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I was late coming home, tired and cranky from driving in rush hour traffic. I was fit to be tied from following idiots who thought that it was most entertaining looking at the side of the road at another poor soul’s tragedy. As I walked in the door, I was surprised to see that you were pissed off. I was unaware of any reason for this. The entire drive home I had hoped that we would have some hot, lusty sex to ease the tension from the day. You immediately jumped on me, screaming for my tardiness. My mood on the other hand was perfect for either raunchy sex or a good old fashioned screaming argument. Resolving myself that it was to be the latter, I screamed “Bug off” as I pushed you out of my way.

Paul followed me into the kitchen, screaming “Damn it, its seven o’clock, you were supposed to have your sorry ass home by 6. Why the hell are you so late?”

“I can’t control traffic. If you invent something that can transport me instantaneously from work to home, then, and only then, have you the right to be pissed, until then, get fucked.” I said, emphasizing the final words to add impact. Knowing that this would piss you off, followed by one of those screaming matches that always ended up in a heated passion on the floor, you followed me into the kitchen where I proceeded to pour a glass of wine.

“Get fucked?” Paul asked. “Is this how you thank me for remembering your birthday?”

“Today is not my birthday, and, if this is your way of remembering then please forget it in the future,” I said in my most sarcastic tone.

“You are late; you have no regard for my feelings,” Paul said. “You should have told me you were going to be late.

“Oh daddy, why don’t you just spank me for being late!” I said in a very sarcastic tone.

I saw it in your eyes, and knew it was too late to take it back. “Good idea” Paul said. Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed me by the wrist, forcing me into the living room. Here he sat on the edge of the couch, threw me over his lap, lifted my skirt, ripped off my panties. Before I could gain any sort of control, I felt his hand sting my ass. Slap, slap, slap. Three times, I was totally humiliated, but at the same time totally turned on.

Surprised by the suddenness of the moment, we were both horny as hell. My breath came in short quick pants. As I felt your hand slide between my thighs my thighs quivered, my legs spread apart in anticipation. As your finger expertly reached the wet spot between my legs you drilled your finger deep in my sopping pussy. Surprised and pleased that I was as horny as you.

Paul was amazed at how wet I was, unable to take it no longer; he stood, almost sending me to the floor. His strong hands grabbed me around the waist, tossing me on the couch so that my knees were still on the floor as my chest lie smashed on the couch. Dropping to his knees behind me, with one hand on my back, he undid his belt and fly. Lifting my skirt, I felt the shock of your cold buckle as it touched my bare bottom and your hot throbbing member as it parted my wet swollen lips and with one hard thrust went deeply into my womb making me scream with pleasure.

His strokes were hard, deep, selfish and a bit on the brutal side, but the vibrations that came from this sent me over the edge as I came in a very violent, stormy orgasm. You soon followed my path and I could hear as your breathing deepened. When you thrusts became harder, I knew that you too were close. Tightening my casino siteleri inner walls to wrap tightly around his throbbing member, he soon joined me in bliss.

Falling forward over my back, Paul held me tightly. We stayed quietly in this position until he softened, then slipped out. Gently, he turned, sitting on the floor, pulling me into his lap. He whispered, “I am so sorry, I did not mean to be angry, I had made reservations at this new restaurant. I wanted you to feel as special as you are to me.” Paul softly brushed my hair with his large hands. “I just wanted us to celebrate it right. The seven o’clock reservations are long passed. By the time you got home, we had missed our time slot. I was not angry at you, but at the fact that my well laid plans had been tossed in my face.” Paul looked deeply into my eyes, “I wanted to have one of those romantic dinners that you are so fond of. It was to be an early birthday present.”

“There were three accidents along the way, each one requiring the idiots to stare at the poor souls on the side of the road, as if to laugh at them for being in their situation,” I explained. “I would have called you if I could have. You know how much I hate to drive,” I ended falling into his chest, breathing him in.

Paul held me softly, his hands cupped my face and with a gentle voice he said, “Let’s call to see if we can still get a seat at the restaurant.”

Surprisingly the restaurant has a spot for us in two hours. The perfect amount of time needed to clean up and get to the restaurant. Our moods were definitely in high spirits as you opened the door to the car for me.

As we were driving, I reached over and stroked your soft flesh. To my great pleasure I felt it begin to stiffen immediately at my touch. You just smiled at me, removed my hand and said, “This will have to wait dear. We have enough time to get there, but not enough to make out in the parking lot.”

Blushing, I smiled kissing you softly on the cheek. Then I settled back for the ride to the restaurant, our mood light as was the conversation.

We were both grinning as we walked, hand in hand, into the restaurant. There we were greeted by the maitre de who showed us to our table. As we were walking to our table, I could feel your eyes on my bottom so I swayed my hips for your appreciative glance. The maitre de showed us to our table, as he pulled the chair for me to sit I could feel his eyes going down my blouse, checking out my partially-exposed breasts. Paul’s eyes opened wide, his pupils dilated, as he licked his lips which had suddenly gone dry. I could see by the knowing look on your face that you, too, appreciated the view; that you understood his need to look, and you approved.

At the table, I felt your hand as it went up my thigh slipping under the skirt, almost at the top of the stockings when my eyes fell on our waitress. Paul’s hand stopped here. I could tell that he was looking at her. She was extremely attractive with a very pleasant smile on her face. Her white blouse did little to cover the twin globes that were nothing short of magnificent, the short skirt she was wearing showed of her long tan muscular legs. Even I was appreciative of her body.

However, soon my eyes were focused on the tall dark handsome man who was standing next to me. His bronzed skin shown through his white shirt and the bowtie at this throat had me thinking of what it would feel like to slowly remove that, along with the rest of slot oyna his clothes. After we stumbled through the wine list, ordering something that neither of us could have remembered what type of wine it was, they left. Both of us watching them as they walked back to the kitchen chatting.

As we glanced at each other, I could see the lust in your face and was sure that this was carried over to my face as well. Your hand, long removed from my thigh reached over to touch my fingers.

“Nice wait staff,” Paul said as he cleared his throat. “This should be an interesting evening, I wonder who will be the horniest when we leave.”

I could do nothing but laugh at this obvious statement. “I am sure it will be a close tie,” I said as I picked up his hand slowly kissing each fingertip.

Our conversation wondered about, but found it self bouncing back to earlier in the evening.

Jessica returned with our wine bottle offering us the suggested wine. After tasting this, Paul thought that it was quite pleasant. “Great choice,” he said. I was not sure if he even tasted this wine as his eyes seemed to be glued to her blouse.

Jessica leaned over to fill my glass, smiling at me because she knew that you were staring at her chest not the wine. “You could have put vinegar in that glass and he would have thought it wine from heaven,” I told her.

She just laughed a low sexy laugh as she went to pour Paul’s glass full.

With wine poured and the menus in front of us, I teased Paul about looking at another woman’s chest with mine so close. Your reaction was classic. You leaned over, kissed me firmly on the lips and placed your hand on my chest squeezing the nipple behind the menu. I felt as if we were the only ones in the room. However, when Victor came quietly up, we were both startled by his clearing his throat and asking us if we were ready to order. With a shocked glance at your hand, then at my face, I could only giggle out that we had not had enough time to look at the entire menu. You asked, “would you mind coming back in a bit, after we have had time to actually look at the menu.”

“Wait,” I said as he started to leave, “do you have any suggestions? It may take a while for us to focus on this menu.”

As I looked into Victor’s eyes, he began to talk of the wonderful meals that they are cooking tonight. “Everyone who ordered the duck breast with black cherry sauce could not stop raving, I had it before my shift, it was so tender.” He said as he licked his lips. “You can’t go wrong with the Cornish game hens, stuffed with wild rice stuffing. It is a specialty of the chef.

Not wanting to be distracted further, we agree to share the suggestions that were made. At the same time, I felt your hand sliding up my thigh playing with the top of my stockings. It only added fuel to the fantasy as I spread my legs. The distraction caused by your hand is showing as my breath quickens and my face reddens. I am sure that I am blushing. Even so, in an attempt to be polite, I continue to be interested in what Victor is saying. Inside my nerves are being tested to the limit.

“Would you like to keep the menus for a bit?” Victor asked. I was sure that my face turned 10 shades darker. Paul just chuckled as he told Victor he could have them. After Victor left, Paul leaned over whispering in my ear, “it looks like I am not the only one here with wondering eyes, I could see the sparks bounce off the two of you.” Paul continued, “You should canlı casino siteleri to go to the bathroom then take off your panties. I think that for tonight they belong in my pocket.”

Being the obedient person I am, but mostly grateful for the chance to relieve some of the sexual tension. I left the table to go to the ladies room. Not wanting to be forgotten, I turned around and leaned over the table, all but spilling my tits out of my tight shirt. Kissing you passionately on the lips, I said, “don’t forget me,” then walked away with a skip in my step.

Walking to the restroom, my clit was in heightened anticipation, feeling every move I made. As soon as I closed the door of the restroom, my hand was between my legs rubbing my clit with passion. Nothing could have stopped this motion. As my passion built to a frenzy, I felt myself losing control; I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, my hips from moving. As my hand reached for my right nipple, I thought I heard the door open. Figuring it was my over active imagination along with the desire to be with any of the three who had sent me to this state, I continued. When I heard a noise outside I knew I was no longer alone. Trying to be quiet I slowed down my fingers. Even in this slow frenzy, my mouth was unable to stifle the moan. Then the footsteps approached my stall. This only added to the fantasy that I had conjured in my head so I began to rub harder, while moving my panties aside; I inserted my fingers into my drenched pussy then covered my mouth with my hand.

I jolted when I heard the door open, letting out a yelp as I saw Jessica standing there, staring at me. I thought for a brief second that I would drop to the floor as felt my knees give out under me. As I looked into her eyes I could see her look of lust. Slowly, she walked over to me, looking deep into my eyes. Then her hand went around my back as if to offer support. Without words, she moved her hand to cover mine. She was so close that I could feel her breast as it lightly rubbed against mine. I was too stunned to move; instead I stood there waiting for her to do anything, knowing that at this moment she would be able to do anything. The moan that escapes my mouth, as her hand softly covered mine was all she needed to know that she was welcome. Together we moved the panties to one side and insert our fingers. Thus beginning the in and out motion of ecstasy that was to follow. It took no time for the sensation to overtake me. I suppose you could say it was the state of shock that enveloped me, but soon I was gripped by a powerful orgasm. Spasms wracked my belly, my thighs, my hips, as Jessica kissed me deeply to try and stifle my moans. Her hands cupped one breast and squeezed the nipple. This all helped to make the orgasm all the stronger as my juices ran out of my pussy into our joined hands. Too stunned to move, I felt the juices of this overly strong orgasm over spill our hands and run down my legs. Jessica gave me one final kiss, a sexy smile, then left me standing in the stall, alone, too stunned by all that has happened to move.

I stood frozen for what seemed to be an hour until I finally recovered. Removing my panties, I did my best to wipe up the extra juices that were running down my inner thighs with this article of clothing. With drenched panties in hand, I walked to the table. As you watched me, you could see that I was clearly satisfied. Sitting at the table, I placed the soaked panties in your hand. You bent over, whispering in my ear “Happy Birthday!” You paused long enough for there to be a question in my eye. “Jessica will be waiting for you when we get home. It will be the best present ever.”

I could only nod.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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