Girlfriend’s Dad

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While in college I was dating my first real serious girlfriend. The sex was awesome as there wasn’t hardly anything she wouldn’t do or wasn’t up for. But it seemed like there was always something that I couldn’t top her with as far as adventure goes.

How little did I know why I couldn’t max out her adventure tolerance level!

As spring session wound down at school, she invited me to spend a couple of weeks with her at her dad’s place. As I had nothing lined up & wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, I of course quickly accepted.

As we were driving to her dad’s place she informed me that his place was out in the country a good bit. She tells me, “In fact, we used to go without clothes a good bit of the time as there were no neighbors within several miles.”

It didn’t escape my notice she used “we” instead of “I”. I just wrote it off as her family being nudists or perhaps they went nude at different times from one another, perhaps when they were alone?

We arrived late in the evening & dragged our stuff inside to her room. My girlfriend Abby told me her dad was gone on a business trip & wouldn’t be back until the next day. This was fine with me as I wanted to have as much sex as we could before her dad got home. I didn’t know how he would handle me boning his only child at every opportunity. Again, how little did I know then.

Abby & I woke up the next morning, had breakfast & she announced she wanted a soak in the hot tub. So off we went to soak the kinks of a long trip out of our bodies. Abby quickly stripped off all her clothes & climbed in. I was a bit hesitant as I again was worried about her dad coming in on us unannounced. But I stripped off & joined my gorgeous girlfriend.

We were all snuggled together, enjoying the relaxing warmth of the hot water for no more than 5 minutes when I heard a car door slam. “Dad’s home” said Abby. Yet she never moved nor made any effort to cover herself.

“Hey, guys! Looks like you’re enjoying the tub” he said. “I caught the redeye flight & could use a soak myself. Mind if I join you?”

Of course, I was speechless as Abby & I both were completely nude. Not to mention I had a halfway hard-on as well. But Abby piped right up with “Sure, Dad! The water is perfect. Jim & I are relaxing after a long drive ourselves. Hop on in. Dad, this is Jim, Jim this is my Dad, Mike.”

Mike leaned over the tub wall & we shook hands. He had to notice that neither Abby nor I had a stitch of clothing on yet he never said a word. Instead he simply began to remove his clothing & piled it on the bench next to the tub. I raised my eyebrows a bit as he climbed into the tub as naked as we were. Rather than sit across from us, he actually took a seat right next to me, placing me in between he & Abby.

We made some small talk about each other’s trip, how school went, what Abby expected her final grades to be, that sort of stuff. The longer we talked the more I began to relax knowing he was pretty cool with Abby & I nude in his tub. But I noticed he didn’t slide away from me on the tub bench. In fact, he leaned into me in order to hear Abby over the noise of the water jets. As he leaned, he actually inched closer, making us have thigh-to-thigh contact.

Abby & Mike continued their conversation as if it were at the dinner table rather than father & daughter nude in the hot tub. Then I noticed a gleam in Abby’s eye & then felt her hand moving up my leg & grasping my dick. I went from half-hard to rock-solid hard despite her dad sitting right next to me. Abby slowly allowed her hand to explore my hard-on, moving her hand in a jacking-off motion. As if that wasn’t enough to blow my mind, two more things happened that DID blow it!

I felt Mike’s hand sliding up my thigh! It was deliberate as it moved in smooth circles as it moved towards my hard-on enclosed in his daughter’s hand.

The second thing was Abby announced to her dad that she needed some new panties. Could he pick some up for her on his next shopping trip as he already knew which ones she liked?

“Excuse me?”, I thought. Her dad knows her taste in panties? Whoa! The more I thought about it the more I thought how kinky that was. Then kinky moved into a whole different level.

Mike moved his hand right to my dick! I know he felt Abby’s hand around it as he grabbed her hand as well as my dick. Further blowing my mind was that Abby just nonchalantly removed her hand, giving up my hard-on to her dad!

Mike wasted no time as he circled my dick & then HE began slow jerking off motions! My jaw had to have poker oyna been hanging open as both Mike & Abby began laughing. “You ok, Jim?”, he asked. All I could do was grunt.

I turned to Abby & she had the cat-who-ate-the-canary smile on her face. “Dad, Jim is pretty inexperienced sexually. I’ve been trying to bring him up to speed but since he was a virgin, it’s a process.”

Mike did nothing but smile & kept rubbing the glans on my dick, making me hotter than the water ever could. Mike said, “Jim, how about you going with me shopping? We need groceries & I need the help.” Again, all I could do was grunt what passed as a “yes”.

“Great! It’s settled then. Jim will go with me & Abby can finish unpacking, do her wash & all that stuff while we shop. Let’s go shower, get dressed & hit the road”, Mike said.

As we all climbed out of the tub, I couldn’t help but notice Mike too had a hard-on. I even saw Abby look at it for a moment & then she smiled when she saw me noticing that. She gave me a bawdy wink & kept smiling.

We all gathered our stuff & walked into the house, all of us naked as the day we were born. I hopped in the guest shower, Abby went into hers & Mike into his bedroom shower. In 30 minutes, we were in the car, heading into town.

Mike told me he wanted to get the panty shopping done first as the groceries might melt if we got hung up & delayed. I tried to play it cool but all I could think of was his hand slowly going up & down on my hard-on while his daughter knew exactly what he was doing. To say my mind was blown is a major understatement!

We pulled in to a pretty upscale mall in town. We went straight to Victoria Secrets with no side trips. Once inside, Mike went from table to table with panties, looking at some, discarding most & picking up a select few. Once he had a dozen or so, he said to me, “C’mon. Let’s see what we’ve got & what we need.”

I followed along in a state of confusion, not knowing what he exactly needed me for. Once we arrived at the dressing rooms, he took me by the upper arm & directed me into the dressing room with him. Mike then turned & locked the door behind us, giving us a bit of privacy.

Mike then placed all the panties on the room bench, turned to me & uttered one word: “Strip.” He then proceeded to do the same thing himself. All I could do was numbly follow his example, not totally sure what would happen next.

Once we were both completely nude, he turned & began sorting thru the panties. My dick began once again going to half-mast with the thought of the whole situation. Never in a million years would I thought I’d be nude in a dressing room with Abby’s dad with a pile of panties!

Mike then pulled up two pairs, handing one to me & telling me to slip them on. “What?”, I asked. “Try them on. Don’t tell me you’ve never worn women’s panties before? Here, let me help you”, he said.

He then dropped to the floor, lifting one of my feet & sliding it into the leg of the panties. I lifted the other & he slid that one into the other leg. Then he held the waistband, slowly sliding them up my legs, past my dick & balls & finally reaching my waist. They were a bikini style, snugging both my ass & my genitals.

Mike stepped back a bit & said, “Spin around, let’s have a look-see.” I slowly moved in a circle as Mike reached out & smoothed out the panties on my body. I couldn’t help but notice his touch as he rubbed my ass & then my crotch. My dick went from half-mast to full fledged by then. It didn’t help that the panties were sheer, virtually see-thru. Mike nodded in approval, saying “These fit nicely. But let’s try another pair with a different style.”

Mike then dropped back down to the floor, grasped the sides of the panties. His face was so close to my crotch I could feel his hot breath on my dick. As he gently pulled down the panties, my dick sprang out when the panties released their support.

I didn’t know what to do or say. All I knew was I had a huge boner, a man was taking panties off of me & it was my girlfriend’s dad who was doing it. Then it went from unreal to incredible.

Once my dick flopped out, it basically hit Mike in the face since he was kneeling so close to me. He looked at my dick & then simply opened his mouth & swallowed my dick all the way to my pubic bone! My knees buckled! I don’t know what kept me from falling as the pleasure was SO intense! My eyes rolled back into my head as I let out a moan.

He only sucked me four or five times, pulling off my dick entirely. I was surprised I didn’t cum already, I was so hot!

“Let’s canlı poker oyna do another pair”, he said. He then picked up a very skimpy thong & resumed his kneeling position. By now I knew the routine & lifted up one foot & then the other. Mike slid the tiny pair up my legs & to my waist.

Since these were thongs, the butt crack string needed a bit of help getting settled into my ass crack. Mike wasted no time in sliding his fingers into & around my crack getting the string settled in.

He then stood up & said, “Spin again.” As I slowly turned, he stopped me when I was facing away from him. I could see in the mirror he was focusing on my ass. He then began rubbing a cheek with each hand, slowly getting more firm with his movements. He began pulling apart my cheeks, allowing the thong string to rub against my anus.

Ass play was something Abby & I had not yet tried. But based on the tingling I was getting, it certainly was going to move into the rotation!

Mike then spun me around & sat me down on the bench. “My turn” was all he said. He selected a pair that were just as tiny as mine were. His dick was just as hard as mine was as he pulled them up & over his hard-on. All I could do was stare at him in his panties, not knowing where this was leading to. All I knew was that it was something I will never forget.

Mike then spun away from me & asked if I could help him get his seam right in his ass crack. I leaned forward & ran my finger under his panty seam, slowly sliding my finger down the crack of his ass. I noticed the further I went downward, the more he leaned forward to give me both a better view & more access.

He grasped his own ass cheeks, spreading them wide. I could see his puckered anus staring back at me. “I’d be grateful to you if you would slide your finger up my ass, Jim.” All I could do was swallow & nod. I then wet my middle finger & gently slid it into his ass. Just as I toughed his anal ring, he slid his ass back onto my finger, impaling his ass onto my finger. It was his turn to let out a moan as my finger bottomed out in his ass.

He rode my finger for perhaps a minute, slowly going up & down. All I could think of was how tight his ass was & wondered how it would feel to put my dick there instead of my finger.

Finally, Mike stood, turned to me & stripped off his panties. “Get dressed but leave the panties on” he said. I obeyed as we both got our clothes back on.

Mike gathered up the pile of panties, took the tag off of mine & we exited the dressing room. Mike headed to the register to pay & I headed to the mall hallway, too dazed to do anything else.

We got back into the car & I asked Mike how come we were able to enter the dressing room two at a time? He told me he had an “arrangement” with the manager & paid extra for the privilege.

We then made a quick trip for groceries, me feeling the thong rubbing against my anus the entire time I walked around the grocery store. I was surprised I didn’t orgasm from that alone.

Once we got home, Mike & I carried in everything. Abby greeted us at the kitchen & I noticed she was wearing some sort of kimono with absolutely nothing on underneath. It was loosely tied, so when she walked it would gape open, exposing her pussy. She simply began putting groceries away while chatting with Mike.

We went back into the living room & Abby spotted the VS bag. “Goodie! Did you get my favorite panties?”

“Yes, I did. In fact, Jim is wearing a pair as we speak” he replied. I could’ve died had I not been so horny. “Jim, take your clothes off & show Abby your new panties” he said.

All I could was look at Abby as I began stripping off my clothes. She slowly licked her lips as I removed my pants, exposing the tiny thong I wore.

“Mmmmmmm, yummy! Come closer so I can touch” she said. As I stepped over to her, she sat on an ottoman, spreading her legs, exposing her pussy to both me & her father.

When I got up to her she rubbed my dick thru the panty front, making my dick even harder although I don’t know how it managed to do that.

Abby looked at her dad & asked, “Shall we play now? Looks like Jim is about to explode & I bet you’re horny too?”

With that she stood & dropped off her kimono completely. Mike stood & disrobed as well. He then pulled out a pair of thongs & slid them up his body. Then Abby laid down on the carpet, spread her legs & said words I never expected: “Please lick me, Daddy.”

Mike walked over to where she lay & knelt down. He ran his hands slowly up & down the insides of her thighs as internet casino she softly moaned. She arched her back as he rubbed closer to her pussy, now dripping with juices.

Mike looked back over his shoulder at me where I stood with the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had in my life. “Jim, there’s baby oil on the table. How about you resume doing my ass but this time use your dick instead of your finger?”

I took the bottle of baby oil, slid my dick out the side of the panties & lubed it up. Mike knelt between Abby’s legs & began lapping at her pussy. She was more than ready as within a few seconds she screamed she was cumming.

Mike raised his ass, once again showing me the winking anal ring. I knelt behind him, grasped my dick & began rubbing his asshole. Just as he did in the dressing room, he pushed back against me, popping my dick inside him. I began to feed his all of my 6″. Mike continued to eat his daughter’s pussy while Abby moaned & writhed under him. Seems like she had an orgasm every minute based on her screams.

I had only pumped Mike’s ass four or five times, when he raised up & hurriedly said, “Switch!” I wasn’t sure what he meant until he got behind me & Abby pulled me down on top of her. She grabbed my dick, sticking it into her sopping wet pussy, screaming for me to fuck her hard.

Before I could do more than a few strokes, I felt baby oil running down the crack of my own ass. I then felt a fingertip rubbing against my anal ring, stretching it. Then I felt it enter me, causing me to moan loudly.

After a few strokes in my ass, it withdrew. I felt Mike spreading my legs as he got behind me. He lifted up my ass slightly so as to not pull me out of Abby’s pussy.

“Do it, Daddy!” Abby cried out. Mike then slid aside the thong seam in my ass & paced the head of his dick against my asshole. He then slid his dick slowly into my ass, inch at a time. Thankfully, he didn’t have a large dick so I was comfortable with the penetration for the first time.

Once his dick was in me, Mike laid his entire body on my back, pressing me back down against Abby. With her dad’s thrusts causing my own dick to stroke her pussy, Abby began again moaning loudly. All I could do was enjoy the incredible sensation of the moment.

The whole incredulity of fucking a man’s daughter while his dick was in my ass at the same time became overwhelming. I knew I was going to cum in buckets & soon! “I’m going to cum!” I shouted.

No sooner were the words out of my mouth when Mike shouted he too was cumming. He clinched me tightly as his dick shot spurt after spurt into my ass. I began flooding his daughter’s pussy with my own cum, screaming as loudly as I could.

After what seemed to be an eternity but was only a few minutes, we slowly began to untangle. Abby & I cuddled together, whispering softly to each other how hot the other had made each of us feel.

We regained our breath, allowing our hearts to slow back to normal. I looked at Abby & asked her, “Explain, please.”

She grinned & told me the story. Seems her dad was bi & had been all his adult life. After her mom died when she was young, he began to actively go nude around their house, encouraging her to do the same. She had no hesitation doing so as she had exhibitionist tendencies herself, this was right up her alley.

As this went on, Mike began talking more & more about her sex life with whichever guy she was seeing at the time. He got into detailed questions about how he was hung, did he eat her & so forth. She willingly went along with these questions as they turned her on as well.

The starting point was when she had her high school graduation, brought her boy friend home for hot tubbing & sex. Mike came home quietly, knowing what she was planning. He walked out to the hot tub to find them nude in it & talked his way in the tub with them. Quickly the talk turned to sex, which in turn led to a game of “truth or dare”.

Mike eventually turned all the “dares” into things he & the boy friend could do together. One thing led to another & they eventually sucked each other off on the side of the hot tub while Abby masturbated openly. When Abby got between boy friends, she & Mike began to play together.

All I could do after hearing the story was shake my head in amazement. Abby then told me her dad began wearing her panties when she went off to college. When he stretched them out, she needed new ones. Hence our shopping trip today.

Abby then stood & looked down at me. She said, “You know, you’re the first guy I’ve ever had to wear my panties like my dad does. That’s pretty hot. Keep doing that.”

All I could do was nod a “yes” while wondering when I was going to find time to see my own folks that summer. I knew I wasn’t in any hurry to leave.

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