Holly’s Awakening Ch. 03

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Several days after the final encounter with Robert, Holly was itching for something new. Her sexuality was a flower that was just beginning to bloom. She wanted so badly to have many men, but yet, she was married to Jim.

She started that night to try to get Jim to agree to another threesome, or at least something new. She knew he was a man, so he had weaknesses for sex, and she just had to exploit these weaknesses. However, he continued to turn her down on this request.

Now, it was more like she was the one that was corrupting Jim, rather than the other way around. Every time they had sex, she would plant some fantasy talk into it. She would get Jim to talk about having another woman besides her, and fantasizing about it during their love making sessions. After several attempts at weakening him over the first couple of weeks she could tell it was working to a point, but it still hadn’t gotten him to change his mind about swinging yet.

She had to have some release, and she got an idea from Sonya. There was a male strip show coming to a bar that one of Sonya’s friends was a manager of. She told Holly that they might be able to go backstage also, so she talked Jim into getting his friends together to go to a strip bar the same night that she and Sonya were going to the male strip show.

That night finally arrived, as Billy and Sonya came to the door. Sonya was wearing a white top, and a black leather miniskirt. Her bronze tan on her beautiful legs looked so good, and Holly noticed that Jim couldn’t keep his eyes off of her legs. The miniskirt was so short you could see the curve of the bottom of Sonya’s ass before it finally covered anything.

Holly had put her denim miniskirt on, and she stayed on her even kinkier side by putting on her blue lace crotchless panties on underneath. The girls left together and the boys did likewise.

Holly and Sonya arrived at the bar where they met up with Sonya’s manager friend, David. He assured them that they could go backstage and get autographs afterward and he got them a table next to the stage for the show.

Holly took a seat and Sonya stayed behind talking to David about something. All she saw was David nodding his head as to agree with whatever Sonya had asked. Holly would find out later what this was about.

Holly was heavy with anticipation as she’d never been to one of these shows before. Sonya knew this, and despite the fact that she had been to a couple of these before, she couldn’t wait either. She wanted to see how Holly would act also. She had a bit of a surprise for Holly after the show if it all worked out, as she knew Holly’s 19th birthday was just a couple of weeks away and that would be her birthday casino siteleri present for her.

The show started, and Sonya enjoyed watching the show, but even more so, she enjoyed watching Holly, as she was really going crazy. Sonya watched Holly as she went from screaming with enthusiasm to almost being embarrassed at times.

When one of the dancers, Rocco, got a volunteer on stage with him, Holly looked astonished as she saw Rocco have the woman lay down on the stage. Rocco got over her on all fours, with his huge biceps on his arms bulging as he did push ups over the giggling and screaming woman.

Rocco was a well tanned, muscle bound, Italian-looking man that stood about 6’3″. Sonya could tell he was one of Holly’s favorites as she had tipped him more than the other dancers, once getting his semi-hard barely covered cock an inch or two from her face the last time she tipped him.

Rocco was on top of this lady on stage, and then he thrust his bulge towards the lady’s crotch which was partially exposed as he had pulled her skirt up. He grinded slowly but firmly into her panty covered love hole as she just stared upward at the ceiling in enjoyment.

Sonya looked at Holly, and she was licking her lips while watching this display. Rocco got up and finished his routine but even though there were 2 more dancers after this, none matched what they had just seen.

The show was over and they went backstage as they had planned. Sonya led Holly to a room, and she told her to wait there. Then a couple of minutes later Sonya came in to the room, accompanied by Rocco and Johnny. Rocco was their favorite but Johnny was a close second. He was about 6’2″, and as usual, he was very muscular, only he had blonde hair.

She led them over to Holly, and told her, “Happy birthday!”

Holly told her, as she laughed, “I can’t keep them to myself, you can have Johnny, and I’ll take Rocco.” She also added, “not a word to Jim, what he and Billy don’t know won’t hurt them.” She figured these guys travel a lot, so if anything did happen, it wouldn’t split her and Jim up anyway.

“OK, I’ll take Johnny, if you insist,” Sonya said. “You won’t have to twist my arm,” she added, as she laughed.

Sonya pulled a jam box out of the corner, and turned it on and some dancing music was being played. Both dancers stripped down to their skimpy cloths covering their semi-erect cocks.

Rocco started maneuvering his hips in front of Holly’s face again, this time being a bit more kinky since it was back stage, actually rubbing his hidden love muscle over her face. Holly as always, pushed it as far as she could as the second time over she stuck her tongue out.

Rocco canlı casino just looked at her and shook his finger, and said, “Remember I do the touching.”

Holly said, “OK, whatever you say, you are my present right?”

Johnny was copying Rocco, as he was doing the same routine on Sonya, and she was enjoying it. They both danced all over the girls, driving them crazy. Then came what was to be the climax of their backstage dances.

Johnny and Rocco led the girls to lay down in the floor, and they were going to repeat Rocco’s dance where he had the volunteer on stage. Little did Rocco know, Holly had those crotchless panties on and her soaking wet pussy had an engorged wet clit sticking out from those panties.

Rocco started his movements and thrusts aimed at Holly’s crotch and Johnny did the same with Sonya. Rocco then moved back and looked down as he felt really wet down there. Then he saw Holly’s pussy peaking through the panties. Holly reached down with her right hand to massage her clit while reaching with her left hand to touch Rocco’s barely covered cock which now was turning from semi-erect to almost totally erect.

Rocco moved back and said, “You can’t do that!” “I’ve got a wife at home in California!”

Holly said, “So, I’ve got a husband here in town, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” I can tell by your little, well, big friend standing at attention, that you want me too, let’s do it.”

Johnny was still grinding into Sonya’s crotch when he looked back and asked, “What’s going on?”

Rocco said, “Come over here, Johnny.” They talked and came over to the girls, while Holly filled Sonya in to her kinky plans. Sonya was so horny she couldn’t tell Holly to not do it, so she figured, what the hell.

Rocco told the girls that they could have a one night stand with them, but the girls had to do a show for them first. Then Rocco and Johnny took their skimpy pieces of cloth off to expose their huge, gorgeous cocks to the girls, which would in turn give the girls all the incentive they would need. Rocco said, “This is what you’ll get in return for your show.”

Holly said, “OK, what do we have to do?”

Rocco said, “You two have to make love to each other.”

Holly and Sonya both looked at each other, as neither had done anything like this before. They both nervously agreed to this, but other than watching some lesbian porn, they didn’t know what to do. They started with several innocent kisses, or pecks if you will. Then Rocco said, “Go ahead and take your clothes off so you two can get in the mood.”

Neither had seen the other one naked before. Sonya took her clothes off exposing her well tanned naked body. kaçak casino Holly always thought Sonya had a great body, but it was more just a girl admiring another, there was nothing sexual about it. Now seeing her naked next to her, there was definitely something sexual that she was feeling.

Holly took her clothes off exposing her more pale skin, beautiful curves, and her really long legs. Both had freshly shaved pussies that were already very wet.

Once again Holly and Sonya started kissing, this time more passionately as their tongues became entangled. Rocco and Johnny sat close by, stroking their cocks.

Then Holly made the next move as she started to kiss her way downward on Sonya. Kissing, licking, and sucking on her tits, then making her way to her wet love hole. She made love to it, exploring every inch, and then she laid herself down next to Sonya.

Now it was Sonya’s turn. Even though she trembled and moaned during Holly’s actions, she seemed too timid to do the same thing to Holly. Rocco said, “We’re not going anywhere until you return the favor to Holly.

Sonya then started kissing and sucking on Holly’s tits, when it really started to get to Sonya, as she really got into it all of a sudden. She ate Holly’s pussy like a starved animal would eat it’s pray.

Rocco nodded to Johnny and he walked behind Sonya and stuffed his love muscle deep into Sonya’s snatch.

Sonya jerked violently and let out a deep moan, and thrust her head back. Rocco stuck his engorged cock in Holly’s face and she engulfed it with her mouth and throat, moving back and forth on it trying to suck the very life out of it.

Rocco then moved around to the other side of Holly and stuck his well primed shaft into her. The two couples went back and forth, changing positions, then Holly told Rocco, “Go double team Sonya, she’s never had two men at the same time, and I have.”

Rocco obliged, and Sonya was shocked! She had a dick to suck and one to fuck. She was definitely a screamer, that is something Holly never knew about her. Holly laid there and pleased her own pussy with her fingers. Rocco kept watching Holly please herself and seemed to be getting a kick out of it. The rotated a couple times, both getting a chance to fuck Sonya’s pussy, then Johnny pulled out and said, “I’m about to cum!”

Rocco moved back to Holly and fucked her violently as Johnny stroked his cock over Sonya. Rocco pulled out and helped move the girls heads together, then Rocco and Johnny shot their wads onto both of their faces. The girls kissed and licked the hot steaming cum off of each other afterward.

They cleaned off, said goodbye to the boys, and went back to their homes. They fucked their husbands as well that night, after both of their husbands had gotten drunk and had table dances with strippers as well that night. But their husband’s table dances couldn’t compare to the ones that Sonya and Holly had gotten that night.

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