Her Story Ch. 02

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My first venture into erotic writing got me so worked up, I printed out the story to share with my husband. He read what I wrote about how he shaved my pussy bare and then ate me until I begged him to tie me up; how he filled me up with a double-headed dildo, then sucked my new dick and fingered my ass until I screamed in orgasm. While he was reading it, I once again got tingles thinking about the ways he can bring me off. I told him that the thing that surprised me most that night was that I actually enjoyed watching him suck on the dildo that was impaling my pussy, taking it so far down his throat that I could feel his mouth on my pussy lips. We ended up having a quick but intense fuck. As we lay together afterwards, he told me how much my writing turned him on, and encouraged me to do more. Just talking about it made my heart start to race and my nipples harden again. I wondered, what could we do next that would make an even hotter story.

My husband had told me many times that he’d like me to fuck his ass hard, but up until now I’d been put off by the idea. I mean, he’s the guy, right? He’s the one who’d always been dominant in our sex life, introducing me to new sexual thrills. I remembered years ago when he brought me to orgasm just by sucking on my nipples! His gentle insistence to explore new things together helped me learn so many things about my body. While I love a good hard pussy-pounding from his thick cock, I also just have to have it in my ass sometimes, so much that I beg him to fuck my ass and shoot his hot cum deep inside me. When he starts to come, I get such a rush that my whole body is wracked with a powerful orgasm.

So when he asked ME to take the lead, I was just lost by the idea. Then again, I’ve sometimes spanked his ass and enjoyed watching him squirm as his cheeks redden with each slap of my hand. And awhile back I tied his wrists to the headboard and penetrated his ass with a butt plug and then a 6 inch dildo. I know he enjoyed it, and he turned 6 shades of red and came about a gallon when I untied him and let him masturbate himself to orgasm. But still, I just couldn’t picture myself with a strapon cock, poking him in the ass. But when I thought back to when he went down on my fake cock, I remembered that I could feel the dildo inside of me as he sucked on the other end, and that I was getting excited by having it inside me. Maybe that was part of what I needed to get into doing his ass: stimulation for me at the same time.

The other thing that bothered me about my being the aggressor was that I was afraid that when I was on top, wielding the dick on him, that he would look helpless and powerless to me, and I was sure that would turn me off. So one night I sat down with him to talk about these two problems that were keeping me from being able to fulfill this fantasy for him. On the matter of his being helpless, we talked about the roles that we have now when we’re making love. He reminded me that I actually do call a lot of the shots in bed, even though he’s on top. I tell him what feels good and what not to do. And even though I feel like I’m ASKING him to do certain things, I really have a lot of power in bed because he does what I ask him to do! So it was less about anyone being helpless, ısparta escort and more about a partnership and pleasing each other, with both of us sharing the power. If he was asking me to do this for him, he was still in charge in a way, or at least on equal footing with me.

But what about wearing a strapon? I’d only seen pictures of them in ads in porn magazines, and they all looked intimidating to me…I’m not skinny like the dominatrix pictures in those ads, and I couldn’t see myself in some stretch latex panty or a bunch of straps and buckles. So I asked him what to do, and he told me about a sex toy he’d seen on the internet, that had a big bulb end that would go in my pussy, and then a long dildo for him. The ad said it could be worn with or without straps, and would stimulate the wearer (me!) while she penetrated her partner. I tried to imagine myself with this toy, one end filling up my pussy and the other end sticking out lewdly. I liked the idea of no constricting panties or straps to fool with, and the fact that while I pushed into him, I’d feel it inside me too. After some thought, I told him to go ahead and get the dildo, and started thinking about the night I’d finally take his virgin ass.

A couple weeks later, after a discreetly wrapped package arrived in the mail, I unwrapped the new dildo in the bedroom to try it out while nobody else was home. I liked the smooth shape of it, and was surprised how large the bulb end was. I usually depend on my husband to get me into the mood for sex, but without him I turned to one of his porn magazines for some inspiration. Oddly enough (or maybe not) both issues I could find had letters about women doing men with strapons. I undressed and got under the covers to read. After a couple of pages, I moved the magazine to my left hand while my right went under the covers to play with my stiffened nipples. A few minutes later, I began stroking my cunt as I got more and more excited. I didn’t think I was quite wet enough to take the whole dildo inside me, so I put some lube in one hand and rubbed it all over the large end. Then, spreading my pussy lips wide with one hand, I slowly pushed the base inside me. I could feel it stretching me as it went in, and I stopped for a minute to adjust for the feeling. Then I eased the last inch in, and my cunt contracted around the narrow base.

It was in! And now I looked down to see an erect cock jutting out of me, looking ready for action. I wanted to try to get a feel for what it would be like in action, so I put some more lube on the cock end and started to slowly stroke my new toy. On each downstroke, I could feel the ridges on the cock rubbing against my clit, and on each upstroke I could feel a tugging inside me, pushing on my g-spot. I really liked the feeling as I lay on my back, and I started to picture my husband straddling my hips as he loves to do, but this time, easing 6 inches of smooth purple dick into his ass! As I stroked away, picturing him impaled by my dick, and stroking himself to a massive orgasm, I began to feel the pressure build in me. My breath started to come in short gasps. I reached up with my left hand to pinch my nipples while stroking the dildo with my right; the sensations overwhelmed istanbul escort me and a powerful orgasm ripped through me. When I finally recovered from the intensity of coming, I thought to myself, yes, this could work!

So I got to work preparing for the big night. It had been a couple weeks since we’d been intimate together, and I knew he was wanting to get laid. Little did he know I was ready to turn the tables on him, finally! I hid the dildo and lube in a drawer by the bed and placed some candles around the room. I put fresh linens on the bed and took a long hot shower to relax. When he got home from work, I fixed a drink for him and served a nice light dinner. Both our kids had conveniently been invited to friends’ houses for the night, so we had the whole house to ourselves. After dinner we watched a favorite movie, sitting close together on the couch in front of a warm fire. When the movie was over, I acted tired and told him I was turning in, and that I hoped he would come up to bed soon. Upstairs, I lit the candles I’d set out earlier, slipped out of my clothes and under the covers to wait for him. While I waited, I thought about how good the dildo had felt in my pussy while I stroked it over and over. I practiced the words I would use when he came to bed, and whispering them out loud gave me a power rush. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he got a look at me with my own hard cock!

In just a few minutes, I heard him turning out the lights and coming upstairs. Seeing the candlelit room and my naked shoulders above the covers, he smiled with a lusty look in his eyes. I sat up, letting the covers fall from my breasts, and invited him to sit by me on the bed. As he sat, I reached up and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. Then I loosened his belt and he stood up to take his pants off. His cock was already getting hard, and I took it in my hand and stroked it, then brought my mouth just to the tip and ran my tongue underneath it. I could feel it growing in my hand, and I pushed him back on the bed. Kneeling between his legs, I began to suck him while running my hands all over his body. By this time he was rock hard.

I told him to close his eyes, and I reached for the dildo and lube. I eased the bulb end into my wet pussy, and spread my pussy lips wide so that the ridges rubbed on my clit. I could feel myself getting hot and a little dizzy with anticipation.

I stood beside the bed and in a low voice commanded, “Open your eyes.” He did, and seeing me with a vibrant purple cock jutting out from between my legs, he took a sharp breath and his eyes glazed over.

“Suck me,” I ordered, and he slid off the bed, kneeling before me. His hands caressed my cock as he stared at it. Then he licked the end of it, and I could feel the motion inside me too. He licked up and down the whole length to wet my cock, little knowing that I was getting wetter inside as well. Becoming bolder, he opened his mouth and took my dick inside. I held the back of his head lightly in my hands as he began sucking me, each time taking a little more into his mouth. I felt his hands reach around to hold my ass, and as he looked up into my eyes, he pushed down until my whole dick disappeared down his izmir escort throat. It was a good thing he was holding me tight, because I was feeling lightheaded at the sight and feel of him deep throating me. He backed off, exposing the purple shaft, and then took it all again and again. His eyes watered with the effort, and his breathing got heavy, and all the while I could feel the dildo inside me stretching me and rubbing my clit as I melted with pleasure.

“Stand up!” I ordered, and he let go of me and stood in front of me. I tilted my head up and we kissed passionately. “Now get on all fours on the bed, and relax…I promise to be gentle,” I teased. I put a generous amount of lube on my cock and then spread some between his cheeks. I reached between his legs to stroke his cock with one hand, while I played with his ass with the other. I inserted one finger, pushing aside his natural resistance, and slid it in and out several times. Then a second, and a third finger, spreading his tight opening a little wider each time. Finally I removed my hands and lined up my cock with his ass. His cheeks were so inviting in the candlelight that I couldn’t resist giving his ass a couple of hard slaps. As his asscheeks reddened, I eased the purple head of my cock against his asshole and pushed. After all the finger fucking he’d had, my dick went in a couple of inches easily. I held it there as he became accustomed to the feeling.

“Ready for more?” I asked.

“Please, don’t stop. Give me all of it…please,” he responded breathlessly.

I eased almost all the way back out, and then pushed inside him again…but not all the way. Holding him by the hips, with each stroke I went a little deeper. When I was about halfway in, I paused, and listened to his lustful breathing. As I watched, he pushed his ass back toward me, impaling himself on my purple cock. When he was almost all the way in, I pulled him hard against me and leaned into him until our bodies were hugged tightly together, and my dick was buried completely in his ass. I held him close for a few minutes, and then stood back up and admired the way he had taken in the whole length of my fake cock. I could feel the other end deep inside me, and my clit was on fire. I pulled out just an inch or so, and then slammed back into him all the way. How long I kept this up I don’t know, but the more I fucked him the hotter I got. I could hear our flesh pounding, feel the tug of the dildo in me and the stimulation of my clit, and see the look of lust on his face as he turned his head to the side. Desperate for some relief, I viciously twisted on my nipples while fucking his ass. I could feel the pressure building between my legs, and then the wave hit me and I fell forward on his back, shrieking in pleasure as my orgasm almost knocked me out.

When I could stand again, I eased the dildo out of me but left it in him, as he rolled onto his back. He was shiny with sweat, and I could tell he was ready to come. I lay beside him and gently pushed the dildo in his ass as he stroked himself.

“You’re such a great fuck,” I told him, “I can’t believe you took that all and wanted more!” I could see his face and chest starting to turn red as his orgasm neared. I bent down and licked his balls just as his cum erupted. From my angle it looked like it hit the ceiling before splashing all over my face. He groaned with pleasure as the last of his cum oozed over his hand.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?” I asked, with an evil grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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