Hoping to Threepeat

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I’m still not sure how this all happened. It certainly wasn’t planned. Lizza called me early in the day. She said she was hooking up with Jim in late afternoon and she wanted to know if I’d like to join them. I was a bit puzzled. Lizza has a reputation for being a bit wild. We’d been friends for a while, perhaps I should clearly state, that’s “friends with benefits”. Lizza is not only attractive but extremely well built with strong, firm legs, a tight ass, and huge, fleshy breasts. We’ve had some pretty hot times, and of course, we know each others secrets and fantasies. But this called confused me. I didn’t know Jim; he was another friend of Lizza’s. She had brought him into her circle about a year ago. She had mentioned him a couple of times, but nothing really specific. Now she wanted us to get together. Well, confusion has never dulled my interest. I knew if Lizza was involved in a night out it would be fun and could easily turn into an adventure. I agreed to meet them.

I caught up to them at a Mexican restaurant downtown, not far from Lizza’s house. They were in the bar, each with a glass of wine. After the mandatory hug and kiss from Lizza, she introduced me to Jim. He was my height, build and age and seemed pretty relaxed. I ordered a glass of wine and joined them. We mostly made small talk for the first fifteen minutes or so, and then it turned toward sex and adventures. Lizza surprised me by mentioning one of my secret fantasies. I had told her once about having a couple of massages from other men. She had pressed me about what happened and I admitted I had sucked their cocks, neither to completion. Still she found it erotic. I had even alluded to fantasies that went well beyond sucking another guy’s cock. Now, in front of this guy I just met, she was talking about my man to man massages. Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed but Jim didn’t seem to mind. Actually he seemed to perk up a bit, and asked if I liked the experience. Without going into detail I said that it was pretty interesting, but I truly was torn as to if I’d do it again (actually that was a bit of a lie, I did continue to have fantasies about sucking another man’s cock to completion, although I hadn’t acted on then).

Then, out of the blue, Lizza invited us back to her place for more wine. Her smile betrayed her and as soon as Jim left for the restroom I asked what was up. She laughed and told me that Jim had a fantasy, never acted on, to be in a threesome with another guy. His fantasy, she revealed, made her hot, so knowing my previous experiences, she invited me to join them. All Jim knew was that I was a friend and part-time lover, who might participate if things took that direction. I didn’t know if should be angry or flattered. I shook my head and told her I’d go şişli escort back to her place, but wasn’t at all sure about anything after that. It sounded just a bit weird. Lizza just smiled.

Jim rejoined us and we headed out to our cars. I followed them back to Lizza’s and as promised, she brought out a new bottle of wine once we got inside. The wine was good and it was very relaxing. Soon we were laughing and joking like three old friends. Lizza put on some music and we moved outside to her courtyard. In a very short time Jim and I were taking turns dancing with a very aroused Lizza. Each time I danced with her I felt my cock getting hard when she pressed her bit tits against me. And it grew even harder when she pressed her hips into my groin. She was really hot this night, perhaps more than any other time I had been with her. It was pretty obvious she wanted to fuck. And by this time so did I. And I really didn’t care if Jim joined in or not.

After maybe thirty minutes of Lizza teasing us both she maneuvered me to the double glass doors that led to her bedroom. Once inside she danced away from me and began to undress. Maybe it was the wine, but she seemed to get naked in a very short time. Now it was my turn and I had a very naked, large breasted woman to help me. Her fleshy tits pressed against me as she started to undo my belt, before long Lizza had me nude and on the bed. And I must admit I had forgotten that Jim was even there. I was laying on my back with my legs spread wide and Lizza on her knees between them, my hard cock in her warm, wet mouth. I was in heaven.

Jim, regardless of my forgetting him, was there. And he soon entered the bedroom standing near the foot of the bed as Lizza devoured my cock. I still wasn’t paying any attention, but Lizza was. Suddenly she jumped off the bed and danced over to Jim. In an instant she was taking his clothes off and leading him, naked, to the bed beside me. Jim was semi-hard, his cock wasn’t huge, but was growing as Lizza, her cleanly trimmed pussy showing in the dimmed light, was stroking it.

Jim was now on the bed, naked beside me and Lizza returned to her position between my legs. Once again she took me into her mouth and started sucking. I was now well aware of Jim’s presence, but didn’t really care. He just watched as Lizza continued to suck my cock.

Again Lizza lifted her head from my cock. And once again I saw that shy smile. She reached out and took our hands, placing mine on Jim’s cock and his on mine. Then, completely unfazed, she turned her attention back to my still hard cock, now being supported by Jim’s hand.

I slowly stroked Jim’s growing cock as Lizza continued to work mine. Every now and then she’d look up and smile. I don’t know if it was her prompting, çapa escort the wine or a combination, but all of a sudden I leaned over and took Jim’s cock into my mouth. He seemed as surprised as I was, Lizza just giggled. I started sucking Jim’s cock even as Lizza was sucking mine. Somehow it seemed natural, the three of us naked on the bed, completely involved in the pleasure of the moment.

Another giggle and a smile, then Lizza jumped off the bed again. I continued to suck Jim’s cock and now he leaned over and took me in his mouth. We were in a rather awkward “69” position when Lizza returned. She placed something next to the bed and then joined us. This time she replaced me on Jim’s cock and I lay back enjoying the experience. Jim was working me, Lizza was working Jim and I was melting into the bed.

It was almost like an out of body experience. When Lizza sucked my cock, Jim gently stroked my chest, nipples and even down across my thighs. When they switched and Jim brought his mouth to bear on my cock, Lizza bushed my face with those big tits and kissed me deeply, her tongue deep in my mouth. Needless to say I was rock hard and loving it.

Then Jim moved next to my head. Lizza was back between my legs. I felt Jim’s hand slowly massage my chest as he leaned closer. Once again I took his now hard cock into my mouth. I sucked him hard for about half a minute, and then dropped my head back down on the bed. I felt like Jell-O. These two could do almost anything they liked to me. It was pleasure beyond belief. Then Lizza slipped a condom over my cock and mounted me. I was fucking Lizza and sucking Jim. Fortunately all I had to do was basically lay there. Jim fucked my face and Lizza moved her wet cunt over my hard cock.

This went on for a few minutes then Lizza moved off me. She looked at me and smiled than to Jim she said, “Jim, I think Will wants you inside him.”

Up to this point that had never crossed my mind, the oral stimulation had been mind blowing, and so had fucking Lizza. But again, I was putty in their hands and made no attempt to reply. I was now just going along on an incredibly pleasurable ride.

Jim moved down between my legs. Even as I stared vacantly at the ceiling, I could make out Lizza opening a condom and fitting it on Jim’s hard member. Once he was ready, Lizza lubricated my waiting hole and worked her fingers around to prepare me. Finally Jim was ready, or so we thought.

I was a virgin and my hole was very tight. Lizza took matters in hand, so to speak. As I remained in my state of suspended animation, she introduced a glass dildo from the things she had set beside the bed. Smoothly she inserted the long, slender dong into my waiting and well lubricated ass. At first I thought perhaps it was fındıkzade escort Jim, but soon realized what was happening. I let out a groan has she worked it deeper. Finally, after a few minutes, Jim again moved between my legs, spreading them wide. But again he failed to enter me.

The dildo had felt great and apparently awakened something inside me. I came out of my state of numb pleasure. I was no longer just going along for the ride. Instead I became an active participant. I suggested I role over. I got on my hands and knees, my head down on the bed, my ass up inviting Jim. Lizza took his cock in hand and guided him into my ass. He slid in easily.

Jim started slowly, but quickly picked up speed, power and depth. Soon he was pounding my ass as we developed a rhythm. As he pushed into me I pushed back to meet his thrust. With each thrust I groaned loudly. He truly filled me and I loved it. My was rock hard pointing down at the bed and swinging in time to each plunge of Jim’s cock into my ass. And then Lizza made us a threesome again.

Kneeling beside the bed she reached down and grabbed my hot cock. Slowly she started stroking it, then, leaning even farther forward she moved her head beneath my swaying hips and took my cock into her mouth. What a scene we must have made. One guy was fucking another in the ass, while a naked woman, dangling breasts swaying free, sucked the cock of the guy being fucked.

I don’t know how long went on like this, but suddenly it ended. Jim pulled out, Lizza moved out from under my hips and I collapsed face first on the bed. Slowly I rolled over onto my back. In the short time it took me to do that, Lizza had removed the condom from Jim’s dick and Jim was kneeling next to my head. I opened my mouth and he thrust his still hard cock into it. Lizza moved down between my legs and briefly sucked my cock before mounting me again.

It didn’t take long for either of us. Jim was thrusting deep into my throat and somehow I was taking all of him. Then he let out a loud moan as he pushed deep into my mouth. I felt his warm cum shoot against the back of my throat. I tried to swallow all of it, but was unsuccessful and cum leaked from my mouth, even though my lips were tight around his shooting cock. I had barely finished Jim off when I Lizza’s bouncing on my cock brought us both off. My cum filled the condom covering my cock still deep inside of Lizza.

Jim and I both collapsed on the bed and Lizza fell in between us. We were all spent. It had truly been an incredible night. I had finally sucked a guy off to completion, and if that wasn’t enough, I had taken that guy’s cock in my ass. All three of us loved it, and vowed to repeat the session again. Later I found out that Lizza had played us both. She told me about Jim’s fantasy and how I could help. She had done the same to Jim, asking him if he’d help with mine. She had facilitated and planned the entire night.

And it was truly a night to remember, and hopefully repeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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