Hot Mama

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My wife. My beautiful, wonderful wife. Do you know, you’re even more beautiful now than when we first met. Back then, you were only a girl, a cute little girl, a rosebud waiting to bloom. Now you’re blooming, the rose is fully sprung out, and its scent is breathtaking. And the girl is now a woman.

Back then, you were slim and nimble, your body was as slender as a boy’s, though your breasts were small and perky, and your stomach was flat and lifeless. You had a bounce in your step, you danced down the street, like a little girl. Now your weight slows you down, your steps are slow and heavy. Your breasts are big and round and hanging down, they are resting on the shelf that is your belly. Your belly. Oh, your belly! Your big, rounded belly, with its tightly stretched skin, with its red stretch marks at the sides. Your belly, that trembles every now and then, from an attack from the life inside you, the life that’s beginning to find its living quarters too limiting. casino siteleri Soon it will break out of its confinement and be with us, a living, breathing proof of how much I love you.

A mother. You will be a mother soon. The most beautiful mother in the world.

You’re undressing now, to go to bed. Look at that body! So full of life, so round, so curvy, so feminine! You have never been so much Woman before – and I get hard from watching your big breasts and rounded curves. So friggin’ hard… Here, my love, come here, let me kiss your sweet lips, your swelling tits, your belly, oh!, let me kiss this life-bearing, sexy belly! Let me caress your body, let me lick your navel. Take off that T-shirt, take off those panties, let me see your magnificent body naked.

My darling, you look radiant! Your face glows like ember in the night on a camping trip! I want to see your big, blue eyes go misty with lust! Here, lay down, spread your legs, let me worship canlı casino you with my mouth, Mother Goddess!

I caress your folds with my tongue. My lips embrace your clit, and rubs it between themselves. I make love to you with my tongue. I stick my tongue inside your pussy, I clear the way for our child, I know that you like this, because I hear you moan. I can’t see your face, your belly’s in the way. I lick your clit and put a finger in your pussy, two fingers, three fingers. I fuck you with my fingers and I lick your nub, and I feel you coming, I hear your moans grow louder, and I feel your lovely pussy cramping around my fingers. I leave a trail of kisses over your belly, your breasts, your neck, your lips.

Your soft hands pull my underwear off and grasp for my dick. Touching your soft body has made it so hard. Your hand squeezes it, it almost hurts. I close my eyes as you pull its skin up, to hide its head, blinding it inside that pouch of skin, and then kaçak casino down again, setting it free. It’s almost like you’re playing peek-a-bo with my dick. A sexy, pregnant Mother Goddess is playing peek-a-bo with my dick! I’m the luckiest man in the world! I moan, and feel my testicles tingle. You pull me closer, and I enter Paradise when your sweet, wet mouth takes my dick in and suck on it. You suck so lovely, my dear. So firm, yet so gentle. And your mouth is a wonderful, warm, wet, soft cave. Are you going to swallow me whole? My dick feels like its being sucked into your sexy belly. I want to make this moment last all night, but I’m too excited. Your new body makes me as horny as an animal in heat, I want you, all the time! I’m so hot for you, I want to fuck you all night, but I just can’t keep it back any longer!

I’m coming, honey! I’m coming! My seed flows into your mouth, strong and relentless like the tide. You suck my dick all the way in, and you swallow all it gives you. You milk out the last few drops, and let them run down your throat. You lick my dick clean, and look up at me. Your eyes are full of lust and satisfaction and love.

Oh baby, you are one Hot Mama!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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