Gods Pt. 03

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Gaio sat naked on the sill of the huge window looking out onto the landscape below. His back rested against the cool marble, while one leg was bent resting on the sill with his arm propped on his knee. His other leg hung off the side. He laughed as he watched the drama unfurling. He rubbed a hand over his tight muscled chest, patting it when he got overwhelmed with laughter and couldn’t breathe. When Joash and Uri got caught he thought he was going to fall out the window. He couldn’t write a joke as funny as the expressions on their faces when Cernunnos found them post-coital, with cum still dangling from Joash’s deflated cock.

“What has got the god of amusements laughing so hard?” asked Ruada, god of rivers and lakes, as he passed by and peeked into room. He smiled at the jovial figure framed in the window.

Gaio had a long thin body covered in bands of tight muscles. His skin was the color of fresh peaches and buttery cream. Short dark hair danced and curled around his handsome, friendly face. And that moustache, thought Ruada, which was Gaio’s trademark – the long, thin waxed moustache that fell down either side of his red lips. He rolled the ends of it when mischief was afoot; when he was in deep concentration, he stroked his fingertips along it.

“Your older brother seems to have gotten himself into the middle of a family squabble!”

“Oh, really?” Ruada asked as he walked into the room, pushing the door half-closed and moving to the window. He stretched his head to peer out. He rested a hand on top of Gaio’s knee and hand to steady himself. “Poor thing, his social skills are lacking. He spends too much time away from others.”

Gaio turned his head and his smile dropped away. He bursa escort caressed his moustache as he felt the heat emanating from Ruada’s body. He could smell the earthy tannic aroma coming from his armpits. He was so close that Gaio could see every hair sparkling in the sunlight like wet rivergrass.

Ruada wasn’t like his smooth, reserved older brother Nuada. Ruada was thicker, hairier, and louder. Where Nuada had rippling abs and leanness, Ruada had a slight paunch and round balls of muscle. Brown hair covered his arms and legs; there was a solid mass of fur covering his chest and chin. Gaio wanted to push the dark green kilt Ruada wore to the floor and savor his entire naked fullness.

The river god turned back to him and gave him a smile, breaking Gaio’s trance.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Just admiring that brawny figure of yours. Just amusing myself.”

“Gaio, I hear you like to ‘amuse’ yourself quite a bit. People have complained about the noise,” Ruada laughed.

“Simple solitary amusements. That is my domain, you know,” Gaio responded with a wide grin. “The life of a lonely artist…”

Ruada reached out and ran a beefy hand down the comic’s tight muscled chest.

“The most fun can be found with two…or more. Your little friend agrees.” He patted at the taut stomach, admiring what lay at the end of the wispy trail of hair running down it. He could see Gaio’s cock twitching at the attention.

“Let me amuse you, little guy.”

“Are you talking to me or my cock?” quipped Gaio.

“I’m talking to whoever will let me ravish them right now.”

“In that case, we’re both listening,” Gaio replied, flexing his growing cock so it shook its head to Ruada. “We’re both bursa escort bayan ready and able.”

Ruada pulled Gaio away from the window and threw him on a pile of cushions. He pulled at his kilt and let it fall to the floor. Gaio gasped at the massive freshwater eel of a cock that seemed more to flop than to stand erect. Ruada knelt between Gaio’s legs and licked at the smaller man’s cock. His tongue licked at the cockhead, his beard tickling the shaft. He then ran his tongue down the underside and across each ball on its way to Gaio’s tight ass.

Ruada lifted himself up and then shoved a pillow under the thin hips, pushing the boy’s ass up. The big man pushed the long legs backward and moved down to the round ass. His tongue licked up and down the tight pink hole. Gaio groaned at the pleasure he was receiving from the river god. Ruada wiggled his tongue slowly into the tightness, his beard wet with spit. Gaio jolted as Ruada sank his tongue completely forward, his wet beard and lips pressed hard inside the ass cleft.

Gaio felt the pleasure electrify his entire body. His tight hole was the center of his being at that moment and he craved for more. He wanted to feel Ruada’s giant cock stretching into him, piercing his center.

“Fuck me,” he cried, as the big man’s rough hands slid all over his lean body. Gaio’s cock leaked a stream of precum that dripped down his balls onto Ruada’s lips. A quick lick and Gaio’s precum was pushed into his loosening honeypot with all the spit.

“I will oblige,” announced Ruada, pulling himself over Gaio.

The giant lurched forward pushing his massive meat into Gaio who let out a deep moan and grabbed at the man’s solid arms. Hairy paunch rubbed against escort bursa smooth belly. Gaio reveled in the weight of the larger guy pressing into him.

Gaio grunted with every thrust into him. He milked the monstrous stalk that plowed vigorously into him, his own cock bouncing to the rhythm. Ruada growled looking down at the skinny god relishing the moment – the palms of his hands rubbing his cheeks, fingertips smoothing his moustache.

“Give me your load. Fill me up with your cum,” Gaio cried, as his own load oozed out of his own untouched cock.

Ruada felt the ass clamp down tightly around his cock, and his load barreled from his balls into the tightening ass. He bellowed as his body heaved and shuddered with every volley of cum he pumped in Gaio. His furry body soaked in sweat which rained down to the boy sighing under him.

A hard knock on the door to Gaio’s suite caused Ruada to roll off him. He laid a heavy hand on the boy’s chest, causing him remain still.

“Gaio, I have warned you to keep it down in there. Fun is fun, but… damn!”

There was another knock and the door eased further open.

“Do you hear me, you little comedian?” A square-jawed handsome face moved into the room, a large hand over the eyes. It was Jehoiada, the mountain god. “I’ve asked you to be a little quieter. Remember, I can literally move mountains, and I’ll definitely…”

“It’s okay,” interrupted Ruada. “It’s my fault.”

Jehioada dropped his hand. His amethyst eyes widened as he saw Gaio lying wet and satisfied on the cushions, with Ruada propped on one arm lying beside him.

“I’ve been waiting on your return. And now, I come across this scene. Right here under my own nose!” Jehioada crossed his arms and stared expressionless. “I expect this from Gaio, but you?” He uncrossed his arms and shook a finger at Ruada angrily.

All Ruada could do was laugh. He thought this was rather funny.

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