Greg and Alex Unload in their Socks

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Alex made himself at home, sitting his ass in the gaming chair beside me. I parked in the one on the left and grabbed two bottles of beer from the pack I had placed between us.

“So, what’re we playing,” he asked me.

I popped the caps off the beers, handing him a bottle. “Feel like some nostalgia today? I was thinking Halo?”

He choked a bit on the swig he was taking, “Shit! I haven’t played that fucking game in ages. I’m gonna suck, but I’d be down.”

“Same, but let’s do it.” I reached up for the Xbox controllers on the TV stand and sat back into my chair, holding one out to him.

Before taking it, Alex grabbed at the heel of his right sneaker and popped it off his foot to place it to the side. He was getting comfortable. I noticed the white sock he was wearing looked a bit dirty. He proceeded to take the left sneaker off and neatly placed it beside the other. Just like the first sock, the other sock looked pretty dirty as well.

Socks and kicks weren’t always a kink for me, but in recent years my curiosity had been wandering and I found myself eyeing guys’ feet and what they had on them. I wouldn’t consider myself a “foot” guy either. My fetish really revolved around what was on guys’ feet, and what it smelled like. To be honest, I’m not really sure where it all started. I think at first, I started getting lazy with my clean up after beating off at night and started sliding my prick into my used socks from that day to load them up. Then it transitioned into more active engagement with them. I’d eventually start taking whiffs of them when I pulled them off my sweaty feet at the end of the day, and finding I was really turned on by the funk. Then eventually, as I slipped a dirty sock on my dick to sperm in before bed, I’d place the other one on my chest to be able to smell it as I went at it. Now, I was putting them in my mouth to have a taste or wearing them for days at a time to get them stankier. It was a fully developed fetish, to the point that I was curious to smell other guys’ and load them with my cum.

I think what also really turned me on, about sneakers anyway, was hearing what size a guy was. It was almost another way to compare sizes. Sure, you can ask a guy how big his cock was, but how big were his feet? Did he have the same size as you? Would you be able to swap sneaks with him? Almost in a form of swapping souls. Literally stepping into another guy’s shoes. I would get a rush asking a guy what size he wore.

Alex leaned back and grabbed the controller from my hand. And like guys do, I took the chance to tease him. Some might call it flirting. “Dude, when’s the last time you washed your socks?”

I saw a flash of red in his cheeks from embarrassment, but it quickly vanished, and he brushed it off casually. He lifted a foot so we could both see the darkened sole. He didn’t answer me at first and put his foot back down. Probably letting the awkwardness of being embarrassed subside before he said, “Honestly, Greg, I grabbed these off my bedroom floor. I don’t even know when I washed them last. I’ve definitely worn them a few times at this point. Probably should have thrown them in my laundry basket.”

I felt a rush in my chest and thought about how they would smell. I powered on the Xbox and we sat in the quiet for a second while it loaded. I secretly glanced at his socked feet from the corner of my eye again, stretched out in front of him.

I broke the silence. “Do you ever get comments on how your feet smell?” My heart lurched. Not only was the anticipation hot, waiting bahis şirketleri to hear his answer, but I liked being a little weird about it and asking guy’s awkward questions that I wasn’t sure how they would respond to.

“Um…” I could sense he was a little weirded out, but clearly not altogether turned off by being asked. “To be honest, yeah. A little more than you’d think.” My cock thumped between my legs.

“Really?” The flash of red tickled his cheeks again when I asked.

“Yeah. My mom or sister usually make comments every once in a while, when I take my sneakers off. Not really my bros though.”

“What do they say?”

He glanced at me and made a face that said why the hell do you care? “I don’t know. Usually something along the lines of me having to wash or change my socks more and that they smell pretty bad.”

“Gotcha,” I said, trying to downplay my interest.

“Why, do they smell?” he asked me. I looked at his socks again and took a few sniffs of the air. There was definitely a slight cheesy smell, typical for about 4 days of wear from my experience in huffing dirty socks. I didn’t have sneakers on either so it very likely could have been my own feet too. Guys feet typically smell, and both of ours definitely did.

“I think they smell.”

“Fuck dude. My bad. I should have grabbed clean ones to throw on. That’s fucking embarrassing.” His face was red, and he pulled his legs in so cover them up.

“Nah, dude. Don’t sweat it. Let them smell dude. Actually, full transparency?” Alex looked at me and my heart cranked more, about to admit. “I actually kind of dig the smell of your feet.”

“Bro, that’s fucking whack, you weirdo.” I was immediately red in the face. I could feel it. Embarrassment fluttered in my chest. I took my eyes away from his dirty socks to watch Halo load and heard him shuffling beside me, no doubt putting his kicks back on to leave. “Prove it.”

I turned back and saw that he had pulled off his left sock and was holding it up to me. His toes were bare, and he had a smirk on his face.

“Are you fucking serious, dude?”

“Take a whiff, Greg.”

“Weren’t you just weirded out.”

“Nah, not really. Just like teasing you and making you embarrassed. Go ahead, smell them, you won’t.”

“Clearly you don’t know what I’m into,” I said, grabbing for his sock. It was damp and a bit crusty. Had he cum in these?

Alex watched me as I put his dirty sock to my nostrils and inhaled. They smelled like an old high school locker room, like sweat and feet and testosterone. I couldn’t stop them. My eyes rolled back as my chest grew, sucking in the smell of my bro’s dirty socks. He had definitely worn these for a few days. My cock starting rising being able to get a whiff of them.

“You like the smell of them, Greg,” he asked, seeing me lose myself in his foot funk. A man had been wearing these bad boys.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, exhaling, when I removed them from my face. “These fucking reek so good, bro.”

“I had no idea you were into socks, dude.”

“New fetish,” I admitted.

“Yeah?” he asked. “I’ve been into them for a while.”

I chuckled, mostly from shock, but admitted how I really felt. “I knew it. I wasn’t sure, but I had a feeling you were into socks too. I don’t usually see guys sporting socks this gross. You spermed these, didn’t you?”

He laughed. “Loaded them every night this week.”

“So that’s why they’re crusty.” He laughed again.

“Gonna pass me one of yours or am I gonna have to get down there and smell them bahis firmaları myself?” As much as I would have like that, I pulled my right sock off and handed it over. I had been wearing them for only a few days, but they were damp as well and had a few loads of dried cum in them that I had added.

“Oh shit, you have some smelly feet too, Greg,” he said.

“I definitely get comments like you do.”

“Yeah? From who? What do they say?”

“My roommate Steve has commented a few times. Other friends as well, or fam. And mostly comments like ‘whose feet smell’ or something. Steve was a little more direct saying I should change my socks.”

“It’s so embarrassing, isn’t it?

“Yeah, but I like it. Love feeling red in the face.”

“Oh, absolutely. I love when I get comments on my smelly socks, dude. Just like a minute ago. Fucking boned me dude.”

“Yeah?” I asked. “Fooled me. I thought you were pissed or something.”

“Nah, bro, I’m tenting.” He reached into his sweats and pushed his dick up so the head of it tented them, and pulled his hand out, dick still holding up the fabric.

“Fuck, Alex.” I wondered if he would, so I asked, “You want to load my sock?”

“Shit, can I?”

“Just as long as I can load yours too,” I told him.

“Bro, fucking go for it.”

The two of us couldn’t get our pants off fast enough. We hadn’t seen each other’s dicks before, but we were so into it that we didn’t give a fuck. I was excited to see his and see him load my sock.

Alex raised his hips and pushed his sweats and underwear down to his ankles. His erect dick slapped his stomach. His sack wasn’t too hairy, but there was a large brown bush of his pubic hair being flattened by the weight of his meat. He was uncut and about six inches.

“You have your foreskin, dude?’

“Yessir. You?”

“No, I’m cut.” I pulled my pants down then and he looked at my hardening cock. I was throbbing stiffer. Unlike his, my pubic hair was black and much bushier, but the head of my dick was exposed, unlike his, having been circumcised when I was born.

Alex smelled my sock again. “I’m gonna sperm this fucking sock so good, Greg.”

“Fucking load it with your cum, man.” I watched him slide my black Nike ankle sock onto his erect cock.

“Oh fuck, that’s damp,” he said. He stroked himself inside it a few times. “Put mine on your dick too, Greg.”

I followed suit and took another sniff. His pheromones and sweaty feet swamped my nose before I guided my boner into the fabric of his sock. Both of us sat beside one another, naked from the waist down, clothes around our ankles, with each other’s socks shoved onto our erections. I could see Alex’s pubic hair poking out from under my sock on his dick. He was masturbating into it, and I fucking loved seeing him do it.

I could feel the head of my cock stretching the toes of his sock, feeling the wetness of his sweat grease my dick inside. I sped up, turned on by the fact we were both stroking into each other’s socks, and he sped up too.

He moaned, “Fuck this feels good.”

“Fucking bate into my sock, Alex. Ejaculate inside it.”

“I plan to.”

With each pass of my hand up and down my shaft, I got random smells of Alex’s foot, radiating from his sock on my dick. I raged even stiffer knowing my cock and pubes would likely smell of his stinky feet afterwards, having used his sock to unload in.

Our elbows touched and I could feel Alex’s body shaking as he hammered his dick, inside my sock.

I closed my eyes, feeling my boner enveloped kaçak bahis siteleri in the sweaty fabric. “Flood my sock with your sperm, Greg,” Alex told me. I jerked faster. With each slide down, my cock head stretched the end of his sock more. My legs flexed. I was extremely turned on.

“You bating into my sock, Alex?”

“Fucking stroking so hard, bro.” I glanced over and saw his legs were stretched and flexed. His bare toes were spread, enjoying the ecstasy of my sock on his penis, readying to unload inside it.

“Dude, what size sneakers do you wear,” I asked, knowing the answer would turn me on more.


Fuck. I sped up my stroking. “Same size as me dude.” I felt the wetness of his sock around the head of my cock. Or was I precuming inside it? Bating into his sock that had just been on his size twelve feet.

“Bro, I’m getting close,” Alex said.

“Yeah?” I looked over at him and he was bating like mad. He was stretching my sock over the length of his dick, the head nearly ripping through the toes. “Fucking ejaculate in my sock, Alex.”

He picked up speed and I followed his lead, speeding up as well. “Oh fuck,” he exhaled.

“Getting close, man?”

“So close.” His eyes were closed, and I slammed my cock harder, turned on by how into it Alex was. He was going to unload in my sock. He moaned a few times, not slowing his bate. “Oh fuck, Greg. Your sock’s gonna get it.”

“Yeah? Fucking blast your cum inside my sock, bro.”

“Oh fuck. Here it comes.” His legs lengthened some more, flexing before his orgasm. “Here it comes., bro. Shit. Here it comes.”

“Ejaculate in my sock, dude.” A loud moaned escaped from his mouth as he spermed it. I watched and saw his white sperm pump through the fabric, squeezed by the pressure of his shooting and how tightly my sock was held against the head of his penis. Alex had loaded my dirty sock.

“Dude, I’m just about to go too,” I told him. Seeing him unload in my sock took me even closer to orgasm. I was about to fulfill my fantasy and ejaculate inside another guy’s used sock.

“Fucking explode in it, Greg.”

I pumped hard and moaned.

“Sperm it, dude. Sperm it,” he egged me on.

“Here I go, Alex.”

“Fucking drain your balls into my dirty sock, Greg.”

That put me over the edge. My legs stretched, my testicles tightened, and my load started injecting inside his sock. I didn’t stop my stroking, but kept beating my cock, feeling the sensation of my orgasm thumping my semen into his sock.

“Ugh.” I couldn’t help but moan for him. I felt the spurting as I unloaded inside.

“That’s it, bro.”

I released my dick and felt a few final pumps. The white sock on my dick was wet with my semen. I had ejaculated into Alex’s sock, and he egged me on to do it.

“Bro, that was so hot,” he said, pulling my sock off his cock. The head of his dick was glistening with part of his load, the other part buried in my sock. I could see the toes were all wet.

I caught my breath and stripped his dirty sock off my dick. We passed each other’s, freshly spermed socks back to each other.

“Yeah, so fucking hot,” I replied.

I saw him lift his left foot. “Are you putting it back on again, dude?”

He turned and smiled at me. “Obviously. That’s the best part.” I watched as he slid his sock back onto his foot. “Oh fuck, that’s wet.” He smirked at me again, and we both looked at his dirty, spermed sock back on his foot. He wiggled his toes, “Loaded.”

I didn’t wait and did as he did, sliding my Nike sock back on. There was a large wet spot at the toes. As I pulled it back on, my toes made contact with the wet spot made by his sperm. “Oh fuck.”

“Best part, isn’t it?”

His gooey cum soaked my hairy toes, “Absolutely.”

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