Girlfriend’s Message Instructions

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Her: what’s up?

Me: Want to have some fun on here? I’ll direct you on what to do, and you do it.

Me: I’ll ask you simply yes or no questions so you don’t need to do a lot of typing while you’re doing what I say.

Her: What kind of questions?

Me: I mean I’ll be telling you to do sexual things

Me: And I’ll ask you simple questions like if you’re doing it, if you like it, etc.

Her: hm, okay I’ll give it a try

Me: Yes or no. I don’t want to do it unless you’re interested

Her: Well yeah

Me: Okay. You have to do exactly as I say.

Her: ok

Me: Close every other window besides this one.

Her: ok

Me: Get up, and undress down to your panties.

Her: What if I’m not wearing any 😛

Me: Put some on.

Her: ok sec

Me : Also, if you need to clean the vibrators, do it now.

Me : You’ll be using both.

Her : hm,ok I gotta use the bathroom real quick anyways

Her : should I get the batteries from the wiimote?

Me : No, don’t need the vibrations from the pink one.

Her : ok

Me : Is every window still closed besides this one?

Her : yep

Me : Are you back down to just your panties?

Her : yep

Me : Okay, turn the screen, bring the keyboard and mouse to the bed, and lay so you can see what I’m saying.

Her : ok

Me : When I ask you a yes or no question, you may respond with “y” or “n” so you can focus more on touching yourself.

Her : Back, sorry internet cablekeeps unplugging

Her : okay

Me : Are you on the bed?

Her : yes

Me : Oh, before I forget, get the lube in case you need it.

Her : 😛 ok

Me : Lay back, and start rubbing yourself through your panties.

Me : Do not go underneath, not until I let you.

Me : Pretend it’s me, licking and kissing your pussy while you’re still wearing them, just teasing you.

Her : mmmm

Me : You don’t need to respond if you’d rather focus on touching yourself, by the way

Her : ok

Me : But I always enjoy knowing you’re feeling good 😉

Me : Use your other hand to play with your breasts

Me : Rub your nipples, softly

Me : Don’t stop rubbing your pussy through your panties

Me : Play with your tits as well, don’t just rub them. Feel free to be as rough with them as you can imagine me doing so.

Me : Does that feel good?

Her : yes

Me : Can you feel yourself getting wet through your panties at all?

Her : A little, yes

Me : Be a little more assertive with your pussy. I can easily get you wet by starting off slow and then starting to grasp it

Me : I can’t hear you, but I want you to whisper “mmm…you’re making me hot.”

Me : Pretend I’m there, doing this to you

Me : Slide your hand under your panties, yo ucan start to actually touch yourself now.

Me : Can you feel yourself getting wet?

Her : yes

Me : Do you think you need the lube to canlı bahis şirketleri start playing with yourself?

Her : just adrop

Me : Okay, go ahead, but don’t take off your panties yet.

Me : Rub it into your clit.

Me : Are you touching yourself?

Her : y

Me : move your panties to the side if you need to, and put most of your attention on your clit

Me : Is it getting nice and swollen?

Her : y

Me : mmm

Me : I want you to take your panties off now, as quickly as you need to, so you can get back to touching yourself

Me : Have you done that?

Her : y

Me : make long strokes against your clit with your fingers

Me : Don’t get to rough with yourself yet

Me : Tease yourself like I’d tease you

Me : mmm, I’m getting hard thinking about you.

Me : Are you imagining me sliding my tongue against your clit?

Her : mmm yes

Me : You know how I love to make long strokes against it, it’s really sexy when it swells up

Me : mmm, I love the thought of licking your pussy, making me so fucking hard

Me : Do you mind if I touch my cock a bit? Not too much, or anything

Her : y

Me : I bet the thought of my touching my cock is making you more wet.

Me : You seem to like everything to do with my cock, like my little slut should

Me : You can imagine me stroking the head against your clit, if you want.

Me : Is this turning you on?

Her : y

Me : You’re not breaking the rules, are you? Still just using your fingerS?

Her : y

Me : Good.

Me : I want you to start using your other hand to please the rest of your pussy

Me : Don’t stroke with both hands, I know you like to do that. Keep using one hand on your clit.

Me : Use the other hand to go inside

Me : Use lube if you need to

Me : I’m sure you’re wet enough by now, though.

Me : Do you think you could stimulate your g-spot?

Her : I’m having trouble reaching, not tomention fingernails

Me : Okay, you don’t need to do that.

Me : I’ll do it later.

Me : I bet you want to use the toys, don’t you?

Her : y

Me : Stop touching yourself.

Me : Beg me to let you use the toys.

Her : please baby, I want something nice and hard inside me

Me : mmm…that is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Me : Which toy do you want to use?

Her : blue

Me : hmm…yeah, best save the thick toys for later.

Me : Once you’ve got your pussy nice and wet, I’ll let you shove that thick pink cock inside you.

Her : mmm

Me : Would you like that?

Her : fuck yes

Me : oh wow, you seem to know exactly what I want to hear each time.

Me : Go ahead, grab the blue toy. Since you’ve been such a good girl.

Me : Do not put it inside you, not yet.

Me : Don’t even turn it on.

Me : Just rub it, up and down against your wet clit.

Me : Does that feel nice?

Her canlı kaçak iddaa : y

Me : Do you want more?

Her : y

Me : mmm…I can picture you sitting there

Me : Your legs spread wide apart, bare pussy showing

Me : Your legs are far apart, right?

Her : y

Me : Good.

Me : That’s such a fucking turn on.

Me : Turn the vibrator on the lowest setting

Me : Continue to rub it up and down against your clit.

Me : Ohhh, I bet that feels good.

Me : Moan for me, keep pretending I’m there.

Me : say to yourself “oh fuck…oh my god that feels good.”

Me : Mm…I love licking your clit

Me : You always taste so amazing.

Me : I like thinking about it

Me : Your wet cunt all over my tongue…

Me : Fuck I’m so hard right now.

Me : Second setting.

Me : You may put it inside you now.

Me : And let the butterfly part vibrate against your clit.

Me : Feels good, doesn’t it?

Her : y

Me : mmm

Me : Start pushing and pulling it out of your pussy. I don’t want you to get off too soon.

Me : Slowly

Me : Third setting.

Me : Push it against you, hard.

Me : Rub it against your clit.

Me : Mmm thinking about it is turning me on.

Me : I could just picture walking in there, being a dirty slut, playing with yourself.

Me : You like being a dirty slut, don’t you?

Her : y

Me : good girl.

Me : Push against your clit babe. I love thinking of you getting rough with yourself.

Me : You think you might cum?

Her : ssoon yes

Me : STop. Now.

Me : Respond

Her : ok

Me : You stopped?

Her : y

Me : Good girl.

Me : Grab the pink vibrator.

Me : You have it?

Her : y

Me : Pretend it’s a real cock. Tease it with your tongue.

Me : Lick it all the way, up and down. Get it completely wet.

Me : Is that turning you on?

Her : y

Me : Think you could suck on it a bit?

Me : I’ll let you rub your pussywhile you do so.

Me : Are you?

Her : y

Me : mmm…good girl.

Me : Think about being a little whore for that cock

Me : I know how fiesty you get while sucking mine.

Me : Are you doing exactly as I say?

Her : y

Me : Good, now you’re to start responding yes sir.

Her : yes sir

Me : Are you nice and wet, still?

Her : yes sir

Me : Get both of the cocks inside you.

Me : Do not turn on the blue one yet.

Me : You may use lube, if needed.

Me : Let me know when you’ve done that.

Her : kinda hurts :-\

Me : hm. Okay, just the pink one then.

Me : I’ll let you go back to the blue one if you want to cum from it.

Me : Eventually.

Her : yes sir

Me : Start pumping the cock inside you. Slowly.

Me : Completely inside, as far as you can go.

Me : Then slowly pull out, until canlı kaçak bahis just the tip is inside.

Me : Keep doing that.

Me : mmm your pussy is nice and wet.

Me : pull in and out as I tell you to do so

Me : Go completely inside.

Me : you may play with your clit as I’m telling you.

Me : now, pull out to the tip

Me : mmm

Me : Back inside.

Me : Good, slut

Me : Back out.

Me : How’s that cock feel?

Her : really fucking good… I wish it were yours though

Me : I know

Me : Soon enough

Me : Push it back in.

Me : start pumping it again

Me : faster

Me : mmm, fuck you’re so wet, oh my God

Me : Your pussy feels amazing

Me : Faster.

Me : I want you to go as rough as you feel comfortable with that cock

Me : Fuck yourself with it nice and hard.

Me : Feel good, babe?

Her : yes sir

Me : mmm You’re being such a good girl

Me : Would you liek to use the blue one now?

Her : y

Me : You may.

Me : I bet you want to cum so bad.

Me : You haven’t yet, have you?

Her : no

Me : no…

Her : no sir

Me : Good

Me : Turn it on

Me : Highest setting.

Me : Fuck your puss

Me : mmmm, I bet you’re going wild on your pussy.

Me : How is this cock, for you? Better?

Her : yes sir

Me : mmm

Me : I bet you still wish it was mine.

Me : I’ll fuck you before, I cum. Don’t worry.

Me : I’m going to cum deep inside you

Me : Fill your cunt with my thick load

Me : Would you like that?

Her : oh fuck yes sir

Me : mmm

Me : I’d love it

Me : Just thinking about shoving my cock in your tight snatch is getting me so fucking horny.

Me : I want you to cum with the toy, Her

Me : push it hard against your clit

Me : relax, let yourself cum

Me : If you do, I’ll reward you.

Me : I’ll come in there, and let you suck my cock until I fuck you.

Me : Would you like that?

Her : ohfucki justcame

Me : mmmm

Me : mmm That’s so fucking sexy

Her : mmm fuckmypussy is throbbing

Me : I bet you came nice and hard.

Me : That is such a fucking turn on

Me : Would you like me to come in there?

Her : fuck yes

Me : Okay. Give me a minute 😉

Me : When I come in there, you’ll still be doing as I instruct.

Me : I don’t want you to say a single word. The only thing I want to hear from you is your moans as I make you cum.

Me : Do you understand?

Her : yes sir

Me : When I come in there, I want you to get in front of me and drop to your knees.

Me : When I get undressed, I want you to put my cock in your mouth, and give me the best head you can.

Me : Do you understand?

Her : yes sir

Me : I want you to go crazy on my cock with your mouth. Lick as much as you can. Get it nice and dripping wet from your mouth.

Me : It’s going to be fucking your cunt, so you need to get it well prepared.

Me : Understood?

Her : yes sir

Me : I’ll be in there soon, get ready for me.

Me : Remember, not a word from you except you moaning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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