Hook or Crook

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I wanted to fuck Nathan from the moment I saw my son, Seth, fucking him. And I didn’t just want to make love to him like Seth was doing, but to really give him a good fucking. I happened upon them in Seth’s bedroom. I heard the moaning from the hallway and couldn’t resist checking it out. Seth had won the neighbors’ new pool boy—a golden blond surfer type with heavenly cut features, brown-tanned as a berry, and unruly curly hair flipping up at his shoulders. This was fast work even for Seth. Nathan had only been working for the Carnadays for two days. I’d seen him too and masturbated to the thought of fucking him twice already. But I’d barely thought of a scheme to get him for myself, and here he was already, on his belly on my son’s bed, moaning, and undulating to the fuck my son was giving him.

Seth had the blond’s thighs closely encased between his knees and his chest pressing on the pool boy’s shoulder blades. He was running the fingers of one hand in the blond’s golden mane and kissing him in the hollow of his neck. They could have been resting in postcoital repose, except the hips of both of them were moving like a ship on a rolling sea. Seth was slow fucking Nathan in a rolling undulation and Nathan obviously was enjoying it. His hips were moving in consort with Seth’s and he was sighing and moaning.

They were making love, and the coupling made for a beautiful tableau. It got my juices going. Not because I wanted to make love to him like Seth was doing, but because I wanted to enter Nathan like that and make his eyes bug out because I was longer and thicker than Seth, and I wanted to slam my cock up into him again and again and make him groan and grunt rather than sigh, and cry out alternately for me to stop and for me never to stop.

This was not Seth’s way, though. He fucked for the intimacy of love. And all these young hunks who gravitated to him left him eventually. He always seemed to be bewildered by not being able to find something permanent—a young man worthy of him who was willing to stick with him. I knew, however, that it was because the young men who gravitated to him really wanted to be fucked to exhaustion. They wanted to be dominated and squeezed to the limit and plumbed to the depths.

That was where I was entering dangerous waters with my son. My son was a romantic; he fell in love with those he was screwing. I just wanted to get my rocks off with a delicious hunk—to fuck the living daylights out of him, to dominate and leave him exhausted and moaning. It was probably my son’s bad fortune that he attracted just the sort of young man I wanted to bang the living daylights out of.

The last time I’d taken after someone my son was wooing was that young Israeli Ely on the Elat resort beach. He had been a waiter in our hotel and had his tongue out and panting for my son that first morning on the balcony café overlooking the Red Sea. As he was pouring coffee—almost putting mine in my lap because he couldn’t take his eyes off Seth—I asked him if he ever was able to get off work to enjoy the beach himself, and when he said he did and wasn’t working that afternoon, in fact, I asked him if he wanted to come out on the beach with Seth and me—that I had a cabana reserved. He didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

I could tell that Seth was taken with the dark, hirsute Israeli immediately. But I didn’t suggest the assignation for Seth. I knew I wanted to fuck the stuffing out of the Israeli hunk myself. I regret to admit that I often used Seth like this, as bait for my own needs and desires—almost regret, I should say.

And I never took more than the young men wanted. They enjoyed the fuck my son gave them, but I’d leave them with their tongues hanging out, their asses steaming, and a look of total satisfaction on their faces.

I watched from a stretch of sand in front of the cabana as the two played in the water, becoming increasingly frisky and intimate. I could tell the instance that Seth’s dick first entered the Israeli, because the Israeli, who was one of those kind of men who always had to be in motion, suddenly went rigid and his eyes took on that “Oh fuck, yes!” expression I so often saw on the young men my Seth was fucking. They were out in the water almost up to their nipples. Seth was close behind Ely, and I could see below the surface of the water well enough to know that Seth’s hands were palmed across Ely’s lower belly. They were moving with the gently rolling surf, but I could tell that they also were in the rhythm of the fuck, Seth crouched a bit casino siteleri and controlling the rise and fall of Ely on his cock by pushing off from the sandy sea bottom with his heels. I retreated to just inside the cabana, pushed the waistband of my bikini trunks below my balls, and masturbated as I watched Seth and Ely fuck in the gentle surf.

There were few other bathers around, and those that were there seemed focused on enjoying their own time in the sea and on the beach. No one appeared to be paying any attention to the coupling except me. I sat there in the shadows just inside the entrance to the cabana and slowing jacked off to the sight of my son making love to a dark, curly haired Israeli beauty who seemed totally lost to the experience. All the time I was scheming my own taking of him.

The three of us lunched together on the hotel terrace, with Seth and Ely already comfortable with each other, happy and satisfied, and likely to become even closer the longer we stayed in Elat. This was my son’s way. Other men were comfortable and immediately smitten with him and prone to dropping their current lives without giving it a second thought and turning themselves over into Seth’s hands—willing to rise and fall on his cock forever in some sort of love-filled mystical world. That wasn’t my way. My way was fuck ’em hard and leave ’em gasping for air. And few had objected to that.

After lunch, Seth and Ely left me sipping a brandy sour on the terrace and went back to the cabana, closing the entry flap behind them. A half hour later, Seth emerged and came up to the terrace and said he was going up to the room to shower and dress and would be meeting Ely in the hotel lobby—that Ely wanted to show him around the area on his motorbike. I could tell by Seth’s contented look that not only had he fucked Ely again in the cabana but also that he was completely smitten with the Israeli.

I waited only long enough for my son to turn toward the door into the hotel and then rose and strode down the beach to the cabana. Ely was still stretched out on the day bed on his belly, his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face. He was naked, having just been loved well, I’m sure. His hole was still puckered and slack from where it had taken Seth’s cock, and the small of his back was still splattered with gobs of my son’s semen.

Already hard from the anticipation of what I was going to do, I stripped off my bikini, rolled one of the condoms that had been tucked below my waistband onto my cock, swung a leg over his pelvis, and thrust hard between his dark curly-hair covered bubble-butt cheeks, finding the slack and well-lubed hole opening to me immediately.

I had picked up the belt of my terry cloth hotel bathrobe before pinning Ely’s belly to the day bed with a deep thrust of my cock, and when Ely’s body flopped around from the surprise and pain of the assault, I grabbed for his wrists and got them bound to the railing at the head of the daybed. And then, crouched over his hips with my pelvis and leveraging my feet off the sand of the cabana interior, with my hands pressing down on his shoulder blades, I fucked Ely hard, deep, and brutally. He cried out and cursed and begged for relief at first, but he quickly subsided into groans and whimperings.

When he had quieted down to accepting the fuck, his hips rolling with the rhythm of my plowing and Ely sighing his enjoyment of my technique of rotating my pelvis as I dug in, I moved a hand below his belly and onto his cock. His hips were moving in perfect harmony with mine, and I squeezed his balls and cock and jacked him off, making sure that he had come before I did.

We held there, panting. He was still whimpering, though, when I pulled out of him, felt myself ready to rise again, and changed condoms. Then I turned him over, and ignoring his weak entreaties to leave him be, I straddled the narrow daybed with my thighs again, between his spread legs, and gave him another, even deeper, rapid-pistoning fuck. He flopped around under me until he had cum again and then he just lay there, collapsed, his tongue hanging out and a silly grin on his face while I piledrived to my own release.

He was exhausted and semicomatose when I was done this time. I just pulled my bikini trunks back on and turned and went up to the room and showered. Seth returned to the room while I was drying off, a sad expression on his face. He told me that Ely had not shown up in the hotel lobby as arranged, and, like a dutiful father, I clucked my condolences that canlı casino perhaps Ely had flitted off to somewhere else, having gotten what he wanted from Seth. We never saw Ely again—and although Seth had not said anything to me about it at the time, I couldn’t be sure that he didn’t suspect some of his boyfriends just disappeared after I gave them a proper fucking. Seth would have to be a dope not to suspect some sort of pattern in play—and my son wasn’t a dope.

I had tried to lay off after that and had usually managed to do so—with one or two lapses. I was a highly sexed guy and needed to get my rocks off regularly—in something beyond personal release. I needed the affirmation that I could completely dominate my partner and fuck him to his exhaustion—that I wasn’t too old to do that to a younger man. And Seth and I had identical taste in men—we just had different things we wanted to do with those men.

I watched Seth and Nathan making love on Seth’s bed. As usual, Seth was the one controlling the fuck, and Nathan was the one loving whatever Seth wanted to do to him—knowing instinctively that Seth would be gentle, would give Nathan time to adjust to him, and would take care of Nathan’s needs and desires so that they plateaued and released almost simultaneously. Seth’s sex was loving, giving as well as receiving. Nathan was in ninth heaven, the two moving in perfect harmony and rhythm. After a long, lingering kiss, Seth raised his chest off Nathan’s shoulder blades and held Nathan by the hips as Seth moved his own hips in circles—a technique he had inherited from me—making deep cock love to every aspect of Nathan’s channel walls. At length Seth raised up and pulled his dick out so that his bulb was just inside Nathan’s entrance, rubbing up and down on Nathan’s prostate.

Nathan was panting hard and making mewing sounds. His hips lifted up off the bed and one of his hands went and encircled his dick. He was dragging his cock head along the sheets under him, fucking the bed.

Seth pulled all of the way out of Nathan, jerked off his condom, and languidly went into a 69 position with Nathan, with both of them deep throating each other and swallowing each other off in a nearly simultaneous ejaculation. It was like they had been lovers forever, knowing exactly what to do and when, even though they hadn’t laid eyes on each other before three days earlier.

I knew three things then—that Seth was really enthralled with this one, that I couldn’t keep my hands off this one for however long he would be in our life as Seth’s lover, and that I as going to fuck this one hard myself by either hook or crook.

The avenue to my scheme was given to me that evening at dinner. Seth was bubbling over about his new friend, Nathan. It seemed that Nathan wasn’t just the neighbor’s pool boy. He also was one of those computer technicians who went to people’s homes and helped them get their computers set up and troubleshooted.

After dinner I went up to my study and sat down at the computer. I knew the Web sites I wanted to use, and for the next hour I went through them, going to the pages that evoked what I wanted to the most and earmarking them in my favorites list. The next day, when I was sunbathing by my pool in the nude, I watched the Carnadays’ yard until I saw that Nathan was out there, dipping leaves out of their pool. I went up on my diving board and did a few expert dives, giving Nathan every opportunity to check out the goods, which, if I must say myself, were plenty good. Then I sauntered over to the fence and called out to Nathan.

“Hi, I’m Seth’s dad,” I said.

“Yes, I know, Mr. Arrington,” Nathan answered. A very nice, tenor voice. Steady. He didn’t seem at all nervous talking with the naked, forty-five-year-old father of his new lover. Well, I intended to fuck some fear into him before I was done.

“Seth tells me you work with people’s computers . . . sort of work out the kinks. True?”

“That’s right. You got kinks in your computer to straighten out, Mr. Arrington?” He was giving me a smile that I couldn’t figure out. These open, hunky surf dude types can be hard to read. I didn’t know if he was being half snotty or just friendly. But I knew I did have something for him to straighten out. In fact, it was already straight, and if I backed off from this fence between my patio and the neighbors’, he could see how straight—and fat and long—my cock could get for him.

“Yes, I can’t figure it out. My favorites list is all fucked up,” I answered. “When I click on kaçak casino one URL, a different site comes up.”

“That’s strange,” Nathan said. “I’ve never encountered that.” And I could tell by his smile—he was almost salivating—that I’d given him a challenge that no computer geek could resist.

“Do you have anything to do at about eight this evening?” I asked, knowing that Seth planned to be off to the gym then.

“Nope, I can come around then.” Nathan answered. I was thinking that both Nathan and I would be “coming” a little later than that, but I just smiled and nodded and turned and walked away from him, giving him a great shot of my still-tight buns.

Nathan arrived promptly at eight and I took him up to my study. He was wearing loose shorts and an athletic T, all of which would be convenient for me and set his blond hunkiness off quite nicely.

I sat him down in my chair and turned the computer on for him, and he was soon working his way through the favorites I had set up the previous evening—all of fuck sites of daddies taking on blond hunks just like him, all earmarked to hot fuck scenes.

He spun through the dials for a while and eventually said, “Umm, I don’t find anything wrong, Mr. A. All of the URLs seem to go where they are supposed to go.” His voice was husky, though, so I knew he’d been looking at what he’d clicked on.

Time to make a move. Either it worked or it didn’t.

I pulled the chair away, forcing him to get up on his feet, crouched over the computer. Then I covered him close from behind, with one hand snaking up under the hem of his T and up to a nipple and the other hand moving around to his basket. He was hard. And so was I.

I pushed the front of my shorts down—that’s all I was wearing—and the back of his shorts down, and I had the underside of my cock running up and down along his crack.

“Umm, Mr. A. Ohhh, Mr. A.” His voice was cracking.

“Don’t speak. I want you. I want you now. You can feel my cock; I plan to slam that as far up your ass as I can. If it’s not what you want too, you can just break away and leave. I won’t stop you.” He stayed put, and that and his ragged breathing told me that he was mine.

I crouched down behind him and went for his hole with my tongue. I kept a hand wrapped around his cock, and he has hardening nicely and panting hard for me as well.

And then, hands grabbing his hips hard, I was standing behind him and fucking him deep—brutally—in a pistoning action that had him yelping and writhing under me.

And then the surprise. He was turning and grabbing me in a wrestler hold—showing that he was a lot stronger than I was and well trained as a wrestler.

Here it came, I thought, he was going to punch me unconscious and leave me unfucked—and I didn’t know what disturbed me more: that I would be black and blue or left sexually unsatisfied.

But he wasn’t punching me. He was pushing me to the floor on my back and straddling my pelvis with his hips—and bringing his channel down on my erection. And he was fucking himself hard on me. He wasn’t rejecting me; he was showing that he liked a rough fuck like I liked—in fact, that he loved it.

We were really going to town when Seth entered the room.

I was momentarily shocked that he’d found me in a compromising position with the young man he was currently wooing. But this didn’t seem to be the case. I watched him strip off his shorts, and then he was sitting in the chair from the computer desk and watching Nathan fucking himself wildly on my cock and slowly jacking up his own cock.

When I had come, surprised that Nathan could bring me to the boil so expertly and quickly, the blond hunk pulled off me and then went and sat on Seth’s cock and the two of them fucked in slow, sensual undulations that had me hard and masturbating myself again.

Later, on my bed, with Nathan wedged between us and Seth and I sharing him, Seth told me that he had no trouble sharing like this—that it turned him on.

“So, you like it both ways, Nathan?” I asked. “Both the loving Seth can give you and the rough fucking I prefer?”

“No problem. No problem at all, Mr. A.” And Nathan was giving me that sunny surfer-boy smile of his. And I was content for the first time in my life and not feeling guilty about my son anymore at all.

“I think we may have found a new high-paid houseboy,” I murmured around Nathan’s nipples to my son who was sucking on one. “That is, if Nathan feels he can do better here than at the Carnadays,'” I said.

“No problem,” Nathan squeaked, whether at the tonguing Seth was given his nipple, or the slow hand job Seth was giving him, or at my dick pumping him deep, or at my hand on his belly, I didn’t know—or care.

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