupid. I was embarrassed, and wanted to jerk one off right then and there. That’s when my horny mind began a fantasy trip, envisioning Maggie walking to my campsite right after dark, us climbing into my tent, getting naked and making love for hours. I grabbed my things and got out of there before anyone else showed up.

As much as I wanted to jack off, as horny as I was, I held off. My fantasy mind won out over reality and I talked canlı casino myself into believing I needed to save up for tonight, that Maggie would show me the ways of love making, teaching me how to please and satisfy a woman that knew the joys and pleasures of sex. Pathetic, I know, but a horny mind can warp even the most level of minds.

I hit two waterfalls that day but the sky was clear, without any hint of clouds. Clear skies make for less intriguing sunsets. Besides, by that time I was on a mission. I drove back to the campground, made a fire, tidied up my things in the tent, filled the lanterns with fuel, then started cooking something to eat. As darkness came over the campground I cleaned up the supper things and with no sign of Maggie I passed it off as a lost opportunity, that she’d either come to her senses, or had her fun toying with the younger dude just to bolster her ego, or had found better things to do with her husband. I stirred the fire some, added some logs, and grabbed a jacket for the chill settling down like a blanket covering everything.

The evening was growing late and I readied my camera gear for the next day as well as checked the directions and description for the areas I wanted to hike the next morning. After stowing the food items in the bear box and watching the fire die to a feeble flicker I unzipped the tent door and sat down to take off my boots. About then I heard something rustle in the bushes just outside my site, out of the illumination of the flickering campfire. Damn, I really didn’t want to deal with a bear, skunk, raccoon or any other critter on the prowl for easy food pickings tonight. As I reached back for my flashlight without turning my head away from the direction of the sound, I sensed movement.

Maggie was wearing all dark colored clothing and was inching along slowly. She appeared to be looking around, making sure she was in the right camp. Without switching on the flashlight I spoke to her.

“I thought you were a big ole bear coming around for food.” She relaxed, stood more upright, eased in her approach.

“Not a bear, but can be bare if you’d like.” My cock was tingling.

“I’m glad you’re here and I’d love to see you bare.” Maggie stepped around some bushes and stood just the other side of the flickering fire from where I sat. There was just enough light that I had a perfect view of her as she slowly slid down the zipper of her hoodie. The jeans were next to fall, leaving her standing there bare legged with white panties and a pullover top on. She looked great and it was hard to keep my eyes off her toned legs and the panties with the dark shadow down low in front. She crossed her arms and lifted the top up and over her head, shaking her hair free and dropping the top into the folding chair with the other clothes.

Standing there in bra and panties, Maggie seemed to come alive with an awareness of her beauty. Most women half her age would love to have the body she’d maintained, and she was comfortable and confident with that. She stood with her feet at shoulder width, showing a gap between her legs that had the panties puffed out a bit. I love pubic hair hers was trimmed precisely to my liking.

After allowing me to savor the sexiness of her sight for several minutes, swaying to music in her head, Maggie deftly reached back with one hand and unclasped the bra, catching it with her hands as it fell free from her magnificent breasts. She had a slight tan line over her breasts, something always immensely erotic to me, with almost all the flesh of her breasts being very light colored and creamy smooth. Her areolas stood out in contrast, dark, fairly large and puckered from either the chill or her excitement. Her nipples were hard and stoop proud as she took them between her fingers to twist, knead and pull them to even higher arousal.

By this time my cock was uncomfortable inside my jeans and underwear, confined as it was. I shifted and maneuvered it into a more comfortable position, but keeping it contained.

Maggie had her boobs in full arousal mode before she began to slide her hands down to her panties. They were white, sheer enough to see the darkness beneath, and rode low on her hips. As her fingers slide under the waist band of the panties Maggie swayed more and turned to the side, quartering away from me just enough to hide herself, but affording a stunning view of her perfectly shaped ass. Maggie had obviously been blessed with great genes, and a perfect shaped ass was one of those blessings. I love a great shaped, firm ass and this was one that I instantly fell in love with.

The panties slid down her ass, over the hump kaçak casino of the widest part, became limp and hung in the finger tips of one hand. Maggie bent over and stepped out of the panties, depositing them with everything else on the chair. Maggie stood quartering away long enough to intrigue me, to tease me, to arouse me even further, making the moments so erotic I was powerless to her control. She bent lower, affording a brief, strained glimpse of the treasure awaiting.

As Maggie turned to face me, she took a demure pose, motionless now. One knee was slightly in front of the other, protecting the full exposure of her pussy, but allowing the full appreciation of her wonderfully mature and fantastic body. Shaped like a beauty queen, only a bit fuller, slightly curvier, softer. This was no hard body nubile, but a woman that had come to appreciate and respect her body, taking care of it, and now exposing all of that beauty to my privileged eyes.

“Aren’t you going to invite me into your tent?” Her face and body was bathed in the warm glow of the flames. Her tits were slightly scrunched between her arms, her firm belly framed by her folded hands.

I invited her into as graciously as I knew how, probably stumbling and bumbling something out, the words maybe or maybe not coherent. My mind was in a fog. Here was probably the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, certainly the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen naked in person, and she was about to climb into my tent with me.

Somehow my clothes came off. The first thing I really realized was of Maggie coming close to me, holding my face in her hands, moving her face intimately close to mine. I was trembling as she touched her soft lips to mine, and I was almost shocked at how she tasted. She tasted good, the way a woman should taste, with a softness and sensuality that I’d never known from any girl I’d ever been with. Her body came to mine, touching, pressing against mine. She was warm, soft but firm. I was only aware of her and her body acting with my body. No other world existed. Time, temperature, position was non-existent.

My youth and inexperience became known. Rushed gropes, rough and fast, fumbling with what to do, too much new territory and too many new sensations were overwhelming my senses. The whole sense of being in this situation with a naked woman, a beautiful naked woman, came close to sending me over the edge. My ridged cock was brushing against her as I moved about, the friction of that brushing, the smell of her sex, the feel of her body both against my body and to my fingers, the taste of her kiss, was too much, too quickly. When Maggie reached down and took my cock in her hand I went over the edge.

Talk about a mood breaker. I suppose except for the sounds of kissing and groping it had been quiet, but with my cum dripping from her hand everything got very still and very quiet. I simultaneously felt the energy drain out of my body quicker than the cum had spurted from my cock, and instantly was embarrassed. A hotness came over me, pushing out the heat of passion and replacing it with the hotness of shame and embarrassment. My body began to slump, ashamed of my premature ejaculation and thinking she probably didn’t want to be with me, to be touching me anymore.

I was wrong.

Maggie didn’t laugh or even smile. She touched my chin and lifted my face up to look at hers. Maggie looked straight into my eyes with a comforting, understanding look about. She never spoke, didn’t have to, but with her look and with her actions she reassured me that everything was OK. She pulled me back close to her, pressing her magnificent body against mine. She wrapped her arms around me to hold me then began kissing me gently on the neck and shoulders, up around my face, over my eyes, and then softly on my lips. Her hands glided over me lightly and moving slowly. She caressed my butt cheeks and thighs, then whispered for me to do that to her.

During this tutorial we managed to lay down and get inside the double sleeping bag I’d laid out. Maggie was wonderful, and we spent a couple of hours with her teaching me how to touch a woman, how to be gentle, how to stimulate but control that, when to ease off and when to quicken the pace. Maggie was giving me lessons on how to be a lover.

She allowed me to bring her to orgasm twice with my hands before she had to end the session.

“Derrick, if you liked tonight, you’ll love tomorrow.” We kissed a wonderful kiss that had my head swirling, then Maggie rose and stepped out of the tent to get her clothes. The fire had long since died out so I held a flashlight for her to dress by, admiring her body the whole time. When she had dressed she blew me a kiss and disappeared into the darkness.

I wanted to jack off badly, but fought the desire, focusing on what tomorrow might bring.

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