Halloween Party Mixup

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Jessica sat on the edge of her bed as she unrolled a pair of white thigh high stockings from their packaging. She lifted her leg and slid one on and then bent over to slide on the other. She was very excited about tonight as it was her first adult Halloween party she had every been too. Now that she was in college, she was curious how different it would be from the normal trick or treat then party with a punch bowl that she remembered from growing up. She had decided to be Little Red Riding Hood this year for Halloween and had found a very cute costume at the store.

Her boyfriend, John, had chosen it out and planned to go as the Big Bad Wolf. She smiled thinking about him bare-chested with ripped jeans and a wolf mask. Jessica put on the white top and the red dress with a black corset. She then put on the crinoline and red panties. Jessica then stood up and slid on the black 5″ heels and looked at herself in the mirror. She stood 5’9″ in the heels with reddish brown hair and an athletic figure from years of running and ballet. She was happy with her perky breasts and wondered if the white top was too translucent for her not to wear a bra.

“Oh well” She thought to herself.

She grabbed her purse and directions to the party sitting on the kitchen table in her dorm room. ?At the main entrance stood three of her friends waiting for her to walk over to the party with her. Christy, Missy, and Gretchen waved at her and whistled at the sexy costume. They were dressed as hookers and had on the usual array of fake fur, short leather skirts, fishnet stockings and heels. They looked at each other’s costumes and then headed out for the party. They could hear the party as they crossed the campus. As they drew near, the pathway lit up with the orange and black light glow of the house party. They smiled at the doorman who put X’s indicating that they were not able to drink yet, but being all 19, they were allowed in and were given beer mugs once they got safely inside the door. They giggled at the lightly disguised ruse to ward off campus patrol.

The party was full of monstrous ghouls and sexy vixens of all shapes and sizes floating around the party drinking the night’s refreshments of alcohol and beer. The foursome wandered over to the bar to find a short fat man dressed as a clown and standing behind a large garbage can filled giresun escort with a bright red fruity smelling concoction.

They all looked at each other and asked “What’s that?” of the barkeep.

He smiled and responded in a jovial tone, “Jungle Juice and you’re only allowed two…”

He chuckled and then continued,”Or we can’t be responsible for what happens.”

The girls smiled and offered their empty cups only to be quickly filled and returned with the yummy fruity juice with more alcohol than juice. They hung out for a while chattering away and slowly were separated by batman, a breast inspector and a ghoul with a raging hard-on. Jessica looked around for John and did not see him. She headed upstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms. She wrinkled her nose at the long line already forming and then noticed and slightly opened bedroom and went in to use the bathroom.

The room had wood panel walls covered with pictures of naked women and posters. Clothes and shoes littered the floors and the beds were unmade. She took another swig of the intoxicating beverage and found the bathroom. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and pulled the crinoline and dress up so she could pee. She was sitting in the bathroom for a few seconds when she saw the bathroom door swing open.

She yelled at the man before she saw him, “Someone’s in here…”

Before she could finish the sentence, she saw John’s wolf costume except with a plaid shirt.

She looked up with him smiling and exclaimed, “John! You weren’t supposed to wear a shirt with that costume.”

She looked him over and grabbed his belt buckle rubbing her free hand on his crotch.

She bit her lip gently and quickly blurted in a buzzed slur, “I was wondering where you were at. You should try this punch. it’s delicious. I was so horny tonight.”

She kept rubbing his cock until it felt really hard through the jeans.

She playfully asked, “Oh, Mr. Big Bad Wolf, why’s your penis so big? May I see it?”

The wolf nodded and unzipped his pants releasing his shaft to Jessica.

She started stroking the cock presented to her gently and said, “God it looks bigger than usual.”

She licked the tip and around the head before slowly guiding it into her mouth. She stroked the base with her fingers and she took gölbaşı escort the entire length into her mouth. As she slid it out of her mouth she sucked hard on the cock. She moved her hands to the wolf’s ass and pulled him against her to allow his cock to thrust in and out of her mouth.

She looked up at him lustfully as she felt it engorge from the motion. The wolf moved his hands to the back of her head and moved it back and forth against his cock. She felt a pulse along the wolf’s penis before her throat was coated with hot cum. She was a little shocked, as John had never done that before, but very turned on by his forcefulness. She swallowed the last of the cum and stared at the wolf lustfully.

She started playing with herself as she watched him clean off his still hard cock and as he started to leave the bathroom, she huffed, “John, just cause you got off doesn’t mean I don’t need to get fucked. Come over here and sit down so I can ride that wonderful joystick.”

She tapped her chin, “Do you have condoms?”

The wolf nodded again and she allows a cheshire grin to form on her face, “I am so turned on by your silence tonight. It just makes me want you so much more.”

The wolf stroked his cock a bit more as Jessica stood up still playing with her pussy. She pulled down the top to reveal her perky 36Ds. She pushed them together for the wolf as she guided her hungry wet pussy on top of the wolf’s shaft. She didn’t notice that the wolf did not remember to put on the condom. She glided easily down the length of the shaft and pulled her dress up so she could watch the penis enter her over and over again. She was glad she wore the heels as she bounced on the cock as it gave her some leverage.

Her thigh highs and slid down her leg a bit to her knees, but she just arched her back and wiggled her ass to get herself off on the penis penetrating her. She looked down at the wolf leaning his head back to look at her through the eye holes in the mask and grunted as she came down on him. After a short while she felt herself start to shake from the intensity of the situation. She bit her lips and frowned as she felt herself cum all over the wolf’s hard cock.

“Oh god, you feel me coating your cock. I wanted you so bad.”

The wolf grabbed her waist and helped her keep going.

“You göztepe escort want me to keep riding you? I have never seen you with so much energy.”

She felt herself lift off the ground as the wolf stood up and put her legs over his arms and held her up as he fucked her against the bathroom door. She squealed with delight with each thrust. He released one of her legs so she could stand with one leg on the floor. She felt the wolf split her legs and she grabbed the towel rack for support as he kept plowing his cock in and out of her with increased speed.

She rolled her body to face the wall and continued to hold the towel rack as the wolf grabbed her waist again and bent her over and continued fucking her from behind. Jessica held her legs together as she felt herself orgasm again. The wolf unrelentlessly continued on slapping his crotch against her ass and thrusting his cock in her soaking wet pussy until he finally gripped tightly and unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside her.

She felt another orgasm come on from the unusual feeling and grabbed her nipples as she came harder than she ever had before. She stood still for a moment unable to move as the wolf finally withdrew his cock and started putting his pants on again.

She panted, “Condoms have never felt so good. You need to buy that brand again. It felt like you filled me up. It was so hot.”

She heard the wolf chuckle as we walked out of the bathroom leaving her to clean up. She sat down on the toilet and felt the cum drip out of her pussy.

She felt between her legs and screamed after the wolf, “What the fuck, John?!”

She pulled up her panties and got dressed pulling the dress back down and the white top to cover her tits again. She walked out into the hallway looking for John as he had vanished again. She went downstairs to find the wolf standing by the bartender.

Jessica was so upset, she pulled off the mask to reveal John and then yelled at him, “What was that? What were you thinking?”

John looking at her in complete confusion responded as people looked on at the couple dispute, “Jess, I just got here. I am really sorry I’m late. Wanna drink?”

He smiled at her and gave her a big kiss.

He grimaced as if he had just tasted the worst thing he had ever experienced and wiped his mouth, “Drink this Jess. You ate something funky.”

Jess got a blank stare on her face and accepted the drink without responding and just staring at John and then the wall. She took a big gulp and did her best to offer John a smile still letting the hot passionate sex fest replay in her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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