Golf Pro Delights Ch. 02

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This is the second part of the continuing story of Rick, Lydaia and Sandie with the addition of Jen. Thanks to all for your kind comments.

Lydia and Sandie sat in Lydia’s family room on Friday evening waiting for their friend Jen to arrive. As they sipped their wine, they discussed various issues from the latest fashions to the slowing economy. Lydia dressed in white sweat pants and blue tank top watched Sandie slowly sipping her wine in the chair across form her. Her eyes traveled up and down her body always marveling at her firm physical assets. Lydia looked at her thighs disappearing into her tight jean shorts and then to her large breasts pushed against the white blouse which seemed to threaten to break the buttons holding it together. She saw the nipples of her breasts pushing against the thin material bringing a sweet sensation to her own pussy. Her mind filled with thoughts of seeing those wonderful mounds of flesh and how nice it always was to touch and hold them in her hands. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she got her wish because when Jen arrived the three of them would be naked shortly after her arrival.

“Are you still pissed at that golf pro for making that putt and beating us a few weeks ago” Sandie commented.

“I’m not so much pissed as much as I’d like to teach that bastard a lesson. I’m hoping one of these days we can get him alone again and let him know we didn’t appreciate what he did to us. Besides my sweet Sandie, I didn’t get to fuck him and you did” she replied with a sly smile on her face as if thinking of some delightful torture.

“Mmmm you won’t be disappointed when you get your chance. His cock definitely will fill up your sweet pussy” she said laughingly.

“I’ll tell you one thing, I’m going to make him wait until he wants my pussy so bad he can taste it” Lydia said thinking wishful thoughts of Rick’s cock sunk deep inside her.

“Ohhh I bet he’d love to taste your pussy again” Sandie laughed thinking of Lydia squirming on his face as she rode his cock.

As the two women laughed and made comments about what they were going to do to Rick when they had the chance, the doorbell interrupted their conversation.

Lydia looked at her watch and announced “I think our long lost friend has finally arrived so now our girls’ weekend can really begin.”

Jen was two years younger than Lydia and Sandie but Sandie always told her she looked a lot younger. She was in between the two of them in height but she always said she was just the right height for Lydia’s long lean body and Sandie’s short firm body. Her long brown hair hung to just above her nipples when she let it down during their lovemaking. Her breasts were small and firm and she was fond of telling them that it wasn’t the size that mattered but the way they were kissed and massaged, telling them that she could almost cum from someone making love to her nipples.

Jen’s late husband had worked with Lydia’s and Sandie’s husbands and the three were inseparable when they lived in the same town, becoming close friends and lovers. They liked to have a girls’ weekend whenever their husbands were out of town on fishing or golfing trips. The weekends were always filled with sensual delights that started on Friday nights and carried through the weekend. After her husband passed away from a sudden heart attack, the three of them had not had the chance until now to get together for one of their weekends. Lydia and Sandie spent many hours consoling their friend after her husband passed away. Since they moved and Jen stayed in their former town, the three kept in touch by phone and e-mails. Lydia had mentioned to Jen about their encounter with the golf pro and Jen’s spirits seemed to lift as Lydia described how she might like to meet him as he was single also.

They both got up from their chairs, headed to the door, each with their own anticipation of what was going to happen this weekend. When Lydia opened the door, they both saw the beaming face of Jen standing on the front porch looking sexier than ever. They looked at their best friend wearing a jean mini-skirt, black blouse with a gold necklace hanging between her bosom, and a jean vest. Both the women whistled and commented that she looked great in her outfit. They all hugged in the doorway, laughing and telling each other how great is was to see the other. Sandie seemed to sense something different about Jen when she hugged her and kissed her affectionately on the cheek. Lydia stepped out onto the porch to retrieve Jen’s two suitcases. As she picked them up, she noticed the temperature had dropped considerably from earlier in the day and it was starting to rain.

Lydia carried the suitcases into the family room, placing them by the door to take up to her room later in the evening. The three of them each took a seat across from one another, talking at the same time then laughing as they caught up on old times. Sandie looked Jen up and down; again sensing something was different in her appearance. Her hair was the same and her firm thighs were still tan from her strict regimen of sunbathing beşiktaş escort until it was no longer possible due to the cold weather. Her eyes traveled upwards to her blouse and it was then she noticed that her bosom seemed bigger. When she looked at her face again, she saw a wide smile on Jen’s face staring back at her as if she was hiding some secret.

“I see you noticed something Sandie” Jen said smiling and laughing softly.

“Ahh yes. I can’t help but think there is something different about you. I just can’t seem to put my finger on it” she replied with some anticipation.

“Well there is something different and I think you’re both going to enjoy it” Jen replied smirking.

“Please tell us what it is” Lydia said excitedly.

“Ohhh I think Sandie knows what it is already. Don’t you Sandie?” Jen said teasingly.

“I’m not sure but I’d swear your breasts look bigger than what I remember and they felt different when I hugged you at the door” she said more as a question than a direct answer.

Lydia looked at Jen’s chest and noticed for the first time that they did seem larger. She noted that the black blouse and jean vest hide the size. Lydia silently scolded herself for not realizing it sooner. She looked at the big grin on Jen’s face and knew Sandie was right.

“Well if you’re not sure, maybe the two of you should feel them?” she questioned as she got out of her chair, taking off her jean vest.

Sandie and Lydia both stood at the same time, crossed the room to stand in front of their friend, Jen, watching her fingers begin unbuttoning her blouse. Her tanned skin became more exposed with each button undone. The two women stood transfixed, waiting to see the surprise that awaited them. As her black lace bra became visible, Sandie licked her lips and smiled into Jen’s sparkling green eyes. Lydia could hardly control herself, wanting to touch her but forcing herself to wait until she bared her breasts.

“Are you ready ladies to see if you’re right” Jen said laughingly, pulling her blouse out of the mini-skirt.

They nodded in agreement, waiting for the surprise like a child waiting to open their presents at Christmas.

She pulled her blouse open and watched as both women’s mouths opened to say something but not saying anything. She pulled the blouse off, letting it fall to the floor at her feet. She stood at attention, pushing her breasts out in the black lace bra that still imprisoned them waiting for her two friends to inspect her.

Reaching for the front clasp, she said “You’re right Sandie I do have bigger breasts. I got them done about six weeks ago and couldn’t wait to surprise you two.”

Pulling her bra open, her bare breasts were finally exposed to the two women. They both looked at the larger breasts, marveling at how they looked similar to real breasts. Jen reached up and tweaked her nipples, making them stand straight out.

“They look lovely and so real” Sandie said as her hand reached out to touch them.

“Ohhh yes they look so very delicious and ready for some serious fondling and kissing” Lydia said as her hand also reached out to sample the treat in front of her.

“I was hoping you two would like them” she whispered, moaning when she felt their hands sliding gently over her new enlarged breasts.

Lydia and Sandie were like two kids in a candy store, each rubbing and squeezing a breast. Their hands lightly ran over and under, feeling the texture of her newly formed tits. Sandie cradled one breast in the palm of her hand, lifting it as if to see how much more it weighed. Lydia followed Sandie’s lead, squeezing the breast, letting it fall and then quickly picking it up again and starting over. As if on cue, each of them ran their hand to her nipples, slowly rubbing the hard nub across their palm, then capturing it between their thumb and finger. Jen’s eyes closed as she felt sweet sensations course through her body. Her arms instinctively went around each of their shoulders, squeezing their arms in each of her hands, pulling them tighter against her. The two women felt her body shudder slightly as they explored her ripe breasts.

“I want to taste her nipples and see if they taste different” Lydia said laughingly to Sandie.

“You taste that one and I’ll taste this one” she replied lowering her head.

Jen felt their tongues slide effortlessly over her flesh and onto her hard nipples. She let out a loud moan of desire when she felt their tongues glide over her hard nipples. Her hands moved from their shoulders to the back of their heads, urging them to suck her nipples into their mouths. She gasped as Sandie’s mouth clamped around the extended nipple and slowly drew it into her mouth. A few seconds later she felt Lydia’s mouth open wider sucking on her breasts and tickling her nipple with her tongue.

“Ohhhhh yessss I’ve been waiting so long for you two to suck my nipples. Mmmmm that’s it, suck them deep into your mouths” she moaned holding each of their heads tight against her tanned şişli escort breasts.

Sandie’s and Lydia’s hands roamed over Jen’s body as their lips and tongues devoured her breasts. Sandie’s one hand landed on her rear, squeezing the firm cheeks in her palm while the other hand sought out the belt of her mini-skirt. Lydia’s one hand found her other ass cheek while the other hand squeezed the breast caught in her mouth.

Jen moaned her approval of the duo’s efforts, holding their heads against her as her hips began to sway slightly back and forth. She felt Sandie’s hand fumbling at the waist of her mini-skirt, then the urgent invasion of her fingers sliding from her waist into her loosened clothing. She pulled their hair as she felt Sandie’s fingers move steadily downward into her bikini panties. Her body stiffened as one finger then another slid over her moist treasure spot, dipping inside the slippery lips, moving slowly over her sensitive clit. Her legs buckled slightly, allowing Sandie’s fingers better access to her pussy and feeling a rush of cool air as Lydia pulled her mini-skirt and bikini panties off her hips.

“Ahhhh you two are the greatest. Fuck me with you fingers Sandie. Ahhhh that’s the way … deeper honey …. Ohhh yes your fingers feel so fucking good. Ohhh suck my poor sweet tender nipples Lydia. You’re making my body so hot” she moaned with increasing passion.

Sandie felt Jen’s pussy push against her fingers as they lowered to her opening. Pushing slightly, her fingers slid easily into her waiting tunnel. She heard the soft moan escape from Jen’s lips as her fingers pushed further into her wet tunnel. Her fingers dove deeper and deeper into her moist treasure, feeling the heat of her passion transmit through her fingertips. When her fingers reached the point where they were fully encompassed by Jen’s pussy, Sandie began to rhythmically fuck her cunt. Sliding her fingers in and out of the slick passageway, Sandie felt Jen’s ass and pussy move in harmony with her fingers.

“Ohhh yeaaa … fuck me honey. Push those fingers deeper into my cunt. Aghhhh suck my nipples harder … Ohhhhh ……..” she moaned as the women kissed and played with her body.

Lydia kissed and sucked her nipple, flicking her tongue over the hard nub. Her hand traced the outline of each breast, pinching the soft skin, then massaging the same spot. Lifting her lips off the nipple, she watched as her saliva glistened from the light in the room. Licking her way upwards, she tasted her skin as her mouth and tongue moved to her neck and cheek. She watched Jen’s mouth turn towards hers, moving closer to the ruby red lips as if drawn by a magnet. Lydia moaned when their lips collided urgently, quickly inserting her tongue into Jen’s open, inviting mouth. Together their lips moved over one another, their tongues meeting at the junction of their lips before one of them plunged deep into the others. As their tongues danced together, Lydia’s hand moved to Jen’s mound, feeling Sandie’s hand moving against her pussy. Her fingers dipped between the moist lips, landing on Jen’s hard clit, slowly rubbing around the sensitive bud.

“Mmmmm you guys are driving me crazy” she moaned thrusting her hips towards their fingers.

Lydia pulled her mouth away from Jen’s lips and whispered “we are just starting my dear. Why don’t you lie down and we’ll treat you to some real pleasures?”

Jen did not answer, but allowed them to push her gently onto the thick carpeting. Sandie and Lydia followed her to the floor, each kneeling on either side of her, admiring her nakedness.

“I want to see your naked bodies too” Jen said with anticipation of the delights awaiting her.

Both women smiled and began to quickly discard their clothing. Jen watched, licking her lips between her deep breathing, as each article of clothing was taken off. She reached out and grabbed a breast on each of them, feeling Sandie’s large breast and Lydia’s smaller breast. Their moans of desire filled her ears as she massaged and pinched each nipple.

Jen felt both women’s tits leave her hands and then their bodies lying next to her. She stretched her arms to the side, letting each of them settle into her sides. Their breasts pushed against her skin, sending more surges of desire through her body. She felt their hands roam over her body … touching … rubbing … lightly pinching her thighs, stomach, and breasts. Jen moaned loudly when both of their fingers landed on her mound, searching for her pleasure spot.

Turning her head sideways, her lips met Sandie’s moist lips. Pushing her tongue outward, she felt Sandie’s lips softly suck it slowly into her mouth. The kiss was deep and penetrating with an increasing sense of urgency. As their kiss lingered, Jen felt Lydia’s lips on her ear and neck moving over her hot skin, then her earlobe being taken between her teeth and feeling the sweet nibbling. She moaned softly into Sandie’s mouth before pulling away, turning her head to meet Lydia’s lips with a deep soul searching kiss. Sandie’s bahçeşehir escort mouth moved to her neck, sucking the flesh into mouth as she moved lower to her breasts.

Sandie took her nipple into her mouth again, feeling the hard nub against her tongue. She knew Jen’s breasts were very sensitive and when she sucked it deep into her mouth, she felt Jen’s body rise off the floor trying to force it in deeper. Jen’s body wiggled under their caresses … pushing against their hands and mouths.

Lydia broke their long kiss and looked down at Sandie feasting on Jen’s new breasts. Both of their fingers were toying with the entrance to her pussy and Lydia, taking the initiative, plunged two fingers deep into her cunt. Jen’s ass arched high off the floor as Lydia wiggled her fingers inside the wet tunnel. Crooking her finger, she rubbed the soft skin on the inside of her vagina. Applying more pressure, she felt a small rough patch of slippery skin and knew she found her G-spot. Rubbing in circles around the area, she pushed against the rough skin.

“OHHHH fuck baby keep that up. It feels so fucking good” Jen called out between hard breaths.

Lydia moved onto her knees, turning to face Jen’s rising and falling hips. She moved her head lower, licking the inside of her thighs as her fingers pumped in and out of her cunt. Licking onto her mound, she licked Sandie’s fingers as they toyed with her clit, licking the moist juices into her mouth and when she felt Sandie’s fingers leave her clit, Lydia’s mouth clamped onto the hard nub.

Jen’s body reacted to the assault, pushing against their mouths and fingers. Her hands roamed over the two women’s bodies, touching a breast, an ass, scraping her long fingernails on their flesh. Her body had a mind of its own, reacting to their lovemaking. Higher and higher she climbed on the peak of desire, wanting them to keep what they were doing to her body forever. Her panting and moans filled the room and she knew it wouldn’t be long before her orgasm overtook her.

Ahhhh yeaaa fuck my pussy. Your making my body quiver. That’s it honey … faster … yeaaaa … faster …fuck my cunt like a whore” she yelled deliriously.

Grabbing Sandie’s head, she held it tight against her breasts, feeling her tongue slid over each nipple. She closed her thighs around Lydia’s body feeling her mouth and fingers bring pleasure to her pussy. Jen rode higher on the orgasmic crest, having trouble breathing as her body tensed for the impending release. When Lydia pulled her wet fingers from her pussy and rubbed them along her ass, Jen knew what was coming next. Lydia pushed slowly at first then plunged her slick fingers into her ass as her thumb pushed back into her pussy.

Jen screamed with delight “Aghhhh … I’m going to cum baby. Keep fucking my ass bitch. Suck my nipples hard … come on honey … bite my nipples … NOW.”

Jen body went rigid, arching as high off the soft carpet as she could muster. The two women felt their friend’s body quiver and shake uncontrollably under them, listening to her moans and cries of sexual release. Sandie and Lydia continued to kiss and fondle her body as she rode out her orgasm until her body came back to earth. The two women sat back smiling at their handiwork.

“Well it looks like we took care of her pent up passion” Sandie said softly stroking her breasts.

“That was some orgasm baby. It’s like you haven’t had any in awhile” Lydia chimed in.

“Thanks for giving me a great orgasm. I haven’t had any for awhile and I needed that to start off the weekend” Jen responded stroking both of their bodies.

“I’m so horny now. I need to release my pent up passion too” Sandie commented.

“Me too. My pussy is dripping wet” Lydia added.

Jen smiled and announced “I have just the thing for you two horny women. Lydia where did you put my black suitcase?”

“It’s over by the door in the hallway” she replied with a quizzical look on her face.

Jen got up and walked to the bags by the door. The two women, still sitting on the floor watched her new breasts bounce seductively, as she walked across the room. Watching her bend over the black case, Sandie felt a slight shudder go through her body as Jen’s pussy lips peeked between her slightly spread legs. Jen picked up the black case and brought it back into the room, setting it down near the couch. Opening the case she rummaged around looking for something and when she spotted her purple colored double headed dildo, her eyes lit up. Picking it up, she turned and held the eighteen inch fake cock in front of her so they could see her toy. Lydia and Sandie smiled broadly knowing what she had on her mind for them.

“I want to watch you two fuck yourselves for me” she said, slowly stroking the huge cock in her hands.

Lydia and Sandie turned to face each other with their legs spread wide apart. Lydia moved closer to Sandie, placing one of her outstretched legs over Sandie’s and the other under Sandie’s thigh. Both women rested their weight on their arms as they waited for Jen to stick the big cock into each of them. Jen kneeled beside them and held the dildo to Sandie’s lips, letting her lick and suck on the large head of the cock. Lydia, shifted her weight, allowing her to use one hand to rub her wet pussy. She moaned as she watched Jen feed Sandie the cock she knew would soon be buried inside her.

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