Having Some Brie Ch. 08

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All characters are at least 18 years old.


Brie didn’t wake while I mopped up the strip of floor between our two beds. If we never got around to cleaning this area, pretty soon the smell of sex would permeate the rest of the apartment. I couldn’t even remember if either of us had the chance to wash away the ejaculate I’d shot onto the floor. Regardless, I was getting to it now.

My sister was still asleep on my bed, the covers draped over her almost naked form. Her hands unconsciously ran across the mattress where I would have been, making my heart ache. I smiled before returning to the kitchen to deposit the mop in its usual place. I ran into mom as she came out of her room.

“Good morning, Stef,” she said with a wide smile.

“Morning, mom,” I returned, scratching my head.

“You kids turned in early last night,” she noted, walking past me and starting the coffee machine. I floundered for a response. Both Brie and I were usually bit of night owls, so it was out of character.

“It was Fair Day yesterday. I guess we were worn out.”

“It’s a shame it was on a weekday,” mom lamented with a nod. “I would have liked to go with you two. But you got to spend it with your friends instead, right? Oh! Speaking of which, I start the new job next week.” She beamed.

“That’s great. So that means you would’ve gotten this weekend free, huh? Could’ve been perfect timing if the fair came a bit later. And on that note…” I took a deep breath, unsure of how to broach the subject. I’d already sort of committed to the question, and coming up with a way to back out would create an even longer hesitation. “Did you… Did you need the place to yourself again?”

Mom looked aghast and could only stare at the floor, distracting herself with pouring coffee. “I’m sorry you kids had to see me like that. It’s just… I think I– What I’m trying to say is… I’m so ashamed–“

“It’s alright, mom,” I interrupted. “I think I understand. Brie had to explain it to me, but I get it now. I just wanna make sure you’re safe, but if you’re happy, then…”

She nodded, still not meeting my eyes, and there was an awkward moment of silence as she cradled her mug with both hands.

“To answer your question, I actually am meeting somebody. Not like that,” she added in a hurry. “After my interview, my new boss introduced me to the team I’d be working with, and one of the guys… asked for my number.” She took a sip of coffee to collect herself. “He seems nice, and…” My smile actually felt genuine. It surprised me.

“That’s great, mom. Brie and I will clear out anyway,” I volunteered, then winked. “Y’know, just in case.”

“Stefan, you’re terrible!” mom laughed, batting the air at me. “Teasing your mother like that!”

I chuckled. “We’ll be at Lexi’s again. Call if you need anything.” I glanced at the clock above the sink. “I better go wake Brie.” She nodded and I headed back to my room. Brie was just stirring, and I double checked that I had no homework due today while she sat up and stretched. I walked over and leaned down to her, and she shirked away.

“Morning breath,” she explained, pointing to her mouth. “And also last night…”

“Like I give a fuck,” I murmured before cupping her face and kissing her. She whimpered and pulled me down a bit further by the back of my neck. “Thank you for that, by the way. You were absolutely amazing.”

“Stop talking about it, dork,” she grumbled, looking away bashfully. I could only smirk in response.

“I told mom we’d be going to Lexi’s place again this weekend,” I announced. That got her attention. “More for her than for us.”

“Liar,” she laughed, swinging my pillow at me. I caught it and used it to press her down onto the bed again, then kissed her.

“I want you again,” I crooned, and her eyes went wide. “When I was in the kitchen, I saw mom didn’t finish the sandwiches from last night. Let’s skip lunch today. Meet me in the restroom by the gym. We can eat there, and…”

She gulped, and then her face twisted in anger. “You’re disgusting, Stefan. In a *restroom*?” She pushed me off and hopped out of bed. I stared at her helplessly as she prepared for school. Had I crossed a line? These days, it was so hard to tell where the lines even were anymore. As she stormed out of the room with her backpack I sighed, figuring I’d make it up to her somehow. I hauled my own schoolbag and walked out to the kitchen just in time to see Brie shove a bagged sandwich into her backpack, then fly out the front door.

Wait a second…

“Hey, Casanova,” Drew said with a grin. I shoved him against the window as I sat down, and he chuckled.

“Had fun sucking yourself off last night?” I jibed.

“I’m not flexible enough,” he replied dismissively, and I snorted. “Anyway, your sister looks fucking pissed again. Maybe you shoulda let her go on that ferris wheel with me after all.” He winked and nudged me.

“Today’s the day I might finally punch you out.”

“Why the hurry? You can do bursa escort that years later when you come over to my place to visit your five nephews and nieces.”

I raised my fist and he laughed, putting up his hands to shield himself. We dropped the subject, instead talking about everything else we did at the fair. Classes passed slowly, as if torturing me by letting me wonder how things would go with Brie.

There were too many unknowns on how to act in the situation we were in. Handling a regular romantic relationship was already tricky enough at times. Now I also had to find a balance of her and my morals, as well as her and my lust. Christ, why did it have to be so hard?

I found myself outside of the restrooms near the gym when lunchtime rolled around. Was I being overly optimistic? She’d taken a sandwich. Surely she wouldn’t have when we normally got lunch at school. But she really had seemed angry this morning. I sighed and hefted my bag when the door to the girls’ restroom opened, and Brie’s head popped out. She was already here?

She spotted me and grabbed my wrist, yanking me inside. She led me into one of the stalls, where her backpack was sitting on top of the water tank. Locking the door behind us, she closed the toilet lid and sat down, pointing at the peg on the back of the door. I hung up my backpack, and she began working at undoing my pants. I leaned down and pulled her top up to reveal her bra. She pulled my member free of my underwear, then looked up at me with those captivating eyes of hers.

“Did you know?” she said quietly. “It’s been one week since I found you jacking off to my panties.” Before I could respond, she sank my cock into her mouth.

I gasped and my arms shot out to the sides, using the walls of the stall to hold myself up. She moaned lustfully as she blew me, glancing up every so often to meet my gaze. Her tongue seemed more dexterous today, maybe because she was taking less in her mouth, and I felt it flicker back, forth, and around my tip like she was drawing a design on its surface. Carefully, she leaned down and pulled her panties off from under her skirt, then reached up and waved them in my face. She balled them up and I leaned down so she could stuff them in my mouth. They were drenched, and I could taste her on them, her scent making me heady.

She pulled away and instead began tonguing the underside of my length, long strokes that made me match her pace with my breathing. She lingered at the crown, giving it extra attention before whipping her tongue away and dipping down for another lick. One hand was wrapped around my base, and suddenly the other was cupping my balls, rubbing them and occasionally granting them a gentle squeeze. Any time any of her ministrations went too far, like her teeth scraping too hard against my sex or her grip on my balls squeezing too tightly, I gave a pained grunt and she backed off immediately before working her way back up to a comfortable and pleasurable intensity. She was a fast learner.

The door to the restroom banged open and we both froze. A loud group of girls floated in, gabbing about one thing or another that I couldn’t make out over the noise of the multiple conversations. Honestly, it sounded like nobody was listening to each other as it seemed every single member of their group was speaking. People said girls were better at multitasking than boys, but this was a bit much, wasn’t it?

Brie resumed her work on me, and my knees almost buckled. She was taking me deep again, long strokes where her nose almost touched my groin. Her slurping was drowned out by the girls’ conversation, thankfully.

“Hey, what about the swim team?” one of the girls said, and they quieted down, pausing to think. So did Brie, not wanting to be heard in the sudden silence and only continuing when the conversation resumed.

“Rowan’s pretty hot,” a second girl answered. “Kinda serious, if you’re into that. Maybe your type, Bella?”

“I actually prefer Alec,” a third girl replied, presumably Bella.

“Alec’s a total player!” a fourth girl chimed in.

“Yeah, but isn’t he cute?” Bella said dreamily. “It’s his charisma, maybe.”

“More like his big dick energy,” the first girl retorted. “You’re just cock crazy, girl.”

“No I’m not!”

Brie pulled me closer, looking up at me with heat in her eyes. I really hoped the group of girls didn’t look over and notice two pairs of feet in this stall. If they managed to peek over the door, it would all be over.

“Rowan’s probably huge too,” the fourth — or second? — girl said. “Did you see him at practice? Just about ready to bust out of his Speedos, and that’s *after* being in cold water.”

“Mm,” the first girl moaned in agreement. “But I was actually thinking about Stefan.”

Almost imperceptibly, Brie’s grip on my shaft and balls tightened. A dark look crossed her face. I tried to mouth something to her, but my panty gag made that impossible. This could be bad.

“Omigod, Lauren,” the second girl laughed. bursa escort bayan “But if what I heard was true, you need to watch out for his sister Brie.”

“Who’s Brie?” Bella asked.

“Sabrina. Gymnastics team. Very protective, apparently.”


“But I heard Lexi has dibs on him,” pondered the fourth girl.

Brie’s hands were tightening even further. It was starting to hurt, yet matched with the pleasure as she flexed her tongue against me in her mouth. I bit back a groan, shivering as some masochistic part of me relished her jealous punishment.

“Fuck dibs,” Lauren snapped. “Lexi’s just some rich bitch who thinks she can flirt with all the hotties and pick out whoever she wants.”

“Ooh, is someone in love?”

“Pft, love? I just want a taste of that meat stick.”

Little did she know, somebody was having a taste at this very moment. It would have been an astonishingly rude awakening if they ever found out exactly who. Brie’s hands were like vices now, and my balls were being crushed as if she could squeeze the cum out like juicing a grape. It was frighteningly pleasurable, despite the death glare she was giving me. Or possibly because of it.

“Don’t try to lie, Laur,” Bella teased. “You’d want to be Lexi in a heartbeat if it meant getting pounded by Stefan.”

“He’s mine,” Lauren insisted. At that, Brie took me all the way to the base, releasing her grip on my shaft and instead using both hands to pulverize my balls. It was excruciating and euphoric all at once. “I wanna have his babies.”

Upon hearing that, Brie’s throat suddenly filled with my cum. The sounds of the girls outside whooping and cheering covered my desperate groans as I shot endless spurts of ejaculate into my sister’s mouth. She drank it dutifully, relaxing both her expression and her grip on me, letting her head simply hang off my erection while she swallowed.

The girls outside chattered, their voices forming back into an indecipherable jumble as they made their exit. As soon as the door closed, Brie pulled herself off me with an audible pop. Dribbles of white fluid were still being forced out as I spasmed, and she lapped it up then wrapped her lips around my tip. A sudden and vicious application of suction to my urethra made me stagger, eyes rolling back in my head as she sucked the remnants of my climax out of me. Finally finished and convinced she’d gotten everything I had to give, she pulled away and grimaced before swallowing the last few drops she’d earned.

I slumped against the door, breathing hard and trying to make the dizziness go away. She wiped her mouth with her hand and sat back, panting as well and flexing her jaw. I pulled her underwear from my mouth and she made no move to take them back.

After a moment had passed of us recovering, Brie uttered, “Second wish still applies. Stay the fuck away from Lauren.” The promise to essentially be exclusive to her. I couldn’t help chuckling, and she gave me an enraged look. Unconcerned, I stepped forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I was hoping that by now she knew better than to question my fidelity. I still found her jealousy endearing though, and I decided to keep to myself the detail that Lauren and I had traded not two words in the entire time of knowing each other.

“Of course, my love,” I whispered, and she turned scarlet. But she didn’t shy away, didn’t break eye contact, and I kissed her again. “Thank you, by the way. That was even better than last night. Where did you learn…?”

“I, uh…” She squirmed. “I asked Lexi for some advice during class…”

Tips about blowjobs during class? I was already back up to half mast, but I quickly stuffed it away and did my pants up. Brie pulled her top back down and stood to retrieve something from her bag. A sandwich. I laughed and produced one of my own, and she smirked before biting into hers, savoring it and most likely using it to eliminate the taste of cum in her mouth. I pocketed her panties and we ate in silence, just enjoying each other’s company, our friends no doubt wondering where we were. Let them wonder. There was no place I’d rather be.

I couldn’t help but look at the other guys swimming, thinking about what had been said about them in the girls’ restroom. It was comforting to know that my earlier assumptions, about girls only looking at guys on the football and basketball teams, weren’t so accurate. Should I tell Rowan and Alec about their chances? It’d be awkward to explain how I got the information. As much as I wanted to ‘help a brother out,’ I decided against it.

Maybe something more vague. That wouldn’t hurt. I nodded to myself before kicking off into another lap.

I was toweling off when I noticed a flirty blonde watching me, sending me a wink and a little wave when she saw me looking. She was wearing something low-cut. Scandalously low.

“What are you doing here?” I asked distastefully.

“Stefan!” Lexi scolded, theatrically putting a hand to her bosom and feigning escort bursa indignation. “Is there anything wrong with visiting my favorite friend’s favorite brother at practice?”

I put the towel around my neck and my hands on my hips, giving her an unamused look. “I’m starting to think she’s your *only* friend. And I’m her only brother.”


A smile tugged at her lips. What kind of twisted fantasies was she entertai– Was she wondering how I’d act if I weren’t Brie’s only brother? I don’t *fucking* share, not even with my hypothetical brothe– I closed my eyes and took a moment to collect myself, refusing to let Lexi derail me. I could hear her snickering before I looked at her again.

“How did you even get in here? It’s practice.”

“Your coach let me in.” She leaned forward, and I averted my eyes from her chest. “And I can be *very* persuasive.”

“You never answered my question.”

She examined her nails. “I couldn’t help but notice you two were absent during lunch. One could almost be forgiven for thinking something illicit was afoot. Especially with the questions your sister was asking during class.”

I held my gaze steady, though I couldn’t stop my lips from twisting into a scowl. She grinned.

“So you left ol’ Lex all alone to deal with poor Drew all by herself,” she continued dramatically. “And we had a little talk, just the two of us.”

I tensed. “What did you talk about?”

Her grin was insidious. “Common interests…”

“Lexi…” I warned.

She finally waved me off, the facade breaking. “Oh, calm down. He’s bingeing a conspiracy TV show that I like, and we got to talking.” I breathed a sigh of relief, and she smirked. “Does he really not know?”

“*You’re* asking *me* if he knows?” She shrugged irreverently. “After that shit you pulled yesterday?”

“Oh God, relax! He got absolutely nothing from the challenge, unless he spotted the two of you doing something you shouldn’t have. Otherwise, it was just you being protective of Brie, like always. Very gallant of you,” she added with a generous wiggling of her eyebrows.

I sighed. “No, he doesn’t know. It’s not exactly something to be readily shared with anybody. Especially indiscreet types.” I gave her a meaningful look, which she of course glossed right past.

“Really? Even your best friend doesn’t know that, in the span of a week, your relationship with your twin sister has turned ince–“


She rolled her eyes and gestured around us. Everybody was gone, even coach, and we were alone next to the pool.

“I’m very mindful of the people around me. I can tell what would tip each of your friends off, or your mom, and how far I can push it. So you can trust that if your secret gets out, it wasn’t from me.”

I looked back at her, and it was one of the rare times she looked serious. No flirting, no act. Actual honesty. It was… disconcerting, saved only by the message it carried.

“I need to know,” I said. “What are you getting out of this? Why all the goading and teasing and putting our secret at risk? You getting your rocks off?”

She nodded, smiling sweetly. “Because I’m a fucking twisted bitch.”

She said it without any sarcasm or irony, and something felt off. I stared at her, studying her, wondering just who was behind that smile. We held for a long time, and for a split second her mask faltered. A dark shadow crossed her face, uncertainty on a face so accustomed to confidence.

Why was she so aware of the people around her? Why did she hide behind a veneer? I was beginning to form a picture.

“So. You gonna wear that chlorine all day, or are you gonna take a shower?” she quipped, back to her usual self. I smiled wryly and she winked.

Brie burst into the room in her gym clothes, a thin layer of sweat still on her skin. She spotted me and closed her eyes in frustration.

“I fucking knew it,” she growled.

I was on my bed, having a nice sniff of the panties she’d given me earlier, in the middle of undoing my belt.

“Well this is awkward,” I noted, moving the panties away from my nose. “But in my defense, you gave me these, after they’d already been in my mouth, so…”

“Yeah, that was a mistake,” she groused. “Didn’t even cross my mind that I needed them until I was in the changing room and had the choice of either being late to practice, or being completely bottomless in front of the other girls.”

I chuckled and shrugged. “Not my fault. Also didn’t think being naked in the changing room was a big deal.”

“I can’t believe you’re still doing that. You already have–“

She gulped down her next words, and I leaned forward with interest.

“Have what? I already have you?”

“That’s not what I was gonna say.” She was shaking her head a little too forcefully.

“No?” I stood, slowly approaching her. She retreated, inadvertently closing the door as she went until she was backed up into it. “Then what were you gonna say?”

“I…” She gulped, eyes looking everywhere but at me. “I…”

I pressed my lips to hers, and all the resistance left her body in an instant. She was too cute. She flung her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, taking me by surprise. We started to topple. Oh shit.

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