Good Housekeeping Ch. 01

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About ten years ago I was out of town on business in Wichita, Kansas. It was going to be one of those trips where you live out of a suitcase so long that you would be tempted to go the grocery store and buy a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a jar of jelly to feel like you were home. I dreaded the trip from the very beginning in that regard, but it was going to be a place I’d never been and that has its share of benefits. I love to taste the local flavor when possible.

The first few days of out town we worked 14 hour days. I left the hotel at 6:15 and wasn’t back until after dinner at 8 pm. Lather, rinse, repeat. On day 10, we worked a meager 12 hour day. The next three days we were off while we waited for more supplies to be shipped in. I was really looking forward to a few days off and some sightseeing.

I planned to sleep in and then go check out some local sites after noon. I had never been in Wichita and may never return so this was a unique opportunity to see this part of the country. The kind of work I did frequently afforded me the chance to see various parts of the country that you’d ordinarily never visit, but once you were there, you realized why people lived there. It was a very interesting and fulfilling part of the business travel experience.

The TV was on when I fell asleep, so I woke up to some paid commercial. I shut it off and figured this was a good opportunity to listen to some music on my portable CD player. I plugged it in and just figured I’d relax and enjoy my day off. After about 20 minutes or so, I decided to “relieve” myself of some tension, so I left the headphones on and lay back on the bed. I was rock hard and enjoying the laid back pace of a good masturbation session. I closed my eyes and slowly stroked myself. My sack was fluid with so much unspent come over the past week, so I knew this was going to be a geyser shot. I had prepared by getting one of the towels from the bathroom ready to clean up the mess that would surely ensue.

I propped up a couple pillows and fell into a nice rhythm of Dave Brubeck, Hendrix, Sara McLoughlin, and the Smiths. The music wasn’t deafeningly loud but apparently it was loud enough to mask most ambient sounds. I engaged myself in my normal masturbation ritual; just a simple exercise of slow, deliberate stokes to enhance the final shot. I like to bring myself close several times and take about a half hour to climax. There is a particularly sexual song by The Lords of Acid that re-enacts a female masturbation session. As fate would have it, this was playing right around the time I was ready to finish my work. I had my right hand wrapped around my shaft, my left hand occasionally massaging my balls as the song played. I started to climax and, as I expected, it was a monster semen blast. I could feel the first blob landing all the way up on my neck. The several subsequent strings of come landed on my chest and spattered my abs.

When canlı bahis I opened my eyes, you can guess by the title of the story what I saw.

A Hispanic woman in her late 30’s was cowering behind the bathroom wall watching the whole affair. I shot up and covered myself as quickly as I could due to the shock of the situation. With here eyes big as saucers, it was obvious this woman had just watched me jack off. There were several moments of dead silence and both of us were immobilized.

My first reaction was disorientation more than anything else, but I was excited, then a little freaked that my privacy was invaded. I wasn’t angry with her at all, that much is certain. It’s just that all those emotions were compressed into like a 3-second interval because nothing like that had ever happened to me. Mom never caught me beating off (at least that I know of) and if she did she never said anything to me.

As I recall her breasts were very small and she was very tall and skinny. She had poker straight dark hair, medium length, and dark brown eyes. Her skin was on the lighter side and it was very smooth and firm. For some reason I remember she had a larger than normal nose, at least it seemed sort of large for her face. Actually, come to think of it she would have been an excellent candidate for that Extreme Makeover. With a set of tits and a nose job she probably would have been gorgeous.

I whipped off the headphones and said, “Hey what are you doing in here??? Did you knock??? What is going on here???”

“No, no, senor, I come to clean room and you no hear me knock! I knock on door and you no hear me! I am so sorry! Lo siento, señor.”

“How long have you been here??!!” I responded.

“A few minutes. I come to clean room. I so sorry, but I see you and I was afraid to leave room to make noise. Once I came in the room I no want to disturb you. I so sorry, señor!! Please, señor, I so sorry!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” I said. “I’m not mad at you. I am not angry with you. It’s OK; you’re just doing your job. It’s OK, it’s just a misunderstanding” I said as I attempted to cover my hardening cock. After all, there was a woman in the room and the cleanup rag I had was not big enough to cover me completely, so my balls were still in open view. Not to mention the fact that I was extremely turned on by her standing there watching me get hard again.

“Sir, I no want you to say anything. Please, I no want to lose my job!!! I am sorry. I should have left but I watch you instead. Not right to do that, I so sorry.” I thought for a minute she was going to get tears in her eyes, and I didn’t want her to feel bad. The longer she stood there talking to me while I had come running down my chest I started to get really turned on again. It’s like one of those ultimate fantasies that most men have had and this was happening.

“What is your name?” I asked. “Su nombre?” I stammered. I bahis siteleri don’t know if that was exactly right or not but I was at least trying. At this point trying to see where this would go. If I could talk her into staying that would be the coolest fucking thing. Maybe she’d watch me again, maybe more. This was so cool.

“Maria. Maria.”

I fumbled through my mind to search for my freshman Spanish to make her feel better. Hey, she wasn’t trying to spy on me. I knew that, she was just coming in to clean the room and she finds some guy beating off. This certainly looked like this was the first time this happened because she was so nervous and I certainly didn’t want her to feel badly. Strange that she should stick around, but maybe she just caught the last few seconds. I know if I were a cleaning person and saw a woman masturbating on the bed I would be glued to the situation. Voyeurism and exhibitionism were two sides of the same coin that I have tried to spend a few times. Especially when it came to masturbating; I always had a secret fantasy that some woman in an apartment building across the way would be watching while I was pleasuring myself. Never happened, but I was an exhibitionist no doubt.

“Maria, es OK. Es OK. No, ummm, no, ummm, no yo angry. No yo angry, no yo mad. Es OK.”

“OK. It’s just you look so good to me I am sorry I stare while you play con tu pene.”

“Maria, Maria es OK if you want to watch me. Es OK si su want to watch me. Es OK si su ver, watch me.” I am sure this was totally wrong, but she got the point.

“You do again?” she asked shyly as she waited for my reaction. Well, my raging hard-on had totally escaped its tiny rag covering, so how could I disappoint my guest? It was my exhibitionist dream come true! She sat down on a chair at the end of the bed as I repositioned myself on the bed. I made sure she had a good view of my cock and that my balls would be free to bounce for her as she watched me masturbate right in front of her.

“So nice. Your cock nice and thick. I like to watch.”

As I began to jerk more steadily she slipped her hand under her skirt from the waistline. She moaned as she made contact with her pussy. “Feel so nice. Please, you keep going. I touch me and you touch you. Feel so good…” she continued as she was obviously bringing herself closer. The skin on my scrotum was loosening as I became more excited. My balls were bouncing steadily now as I pumped up my penis more vigorously. The shine of pre-cum was on the tip and she could see it.

Right about that time she pulled her hand out and stood up. In one quick move her panties fell to the floor and she sat back down. She pulled up her skirt and spread her legs to reveal a stunning specimen of female anatomy. Delicately covered with thin, wispy black hair was one of the most beautiful vaginas I had ever seen. Her outer labia were perfectly symmetrical and pouty, with a long bahis şirketleri thin clitoris. She spread her lips wide with her right index and middle finger to reveal dark pink inner labia. She smiled as she did this knowing what a treasure she had. It looked delicious.

I began to moan and thicken as I approached a sure orgasm. This was too much. As my moans gained volume, she moved over toward me and said, “I catch in mouth, si?”

My head was spinning with excitement. As she moved toward me I reached the threshhold of orgasm very quickly. “Si! You catch in mouth!! Yeah, yeah!!! I am coming!!!” The overload of excitement sent a thick stream of jizz barreling into her open mouth. She closed and swallowed and reopened her lips just in time for the next thick creamy load. She was now rubbing herself harder and moaning louder as she continued to dine on my semen. The next few loads dribbled out onto my abdomen and she bent down to run her tongue over them to lick them up as well. She was rubbing herself fast and on the verge of coming, too. I could hear the sound of slickened fingers moving over tight vaginal flesh.

“I so close now. You lick me when I come. No to fuck me, just lick my pussy, OK?”

“Lay down. I am glad to lick you! Your pussy is beautiful. Es bonita, mas bonita!!” I didn’t know what the hell I was saying but I hoped it was complimentary. She got the message loud and clear. She lay back on the bed and parted her lips wide. She held her hand out to keep me away for a minute while she rubbed for another minute or so before saying “Now you lick me! Now! Now!”

I bent down to put my tongue against her warm, wet pink flesh. Her hairs were silky soft and her taste was clean and very salty. She smelled like she had just showered, freshly cleaned skin mixed with her natural lubricant. In no time, she began to come, only I have never seen a woman come like this. The first bit ejaculated an inch or so out of her pussy and it tasted so good I couldn’t wait to get more. Her fleshy lips were held tight and wide by her fingers which gave me free access to her clit. I licked at it with quick, light strokes as her vagina continued to ooze a steady stream of creamy, whitish fluid. She continued to come for about two or three minutes; I think she actually had a few orgasms based on her breathing, but the language barrier never allowed me to solve that mystery. She had dispensed more fluid than any woman I ever licked and every drop was neatly consumed.

We lay down on the bed recovering for a few minutes. She kissed me on the cheek and walked over and put her panties back on. I got a nice look at her neatly trimmed triangle again before it disappeared beneath her tiny white bikinis.

“How long you stay here?” she asked.

“I’ll be here for two more weeks, maybe three. Umm, dos weeks, maybe tres weeks.”

“OK for me to clean your room again?” she laughed.

“Si!!! Si!!!!” I said with a big smile.

“OK, I see you tomorrow at 9 AM?”

“Maria, wait. Are you going to actually clean my room?”

“No. Looks clean to me” she smiled. “Pick up your clothes sloppy man! I see you tomorrow!”

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