Hairomatherapy Ch. 2

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I was so turned on by the sight of Lisa sucking my assistant Dan. Her head was bobbing up and down his massive cock so I wanted to show Samuel that I was no less a cock sucker than his sexy hirsute wife. No was I any less hirsute as I started devouring Samuel’s monster dong. I held his hips as I moved back and forth along him, sucking his massive cock and swallowing as much as my mouth would allow. I reach behind him and take his hard ass in my hands, gripping for dear life. His cock disappears into my face, cheeks hollowing as I suck deeper, harder, head angled so I can go to the very base of him.

There is a change in the action at the other couch. The wet and glistening hirsute Lisa has just taken out Don’s ramrod from her mouth. The saliva coated prick is in her hands as she strokes it lightly. She then lifts her arms and stretches out as the gleaming jet-black hair in her armpits forests glisten. He stands up and pulls her towards him. He bends his knees slightly, put his cock between her legs at the crisp thicket between her thighs. He starts to thrust his hips against her and she starts moaning. The action of his big cock sliding against her hairy pussy was obviously turning her on. Samuel is least bothered that his sexy hairy wife is about to be fucked by the massive Don as all he is interested is cramming more of his footlong oversized prick deeper into my mouth. His hands are tugging at the long coarse hair in my unshaven armpits. Even as his wife readies for Don, Samuel says “Go on Dan fuck her shove your big dick into my wife she loves big cocks”. Samuel than adds in an encouraging tone to his wife “Yeah fuck him completely Lisa look at this woman she has more hair in her izmir escort bushy armpits than you too and look at the way she sucks my huge prick”

Lisa starts splaying her legs as he reached down and fumbled with his cock between her legs. He had such a big penis and he soon shoves his cock firmly. I watched fascinated with my mouth filled with the thrusting cock of big Samuel as they screwed in front of us, listening to her groaning and whimpering as he thrust inside her. He stopped thrusting and pulled back; his cock came into view. It was glistening wet and hugely distended. I was shocked at the size of his glans, it seemed disproportionately large compared to the shaft.

Samuel had his eyes clothes as he face fucked me. His cock was too big in my mouth and I needed him between my legs, as I felt wet and needy. He grabbed my skirt and finally removed it completely as he licked the long thick hair in my unshaven armpits “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I love your bushy armpits. You are sooooooo hairy,” he said as
I furiously guided his penis to my eagerly awaiting and very swollen lips, it was like being impaled by a huge spear as he thrust his huge penis in to me. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed down hard, driving him deep inside me. “’I need you to fuck me harder than Don is fucking your wife”’ I moaned, as all 12 inches was driven inside me. “You’re so fucking wet and look at the huge bush you have between your legs you have such a jungle of hair on your pubic mound. I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman who was so hairy and so aroused,” he panted.

Don was ramming Lisa and I could sense a competition brewing between them. His alsancak escort body was slick and slippery with all the oil, which I had massaged into his hairy body as he continued to fuck me. Faster and harder he thrust until I could no longer control my orgasm. My legs locked hard around his waist. It took every ounce of my control not to scream out in ecstasy when my shuddering orgasm ripped through my body. Samuel pumped harder as each wave of my orgasm wracked my body with spasms.

He pushes in, moving faster, faster. He’s breathing heavy now, I can feel him throbbing within me. My mouth is plastered against his chest. I love a hairy chest and his chest is very hairy and ape-like. His chest look so deliciously hard. I touch my palms to his chest and run my fingers through his chest hair, savoring those erect little nipples under my palms.

In the meanwhile I could see that Dan was pushing his tongue between Lisa’s lips as he began to move within her body, she stroked he hands up and down his muscular torso, stroking his body and going further down. Gradually she began to move with his rhythm pushing her body back against his own, her tongue battled with his exploring the depths his mouth. He lifted his weight off her with his arms her tongue slipping out of her mouth and eased his cock out of her pussy, as Lisa whimpered as she felt him exit her.

“Samuel can I fuck your wife’s ass” Don said smiling at Samuel. Whether he needed her permission or not was immaterial but Samuel shouted “Lisa loves a cock up her ass and one in her pussy too but you can see I am fucking this hairy bitch so go ahead and impale her hairy asshole”. buca escort Lisa watched on in amusement as the two men talked about her. In all this Samuel had eased off a little and after taking the pounding from this huge prick it as some relief. “Turn around!” Dan ordered, “Get on your hands and knees with your hairy ass in the air!”

Lisa was more than willing to cooperate. I could see that she was very sweaty as drops of sweat dropped on the floor from the thicket in her dense armpits. She seemed desperate to have his big prick filling her hairy asshole. He looked down at the beautiful milky globes of her ass, they were so firm and toned yet soft and rounded, he opened the cheeks with his fingers, looking down at the tiny hole of her anus and the swollen glistening lips of her hairy asshole. He spread her ass and with one stroke pierced her anally. “Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh that hurts” Lisa screamed in agony as Don pressed his pecker into Lisa’s hairy asshole. She accommodated his big prick as he thrust into her ass.

Samuel was not idle either as he thrust harder into me his lips now plastered in my underarm hair. I was now quite delirious with lust, and had to bite my lip to prevent any cries escaping. More and more of his cock entered me; I could feel my lips stretched tightly around his pole, my cunt was crammed with cock. I reached down to feel how far I had taken him, there was nearly a whole fistful of cock still outside me luxuriating in the feeling of being so completely stuffed to the limit. I was so tight around him that my clitoris was tugged hard with every thrust and very soon I could feel my orgasm starting, He roared in ecstasy as he drilled me and then started spurting. His sperm filled me as his tongue lashed my unshaven underarms. My cunt throbbed in delicious spasms as I was in the throes of multiple orgasms. Samuel said “I think this woman needs Roger your brother only his massive monster prick will be able to satisfy this horny woman like he does you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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