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His cock was instantly hard, his brown eyes taking in my naked frame eagerly. the last few hours had been a blur, my best mate stood naked before me, his lean fingers stroking his thick shaft. I borrowed a large sum of money from him, and this was how I was going to pay it back. He planned on fucking me, harder and faster than anyone before him. He told me himself. “You won’t sit for awhile,” he warned. “I plan on tearing you in two, maybe then you won’t borrow money without being able to pay it back.” He was trying to sound terrifying, but I knew my best friend cared for me, and he would never write me from his life.

Taking a step closer, his eyes twinkled from the moonlight shining through the closed window, his cock jumping further into his hot hand. “Come here,” he bellowed, pointing to the carpeted floor in front of his lean, muscled legs. Gabe was gorgeous, muscled to perfection with deep brown eyes. His face was soft featured, making him look a lot younger than 23. For the longest time I thought he was straight, always talking about pussy and chicks that he boned. But now, the way he was staring at me, I knew he wasn’t entirely straight.

Strutting towards him, dropping to the floor, I presented my ass to kocaeli escort him, right in the air. A low growl pushed from his lips, he too dropping to the floor behind me. A small twinge of fear welled up in my stomach, remembering the size of the monster he held in his fist. He was about 9 inches, and thick too. He was a real man, at least in the endowment department.

He lubed his cock earlier, while I was getting undressed in the bathroom, the light glistening off his head. The fear eased as I felt the palm of his hand gently caress my left ass cheek. His voice flowed easy, making me feel at ease, “I’m going to hurt you Vince, I hope you know.” My thin lips curled into a smile, my cheek pressed to the white carpet. “Do what you have to Gabe, I disappointed you, I know.” My voice was more fierce than his, and all of my fear disintegrated.

The tip of his cock pressed against my puckered hole, stretching it around the tip. A snarl settled at the back of my teeth, the pressure building in my backside. Gabe was excited, I could tell by the throbbing at just the tip of his length. “Come on Gabe, what happened to hurting me?” I taunted, my bowels craving the stretch they knew all to well. With more consent, and his aching kocaeli escort bayan balls, Gabe shoved his cock deep inside my ass, a loud popping sound as he broke through my ring of muscle.

“Fuck!” I screeched, searing pain shooting through my lower back. I could hear his panting, Gabe was restraining himself from pushing in further, trying to give me time to adjust. “Oh fuck, Gabe.” I managed, the tears falling from the corner of my eyes. I felt him retreat slightly, only to push a few more inches into my canal. He moaned out loud, ignoring my pain filled pleads. I couldn’t back out, although I so badly wanted to right now, my sexual hungry fueled me to take his cock, and to like it.

“A few more inches,” He reassured, pushing his length in to the hilt. I felt full, entirely too full. His smooth sac resting against my own thighs. his words were forced, his breathing uneven. “You’re so fucking tight, Vincent.” With that, the pain disappeared. Gabe didn’t move, just let his hard cock fill me while I got familiar with his feeding. When I moaned to signal I was ready, his cock throbbed roughly, pushing and stretching my insides. Pulling out halfway, releasing some of my ass juice with his shaft, Gabe thrusted in again, izmit escort harder than even the first time.

But my ass took it, sucking in his length every time he took some of it out. I clenched my ass around his shaft, causing a light wincing from his end. “You like my cock you dirty cum slut?” He growled, smacking my ass with his heavy hand. “I know you do,” he answered for me, bringing his hand back down harder onto my ass cheek. e pounded me relentlessly, my hole aching with ever motion. My own cock was at full attention, and Gabe noticed this as soon as I did. His long fingers wrapped around the base of my shaft, stroking it lightly.

“I’m cumming,: He grunted in my ear, stroking my cock faster. He bucked his hips faster, more erratically as I could imagine his balls tightening, his legs buckling underneath him. burst after burst of his hot cum shot inside me, coating my insides with his seed. his fingers moved still around my cock, and I shot soon after, coating my chest and face with my own cum. Slowly, his cock softened in my ass, my own 7 inches slowly limping. With a plop, his head fell from my gaping hole, a string of his milky seed dripping over my own balls.

Pushing himself to lay beside me on the floor, Gabe closed his eyes, speaking quietly. “Lick that off the carpet, whore. Then come cuddle with me.” I smiled again, letting my tongue flop from my mouth as I began licking up my own cum, ready for what our future held.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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