Hole in One

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Martine Duncan has been our friend for many years, and talks with my wife at least a few times a week. So far as I know they share everything. Martine is a very attractive Blonde who is smart, has a warm disposition, and is fun to be with. She also is hospitable and very kind. Her husband Melvin runs a very successful medical supply house. He on the other hand is aggressive, and is motivated by three factors. His business, investments, and Golf. He is verbally abusive to Martine, and from what my wife had told me may have been physically abusive too. Under other circumstances and had there not been such a close relationship between Martine and my wife I am sure that I would have been very much attracted to Martine. Perhaps I even may have had ideas about trying to establish a relationship with her. This was because she had always been extremely warm to me personally, and more than I would have expected from our social contact alone. But nothing progressed further than idle and pleasurable speculation on my part.

Not long ago there was a conference in Palm Springs which I was planning to attend. When Martine heard from my wife that we were going to be there she insisted that we stay with them at their home. In the past we had successfully avoided their repeated invitations because of our dislike of Melvin, but this time we had no excuse to refuse the invitation.

We drove down on a Friday afternoon to their home. This was in one of the many country clubs that had its own championship Golf and Tennis facilities. In the morning I went off to my meeting, my wife and Martine went off shopping, and Melvin played Golf. That evening we went out to a local restaurant for dinner. Melvin insisted on bringing wines on which he had conspicuously left the price tag. After a couple of cocktails and several glasses of wine he was feeling no pain. He was quite upset when the parking valet suggested that someone else drive home, and became furious when his wife took the wheel. On arrival back at the house we could hear a loud altercation between Martine and Melvin, but we soon fell asleep.

The next morning I decided to do nothing. Melvin went off to play Golf, and my wife went to meet a friend who lived in a close by community. When I finally got up I found Martine sitting at the kitchen table dressed in a Terrycloth robe. In spite of not having on any make up she still looked very attractive, but obviously had been crying. I asked her what casino oyna was wrong, and if there was anything that I could do. She thanked me, and answered that there was nothing that I could do. Then she started to cry silently again. I leaned over towards her, and took her hand in mine. At that moment I couldn’t help noticing that her robe had opened. A very shapely and attractive breast was revealed to my eyes.

To my embarrassment I rapidly developed a pronounced erection. Martine now began to cry openly so I moved my chair next to hers and put my arm about her comfort her. Whereupon she buried her face onto my shoulder, and so we sat for a few minutes. I asked her again what distressed her so much, and finally and reluctantly she told me what had happened last night on our return from dinner.

As I indicated, after dinner the previous evening Melvin was not only intoxicated, but verbally abusive, My wife and I had heard some of the latter. After we all went to bed Melvin wanted to have sex with Martine. When she demurred he became more abusive and tried to force her. However he was so intoxicated that he soon fell asleep, only to awake this morning having forgotten the entire episode. There really was nothing that I could say except to sympathize with her, and I chastely kissed her cheek to demonstrate my sympathy.

“If only you had been with me last night, it would have been different.” said Martine. “Don’t you know how much I feel for you?” I was astounded, delighted, and somewhat frightened at the same time. I told her that I too was attracted to her, but about my concern over her intimate friendship with my wife. She in turn indicated to me that I had apparently ignored every signal about her own interest in me that she gave over the years of our friendship. “But now you know” she said, and at this point she took my hand and placed it inside her robe over her breast.

Melvin would be finished with his game in about 2 hours, after which we were all supposed to meet for lunch. My wife was due back about then too. I suppose the prudent thing for me to do would have been to disengage myself from any further entanglement, but Martine was a very attractive woman, and we apparently both were in heat.

I caressed her smooth, full breast and found that her nipple was already erect. Within moments we were kissing and wildly probing each other’s mouths with our tongues. My Hard on became even more pronounced, and when I stood canlı casino up it pushed out the front of my robe like an erect tent pole. I gently slid Martine’s robe off her shoulders and she stood there in all her glory, clothed only in lacy red panties. In an instant my own robe and T shirt were off. I kissed her neck, shoulders, gorgeous firm breasts, and worked my way down to her Umbilicus. She didn’t resist or move except to thrust her abdomen forward in response to the touch of my lips and tongue. She eased off her panties which revealed that she was a natural Blonde. The curls of her Pubic hair formed a perfect V that surrounded a prominent mound. She spread her legs for me, and pushed her pelvis up so that I could reach her vaginal lips with my tongue.

Her Vagina had a feral odor, and her Vaginal juices which already had begun to flow had a mixed salty and sweet taste. I parted her Vaginal lips with my fingers and extended my tongue up and inward. As I probed and licked she began to squirm and to moan. With my other hand I caressed her smooth firm buttocks, and reached between and behind in the cleft to her Anus which I very gently fingered. At the same time my tongue found, played with her very prominent Clitoris. She grasped my head and pushed it against her mound, and for a moment I had trouble breathing. She was getting very excited and close. She finally gasped “I’m coming, Oh I’m coming.” Her whole body shook for what seemed to be several minutes, until finally she sank to her knees next to me. Her eyes filled with teared, this time of joy. She held me, hugged me, and kissed me over and over again.

After a while she took my hand and led me to their bed room. I noticed that one wall was closeted, over which there were full length mirrors, and above the bed itself mounted on the ceiling there was another mirror. Martine told me that Melvin especially enjoyed watching himself during intercourse. She also suspected that he sometimes brought other women to their desert home when he made “business” trips alone.

This time however she told me that she was going to enjoy the images of our love making. She showed me bedroom drawers belonging to Melvin that contained a mask, chains, leather clothes, and a collection of porno magazines that belonged to him. Melvin was in to S/M, and Martine would not go along with his games. She did have a collection of very sexy lingerie, including garters and stockings. These she willingly modeled kaçak casino for me, and we finally selected a lacy red garter belt with red, fully fashioned stockings that perfectly showed off her long and sexy legs.

We lay on the bed and played with one another for a while. We kissed, licked, touched, embraced and held one lovingly for several minutes. Martine gently held my penis in her hand as she began to lick and to nibble at my scrotum, while she stroked the shaft above her mouth. When I warned her that I was about to come she pinched the base of my Penis until the urge subsided. Then we began all over again. This time she took the head of my Penis into her mouth and gently sucked it using used her tongue to caress its crown. This went on for several cycles until she finally had most of my Penis in her mouth. Again I warned her of my closeness to coming, and again she relieved my tension.

I was about to get up to position myself to enter her from above when she pushed me back on the bed. She turned around on her knees facing me and slowly lowered herself on my Penis. She allowed its tip to rest against the entrance to her Vagina and positioned herself so that the tip stimulated her Clitoris. Of course this was a sweet torture for me, specially since I could see every movement that we made reflected in the mirrors to the side and above. While she did this she encouraged me to reach for her breasts whose nipples I nibbled and sucked. She loved that. Finally I could postpone no more and I pulled her down towards me. I entered her as completely as I could. I felt the warm, slippery clinging lips of her Vagina conforming to my Penis as a glove moulds to a hand. In and Out, Up and Down, Left and Right we both moved in harmony. Time seemed to remain still. It seemed that we were in orbit joined together somewhere outside this planet racing to the stars. Finally we arrived at, and entered the gates of heaven together. We both came together with loud cries of pleasure. I never realized how much I came until I saw that much of my discharge had leaked out around my Penis. The latter remained hard and in place for several minutes. Every breath we took or the slightest movement we made produced continuous waves of pleasure for both of us. We remained locked in each others arms.

Time was getting short and Melvin might come in at any moment. We reluctantly broke apart to shower and dress. Of course we decided that we would see each other in town as soon as possible, and made plans to be together.

An hour later Melvin came in jubilant. He had had a great round of Golf, and he had Birdied. I smiled inwardly because I had Aced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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