Horse lords

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It is different among the horse lords. I have been beyond our lands raiding the people to the south, soft, green people – they are not like us. The men might breed their women in a raid but we would never bring them back. They would bring their softness to our people.

Among the horse lords a woman is capable. She takes care of her horses, hunts, raids, cooks, pleasures the menfolk, cleans, and takes care of the children. We are not soft.

My name is Ayeh, Sohu’s daughter, I am 19 years old, a mother, and a warrior. My braid is uncut and though I am short, it means only that there is less body to contain my fire. My breasts are as the great mountains that surround my lands, my hips span rivers, my beauty is spoken of not just in my camp, but in the camps beyond.

This is my story.

It is our tradition that any woman found alone is fair game for the man who finds her. I know it is not like this in the riverlands, but you must understand that we live together in a small camp where rarely is anyone alone. What possibilities for uninterrupted pleasure you take, and if you find a woman alone it is probably because she made it that way.

Among women we travel in threes – two women is almost alone and two men might happen upon us and peacefully split you between them. If you desire a man you say frankly to your companions and they will depart and the man will find you there as if by accident. He will waste no time, and he will have your skirts around your waist and his member within you faster than you can draw a knife. Some women like to pretend to fight. I’ve never been that sort of girl, but men have to be careful.

Among families as we are so often alone in the yurt together it is different. A brother does not seed his sister or mother. The men understand this and relieve themselves in other ways. My oldest brother likes to hold my thighs together and thrust between them. I prefer to please my brother with my tongue as often as anything else. You must understand this is not to mean women are less than men.

Quite the contrary, during a raid we women will hold back behind the men a little. Men’s lives are cheap. They are large and built for the rushing of other men like bulls. Women are the heart of the tribe, we make more men – so that when we fight we hold back and fire arrows into the enemy from horseback. It is rare that a woman will die this way.

But poker oyna on the raid I speak of, everything went wrong. There were five of us women, but we were charged by a line of spearmen with shields against a great stone cliff and four of us fell. I was able to urge my mount to leap over them and escape. The village burned, their crops were taken, but our losses were great.

As we rode back a young man, a year younger than myself rode beside me and grabbed my breasts, I was surprised – we were not alone, but then two things occurred to me, I was now the only woman in our party of thirty remaining men – the taboos is that the woman is alone, not the man. I had also heard legends of women being alone for one man only to be discovered by two or three. Men have a way of sharing women between them at these times it is said.

All this crossed my mind as young Ynuk grabbed my hips and lifted me from my saddle and sat me on his lap. His member was out and he adjusted my skirts so I was bare against him and then he pushed into me. On horseback the gentle rocking moved for him and he felt my breasts and kissed my neck as we rode. The other men began to shout like they do in battle, the high eueulations of excitement.

Battle brings on a certain heat of the blood, making everything more alive in the presence of death. Some of the men would certainly have found me alone that night, the heat was on me just as much as it was on them. I was hot but bewildered, and being taken so brazenly among so many men!

He was behind me and so there was nothing for me to cling to but the horses neck. He would thrust in addition to the horse and I found myself getting aroused at the movement and the other men around us. There was an energy in the air.

I felt him shuddering inside me, but hardly had he finished when an older man grabbed me from him and I found myself astride again. This man pulled my shirt so that my breasts tumbled free and entered me as Ynuk had. I was very wet by now and took him easily – but my mind was uneasy as I had doubts that this would be the last man to take me today.

The old man spent and passed me on.

Once we were out of range of angry villagers we set up camp as was our custom so that we could tend to the wounded. The man who was in me pulled out to dismount and carried me over to a spot where he laid down his saddle cloth. Then he gently put canlı poker oyna me down on it, pulled up my skirts again, and went at me in earnest. What was I to do? I spread my legs for him and lay back to enjoy it. This was my third man and my thunder came on me but he hardly even slowed for its passing. It was too much for a moment but that passed too and my cries turned to pleasure again.

Then a second man came over and asked that I be turned over and mounted like a mare so that I could take him in my mouth. This was done, though hard to do properly with my hands holding me up. When the man behind me spent the man in front moved behind and another took my mouth. It was only then that I noticed a crowd of men had gathered around me and most had undone their breeches and were stroking their members.

It becomes blurry after this. My second thunder came and then my third and fourth and fifth . . . coming closer together until I was in a state of constant arousal – every stroke shaking my entire body. I’m sure that once everybody had a turn they went back for seconds, and I stayed on my back or on my knees late into the night. The pleasure finally became too much and darkness took me late that night.

I awoke feeling sore between my legs – in fact my entire body ached – more than a battle usually brings. I was naked and covered in sweat and the crusted remains of men’s seed. I looked around to find that I was sleeping in the men’s tent, their naked bodies sprawled around me most uncovered, weapons laid close at hand and members hard in sleep. I had never been in the men’s tent before, no decent woman would, and I’ll admit that this matched all my fantasies.

A few men were waking with the dawn and going outside to tend to the horses and start the camp to life. One man near me opened his eyes, a mighty warrior named Demak, and saw mine open. I saw his mouth curve into a smile and I knew I would not be resting today.

He rolled on top of me and kissed my lips and breasts and entered me. It hurt at first, but a woman can adjust to anything, and soon I was thrusting back at him. Others were waking now, and when Demak spent in me I was passed through the tent. There were a hundred hard callused fingers stroking my body, along my thighs and my belly, pinching at my nipples, running through my hair. Always someone in me, my hands strayed to their manhoods, curling in the internet casino thick hair of their groins and stroking their members to further hardness.

We dallied late into the day. The sun was almost at its zenith when I was allowed to dress and eat food besides men’s seed. I was permitted to mount my own horse and ride as usual, a painful affair for me, but bearable. When we camped that night and after we had eaten I noticed that the women’s tent hadn’t even been set up. I was scooped up and brought into the men’s tent and everyone again had a turn with me. We fell asleep together in a tangle of limbs and I awoke with a man inside me, whether left from the night before or slipped into me in the night I cannot say. My waking woke him and he started up and it all started up.

So it went for the next four days. I slept in the men’s tent and with every man in the camp. They used me when they wanted. Sometimes a man would get the urge while riding, sometimes in the pasture, sometimes in the middle of dinner. They never stopped pawing me, and it got to the point where I wasn’t sure why I bothered putting on clothes save against the cold. Sometimes they liked just putting a finger up me at awkward moments like when I was dishing up soup. Then they’d all laugh and one would get hard and bend me over the table and take me, and that would get another one hard, and it wouldn’t be until an hour later that I’d be allowed to eat my blessed soup.

The four days did pass, and I rode stiffly into camp and stumbled into my yurt after the cleansing ceremony to let go of our warrior spirits, and slept. It must have been a week until I could walk right. Everything returned to normal but I did notice this different look in men’s eyes as they looked at me.

A moon’s turn later I was sitting in my yurt when I heard music and men’s laughter.

“Shall we go see what it is?” asked my sister Shih.

“I think I will go alone,” I told her – I could see her concern but she let me go. I had missed my moon’s blood and you do not argue with women like that unless you want your head bitten off.

Out in the clearing there were my fellow warriors and some men who had not been on the journey besides. In the middle of the clearing was a horse blanket laid on the ground.

I quickly pulled off my skirt and shirt and boots and folded them neatly for later retrieval. Then shivering in the night cold I walked naked into the clearing, laid down on the blanket, and opened my legs. The men began to eueulate and shout, and I saw a few pulling on the strings of their pants.

I knew I wouldn’t be cold for long.

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