Her Daughter’s Private Tuition Pt. 02

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“Tom asked me for your email address, I hope you don’t mind, I gave it to him?”

Megan was watching my face closely for a reaction.

“I saw him in court yesterday, and he said how much he’d enjoyed your company last weekend. I think he’s got a party coming up, and wants to invite us, that’s if you want to?”

I’d just finished my Monday revision session with Tess, and as usual she had hurried off to her bedroom, and left me to have a glass of wine with Megan, her mum.

It was slightly strange, sipping wine, making polite conversation in the presence of Tess, with Megan, her mum, who could switch from professional lawyer, to loving, concerned mother, to an abandoned, sexually adventurous temptress.

Just at the weekend I’d been fucking her, while she had Tom’s cock cumming in her ass.

When Tess had left the room, Megan continued, “Tom’s got one of his ‘special’ parties.” Speaking quietly, she began to describe how ‘ special’ they could be!

“Although you and I have been quite intimate with each other, there is stuff that Tom does with Susie that would surprise you.”

I could tell that Megan thought that she had tickled my curiosity.

“You are a tease, Megan, is this party some sort of orgy?” My face probably told it all.

She giggled. “He told me it’s going to be called ‘Dark Nights.’ Don’t ask me what that means, he may tell you more in your email.”

I was intrigued, and in a way I couldn’t wait. By the time Thursday came, and I was back at Megans’ for Tess’s next lesson, I had had my invitation.

It added not much more detail, however, it added more intrigue.

***Hello Paul

I think you know that Megan gave me your email address.

We all seemed to get on very well last weekend, and I’d like to invite you to one of my ‘get togethers.’

These always have a theme, and this one is called ‘Dark Nights.’

There are ten ladies, and ten gentlemen invited, it’s important for the evening’s entertainment that there are equal numbers, so if you can’t make it please let me know, and I can invite a replacement.

There is a sit down meal at 8pm, and dress is informal, as after dinner it will become redundant!

I do hope you can attend with Megan.



“It sounds very intriguing,” I said to Megan, “What do you think he has planned?”

She smiled cheekily, and in her sexy Welsh lilt said, “I’ve only been to one of his special parties before, I trust you’re going to look after me?”

Megan was a tremendous flirt, and she knew I was getting aroused. The chemistry between us was building, and Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.

I arrived at Megan’s in my taxi, to be greeted by a vision of beauty. Dressed in a black, tight fitting skirt, with a low cut, white blouse, and black high heels, she sat close to me on the rear seat, her perfume filling the cab.

Excitedly, she whispered, “I wonder what this evening will bring?”

“Who knows,” I replied, and taking her hand, “But I hope my evening involves lots of you!”

In a matter of minutes we were at Tom’s. Already there were about a dozen guests, some were couples, some were singles. The oldest was a guy about my age, the youngest a girl no more than eighteen.

I got chatting to Monica, a hospital administrator, who was in her forties, and there without her husband, who was on a weekend away with his golf club. She was very full figured, her breasts overflowing the low cut dress she wore.

She knew I kept glancing in their direction, and seemed vaguely amused. I blushed bright red, when she interrupted our conversation and said, “Maybe you’ll get your hands on those later this evening.”

I almost choked on my drink, and struggled to blurt out, “Oh dear Monica, you caught me out, I’m suspecting there’ll be a lot of surprises later.”

She smiled, and stroked my arm just as we were asked to sit down at the long bench type table in the dining room.

The places at the table were named, I guessed deliberately to sit people next to ataşehir escort each other that were new to them. Apart from Tom, Megan and Susie, I knew no one else.

I found myself between two women, Astrid on my left, and Cathy on my right.

Astrid was in her late twenties, dark haired, dark skinned, and a professional concert pianist. Cathy was a contrast. In her fifties, with a job in a supermarket, she was a buxom lady, who was constantly laughing. Her husband was sitting opposite and was deep in conversation with the eighteen year old.

Tom and Susie served the meal, which was essentially cold meats, and salads, followed by a choice of puddings. With it were a choice of several wines, and by the end of the meal everyone was merry and looking forward to what Tom had planned.

Giggling, Cathy put her hand on my thigh and said, “I’m sure Tom has a few surprises for us, he always is very imaginative.”

Just as her hand ventured further up my leg, Susie came round the table giving each person a rubber wristband. It was similar to the charity type wristbands that some people wear to support good causes, except that these had a what looked like a coloured stone in the centre, red for all the men, and green for all the ladies.

Tom stood at the end of the room, with a smile on his face.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we come to the part of the evening which we have all been waiting for. You may have wondered about the title for this evening, ‘Dark Nights.’ Well all will become clear.”

Everyone at the table looked at each other, and a hubbub of conversation began.

“Quiet please,” said Tom loudly in his most assertive courtroom voice.

“The game tonight is called ‘Musical Nudes.” Again there was a buzz of conversation. He continued, “You have been given wristbands, red for men, green for ladies, they are all you will wear tonight!”

There was a hush, then a murmur.

“In ten minutes we will all make our way to the barn, where we will disrobe, and enter the playroom. There you will find a space, and sit down alone. The floor has been made comfortable for your posteriors.”

Tom paused, briefly, for more chatter.

“When everyone is inside the playroom, the door will close, the lights will be turned off. You will only be able to see the coloured stones on your wristbands.”

There was an expectant pause.

“Music will be playing, and a voice will tell you to stand up. When the music stops for thirty seconds, you will find a wristband of the opposite colour and for the next ten minutes of music, you will have the opportunity to get to know that person…in the dark!”

Everyone suddenly started talking at once. Cathy erupted in laughter, Astrid had a surprised look on her face, and I caught a glimpse of Megan, with our eyes meeting for a brief few seconds.

Then when Tom went on, and explained that after ten minutes the music would stop once more, and in the thirty seconds silence everyone must find another opposite colour, and then there would be ten more minutes of fun.

“Ok everyone, make your way to the barn, you have fifteen minutes before the fun starts.”

Suddenly, there was mass preparation for the fun ahead. Ladies going to the loo, men too. Drinks were hurriedly finished, conversation was excited.

Megan found me just before a few of us made our way across the patio to the barn.

I was fascinated to know what this ‘playroom’ was like.

The first group of us entered into what was a small lounge area with two attached rooms where everyone was to strip off. All the way across Megan held onto my arm. The room soon began to fill up, and within minutes Tom arrived, and had opened the door to the playroom.

“Ok folks, as soon as you’re ready, come and find a space in here.”

Megan whispered to me, before she went to get undressed, “I hope I get you, I wonder if I’ll be able to tell,” and with a teasing smile disappeared.

In the mens’ ante room I stripped off, and, like everyone else, self consciously entered the playroom.

There avcılar escort was only the light from the doorway illuminating, what was a huge area, about the size of a badminton court, which was covered in gym ‘crash’ mats. It was very warm, as it needed to be.

Music was playing and like in a surreal scene from some weird naturist film, the two dozen naked bodies entered.

“Spread out and sit down everyone,” Tom said loudly, and almost before he’d finished, the door shut, and we were all in darkness.

There was a lot of shuffling, and as Tom instructed, eventually, we all sat down.

Around me I could make out the various dimly lit wristbands, red, green, some close, some further away. Some comedians were whistling, whooping, but in minutes it calmed down.

Tom’s voice sounded out again. “

“Ok, the show begins, no more instructions from me, when the music stops you find a partner for ten minutes, when it stops again, you all change. If you want to leave there is a blue light over the door… let the fun begin.”

I sat still, looking around. On either side of me were two green wristbands, and in front was another red.

Suddenly the music stopped. I was just about to move towards the green light on my left, when the green light on my right was reaching out and grabbing my arm. Almost violently, two arms clutched me, pulling me into an embrace, and a mouth closed over mine. The music had started its ten minute spell, and apart from the suffocating kiss, I felt, what were large breasts, and quite a large female body enveloping me. Still sitting down on the mat, the woman ended the kiss, and pushed me backwards, with a loud cry of laughter.

It could only have been Cathy.

“Is that you Cathy?” was all I managed to say before her huge wet pussy suffocated me. As she pressed herself astride my head, my flaccid cock was sucked into her mouth, her large body flattening me to the floor.

Almost involuntarily my tongue slipped inside her pussy, and I managed to wrestle my head in a way that left me a way to breathe. Cathy’s pussy was soaking, my tongue found its way to her clit, which seemed to make her whole body rise up, and come crashing down again, knocking the breath out of me. It was almost self preservation as I tried to turn her onto one side, but she wanted me to keep licking and sucking.

I quickly realised that my cock was stiffening in her mouth. She slavered over it, making it harder and harder.

And then the music stopped.

I heard Cathy groan in disappointment as she finally rolled off me.

I’d barely got to a sitting position, when another green wristband gripped my wrist. It felt very odd reaching out with my hand, and feeling a slim waist, and then, as I raised my arm upwards, my fingers brushed an erect nipple.

The voice sounded impatient, “Fuck me, please, I’m so nearly there.”

I was certain that this was the young girl I’d seen at dinner, the lithe young body, the pert breasts, and she was urging me on.

As she stretched backwards, I turned onto my knees between her thighs. My fingers positioned my cock against her swollen labia, and as I pushed, her legs clamped around my buttocks pulling me inside her. Her arms were around my neck, and her hips were humping rapidly up into me.

“Oh god, I don’t know who you are, but I’m cumming, fuck, just don’t stop.”

I was taken aback, whoever had this young girl first, had aroused her very quickly, and here she was, just about to cum after two minutes of fucking with me.

Pressing down on her, pushing her ass into the mat, her whole body tensed, before screaming out, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Simultaneously, cries of pleasure echoed from the other side of the room, as someone else began their orgasm.

Slowly my cock withdrew, and a quiet, breathless whisper said, “Thank you.”

My hand was stroking her stomach when the music stopped again.

The silent break seemed to last slightly longer this time. As the young girl went off into the dark, yet ataşehir escort bayan another female shape pressed up against me.

“Hi,” was the slightly odd, anonymous, greeting, but I knew immediately the accent was Susie’s. Her body felt hot, and I had to remember that she’d already had two men. She must have recognised me, because her request was simple.

“Eat me Paul, I need to cum.”

Susie lay back, spreading her thighs, pulling my head in towards her pussy. The soft wet flesh was emanating heat, and as soon as I probed inside with my tongue the taste was familiar. The taste of semen is very distinct.

Now knowing that some guy in the room had just cum inside Susie, but probably not satisfied her, spurred me on. Alternately sucking, and then licking her clit, I knew from her ever increasing moans of pleasure that she would soon reach that edge.

“Oh fuck Paul, that’s it, yes…yessss.” With her body shuddering, her pussy seemed to pulsate, pushing the remainder of the anonymous semen over my mouth and chin.

“God, I needed you to do that so much, the last guy came so quickly, and I was so close, thank you.”

And the music stopped again. I still hadn’t cum myself, although I was still reasonably hard. Despite the crash mats on the floor my knees were sore. When I felt the closeness of another woman I was pleased when she pressed me onto my back and took control. Her mouth soon closed around my cock, and within a few moments it was back hard and erect.

Straddling my body, she directed my cock into her already wet pussy. As her weight settled down on me her familiar voice made my heart leap.

“How do I know it’s you?” came the silky Welsh accent.

“Megan! oh you feel so good,” was my response.

There was a brief chuckle, before she added, “Well you certainly have stamina, if you’ve had three women already, and not cum yet, shall I help you out with that?”

“Fuck, you’re so naughty Megan, I’m not far off, and if you keep squeezing your pussy like that you’re gonna succeed.”

“Hmmmmmm,” was her only reply, as she rocked back and forth.

Some people had already left the room, because there seemed to be fewer wristbands showing up in the darkness. The couple next to us, were making lots of noise, and I knew one of them was Cathy. The sound of her cumming was so loud it drowned out my final grunt, before I gushed, deep inside Megan’s cunt.

She gave a murmur of satisfaction, as she felt me jerking inside her. “Good man, that’s it, I want it all, keep going.”

Megan leaned forward, and kissed me for what seemed like ages, until my cock had gradually subsided, and had begun slipping from her soaking pussy.

“Oh Megan, wow,”

Megan kissed me again, “Shall we go now? I need a shower and a drink, and I want to have a normal chat with you, is that ok?”

“I’d love that, I’m sore, and knackered, and I need to wash too.”

We both held hands and managed to find our way between couples to the blue light above the door. The small lounge was very dimly lit, so we found our clothes in the respective ante rooms and clutching them scuttled naked back to the house.

Tom had got the two bathrooms upstairs allocated to the ladies, and the downstairs shower room for the men.

I met Megan back in the main lounge after both of us had refreshed our bodies. She was back in her white blouse, and tight black skirt but her hair was sexily damp over her face.

“God, excuse my hair,” she said.

“You look gorgeous,” and she did!

Settling down close to me, she snuggled up, and sipped her glass of tonic.

Both of us seemed content, we watched a few more people arrive in the lounge having showered. It went unsaid that we both wondered who had fucked who.

Megan looked at her watch. “Wow, it’s one o’ clock, I don’t want to go home.”

“What about Tess?” I asked.

“Hmmmm, she’s ok on her own, although I have a few suspicions about her boyfriend.”

“If you’re happy enough about her on her own, why not come back to mine?”

Megan looked up at me, “That would be nice, if you really don’t mind?”

Without answering I phoned for the taxi, and fifteen minutes later we were on our way. In a gentle, quiet way, we held hands all the way home.


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