Harried Dicks Ch. 2

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The door was still open with the fleeing masked man gone a few seconds before as I welcomed Bob Thomson and John Willis. They were burly men and good at their job. Superintendent Peter Hayter accompanied them. They looked at me very strangely. It was then that I realized that I looked a sight. For a girl who was raped I was the perfect advertisement. My disheveled hair, my cum filled pussy covered by my nightie I did not look exactly a victim and I could sense their arousal. Even my matted underarms were wet and moist and there was an aroma of sex. I, of course did not look like a rape victim but they could smell the sex in the air. Even my pussy hair was visible since my nightie was soaked and the dense hair was clearly visible as it had bunched up in my crotch and with all the cum in the area it stood out.

I did not know what to do but I invited them in. I told them that I was trying to switch the light on but I had pressed the switch by mistake. They were not buying my story but I think they liked what they saw. I went to the kitchen to make them a cup of coffee. When I came back they asked me if somebody had been here. I denied that but Superintendent Peter asked me why my panties were lying on the floor. Saying so he picked it up and sniffed it. ‘Its wet” he said “are you sure no one was here. I could not think of an answer and I said “I was horny so I was masturbating.

John and Bob’s eyebrows were raised and I carried on telling them that I wanted to be fucked and I was craving for cock. Was there a better invitation? But Superintendent Peter seemed to be still official he reached out towards me and felt my underarms. “Your hairy armpits are wet with saliva and sweat how come there is saliva in your bushy armpits”. I could see he was stirred as his eyes never left the thick mat of hair in my unshaven casino oyna armpits. He carried on “Surely you could not have licked your own hairy armpits or did somebody do this to you”. Just as he said that Peter swooped down and licked the jungle in my bushy underarms.

I could feel hands all over me exploring me, my breast and nipples were being mauled I felt one hand on my pussy then a finger was in my pussy then I felt it flick my clit another was playing with my ass hole. Without warning I was bent over a table my face hitting the hard surface. I was held face down then I realized what I was in for it was a gangbang. Soon they all stripped and I saw some impressive throbbing members. Bob and Peter were huge but John was special. He seemed like he porn star John Holmes who was sensationally 12 or 13 inches big.

“On Your Knees you hairy slut” Peter said as he pushed his cock towards my face. I started to lick his member then took the head in my mouth It stretched my mouth as it went in but as I got his head in he thrust forward and he hit the back of my throat and I gagged he with drew and pushed it in again harder and I could feel him slip down a bit further out and in each time deeper into me I gulped air each time he pulled out and soon he was in me all the way and I was powerless to do anything about it his thrust became faster and faster then on a hard thrust he shot his cum deep down inside my throat and I began to choke I heard him shout “Swallow my cum you hairy bitch” and I did what he instructed it was very hard as his dick was all the way inside me but somehow I managed it then he pulled out pushing me to the floor.

Now Bob grabbed a handful of my armpit hair, and forced me to face him on my knees. I had just given a blowjob to Peter but he wanted some himself. I canlı casino knelt in front of him as he held his soft limp cock towards my face. He moved his cock towards my lips, easily placing it in my eager wide-open mouth. I could feel it swelling against the bottom of my mouth, and soon it was large enough in my mouth as it throbbed as I bobbed my head up and down his swollen penis. “Lick it,” he said harshly, and I began to lap at the bottom of it with my tongue. It swelled more, and he began pumping into my face. After just a few thrusts Bob man pulled out and pulled her to her feet. John too was wagging his hard prick before my eyes. “You like this, don’t you, bitch?” he said teasingly, twirling his fingers in my curly pubic hair.
John moved his hand down from my pubic hair to my slit, feeling the moisture there. He held his fingers up to my face, wet with my juices. “Look at this, you hairy slut,” he said. “You’re all wet.”

John stood behind me. He ran his large finger from my bushy armpits, down my spine, tracing the curves of my buttocks and thighs, teasing the slit between as he traced. He began to rub the thighs softly with his palms, caressing their smoothness. I felt John behind me and I could feel the hardness of his cock pressed up against my thighs. He placed his cock between my legs, against my slit.
Peter was watching the proceedings from a short distance. Now he stepped up and sat on the couch, reclining back. He bent his knees and scooted closer, his groin directly under my face. Grabbing a handful of my bushy armpit hair, he pulled my head down until my nose began to nuzzle his cock.

His cock slid easily into my open mouth, and I instinctively tried to pull back off of it. His hand in my armpit hair prevented this, and he pushed his hips upwards to stab the back of my throat. kaçak casino I felt Bob push his cock into the wild untrimmed hair in my bushy armpits. He actually tugged at my tufty armpit locks and rubbed his dong in the bushy armpit forest. I started to relax, breathing deeply and lapping at the base of the staff in mouth. The hot skin in my mouth seemed to tighten and Peter directed my head in smooth up and down thrusts, effectively fucking my mouth.

John was still teasing my clit, rubbing his cock along the slit of my bushy pussy, spreading the moisture all around. He held my hips still, while Peter controlled my upper body. I relaxed, allowing the three men to do all the work. I squirmed slightly, moaning around the cock in my mouth, wishing that John would impale me with his large monster cock.

Finally, with a soft grunt, John thrust his cock into my hairy cunt. I cried out as Peter rammed more of his cock into my mouth and Bob ravaged my unshaven armpits with his swollen penis. I began to suck hard on it even as Peter groaned, holding my head tighter. The cock filled me completely, stretching the skin around my pussy. I pushed back on it, forcing it to go deeper into myself. John groaned, his cock moving in and out of me his hands gripped my hips roughly, fingers digging into my soft flesh. I moaned again, licking the cock in my mouth enthusiastically. Bob was swaying in and out of the forest in my underarms even as droplets of sweat dropped from my matted armpits. John thrust himself hard into me, harder than before as Peter grunted, easing his hold on me.

Now they wanted to change positions. I never had three cocks in me but they sure were a harried lot. I wondered what my parents would have said if they had seen their innocent daughter being pummeled by three hard men.

I now had one man in my mouth one in my cunt and the third pushing his penis into my unshaven pits. I needed more cock. Damn that bastard Raoul. Where was the masked rapist? All these thoughts clouded my mind as they changed positions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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