Hot in a Speedo

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This is a fictional story. All characters are adults well over the age of consent. This situation did not happen to me although I wish it had…


It was a hot summer. The kind of heat that makes you avoid the middle of the day and rethink your approach to life. My normal summer routine was to get up early, go for a run, work in my home office until 5 or 6, and then go to the neighborhood pool to swim some laps. I was in my late thirties and divorced. I was also in the best physical shape of my life, as intense exercise was my way of dealing with the break up of my marriage. I stayed in this suburban neighborhood because it was close to my ex and my children.

Earlier in the year a new family had moved into the neighborhood. They had an adult son who I had met once at a neighborhood gathering. His name was Brad and he had just graduated from college. His parents had moved here from another state while he was in college, a difficult and lonely situation for any young man.

I would often talk with Brad at the pool as I would find him alone reading a book among the busy suburban moms. I would show up for my afternoon swim to find him sitting in the sun on a lounger, we would chat for a bit and I would excuse myself to swim laps. Brad was 22, he had taken a year off to travel abroad and he was interesting and a generally nice guy. Let me describe him for you. He was just short of 6′ tall, his build was slender like that a swimmer but more feminine. He had shoulder length straight brown hair that he usually had pulled back in a ponytail. He had fine features, blue eyes, and he was very tan and his body was virtually hairless. He also always wore a Speedo bathing suit at the pool. Usually a shiny black one that left very little to the imagination. This immediately caught my attention as most men his age wore oversized surf shorts.

One day I was finishing my swim when he walked over to the edge of the pool where I was swimming. It looked like he wanted to talk to me so I swam to the edge to meet him. Brad knelt down by the edge, sitting on his heels. When I looked up from the water I found myself looking between his legs at his package. Without thinking I gazed at the shiny nylon that cradled his full balls and restrained what appeared to be an impressive cock. In his Speedo his genital ensemble looked like some exotic fruit ripe for the picking. I was fascinated by the sight.

Brad grinned at me and said, “Hey do you think you could give me a hand with my computer sometime. I just suck at that sort of thing and we both have Macs so I just thought…”

Breaking my gaze away I said… “Yeah, sure, ummm sure, anytime.”

Brad grinned at me. He had to know where I was looking. I told him that I would shower and I could come over now and check out his computer. I was embarrassed and aroused all at once.

Lately I had been chatting with some bi men on line, and looking at gay porn. I have to admit that the idea of man-on-man sex had crossed my mind and I had often found myself looking at Brad in his Speedo as an object of sexual desire. I had always dismissed the thought because I thought that I was too old and I had no idea how to go about it. Plus I didn’t even know if he was straight or bi, or gay for that matter.

I showered up and left the locker room wearing a pair of running shorts and a tank top. I met Brad on the pool patio and we started the short walk to his house. It was hot and Brad was just izmir escort wearing a towel over his Speedo like a skirt, flip flops, and a big pair of sunglasses. In the late afternoon sun his body was still shiny from the suntan oil and he looked very feminine and virile all at the same time. He had a great sense of humor and he told some story that had me in stitches. The laughs seem to loosen me up and I was feeling pretty comfortable around him.

We arrived at his parent’s house and he invited me in. Walking behind him I noticed how round his ass looked and how dark and smooth the skin of his back. He had a fine line of hair running down his back. It was bleached blonde and looked very sexy against his dark tan. I was getting aroused and I was filled with a sense of animal attraction and confusion at the same time. I imagined what it would be like to take him from behind then stopped the thought.

I thought to myself, “Get it together man, control your horniness!”

“Do you want some ice tea?” He asked, bringing me back to the moment.

I said that tea would be great and after fixing me a glass we went upstairs to his room. His towel remained on a kitchen chair and I followed him upstairs. He was only wearing his Speedo and a pair of flip-flops. As he went up the stairs I had an unobstructed view of his ass, back and thighs and again my horniness started to make my blood boil. The way his glutes and thigh muscles flexed was very sexy as he climbed the stairs in front of me.

Brad told me that his parents were out of town and that this big house was lonely. I told him he needed a roommate. He joked that a roommate with “benefits” would be nice, as he had not been laid since school was out. We both chuckled but the way he stated his horniness again added to my confusion. Was he flirting with me?

He showed me his laptop and the problems he had been having. His screen saver image was a buff man flexing, wearing just a thong. Brad said nothing of it as if everyone had such beef cake on their computer. The image made my mind race, I imagined the possibilities.

I easily found the cause of his computer difficulties. I proceeded to show him how to fix it. Brad had pulled a chair up along side of me and he was leaning over my shoulder to see what I was doing. His chest often touched my shoulder and I could smell the sweet smell of his coconut suntan oil. It was all starting to get to me. I could feel the blood flowing to my cock and it snaking out of my running shorts.

At one point I turned my head to find him millimeters away. We stared awkwardly eye-to-eye. I flinched and turned away. Mumbling something about nothing I felt Brad’s hand on my thigh. His hand was moving slowly up and down just inches from my growing member.

Brad said, “I truly do appreciate this and if there is any way I can repay you I’d be happy to do it…. Any way at all.” His voice was soft and breathy.

My heart was racing. I was perplexed yet excited. I stammered something then I turned to face him. His hand was on my crotch and as he gently squeezed my growing cock and aching balls, he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

His kiss was soft yet insistent, I lost myself in it. My lips parted slightly and I could feel his tongue.

As if awaking from a dream, I pulled back and mumble something unintelligible. I was going to stand up but Brad was already on his feet, his hand on my shoulder. alsancak escort Brad’s Speedo clad goodies were at my eye level. His cock had swollen and was now just barely contained by the shiny black nylon.

Brad looked down at me with a worried expression on his face, “I’m really sorry he said, I hope this didn’t freak you out, but the way you look at me around the pool… I mean I thought….”

I felt terrible that I had given Brad this impression, and yet I was delighted too, the only thing I could think of was to take my hand and place it on his crotch. I took the heel of my hand and slid it along the underside of his cock. I gingerly kneaded his balls as I did this. Brad let out a gasp and closed his eyes. I looked up at him and smiled. I knew I was going to make it with the boy in a Speedo.

Brad ran his hands through my hair and looked down at me with a smile. “You are so sexy,” he said. I’ve been watching you at the pool for so long.

I smiled back as I leaned forward placed my lips on his his Speedo clad cock. Running my lips and tongue along the underside of his tool still encased in his swimsuit. As I sucked on his cock head through the fabric I reach around and grabbed his round firm ass and gave it a good squeeze.

“Yes babe, that’s getting me so hot.” purred Brad.

My heart was pounding and my cock was at full attention. I pulled down his Speedos to release his cock. It sprang free in a glorious display. His tan line looked so sexy bringing more emphasis to his forbidden treats. He was uncut and at least 8″ long, the foreskin pulled tight over a round pink head that poked out at the end, shiny and inviting. I took it in my hand and marveled at its velvety firmness. Instinctively my tongue reached out as I pulled the foreskin back. I clear viscous drop appeared at the slit and I eagerly licked the pre cum off Brad’s cock. It was salty and deliscious.

Brad let out a deep, “mmmmm yeah,” then he said “suck it, please, suck my cock!”

I didn’t need to be asked. I stroked the shaft three times and then took his cock in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, reveling in its taste. Although this was my first time sucking a cock it was so natural. I alternated between sucking, licking and stroking. My oral administrations became bolder and Brad moaned as the increased wetness lead to me making rude slurping and sucking sounds.

I loved stopping and with my hand clasped around his thick shaft I would stoke him moving the foreskin back and forth over the head. Then I would return to sucking and stroking in earnest. During my oral worship, Brad had taken off my shirt and my shorts were down to my knees my own fat 7″ cock throbbing and pointing up at my new man lover.

I could have sucked Brad’s cock all night but he pulled me to my feet and gave me that beautiful smile and said, “I’m so glad we are doing this… I am so fucking horny!”

We both laughed and then he pulled me against him. I could feel our hard cocks pressed between us. He moved closer and we kissed. At first gently, and then with more intensity. Our tongues entwined and our embrace was all most ferocious. In a kind of wrestling match our hard cocks were grinding together as our hands explored each other’s bodies. Our tongues danced and my arousal was heightend by the heat and his sweet smell. Without relinquishing the embrace we moved to Brad’s bed, I falling on top of him.

Brad buca escort wrapped his legs around my waist and said, “Have you ever been with a another guy.”

I said, “No but lately the thought has made me want to be.”

“I’m bi, and you are so hot I was hoping you’d fuck me babe… will you?” said Brad.

I just nodded, with a big cat-that-ate-the canary-grin on my face.

We continued to make out, our now sweating bodies rubbing together. At one point Brad open the drawer of his night stand and gave me a condom. I stood up and easy slid it over my rock hard cock. Brad produced a small bottle from the night stand and put some lube on his fingers.

As he looked at me in the most sexual way he began to work a finger into his hole. His body was glistening with sweat and oil. Brad said in almost a whisper, “I want you to take that beautiful cock and fuck me with it, I want you to fuck me hard baby, I want to be your bitch.”

Brad laid on his back, his awesome hard cock across his flat stomach. He grabbed his ankles and availed himself to me. It was quiet a sight. I stroked my cock and moved forward resting my cock head against his hole. My entire member throbbed with every heart beat. I slowly pushed forward. My purple mushroom shaped head popped into his hole and he gasped. I slowly began to pump, I placed my hands behind his knees pushing them back to give me a better angle. He inhaled sharply with every in-stroke as a built a steady gentle rhythm.

He was so tight and hot the feeling was wonderful. Now I was giving him full strokes so that my balls made contact with his ass. His hard cock was slapping against his stomach and sweat beaded on his oily body in a sexy sheen.

Brad said, “Harder, fuck me harder lover!”

I did as he asked. I leaned over and gave him a passionate kiss. He sucked on my long tongue as if it were a cock and I “fucked” it in and out of his mouth as our bodies moved together. As we kissed he twisted my nipples creating a wonderful sensation.

We broke our kiss and Brad slapped my ass hard and said, “now pound me hard baby.. fuck me soooo good!”

Leaning against my locked arms a drove my cock hard into him. I pulled all the way back and pushed into him until my balls were pressed against his ass. It was glorious. Brad moaned and pulled me into him hard with every stroke. I was approaching orgasm and Brad sensed it.

“Cum for me babe, cum in my hot ass.” He said

That’s all it took and I had an earth shattering orgasm. My body convulsed as I fill the condom with my cum.

My cock still I him I straightened up to watch Brad as he stroked his hard cock. Smiling at me he said, “mmmmmm that felt so good baby, now where do you want my hot cum lover?”

I pulled out of Brad and dropped to my knees taking his lovely cock in my mouth. Within seconds he shoot three thick ropes of semen into my mouth. The hot sticky cum filled my mouth. I could feel his abdominal muscles tighten as he released his load. It was so erotic.

I kept sucking until his orgasm subsided. The taste of his cum was clean and interesting. I let it stay in my mouth hoping to share it with Brad. I rose from between his legs and slid on top of him. Our sweat-covered bodies felt so good pressed together. As if he were reading my mind, we French kissed sharing his load between us. The cum and saliva coated our tongues and lips. Our faces wet and sticky with man juice.

I rolled off of Brad and all I could say was “WOW!”

Brad laughed and said, “The Speedo gets um everytime. Wait until you see me in a pair of lacy panties, garters and high heels.”

Just the image of that in my mind started the blood flowing to my cock again… but that’s another story for another time.

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