Hot Sex In The City

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Fresh out of college, I moved to the big city and got a job as a cabbie. I was an hour or so to the end of my shift when my dispatcher yelled out to me; he informed me of a woman caller out at the Hot Spot, a popular dance club.

I took my cab out of the garage, saw that the rain had started to fall and headed for my destination. I pulled up in front of the club as three lovely women rushed over to my cab as they shook the water of their clothes; two blonds and a redhead. One of the blonds spoke up.

“Hi, I’m Christy. You don’t mind giving my girlfriends a ride to do you?”

Of course not, was I gonna reject three barely naked, wet women a ride anywhere. Plus I smelled alcohol on Christy’s breath and noticed her speach was a little slurred.

“Sure…do you girls have names?” I asked as I drove off down the street. The redhead was Jaime and the other blond was Heather.

“So where are we headed ladies?” I asked as I speed through the dark rainy night.

“The Stepson apartments over in Redwood, cutie,” said Christy.

As I drove on i heard the girls giggling in the back. I adjust my mirror so I could check them out. They were roaming their hands over each others wet bodies and kissing their soft skin. Clothing came loose, large and small breasts and skin were exposed. Then three sets of eyes connected to mine in the rear view mirror, along with warm smiles as the girls continued to make out.

I pulled into the aprtment parking lot and up to the girls’ apartment. I looked at the meter and then back at the girls.

“Did you enjoy the show handsome?” asked Jaime, the redhead.

“Sure did…you girls are hot.”

The rain pounded against the roof of the car. The girls glanced at each other and smiled in the backseat. Then Heather spoke up.

“Why don’t you come inside with us a catch the second act then?”

Like I said before, how could I resist three hot women. “Sounds awesome ladies…give me one second.”

The girls giggled to each other and dashed out of the cab and ran for the building. I got on my radio and told my dispatcher that the pick-up didn’t show and that I was tired and bring the cab back in the morning. Then I cleared the meter and turned it off. A grin came over my face as i opened the door and ran after the girls.

I met back up with the lovely women inside the building. They were standing at Christy’s apartment as Heather turned to me and motioned with her finger for me to come. The girls quickly walked inside. Christy walked into the kitchen as Heather and Jaime took a seat on opposite ends of the leather sofa. I shut the door behind me and removed my jacket, throwing it across a chair.

Heather and Jaime were beautiful, even though they were drenched from the rain. Long red and blond hair flowing over their shoulders. I could hear Christy in the kitchen pouring drinks as I took a seat between the two lovely ladies.

“I’m glad I moved here, this city sure is friendly,” I said.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Jaime said. My hands fell upon the wet flesh of the girls’ thighs. I turned to kiss Jaime as Heather crawled across my lap, her hand groping my erecting cock, to join our tongued kiss.

Christy entered the room with four glasses of whiskey. She smiled as she saw Heathe and Jaime pawing over me.

“Hey what are you all doing starting without me?” Christy said. We all three broke our kiss. Heather sat back down and took her drink. Christy stradled my lap as she begin sipping her whiskey. Jaime stirred her drink with her fingers and ataşehir escort wet her lips with the liquer. I quickly downed my glass and sat it in the floor.

My hands went to Christy’s hips as she grinded against my ever-hardening cock. I leaned in and began kissing her bare skin as I pulled at the straps of her dress. Jaime and Heather began rubbing themselves on either side of me. They began removing their dresses and moving in closer.

Christy stood up letting her dress fall to the floor. She stepped out of it as she knelt down between my legs. Jaime and Heather threw their clothing to the floor as well. They crawled over me as they both embraced with me in a three way kiss. Christy began working my jeans and pulling them down to my ankles. My 8 and 1/2 inch hard cock sprang forth and the girls eyes widened.

I peeled off my shirt and threw it to the floor. My hands ran down Jaime and Heather’s spines as the knelt on the sofa. Christy’s hands went to the base of my cock, picking it up as the girls scooted in closer. Three wet tongues then began licking up and down my hard shaft and over the large purple head. Heather reached in to cup my balls as Christy forced her lips over my cock. My fingers reached down Jaime and Heather, running over their wet pussies. My fingers sliding between two wet slits at the same time as they tongued my cock and Christy swallowed what she could of my cock.

As Christy began to force her head up and down on my cock, Jaime and Heather began licking up my chest. My arms around their backs as they licked my nipples. Christy gagged as she mouth fucked my cock, her lips clamped tight and her teeth lightly grazing the shaft.

Jaime then got a wicked look in her eyes as she climbes the couch, throwing her pussy in my face. My free hand then went to the back of Christy’s head, forcing her down to take more of my cock, she squeeled with delight. My tongue lapped between Jaime’s pussy lips as Heather continued to lick my nipples and kiss my chest, her hands roaming over my body. My fingers still probing Heather’s slick pussy as my tongue flicked over Jaime’s pussy hole. My hand on the back or Christy’s head moved to Jaime’s firm ass.

Christy then mounted my lap again, this time taking my cock in her tiny hand and rubbing her tight pussy over the head. She was soaking wet as she impaled her tiny cunt onto my massive throbbing cock. With a moan she began rocking back and forth and grinding her pussy. Heather turned her attention to Christy’s lovely firm tits; sucking the erecting nipples and groping the fleshy orbs. Christy starting bouncing up and down on my cock as Heather stradled over my stomach. She began grinding her pussy along my abs as she held onto Christy and began kissing her

I began to probe Jaime’s pussy with my free fingers. I looked up at her strained face past her luscious breasts. Her nipples hardened like erasure tips. Her moans turned into short breaths and small shrieks. My tongue flicked across her tender clit as two of my fingers jammed in and out of her, curved upward just enough to increase her pleasure. Heather’s fingers trailed down Christy’s body and stroked my cock as it slammed into Christy’s tight pussy.

Christy the romoved her wet pussy from my throbbing cockas she eyed Heather. Then Heather lifted her hips as Christy held my cock. Position right under Heather’s tight snatch, she eased her pussy onto my cock; one tight pussy loosened up then a second tight pussy, don’t know if I was gonna make it to three or not. Heather leaned back as she bobbed on my avcılar escort cock, Christy knelt to her knees and was licking and sucking at my balls. I began sucking at Jaime’s clit, her body began shaking as she started to convulse in orgasm. A flood of her juices washed in my mouth; she tasted so sweet.

She slipped back down to my side as she immediately started running her hands over Heather’s firm body. Kissing and rubbing her torso and breasts as Heather thrusted her tight cunt onto my hard shaft. Christy then started licking at Heather’s clit, the girls were helping Heather to her orgasm. I began bucking my hips up into Heather’s pussy as my hands went to her hips and sliding up her body groping her breasts, her nipples poking thru my fingers. Christy began rubbing Heather’s thighs and lapping at her clit. Jamie was kissing and sucking on Heather’s body as my hands meshed her lovely tits and my cock impaled her tight wet pussy. Heather then began to climax, her body shaking as she came over my bulking cock. She screamed as she violently spasmed over me, then she hopped of my lap and sat at the other end of the couch.

My attention then turned the Jaime as she lay on her back. I crawled between her luscious legs and slipped my cock deep inside my third tight pussy of the night. Christy crawled up between Heather’s thighs and began eating the cum from her pussy as I started banging Jaime’s tight wet snatch. Remembering I had already mady this redhead cum, I was working on her next orgasm. My balls slapping off of Jaime’s lil asshole as I drilled her deeper. My cock inching deep into her slick hole. Christy crawled onto the sofa, her tongue trailing up Heather’s sweet soaked body. The girls began kissing and stroking while rubbing their slick pussies together. They moaned and cursed while it seemed my cock continue to harden in Jaime’s pussy. Jaime looked into my eyes as her legs locked around my back; one hand holding her wrists above her head, the other hand griping her waist. Her tits bouncing as my cock pounds into her dripping pussy. Her eyes began to roll back in her head as she began to shake and twist her body, another flood of cum flowed over my cock. Heather and Christy cheered Jaime on as she finished her second hot orgasm. I pulled out and got to my feet as the three ladies sat up on the sofa.

“You know I still haven’t cum, baby,” said Christy from the middle. My hard slick, cum-covered cock in my hand.

“That thing looks pretty well lubed…how bout you stick that monster in my ass?”

A smile on my face as Christy turned to sit on her knees. She help on to the back of the couch and bent over. The other girls took their cue and began fingering Christy’s tight asshole. I slapped her ass cheek and grabbed a firm handful. The girls fingered Christy’s asshole, inserting two and three digits. Her hole opening more. Christy looked back at me telling my to ‘do it now’. I walked up to her placing the head of my cock into her asshole; damn it was so tight I could barely stand it after fucking three hot pussies.

“Fuck her ass,” Jaime moaned out. “Damn that’s so hot,” said Heather. “Do my ass next baby.”

I began sliding my cock in and out of the blonds hot asshole, my hands on her hips as I stuffed it hard. My cock was about to explode but I needed to hold it in if I was gonna finish Christy then fuck Heather’s ass. I began shoving my cock deep into Christy’s ass, Christy gripped the back of the sofa and let out a shrill screan as I penetrated her deeper. The girls moved under Christy and pawed at her jiggling ataşehir escort bayan titties. They stradled their pussies on each of Christy’s legs and began girating. I stepped onto the sofa and mounted Christy from behind, pounding my cock deeper into her tiny asshole. Soon christy face began to contort as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her body buck underneath me as my cock stuffed into her asshole, cum dripping out of her shaven snatch. She slowly calmed as I with drew my 8 1/2 inch monster. Christy then rooled off the the end of the sofa and feverishly began fingering her clit. I then looked down at Jaime and Heather…already getting on their knees and pointing their asses at me.

They smiled back at me as I first plunged my cock into Heather asshole; the girls had been fingering so it was easier for me to slide in. Eased my cock inch by inch deep into the blond’s asshole. I slapped a hand across Jaime’s bottom as the girls embraced in a moaning kiss. When I felt her ass begin to loosen and I was pumping a bit harder I quickly pulled out and pointed my cock into Jaime’s tender asshole. Poking it thru the tight canal, her face wincing as I push deeper. My cock thrusting in and out of the redhead’s ass while Christy continue’s to work her clit and moaning softly. I pull out and re enter Heather’s asshole, digging in deep. Then Jaime raised her leg and mounted over top of Heather’s back.

I fucked Heather’s ass deep then pulled out and shoved it into Jaime’s tight asshole. I alternated between the two stretched assholes til both the girls began screaming and sweating as orgasms poured thru the both of them.

I pulled out as the three girls lined up on the sofa, taking my cock into each of their mouths. The three each took turns stroking and sucking my cock, my balls tightening as the cum began building up. My cock was twitching feverishly, so I took control of it and began a slow jerk. The first hot load sprayed out of my cock hitting Jaime across the nose and in the corner of her eye; it also hit Heather’s pretty face, running down her cheek. Another hot load shot out hitting Christy’s upper lip, dribbling down her chin and splashed over on Heather’s lips. The cum hungry whores then began sucking the remainder of my seed out of my cock like a straw and licking it off their faces.

After all that we were exhausted. I found a seat between Christy and Heather. My hands rubbed their thighs as my cock softened. Christy spoke up. “Too bad Melissa wasn’t here. She would have loved you, baby”

“Who’s Melissa,” I asked.

“My roommate.”

“You mean Heather and Jaime don’t live here?”

“No we work with Christy at the Bowlers Gentleman’s Club. We were just having a fun girls’ night out,” replied Jaime.

“I tell you what I’ll give you my number and when Melissa gets back from her vacation you come back and see us,” said Christy, “you’ll love to eat her….she’s so sweet.”

The other girls moaned in agreement. We soon found the strength to get dressed and say our good byes. I got all the girls’ numbers and I headed out the door. Then the apartment door from across the hall opened. A beautiful Asian woman stood in the doorway.

“Hi handsome. I heard all the commotion in their last night. Sounded hot,” she said.

I walked up to her, “Yeah it got pretty intence. My name’s Bryan by the way.” I reached out to shake her hand.

“Talia, you must be worn out, three gorgeous woman to please. Why don’t you come back sometime when you have you’re strength hon?”

“Sounds like fun Talia. I’ll be sure and come back.

She remained in the doorway watching me walk away. I left the building, daylight was poking thru the clouds. I got in the cab; I had to return it to the garage after all.

More to come soon…

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