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It never occurred to me when I first did the chipmunks thing that I would attract such admirable attention with women of all ages.

It was marvellous when it started, there were about four blokes doing it, an idea sparked off my pal Ian Sadler when the four of us were unemployed.

It took off like a dream and, given the confidence working with three other guys I was able to release my inhibitions and let it all hang out literally.

At first it was just the down to the briefs thing and stop there, letting the girls stretch back my waist band and have a quick peek if that’s what they wanted.

It was good and I started to relax and relish the job.

At a particular hen party though things went much further the girls were having fun and wanted more, much more, it is amazing what a few drinks can do to release those pent up inhibitions and I soon discovered the hidden desires of those who liked to indulge in something much more physical than just the looking.

It was a girl called Lorraine that first started it with me, she breathed that I looked very handsome and said something about I bet I could give a good offering.

“So-so” I replied not wanting to be too cocky about it.

“Well from where I am sitting it looks just fantastic. May I?”

She touched me over my briefs with false finger nails; we were hidden in a corner so I assumed no one could see what she was doing when she tugged my waist -band and made it pop out like a jack in the box. The next moment she was sucking me, it was all a bit sudden and I grasped the sides of her head feeling a trifle awkward. It felt good it really did and Lorraine was enjoying it, I could see that, could feel it too, her hand squeezing me at the base as she levered it upwards into her mouth, her busy tongue wrapping around it’s head like there was no tomorrow.

Well to cut a long story short some of the other girls at the poker oyna party soon got a notion of what was going on and I needn’t have been concerned, me thinking they would be utterly shocked that I had gone a bit too far.

Far from it, they wanted to indulge too, one by one I had seven women suck me off and it was delightful.

I just stood there, held my breath as each one started her turn. I discovered truly the delights of diversity, learning there were many ways to indulge in the art of sucking cock. Jennifer sucked it like one would suck through a straw and that was nice, she had a lovely way of dipping the tip of her tongue into my p-hole which was rather delicious.

Maggie, she enjoyed it deep and slow, I could feel her teeth nudging it, I shivered at the thought she might bite it, but realising my dilemma she whispered she wouldn’t else what would be left to enjoy?

And then the sideways sucking of Jessica, that quirky bulge in her cheeks as she sucked it too the full, with each new suck it was delightfully different – some of the women tackled the other three guys and I guess it was a question as to who fancied who.

But eventually it was back to Lorraine who sucked me again. Then she gave me the idea of issuing business cards advertising home visits. She asked me outright if I did home visits that she would dearly love to do more with me on a very private understanding, to be very prudent about it for she would not want hubby to find out about it.

“Prudent is my second name” I laughed telling her my mobile number so she could contact me.

She pushed her mouth to mine and warmly kissed me on the lips, I felt her passion piping through as she French kissed me then.

“That is just for starters. Pete “she whispered. “You have really made my day, I have been wanting the fruits of a wonderful young guy like you to give me that excitement in life I need, canlı poker oyna Walter, he is my husband, is such a Dick Head and it is just no fun with him any more, it is like doing it by numbers, each more just the same as ever, I just don’t enjoy being with him sexually any more, don’t get me wrong we make it every other way but sexually ugh!, But I would not like to hurt his masculinity with him finding out that I am with another guy, no matter which was or loose, So no problem, there are no strings attached, apart from those I may like to attach to you if you know what I mean,” she finished with a very lusty look and the sex in me was starting to arouse me again.

I would look forward to her first call and our first secret passion encounter, she was a dream of a woman, a top rate executive in her field and very cultured in the way she dressed, at the age of about forty I felt I could go for that big time, she had an absolutely lovely tight ass on her and dressed in a dark grey skirt she did wonders for my anatomy which was abundantly surging when she sucked me so ardently and with real feeling and passion, telling me that she could never get enough of this and it was something she dreamed about, thanking me for making her dream come true.

The others who enjoyed my services were lovely woman too and when I also gave them my number realised I was going to be a real busy bee.

Just the mention of it to Samantha and she couldn’t keep her hands off me, with Janice fighting for a feel too.

I would never imagine it could be like this, it was wonderful and out of this world. Why ever didn’t I think of it before, I mean joining the troupe of guys who did this originally for just a show piece.

Soon with Lorraine having had her fill, saying she had to leave anyway but she would mobile me soon, I was surrounded by three girls, all delightful and lovely and little drunk who internet casino were indulging in the most sexual extravaganzas and after being deep sucked for nigh on a half hour I soon accepted the offer from Janice to ‘fuck the ass off of her – her words and no messing, How could I refuse?

She said I tasted lovely and felt so good she wanted to eat me up, but I soon found myself fucking her across a chair as she was steeped across it, it felt warm and good inside her and she so enjoyed the fuck, my cock sort of made a popping notice after she’d cum and her pussy had tightened up around the orifice of my stiff cock.

“Now fuck my ass” she said in a very ordering way, presenting it to me in the most tempting fashion.

It was good it was tight but easily manageable, she told me her partner fucked her all the time that way but with me it was much more wonderful, and that would I pause a little soi she could feel the throb inside, and that it was so lovely.

Wow! That wasn’t the end of it. The oral feast had spiced them up to have the full works and the rest wanted my fuck, turn by turn and pronto. I found the best thing was to tie a ribbon around it as suggested by Jeff one of the other guys, to hold it back so I could give every woman a stiff fuck ,and it worked,

But when I got to the end of the line, the seventh, I just had to release my all. Louise put-on a condom over it for me, a strawberry one which was her thing she said, she sucked me and then we fucked and I came with such a strong spurt I felt like it was mount Etna exploding.

But that wasn’t the end, Louise placed her face so it was beneath my thighs and gave it a good hard and vigilant stiff wanking until I spurted over her face, to see her relishing it like that was really something else, and then she sucked it all into her mouth and swallowed like it I liked that very much/

I felt so good, I soon realised that it was all about supply and demand, that I was really providing a really necessary service to all those sex hungry women out there.

But just wait until I tell you about my first visit to Lorraine and others too… Watch this space …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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