Holiday Fun Ch. 02

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When my hand lifted her dress, I didn’t think about it. When I dropped to my knees to peel away her panties from the cleft to suck on the puffy lips, I didn’t give it a thought. I suppose when we walked back together and I felt the night air dry her cum from a hastily cleaned chin and neck, it occurred to me what an asshole I was.

My wife was waiting at home. Her brother and Bel’s husband waited for her. And yours truly had just finished eating his sister-in-law to two glorious orgasms — out in the open — oh yes, and interrupted by the local police. Maybe asshole was too mild.

Bel could barely look at me as she silently left me and went to join her husband. I stopped first at the bathroom to wash up still bothered my lust. So why was my reflection smiling back at me?

The next day was uneventful. We lounged by the pool, sipping coffee and soaking up the sun. We walked to the far end of San Francisco Beach and set up our towels close to the small thatched cantina that offered the only respite from the heat. We alternated between swimming, sitting out of the sun sipping beers and reading.

Outside of a few questions about the nightlife, there was very little probing, thankfully! Even in private I was spared the third degree that I was expecting from Jane. As a matter of fact, she was more anxious to talk to me about her brother’s conversation.

It seems that he filled in details alluded to yesterday. He and Bel were having problems. They had stopped sleeping in the same room and hardly spent any time alone together, immersing themselves in the lives of their teenaged children. Jane made a sarcastic reference to their puritan ideas about sex but did not elaborate. I for one was not turning that corner into a discussion about their sexual habits. Though her lustful reaction last night left me knowing where the problem lay.

We returned for a mid-afternoon siesta. I chose the lounger on the terrace as the others drifted off to their rooms.

“Are you awake?”

I was surprised to see Bel seated beside my chair. We had hardly spoken and certainly had yalnızım mesut bey izle had no opportunity to delve into the previous night’s adventure.

“I feel so bad about what happened. I don’t like to feel like a cheater. I don’t like sneaking…”

“I know,” I interrupted.

“No you don’t! But I do like feeling sexy and happy and wanted. God, this is so embarrassing.”

The openness of the living space made me nervous. One door opening would be enough to give a clear view of the two of us. My instinct was to hold Bel.

“Let’s go in the pool. More privacy…” She was up and walking down the short distance to the pool before I could launch into selling the idea.

Following her, I was mesmerized by her ass that jutted out like an offering to me. Covered by the yellow bikini bottoms, I noted how it strained and swayed provocatively as she walked down the steps and into the water. As she turned to face me, I was simultaneously aware of her hardened nipples and my own growing erection. I hugged her to me feeling those buds press into my chest and my aching balls grind into her pelvis.

If I was surprised at her words, her actions floored me. I felt her hands caress my shoulders, trail down my back ending up grasping my butt to pull me further into her. Our lips sought out one another’s, as my own hands explored the swell of her buttocks.

Emboldened by being half-hidden by the chairs on the apron of the pool, I lifted her so that she straddled my waist, supporting her neck on the pool’s edge. My lips snaked from her lips, to her neck and onto a nipple over the fabric of her bikini bra. All the while, my hands continued their assault on her ass, pulling her into my throbbing groin.

“Grab my neck.”

She did as she was told letting me carry her still straddling my hips to the steps leading into the pool. Our position was now obscured by a shrub bordering the pool between it and the condo.

She moaned softly as I gently set her down so that her head again rested out of the water and yüzüklerin efendisi güç yüzükleri izle her pelvis submerged just under the water’s surface. Her bare breasts thrust up eagerly as I lifted each from its confining cup. As I kneeled to hungrily take each breast into my mouth, her legs again encircled me. Even the coolness of the water could not lessen the heat I felt as we ground into one another at the waist.

Using the buoyancy of the water and one hand supporting her back to keep her afloat, I moved back and used the palm of the other to massage her crotch. With each stroke, her hips rose to meet the pressure.

Her hand reached to caress my cock straining against the loose fabric of my trunks — first gently and then more persistently. I half stood letting her body settle on the step as I struggled to pull the trunks down my thighs. Her hand reluctantly released my penis as the cloth passed baring it to her touch.

“Good God, so big…” She resumed the stroking now masturbating my rock hard member.

On impulse I stood now straddling her legs and moved forward, my eight inch cock moving closer to her startled face.

“I don’t…. I will but I don’t know how.”

“Kiss the tip. Good. Now use your tongue on the head. Now ….”

Good lord she was the world’s best student. I shut up and enjoyed the exploring tongue. Instinctively, she took the head into her mouth — tentatively sucking gently. Moving slowly I forced more into her past her soft lips. When her hand cupped and squeezed my ball, I almost lost it.

“Sorry,” she said as I moved back.

“No, no, it feels too good.”

As I reached for the sides of the bikini bottom, the contradictory feelings she must had had became apparent. Her hands grabbed at my wrists but her hips eased off the step. Testing her resolve, my hands started sliding the bottoms off her hips. Her grip loosened but her hands still covered my wrists. When the fabric uncovered her mound, I let my hands move down to her knees and slide up her thighs. Sighing she released me. One hand moved under her bum with a thumb extending up into her cleft.

“Oh, oh, Rick..”

Her hips rocked from side to side and up to meet my intruding thumb. Intentionally, I did not penetrate her folds, but moved the digit up and down her opening, contacting her clit at the top of each pass.

When I again resumed removing her bottoms, she murmured, “Too big….won’t fit.”

The head of my penis took the place of my thumb. Her legs were splayed outside my torso, her pelvic motions encouraged by my one hand now directed her sex against my cock. Using my free hand I guided the shaft between her cunt lips. Letting its length rest with the tip against her clitoris, I grasped the globes of her ass and pulled her up into me. The grinding of her pelvis dispelled any notion of an internal conflict.

We were both panting and straining simulating the sex act. I moved allowing the head to press her opening. With a start she tensed. Still grasping her ass cheeks I pulled while penetrating her for the first time.

“I…I’m….it’s in….” she stammered.

The bulbous head had forced its way into her gripping cunt. Her tightness was surprising. As she stretched to take more, I gave more. Each deeper penetration caused an explosion of breath from her followed by moans and sighs.

With four inches buried, my grasping hands pulled her harder toward me till I felt my entire length gripped by her velvet lips. She started to shudder and before thrusting felt her cum. Her body trembled and her hips started to buck against me. I withdrew till the tip remained inside and pounded by in. Over and over again we thrust against one another. Feeling the pressure swell my aching prick, I buried myself as deep as I could and held there. For the second time she came. For the first time I followed. I felt ropes of cum coat her insides until I could stand it no more and pulled out.

Exhausted we sat side by side holding hands like teenagers. Glancing at Bel I wondered I had had that same far off expression on my face. Sensing my stare, a smile formed as she sighed.

“I agree.”

A sound from the terrace prompted a hasty separation and dressing for each us. Swimming to the far end of the pool, I looked back and saw Dan sitting while reading the paper. He glanced up with a neutral expression and returned my wave with a tentative one of his own.

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