Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 05

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A continuing story of a developing relationship.

Thankfully, my parents visit was a short one. Dad wanted to head west into ‘Burns’ country and as usual, my mum went along with his wishes. It felt good to have freedom again, freedom to suck and fuck with Ricky, who I now referred to as my partner.

We were now a year into our relationship and that buzz was still there. Each time we made love it felt like the first time but there was one thing I felt was missing. Ricky had never took cock anally himself and I so wanted to be the one he took it from.

There had been one occasion that caused us a problem.

It was me admitting to fucking James at the surgery. I had hoped it would maybe open the way for Ricky to volunteer his arse for use.

Instead, he took a massive huff, which I should have anticipated.

We were lying naked in his bed when I told him. He immediately got up and went to the bathroom, came back and started to dress.

“Ricky, come back to bed. We can talk this through.” I tried to calm him.

“Ryan, you need to get dressed, you’re going home tonight.”

“What? Ricky are you mad?”

“No, Ryan, quite sane. I need to be alone tonight. Now get dressed, I’ll drive you home.

That journey back to my flat was made in an uncomfortable silence. Ricky didn’t even have the radio on. I tried to give him a kiss on the cheek when we arrived but he pulled away.

“Just go Ryan.” He ordered.

I felt terrible, ashamed. As I got out, I said the words “I’m sorry.”

Ricky did reply but with a cutting comment.

“For what? Your mouth getting you in trouble again?”

I barely slept that night. Lucky it was a Friday and there were no classes the next day.

I heard the bar being unlocked below and heard voices. It was Ricky with the cleaner. He sounded fine with her but I didn’t know if it was too early for me to approach him. I had tried phoning him but he just ignored me.

I went out decided to get drunk. I headed for a favourite gay bar up town and settled at the bar drinking J D & coke.

I knew I would attract attention and I didn’t have to wait long.

An older looking guy sat on the stool beside me and was sat in a way that was so obviously appraising me. I love being looked at and so turned to smile at the balding, moustached guy beside me.

“Hi, I’m Gary, what are you having?” He asked keenly but not threateningly.

I held my glass for the barman to refill it.

You are starting early are you not? Gary asked.

“First, thank you for the drink. Second I plan on getting pissed and find some cock.”

Gary leered at me, I could see him undressing me in his mind.

“I can supply you with both, pretty boy.” He said, confidently.

I placed my hand on his thigh, with an eye on his bulge within his Levi’s, which was growing by the second.

“Let’s get to know each other then Gary.”

I said in my most seductive voice.

We sat and spoke for ages. Gary was 35, he said he’d been balding since his late 20’s and was a married guy. His wife didn’t know he liked cock, so he came to this bar sometimes to pick up hot guys like me.

As I became a little more drunk, he asked if I wanted to go to a hotel room.

I thought as hard as the drink would let me but I nodded and squeezed his thigh.

Gary got up and I got a view of his sexy arse. I really hoped he would be versatile as it promised to be a good night.

I did not care that I was due to start at kaçak iddaa the bar at 5pm. Fuck it, fuck Ricky. I was going to have some fun. It was ten to five now and already my phone had received a message from Ricky. I just ignored it and walked the short distance to Gary’s hotel, one of those in a national chain. Cheapish but clean. We had to share the lift with an elderly couple, so missed out on a quick snog there.

We reached his room and I laughed. Room 666. Well I knew that I was a horny devil and the bulge in his pants told me he was too.

We entered his room and for a moment were unsure what to do first. Then Gary put his arms around my waist and kissed me so sweetly.

“Do you fancy a shower, Ryan.” Gary asked whilst peppering me with kisses.

“As long as you’re there too.” I replied.

“Of course. I hate wasting water.” said Gary.

He had a smooth, educated Scottish accent. Not rough Glaswegian and it turned me on so much. That and my first sight of his cock, with a bulbous purple head. I could see he would be stretching my hole.

We both managed to fit, just, with Gary taking the lead. He had a bar of soap and was lathering it over my torso, then my upper legs, before spreading my cheeks and fingering me with his soapy finger.

I ran my hands down his chest and tweaked his stiff nipples.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my leg.

There wasn’t room to actually fuck in the shower, so we came out, still soaking wet and flew onto the bed.

Gary was in a bit of a frenzy and was still fingering me.

“Can you take my cock, Ryan? You’ll be walking bow-legged after I’ve finished.”

I knew it but wanted his cock so much. It wasn’t the length, maybe 7″ but the head was going to be sore to take, at first.

Gary had me on my knees and elbows, my arse sticking up. He didn’t tease me, instead just edged his purple head into my hole. I had to bite my tongue when he started but once inside, the pleasure took over and I loved it.

Gary smacked me a couple of times and made me yelp but he was fucking me hard and I didn’t want it to end.

End it did though, as he unleashed rope after rope of cum into my ruined arse. I squeezed every last drop out of him and turned to lick the last cum from his cock.

I now was hoping to return the favour. However I was in for a rude shock, as Gary stood up from the bed.

“Better get a quick shower again before I head off for my train.” Gary said without feeling.

“You what?” I shouted. ” I thought we were spending the night together.”

“Well, you know what thought did!” Gary countered.

I was dumbstruck. Gary had never actually said it was an all-nighter, or even that I would get to fuck him. I just assumed.

“Look, Ryan, the room is paid for. You can stay here tonight, no questions asked.” Gary looked a little upset and was trying to calm me down.

“Just fuck off Gary, get your shower and fuck off! Wouldn’t want your wife smelling my arse on your cock, now would we?”

Gary had his shower. He was going to speak just before he left but thought better of it.

As the door closed, my eyes welled up with tears and I started to cry.

What a fool I had been. Giving myself to virtually anyone that wanted me and even fucking an old man, to satisfy my urges.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was just after 7pm but already I had 42 missed calls from Ricky and a mountain of texts. How was I going to deal with this?

I lay kaçak bahis there for an hour, my arse still throbbing, just looking at the ceiling. The constant ringing, then ping of a text on my phone was maddening and yet I couldn’t switch it off.

Eventually, at 9pm, I picked up a call. I think it surprised Ricky as he was probably now just phoning as part of a cycle before texting.

“Hi Ricky.” I said in a fragile voice.

“Ryan? Oh thank God, I was so worried about you.”

“I’m okay.” I replied in a hollow voice.

“You don’t sound it, where are you?”

I couldn’t hold on any longer and started to cry down the phone.

“I’m so sorry Ricky, I’ve messed up everything.”

“Don’t cry Ryan. Whatever it is, we can sort it, I know we can.”

Ricky’s words gave me a boost and I said

“I love you Ricky.”

“I love you too, Ryan. I can’t function without you.”

I started sobbing again and I’m sure he was too.

“Where are you, can I come and get you?”

We arranged for him to visit the hotel after closing time at the bar. The hotel had a 24 hour reception, so I told him the room number.

I thought to myself that I’d thought I was being a sexy devil, well I had ended in hell.

I showered for an age, trying to remove the feeling of Gary and I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t be visiting that bar again. Or would it just take another fall-out for me to be a worthless slut.

I needed to think about what I wanted, going forward. Selfish on the surface but a more thoughtful long-term view.

Did I love Ricky enough for him to be my exclusive partner?

The answer was that I loved him but that I would need to fuck him, to satisfy my urges.

Would Ricky be up for that? The choice was his.

Ricky called, just after 1am. A group of guys were being awkward about leaving but he and Jess had got them out eventually. I felt bad as I had neglected my duty that evening.

I was lying on the bed, fully-clothed, when there was a light tapping at the door.

“Who is it?” I instinctively asked.

“The bogeyman, you fucking muppet. Who do you think?”

I smiled. Yes, that was Ricky’s unmistakable tone.

I opened the door and the first thing to hit me was the anxious face of Ricky. I felt shit for putting him through the mill.

“Welcome to my boudoir.” I said, as I ushered him in.

“What the fuck are you doing here? I see it costs £120 a night down at reception.”

“Oh, I didn’t pay.”

The realisation hit me, that I was just a £120 whore.

I couldn’t help myself and broke down in tears again.

After I had regaled the full story to Ricky, he sat on the bed silently for a while, though I could virtually hear his brain whirring around, calculating the situation.

“So, in the last couple of days, you have fucked an old tutor and been fucked yourself by a younger guy, who treated you like an expensive whore.” Ricky snorted a laugh and was letting out some built-up anger.

“I’ve given you so much this last year. Dirt-cheap lodgings, a job that I should have given to someone with experience and most of all……my heart!”

I could do nothing but look at the floor. I had abused Ricky and his feelings.

“For once, big gob has nothing to say. Is the truth hitting home?” Ricky continued.

“I..I’m…sorry.” Was all I could say.

“Sorry? Is that it? Is that all you have? You should be on your knees praying…….”

The analogy of being on my knees seemed illegal bahis to have hit Ricky and he laughed.

“If you are sorry and you love me, maybe you should get on your knees, you cock whore!”

My mind was numb at this point. All I saw was Ricky undoing his belt and dropping his trousers and briefs. His small cock was sticking out hard and I did what came naturally and dropped to my knees.

“That’s right Ryan, suck it good.”

My lips surrounded his helmet and I went into autopilot, my tongue burrowing into his cum slit, as his shaft slid into my mouth. Ricky was moaning his approval as I sucked his cock as hard as I ever had. The velvety head tasted so good and I knew he would expect me to carry on until completion.

“That’s it Ryan, you love cock don’t you? And you love my cum more.” With that Ricky twitched and fired a load into my mouth.

I started to swallow, when Ricky stopped me.

“You did it. I didn’t know if you would. Kiss me.”

Ricky pulled me up from under my arms and looked at me.

“God, I love you Ryan.”

Ricky then leaned into me and pressed his lips against mine. My lips parted and his tongue darted in, knowing what it was looking for. It quickly found some cum on my tongue and we shared his cum.

We lay beside each other, breathing heavily.

“I didn’t expect that, I said out loud, as much to my self as Ricky.

“Neither did I. Just shows I can be masterful when I want.” Ricky now said in a soft tone.

“I am so sorry for the way I behaved. I’ve been selfish and thoughtless.” I said, genuinely.

“I think we can agree on that. Why did you think I wouldn’t be offended by you fucking that old vet?” Ricky asked pleadingly.

“It was that thoughtless side of me. I was offered an arse to fuck and I did it.”

Ricky sighed, then asked “Why him and not me?”

My senses awoke. “You what? You’d have been willing to take my cock up your arse?”

“Ryan, I’ve been ready for ages. I’ve dreamt on countless occasions of you drilling my hole. I just thought you didn’t fancy it because you were a sub.”

“For fuck’s sake Ricky, I’ve been holding back in case it put you off gay sex.”

“Oh Ryan, it’s far too late for that, I’m 100% gay now.”

We hugged silently for a few minutes. Until I spoke.

“I then go and take a tantrum and go and get pissed and picked up. I never even gave work a second thought.”

“No you didn’t. You left Jess and I in the lurch. Lucky that her boyfriend Rolf was in the bar. He helped out quite a bit.”

Rolf to the rescue, eh? He was always in the right place at the right time.

Maybe it was the wrong time to think that place was on my cock.

There I went again, I couldn’t help myself.

Ricky then hit me with a shock that had me reeling.

“Ryan, I don’t think you should be working in the bar anymore and in that case, you’ll really have to move out of the flat.”

“What the hell? Ricky, are you off your head?”

” Now, Ryan, calm down. Let me explain.” Ricky said with a knowing look. He had something up his sleeve.

“Ryan, your studies are getting more serious and I know you’re doing well and I want to support that. So by not working at the bar, you’ll free up study time.”

“I appreciate that but I’ll be skint with nowhere to stay.”

“Now to my next point. You move in with me.” Ricky announced proudly.

“Wow! That’s tempting but I can’t pay rent, I’m still skint.”

“You won’t be Ryan. Not when you are my husband.”

I could hardly believe my ears. Was Ricky being serious? Did I want him to be serious? This was a possible huge step and not one I’d really envisaged.

What could I possibly say?

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