Giving In Again

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It was a typical way to end the week. Michael was driving along the Coast Highway, with me as his wing man. One last gasp of freedom before the craziness of the work week took over.

Being as fall was settling into winter, the top on Michael’s car was up. Yet, while I missed the wind and salt air, I found the car’s warm interior comforting and intimate. In such a setting my tongue was often loosed, and tonight was no exception.

Michael and I talked about anything and everything. His struggles with his boss, and my insecurities about life in general. Michael is my best friend. There is no one I’d rather be with.

Of course, friendship is the greatest aphrodisiac in the world to me, and after an hour had passed, I started to find a certain warmth passing through my body. I knew this was trouble, but it had been two years since I had allowed this type of feeling to lead to physical intimacy.

Not bad, two years without sex. Actually, pretty damn impressive, considering I felt this way all the time. Even more impressive, was the fact that Michael often placed his hand on my leg when we went on these drives, and nothing else had come of it.

To be fair, Michael wasn’t trying to start anything. Michael is just a “touchy” type of guy, and he loves me as I love him. Yet, two years ago, on a similar type of night, I had reciprocated by placing my hand on Michael’s leg. Then I touched his inner thigh, his arm, and well, you get the idea.

Eventually, Michael and I found ourselves nude on his living room floor. We didn’t have sex. Well, not exactly. There was more than cuddling, though. I sucked his cock, and he mine. Finally, we managed to disengage and mutually jack off. Sigh.

Incredible memories for me now, even though shame had initially troubled me. After all, I was an unhappily married man.

Now, tonight, only good memories remained. I would give anything to go back to the night I lay nude in his arms. The sexual tension was great, and my desire deeper than mere longing.

I shared so much with Michael that night. I told him how much I admired him as a man, and how he was my hero. I felt safe enough to admit I was “the girl” in our friendship.

Michael is my rock, he makes me feel safe. I feel like a princess whenever I am with him, and yet never doubt my manhood for a moment. I would do anything to get him to lay me down, and fuck me hard. I feel so attractive and loved when I am with Michael. Yet, his sheer masculinity intoxicates me.

Physically, Michael and I are so different. I am very tall (6’5″), and have an ex-basketball player’s body. My muscles are long and wiry, and my ass is small and tight. My hair is light brown, and I have pretty, kind green eyes.

In recent years, I have taken to getting professional body waxes. I want my whole body to be smooth. There is no hair on my chest, şişli escort armpits, balls or ass. My dick, by the way, is quite long, average in width, and it gets very hard. My preference is for thong underwear and tight tank tops. Wearing them makes me feel hot and desirable.

Lately, I have been thinking about piercing my right tit. I often fantasize about a lover pulling my tit ring, while sucking my other tit. In fact, I play with my own tits and ass hole all the time. I love it, but it would be better if Michael were doing this stuff to me.

As for Michael … sigh … he is all I have ever wanted. I’m artsy, but he’s a manly business stud. His tailored dress shirts, and well cut pants, frame a classic man’s body that haunts me every night. His shoulders are broad, and his waist thick, but not fat.

I love how Michael takes charge when we are out shopping, or when he takes me to dinner. By the way, he always picks the perfect wine. I love how homophobe’s stare at us and cohomophobes we’re a couple. After all, that’s what I want.

Covered in beautiful auburn hair, Michael’s body is solid and comforting. I love his cock! Short to average in length, it is adorable, powerful, and quite thick. It fills out my mouth nicely. At least it did one night a few years ago.

Back to reality, here we were. Two years later, and my heart was warmed, my legs shaking, and my pants increasingly uncomfortable.

Ah, fuck, my eyes filled with tears of frustration and longing. Michael, of course, immediately noticed, and pulled his arm away in concern. I thought he misread me, as he made a u-turn and headed towards my house.

Unable to speak, I reached over and grabbed Michael’s big, strong hand. Michael smiled, and I lay my head on his shoulder, while my other hand began caressing his arm.

Michael’s voice sputtered, as he huskily muttered, “Ah man, you are so beautiful, you know that?”

He pulled to the side of the road, turned off the engine, and as cars drove by us, he stroked my cheek, and I kissed his palm. Michael groaned, and I leaned in to kiss his neck.

Safe in my man’s arms, I grew too hungry, and placed his beefy mitt on my hardened shaft. Even though I was fully clothed, this shocked Michael back to a very painful reality. Pushing me away gently, but firmly, Michael started the car and roared back onto the road.

There was no more talking, or touching, the entire drive home. I cried like a wounded girl the whole way. I can’t tell you whether Michael did. Once in my house, I grabbed a beer from the refrigerator, and struggled with my thoughts as I sat at the breakfast bar.

Emboldened my the beer, I called Michael’s cell.

“Yeah,” his voice answered with a sniffle.

I responded with, “Get back here now. We need to talk,” and hung up.

As soon as I heard Michael’s car pull mecdiyeköy escort onto my street, I walked outside into the night, and into a very different chapter of my life. Slipping into the car, I jumped right into conversation, afraid of losing my nerve.

“Michael, I love you,” I began, “and I want you, and need you.”

Before he could respond, I kissed him square on the lips. I tasted faint traces of salt, which only fanned the fire within me. My hands stroked his chest, then his face. I felt his tongue slide between my lips and into my mouth.

Snorting for air, I sucked Michael’s tongue, and then explored his mouth. Oh man, I wanted to get fucked right there in my driveway. I started to leave my seat, and straddle Michael’s lap, when once again he pushed me backwards.

“No,” he said simply.

My heart stopped, I grew cold, then angry. All of this happened within a few seconds.

Before I could speak in response, Michael said, “Not here, you dumb ass,” and then laughed.

He backed into the street, and drove away, still chuckling. My heart swelled with relief, and lust.

Not to be deterred, I returned his jab, and matter-of-factly said, “Well, you will fuck me tonight, and I will not wait to to touch you.”

With that, I slid my hand into his sweat pants, atouchnder his boxer waistband. Oh man, it was like going home. Michael’s shaft was engorged, and as thick as I remembered it. Shorter, but meatier than my penis. Man, I love Michael’s adorable dick.

Continuing to stroke and adore Michael’s manhood, I reached over with my other hand to fondle his balls. “Unnnhhh,” Michael moaned, as I placed my head on his shoulder for the second time that evening.

My heart leaps and thrills once again as I write this. I was back where I knew I belonged, with my best friend, boyfriend, lover and hero. The pre-cum slid onto my hands and I began to lick my fingers, tasting my man.

I couldn’t handle much more of this drive, but I soldiered on. Stroking, tasting, longing. Somewhere on the perimeter of reality, I noticed Michael was driving into his garage. When I reached to touch his face, Michael took one of my damp fingers and tasted it, savoring his own taste with a purr.

I needed him badly now. We both hopped out of the car, into the quiet, and now private garage. Waiting at the door, I decided to service my man right there.

As he walked around to my side of the car, Michael got his keys out. leaned up into my face and kissed me hungrily, and then turned to open the door. “Not yet,” I said with desire and authority.

I turned Michael back towards me, and then slid to my knees, pulling down his sweat pants as I dropped to the door. I inhaled his musky scent, and ran my fingers through his silky chest and stomach hair, and then made my way to his wiry pubic hairs.

“Leave the light on,” I pleaded, as I took in the beautiful sight of his meaty thighs, slightly round tummy, and thick cock. All of him was coated in gorgeous auburn hair that smelled of manhood.

I felt Michael pull my tank off of me, and I wiggled out of my pants. I left my thong on, but my cock made a nice, dampened, little tent of stretchy blue fabric.

Michael’s big hands massaged my neck and shoulders. I shivered, and pulled Michael’s thick, hairy body close to my waxed , thin physique.

“Enough,” I said, and then ran my tongue along the base of his shaft a few times before placing all of him in my mouth.

Michael’s salty taste, and thick scent intoxicated me. I began to suck the tip, and then lick it, before working my mouth up and down my lover’s whole dick. Michael tried to pull me up, entreating me to let him make love to me inside.

“No way,” I responded in a barely audible grunt, “I need to do this for you,” and then my hands grabbed his full ass.

I grabbed each muscled check with viselike hands, roughly massaging them, as I pulled him closer to me. Sweat dripped into my eyes. vise-like know if it was Michael’s or mine. In spite of the cool evening, we were both now covered in sweat.

With some struggle, I pulled Michael’s dick out of my mouth, the saliva linking my tongue to the tip of his penis. Licking first my lips, I began to lick his legs and stomach, tasting his salty, wet body.

Now it was Michael who took charge. Just the way I like it. He proceeded to thrust his cock back into my mouth. I shielded my teeth, and gave him a strong, but soft mouth to fuck. He rocked back and forth, using my mouth as a cunt.

I trembled with delight, then pressed a finger into his tight ass crack. Something incoherent struggled out of my mouth, but Michael understood, and he relaxed his ass a bit. My finger probed deeper, feeling a soft, sweaty, and puckered hole.

I wasn’t able to get very far into Michael’s pleasure hole, but I ran my finger around the ridges, and pinched his left tit with my other hand.

Shaking and groaning, I felt Michael’s shaft press back into my mouth. As I sniffled and struggled, I felt Michael’s hands tighten around my head, his cock going deeper still.

Just as I felt I would pass out, I felt bursts of cum spray the back of my mouth. Gagging, but not fighting my mouth fucking, I determined to take it all, and I did.

Michael finally released me, and slid to the floor, his sweaty ass making a sloppy wet sound on the concrete. Gasping, I fought to keep his cum in my mouth.

I was still aroused, while my lover was post-coitus. I ran the salty treasure around my mouth before swallowing it. I then grabbed my dick and prepared to pleasure myself.

Out of no where, Michael’s strong hand grabbed my wrist and stopped me.

“No,” he stated simply, “Come in and let me make love to you.”

What could I do? He is my man, after all. I followed him into the house, and into a new life together.

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