Hot Teens in a Cool Climate

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All characters are at least 18 years old.

The moderators asked me not to post partial stories so here is the whole story, based on real events


The summer of 1991 came late in Manistique, a small town at the top of Lake Michigan in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was June but still quite chilly in the North Country. School was out and I had just arrived and was picked up by my Uncle Heit at the Escanaba airport. I visited him and my Aunt Ellen (my namesake) every summer from the time my parents left Manistique when I was two, until I went away to college. I would be going off to college in the fall and wanted this to be the summer I would lose my virginity. I didn’t tell my uncle that of course.

We drove East from Escanaba to Manistique along U.S. Highway 2 as we had done every summer when I came to visit. It was a sixty-mile drive along the shore of Lake Michigan. My uncle told me it was a pathway that had existed for centuries, having been a trail used by Native Americans even before our nation existed. It definitely had that feel to it too. The scenery was beautiful with dark green pine trees growing in immense national forests and frequent breathtaking views of the sparkling blue waters of Lake Michigan. This far north it was a clean and pure lake back then, free of the pollutants in its southern latitudes.

Anyway, back to my plan to lose my virginity, I wanted my first time going all the way to be with a sweet, caring boy, but one whom I wouldn’t be able to see during the year. I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. I wanted to have fun in college and didn’t want to have a boyfriend back home. I had a particular boy in mind too. His name was Tommy Thompson, a red haired hunk of a guy who was a tight end on Manistique’s football team. He had a tight end too. I had hung out and flirted with him a few times in past summers, either at the library, or playing video games, at the bowling alley, or drinking green rivers (my favorite soda) at the drug store soda shop. He seemed interested and I hoped this summer he might ask me out on a real date.

I should tell you, dear reader of my diary, a little about me. I’m a bit taller than average height for a girl. I’m developing late (I hope) because I’m not quite even a B cup yet, and am very slender with small hips. I have long brown hair, which I don’t curl; I let it hang straight down to my butt. The boys at my high school tell me I have a nice ass and nice long legs too.

My dates always try to get into my panties but I haven’t let any of them yet, except to finger me. I keep my panties on, my rule number one until I go all the way. I let them take everything else off though and they are free to play with my breasts and suck my hard nipples. I get very wet when they do this and my panties are soaked by the time I get home but I won’t let them fuck me.

If a date asks nice and I like him a lot, on the second or third date I will give him some relief with a slow sexy blowjob and I usually swallow his cum. As a result, I have gotten very good at cock sucking and have something of a reputation regarding my superior oral skills. I will also let the boy return the favor by pulling my panty leg opening aside to lick me until I cum, but the panties stay on – rule number one, remember?

The same night I arrived in Manistique, I got a phone call from a boy named Claude. I had dated him over the previous Christmas holiday, when he and his parents were in Austin, escaping Manistique’s long frigid winter for a two-week vacation. I had gone on two a couple dates with him and on the second date, I gave him a slow sensual blowjob because he begged. He was so hard he was shaking as we kissed and petted while parked down by Lake Austin.

I guess he was impressed with the blowjob because my uncle said he kept calling to find out when I would be arriving in Manistique. He borrowed his dad’s car and we went to the local drive-in movie, one of the few in the UP still in business at that time. It’s not there anymore. I don’t remember the movie; we didn’t watch it.

The ad for the snack bar had not even finished when we started making out. He quickly unbuttoned my blouse all the way and unhooked my bra so he could play with my breasts and suck my nipples. I liked it a lot and my pussy was getting wet. He ran his hand up my thigh and under the elastic of the leg of my panties where he discovered how wet I was. He put a finger inside me and started moving it in and out while sucking my nipples.

I was very aroused and I was tempted to let him fuck me if he tried. His thumb was rubbing my clit while he fingered my pussy. He made me cum. I threw my head back, moaning and shaking. Maybe I would have let him fuck me. I’ll never know because after my climax he said he needed to be repaid and wanted me to suck him off.

I knew he expected me to do it because I had done it when we went out in Austin over Christmas. I didn’t mind so I said yes and unbuckled his belt. I unbuttoned ataşehir escort his pants and unzipped them, thinking how much more work it was to get a boy out of his pants than it was for him to lift my skirt up. I didn’t bother with his underpants and he left his pants around his ankles. We knew the drive-in had a guy who went around with a flashlight to stop people from doing this very thing so he might have to pull his pants back up in a hurry.

Of course, my blouse was still open and my bra was hanging loose so the guy with the flashlight might have a good view of my tits if he came to our car. I didn’t mind that either. It had happened before and there was no penalty other than a threat that they would kick us out of the drive-in. The management never made good on that threat because petting and oral sex were the main reasons people came to a drive-in movie. I guess my aunt and uncle pretended they didn’t know this.

Claude played with my small firm tits and I bobbed on his cock taking it into my throat until he was in my mouth all the way with his balls against my chin and my nose on his tummy. I had learned to give deep throat blowjobs years ago, practicing on bananas and cucumbers. I knew how to suppress my gag reflex so I wouldn’t throw up in his lap but I let my throat spasm a little because it made it tighten on his cock and I knew he would like that.

As he climaxed, Claude put his hands on my head and held it down on his cock as he spurted into my throat. I was able to take it all and swallow all his cum.

I don’t even taste it when a boy cums in my throat. Claude was pulling my hair and growling, emptying his balls into my tummy. I kept swallowing.

Claude leaned back in the car seat, panting. After he caught his breath, he slid his hand up my skirt and everything repeated. He fingered me until I came and I sucked him off again. We did this four times in all before the movie was over. Afterwards he drove me home, said he had a wonderful time, and dropped me off without kissing me. I guess that was because he had shot his cum in my mouth and didn’t want to taste his own cum.

Dear diary, as I write about this, I’m glad Claude didn’t fuck me last night. I’m just not into him that much. I want my first time to be more special, with someone for whom I’m really hot. Someone like Tommmyyyy, mmmm.


Finally, my dream came true! Tommy called me and asked me out. He had his own car too and drove me to a beach party a few miles out of town on the shore of Lake Michigan. There was beer and pot and we danced barefoot in the sand to loud rock music booming out from somebody’s portable stereo. I got very loaded, stoned on pot and drunk on beer. When one of the other girls took her top and bra off, not to be outdone, I took mine off too, even though she had much bigger tits than mine. Probably C cups I thought with envy, watching them bounce with energy and flair as she danced.

Tommy was dancing with me and staring at my tits. I guess he liked them okay. After this album ended, the music stopped and the boys were pulling their dates down onto the sand to make out with them. Tommy sucked on my boobs and, from the corner of my eye I could see the girl with the C cup boobs was having hers fondled and sucked too.

Other girls were undressing too. One was completely naked and her date was going down on her, licking her pussy. Tommy saw this and said, “That looks like fun. Would you like me to lick you, Ellen?”

To answer his question, I took off my shorts and panties, spread my legs, and smiled at him while spreading my pussy lips with my fingers. This was my dream guy, the boy I wanted to be the first to actually go all the way with me. I was happily abandoning rule number one by taking my panties off for him. I was shamelessly seducing him and wanted him to do me, right there in front of everyone. He went down on me. I could feel his tongue sliding through my slit and dragging across my clit. I moaned loud with approval.

I looked around while Tommy was eating me and saw two more girls were naked now and were giving their dates blowjobs. I knew couples would be fucking soon and I hoped we would be too. I ran my fingers through Tommy’s hair and moaned loudly as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy. I hoped Tommy would take off his jeans and mount me soon, pushing his cock deep inside me. My hips were rocking wildly as he delighted my pussy. I came, squirting into his mouth screaming, “Yesssssss!”

He slid his body up over my tummy and boobies until he looked me in the eyes and kissed me. I could taste myself on his lips. I was still very aroused. He had his jeans on but I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my tummy even through them. I reached down to rub him through his jeans and told him, “Take it out and put it in my pussy Tommy, just for a little while, please. I want to see what it feels like. I haven’t ever had one in my pussy yet. I’m still a virgin.”

Tommy bit his lip. He looked nervous avcılar escort but he nodded and said, “Okay, Ellen, if you’re sure.”

“Yes I’m sure!” I exclaimed as I unzipped his fly and fished his cock out. I rubbed it on my slit while I unbuckled his belt, unfastened his jeans, and pushed them down over his hips. I lay down on the sand and spread my legs. He climbed between my thighs. The head of his cock slipped barely past my inner lips and I told him, “Oh Tommy, it feels so good! Keep going, deeper! Put it in all the way!”

I guess I spoke a little too loud because one of the boys said, “Look! Tommy has his prick in Ellen’s cunt! He’s going to fuck her!”

I didn’t mind the crude interruption at all. I was determined to lose my cherry tonight and that rude jerk was not going to interfere. It was not to be though. Upon learning that others were watching us and would be commenting on his performance, Tommy got stage fright and his erection softened a bit. He pulled his cock head out of me. I was so disappointed. I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll suck it and get you really hard again in no time.”

I got up on my knees and made a move to go down on him but he pushed me away. “No Ellen, not tonight. It was probably for the best. I want you but I didn’t bring any condoms. Next time we date I’ll bring plenty.”

I thought, Oh my God, that’s right! Pregnancy! STDs! I was so eager I didn’t even think about those things. I said, “That’s very sweet of you to think of my safety,” and I kissed him again. I said, “At least let me give you a nice blowjob to repay you for the orgasm you gave me.”

He grinned. “That would be great! Do you swallow?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Then yes, please Ellen, I’d love a blowjob.”

This time when I went down on him, he let me take his limp cock in my mouth and it hardened in my mouth immediately. I guess it really turns boys on when they can tell I enjoy sucking their cock. I don’t find it distasteful or dirty at all. I read somewhere, I think it was in Cosmopolitan, that on average there are way fewer germs on a penis than there are in saliva during kissing. So I guess that makes sucking cock clean sex.

He wasn’t in my mouth long before he said, “Get on top of me with your pussy over my mouth. Let’s do a 69 and that way we can both cum.”

I was very happy to oblige, laying on top of him with my pussy over his mouth and his cock in my mouth. I hadn’t done this before and wow, it was just like making love to each other now, minus the fucking part! I hoped we would both cum at the same time. I felt like I was falling in love with Tommy that night.

The other couples had all started having sex too, either oral or fucking, so no one was watching us or making comments about what we were doing. Tommy didn’t get stage fright this time. His cock was hard in my mouth and he groaned into my pussy as I took him into my throat, my nose touching his balls. My hips were rocking as he licked me and my head was bobbing up and down on his cock, taking it all the way in and out of my throat repeatedly.

I couldn’t keep from making this slutty noise as his cock thrust up into my throat, “GUNGGG! GUNNNG! GUNNNG! GUNNNG!” I could hear the noise my pussy was making too as his tongue darted in and out, “SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH.” We had a rhythm going which was almost like fucking. My mouth slid up and down on his cock at the same speed his tongue darted in and out of my pussy.

I reached for his balls to see if he were close. I knew I was close. He was too. I could feel his balls tighten. He was going to shoot in my mouth any second now. I hoped I would cum with him. As if reading my mind, he chose that moment to take my clit in his mouth and suck it. I exploded, squirting into his mouth. He exploded at the same time, filling my throat with his thick slimy cum.

Afterwards, I turned around and lay next to him with my head on his chest and we cuddled. I ran my hand over his chest, feeling a bit of curly hair. He cupped one of my breasts and just held it in his hand. I tried to kiss him but he pulled back. I guess Tommy didn’t want to taste his own cum. It’s interesting how different boys think. It’s expected that you will let them cum in your mouth and they don’t mind tasting your cum. But many of them seem to think that tasting their own cum would make them gay or something.

The party was winding down. No one was having sex any more. One of the boys said, “Oh no, I just looked at my watch and it’s 2:00! My parents are gonna kill me! I gotta go people. Nice party, let’s do it again soon.”

This was the official signal the party was over. I too was worried about how late it was. I got dressed and so did Tommy. He held my hand sweetly as we walked back to his car. He drove me home and unlike Claude, he got out and walked me to the door. He kissed my cheek at the door and whispered, “Next time I’ll bring condoms.”

The porch light flashed on and off, which was my uncle’s signal that ataşehir escort bayan it was time for my date to go home and for me to come in the house. I thanked Tommy for a wonderful, night, opened the door and went up to my room to write about the night in my diary.

Yes, dear diary, Tommy will be the boy to take my virginity … soon!


Over the next week, I learned a lesson my mother tried to teach me. Tommy didn’t call the next day or any day that week. My mother warned me men were like that, promising to call but not keeping their promise. I guess Tommy is not going to be the one to take my virginity after all.

However, one night I met Leif and my outlook for the summer improved. I was at Brault’s one-lane bowling alley playing video games when a tall, lanky, blonde boy with blue eyes and a devilish smile approached me. “Hi there,” he said. “I haven’t seen you before. I thought I knew everyone in town. Are you a tourist or did you just recently move here?”

I shook my head, tossing my long brown hair. “Neither. I was born here in Manistique but we moved away when I was two. I come back in the summers to visit my aunt and uncle, the Heitmans.”

“Oh yes, I’ve heard of them, but never met them. Tell me your name, sexy. My name’s Leif, Leif Erickson.”

I laughed. “My name’s Ellen. Your name’s not really Leif Erickson, is it?”

“Yes it is. Go ahead and laugh. I’m used to it. I get teased about it all the time. I know he was a famous Scandinavian explorer who discovered America several centuries before Columbus came here. My Dad named me after him. I get teased about it a lot.”

I grinned at him and baited him by saying, “So what are you planning to explore, Leif Erickson!”

He looked at me like he was undressing me with his eyes. “Don’t tempt me to say what I’m thinking. I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful.”

“Just stop! I bet you say that to every girl.”

“No, just the prettiest ones. Will you go out with me, Ellen?”

“What? You mean on a date?”

He smirked. “No, I want to go duck hunting with you. Yes silly, I want to go out on a date. Our prom is this coming Saturday and I don’t have a date. The girl I had a date with came down with the flu yesterday. Will you go with me?”

I had attended the Austin High prom a week before I left for Manistique. School in Manistique usually lasted longer into the Spring because of all the snow days when schools were closed. I loved to dance. I loved proms and had gone to several ever since I was a sophomore. I was tempted but I also knew what boys expected from their dates on prom night. Did I want Leif to be my first? I wasn’t sure.

“Thank you but I couldn’t. I don’t know you at all and besides I don’t have a fancy dress with me.”

Leif had a big smile on his face now. He took my hands in his and said, “We have the whole week. Let’s get to know each other. I’ll take you out on a normal date first. I have my own car. I have a good part time job in the testing lab at the paper mill and make lots of money. If you decide you want to go to the prom with me, I’ll buy you a fancy dress. I’ll take you to People’s department store and watch you try on dresses. You can have any dress you like.”

Wow! This was moving so fast it was making me dizzy. I was thinking, Why is he so desperate to date me. I said, “I’ll think about it. Meanwhile you can take me out tomorrow night if you want. I don’t have anything else planned.”

Leif shook his head. “Not tomorrow night. I know you think I’m making the moves on you too fast so I suggest our first date be in the daytime so you won’t be worried that I just want to get in your pants.”

“Don’t you?”

“Honestly? Yes! Of course I do. What guy wouldn’t? You’re hot! But I promise to behave until you feel comfortable with me and want me to misbehave with you a little. I want your first time with me to be special.”

“What’s got into you? Why would you want to buy a girl you just met an expensive dress?”

“Because you’re ringing all my bells and I want to impress you and be with you this summer. So, is it a date for tomorrow?”

“Where do you want to take me?” I thought about the phrase, “take me” and how it could be interpreted and quickly added, “Oops, that came out wrong! I mean tell me where we will go on our date.”

“I thought we could go to Kitchitikipi. It’s a romantic place but there are always lots of people there during the daytime so maybe you’ll feel comfortable getting to know me better there.”

Now I was hooked. “I love Kitchitikipi. I’ve been there many times but never on a date. All right I’ll go with you. Pick me up about ten in the morning. Buy me lunch since you’re so rich.”

He said, “Great! See you tomorrow at ten babe,” and he sauntered off looking smug.

I thought to myself, I think he’s a bad boy but bad boys are hot. The way he looks me up and down as if imagining me naked makes me wet. Maybe I would like a bad boy to be my first.


The next morning Leif showed up promptly at 10:00 driving a sky blue 1978 Chrysler New Yorker. It was old but looked like it was running good and I thought, It’s an awesome make out machine; nice and roomy with bench seats.

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