Hotel Kenworth

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Frantically, the cop waved his flashlight, trying to get out of the way of the SUV that was sliding on the snow covered highway; but he was no more able to move than Kenny Sutherland was able to stop. Miraculously, milliseconds before squashing the police officer against his car, the SUV finally came to a halt..

Despite the brilliant, triple-coloured, flashing lights, atop the patrol car, parked across the highway, it had been impossible for Ken to see it.

Kenny was a complete, emotional wreck when the officer, not in much better shape, appeared at the window.

“Oh, my God, oh, my God,” Kenny repeated, over, and over.

“Take it easy, sonny, it’s ok,” the officer said, forgivingly, “It wasn’t your fault. You probably think I wasn’t too bright, setting myself up like that, in the first place, but that sudden, gale-force wind blew the snow into this blinding blizzard.”

“Oh, my God,” Kenny lamented, again, I almost killed you.”

“C’mon now, kid, try to pull yourself together, it’s all cool, now, except, you won’t be able to go on; the highway, north of here has already been closed…There’s a truck stop about a quarter mile back; turn right onto the first crossroad.” The officer directed.

“Thanks a lot and, by the way, If you’re going to stay out here, it might be a good idea to stand on the other side of your car.”

“Don’t worry, sonny, they’ll be sending a snowmobile to get me; no point in my staying here, now.”

Kenny didn’t get far before his four-wheel-drive SUV became, impossibly, stuck.

It took him the better part of two hours before he staggered into the small diner. The power was out; thus, the reason he’d had trouble finding the place. it was, indeed, small, with only a four-seat counter and four, tiny tables. Several oil lamps, supplemented by a scattering of candles, provided light. An older woman, behind the counter, slowly rocked in her chair, letting the man take care of the crowd of one. “Sorry, we can’t offer you much of a menu, under these circumstances.” said the man.

“Can I get a cup of coffee?”

“Sure. Here, take this,” he said, setting a lighted candle in hot wax on a saucer, “an’ go on over to a table,” he said,pointing towards the back of the room, “I’ll bring it to you, boy, yer lookin’ like yer ’bout ready to drop.”

Ken pondered where he’d go if the diner closed. But he decided he’d worry about that when the the time came.

“Ain’t never, in my life seen such a heavy snow storm…we never had no inklin’ it was acomin’,” the man said, placing the coffee mug on the table.

“Nobody knew,” ken agreed, “They didn’t say a thing about it on the radio…I listened to the forecast just before leaving Montreal.”

“Yep, strange, sure enough, ya think it’s that global warmin’ they’re all talkin’ about, young man?” He asked, seeming to be quite concerned about it.

“No, I don’t! I think global warming’s a scare tactic that’s somehow gonna fill a lot of pockets, if you really want my opinion.”

“Naught we can do about it nohows,” if ya want mine,” he said, laughing. He started back to the lunch bar and almost collided with another candle-carrying guy.

“Scuse me, my old eyes ain’t even much good in the daylight, no more,” the older man apologized.

The young guy, who had probably been in the washroom, placed his candle next to Ken’s on the table. “Mind if I join you; two candles are better than one,” he remarked, and taking Ken’s okay for granted, retrieved his coffee from another table. Ken was more than happy to have a cute guy, probably, close to his own age, to pass the time with.

“My name’s Kurt,” he said, offering his hand.

“I’m Ken…where ya from?”

“Practically everywhere,” Kurt replied, smiling broadly, “I have my tractor out there,” he said, pointing to a monstrous truck, “I’m on the road most of the time, but my official address is, Kelowna, B.C. What about you?”

“Montreal…Probably be there for some time, yet,” Ken went on to explain, “I’m a first year medical student at McGill…I’ll be specializing in Psychiatry, so I guess I’ll be there for another ten years. My home, like, where my parents live is Albany, New York… Have you always been a trucker, Kurt?”

“Ahh, let me see, I completed my driving course when I was eighteen…that makes it five years, I’m twenty-three.”

“How does your wife feel about you being away, so much?” Ken asked, fishing.

“Oh, I’m not married; I’m too young,” Kurt said, smiling.

“Don’t you get lonely…if you know what I mean?” Ken asked, smiling like a conspirator ally.”

“Not really,” Kurt casino oyna replied, smiling, “I’m quite handy, actually. By the way, how old are you?”

“I’m afraid to say…You’re gonna think I’m a child, compared to you…I’m eighteen.”

“Do you need your diaper changed, yet?” Kurt laughed, but Ken became excited by his mental image of Kurt putting a diaper on him. He wondered if Kurt had noticed.

“Why, do ya smell something?” Ken asked, causing Kurt to sniff, exaggeratedly.

The storm hadn’t moderated and that reawakened Ken’s concern about what happens if the diner closes. That combined with the fact the man was extinguishing some of the candles; of course, that may have been a conservation effort.

“Hey, Kurt, what happens if we get thrown out of here, do you think they’d put us out in the cold?”

“I’m not worried,” said Kurt, smugly, “I’ll be at the hotel.”

“What hotel?” Ken asked, excitedly.?”

“The Hotel Kenworth…it’s about forty feet from here,” said Kurt, smiling.

“I don’t get it, you’re joking, huh?”

“Nope,” Kurt said, “ya wanna go with me, it won’t be any problem.”

“Can your truck go, in this deep snow?”

“Let’s find out, Ken, C’mon with me,” he said, confidently, as he got up to put on his leather windbreaker.

“I can’t imagine how we can possibly go anywhere, but for some unknown reason, I feel you can do it…Okay, buddy, let’s roll.”

Once outside, Ken became less confident. “Shit, Kurt, the freakin’ snow’s up to my nuts. there’s no-“

“C’mon, just start walkin’, you’ll see, the snow’ll part just like the water did for Abraham.”

“Uh, huh” Ken said, doubtfully, “Didn’t Abraham have to strike the water with something?”

“We shall strike the snow with our legs as we go onward, my child.” Kurt said, in what he felt was a deep, biblical tone.

“Ok, Abe, you go first, I’ll faithfully follow in your footsteps.”

They struggled until they reached the truck, at which time, he announced, “We’re here, at last…the hotel awaits us.” He brushed snow from the front of the truck to uncover the Kenworth insignia. “There you go, my friend, the hotel sign, Kenworth.”

“Very funny, ya turd, I only hope Room-service is still available.” They were weak with laughter, as they tried to climb into the cab that, to Ken, seemed to be half-way to the sky. “Wow!” Exclaimed Ken, once he’d finally managed to climb over the console and fall into the luxurious bucket seat . “I never would’ve believed how incredibly comfortable these cabs are; it’s opulence is overwhelming, Kurt…I can’t remember ever being so wiped out by a truck.” Ken began to laugh, when he realized what he’d just said and remembering the near death experience of the cop. He told the story to Kurt so he’d understand what Ken thought was so funny.

“You ain’t seen nothin’, yet. Wait till you see the bedroom.”

Ken began to do some serious worrying. Bedroom had suddenly become a very ominous word. His age was one of very intense sexual desire and the question was not weather he’d get a hard on, but how he’d hide it from Kurt. He wondered if Kurt, at twenty-three, was already well past that embarrassing stage. Maybe, he thought, he could be comfortable spending the night in the bucket seat.

He was so absorbed in his conundrum that he hadn’t noticed that Kurt had already gone to the sleeping compartment. “C’mon in here, Ken.” The tone of Kurt’s voice sounded as though it had been a command, and his dick was already trying to stand upright.

“Ya know, Kurt, I’d be comfortable enough here. This bucket seat is fabulous.” His cock was already trying to tear through his pants.

“Don’t be silly, you’ll sleep a lot better lying down…and there’s plenty of room.”

Ya, sure, thought Ken. But he doesn’t realize there’d be three of us. “I roll around a lot, Kurt, you’d never get any sleep the way I roll around.” Damn, he said to himself, I must’ve sounded like a real dork, I could’ve said it only once, that I roll around.

Kurt returned to the driver’s seat to start the engine. “The temperature is dropping, fast; we’ll get us some heat in a couple of minutes, Ken.”

“Good, I was getting cold…Have you noticed the snow is up to the windows, now?” Ken asked him.

“Wow, that’s incredible…how the hell are we going to get outta here?” Kurt asked, hypothetically, as he opened the window to push his arm, as far as he could reach, up into the snow. “Holy fuck! Kurt exclaimed, startling Ken, who thought Kurt had caught him groping himself. He had been trying to improve on the position of his erect cock when Kurt caused him canlı casino to, accidentally, move his foreskin back, exposing his overly-sensitive knob to constant rubbing. Now, his condition was worse. “The fuckin’ snow’s covered us, completely.” Kurt made absolutely certain Ken understood the gravity of their situation.

“What’s gonna happen to us, Kurt, you got any idea?”

“I don’t think there’s a goddam thing we can do, Ken, other than go to bed and hope for the best. That snow must be awfully deep,” he said, again, sounding very concerned.

The problem they faced was sever enough to soften Ken’s cock. But, now, to make matters worse he needed to piss. “Kurt, I need to do pee-pee,” he said, lessening the tension, considerably. “What does the truckers’ manual recommend?”

“Well, you can poke a hole in the snow and piss in it, or, if you get a hard on, you can save yourself one step by simply poking your cock, directly, into the snow…frankly, I prefer the latter”, Kurt said, laughing.

“Usually, the latter would be easy for me but I doubt I’d be able to get hard with the tension were experiencing.” Ken was excited by the type of conversation they were having and felt more comfortable with Kurt, because of it. Kurt, too, was excited and anxiously looked forward to, possibly, seeing Ken’s cock.

Unable to wait any longer, he pushed his fist into the snow and pissed, while sensing that, behind him, Kurt was straining to see everything. For some unknown reason, he no longer felt nervous about showing himself. He shook his cock, vigorously, pushed his foreskin forward, then turned, so Kurt would see it, before putting it back in his pants. “Man, I sure do feel better, now,” he said, turning to see what he felt sure was a look of desire in Kurt’s big, blue eyes.

“What say we go to bed and hope were still alive in the morning?” Kurt asked, leaning over to squeeze Ken’s shoulder.

“I’d never fit in that bed, Kurt, I’m six-foot one…at least six inches taller than you.”

“Nonsense, that bed’s about nine inches longer than you, c’mon, you’ll be surprised by the luxury. good night’s sleep and we’ll feel great when, and, if we wake up.”

“Fuck, that sounds comforting. Is there some reason why we mightn’t wake up?”

“Well, carbon monoxide is one possibility, or, if we shut the engine down, there’ll be no heat and we could freeze to death.”

“Oh, fuck, aren’t you the classic, good humour man?” Ken laughed as he headed for the bedroom. He’d decided he didn’t care if he got an erection-Kurt could suck it, or leave it, he thought, smiling to himself.

“Do you really believe we might die from carbon monoxide asphyxiation, Kurt”

“It’s, definitely, a possibility, Ken, but what choice do we have? For me, I’d rather be overcome and die while I’m sleeping, than to freeze to death, what do you think?”

“I’d much prefer to not have to choose,” Ken said, mournfully.

Ken was turned on, big time, by Kurt’s well defined, upper body; he was not at all thin, as he’d seemed to be when fully clothed. What he thought was really quite remarkable, though, was how similar the shade of his dark, blond hair was to his own. They could almost have been taken for twins.

Difficult as it was, he tried to appear disinterested when Kurt finally dropped his underwear, but it was impossible. Kurt’s uncut, with it’s long foreskin, caused the erection Ken knew was inevitable. “This damn thing is always embarrassing me to death…it has a mind of it’s own.” Ken apologized, and continued removing his underwear.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about,” said Kurt, getting under the covers, “It happens to everybody.”

“I wondered if it still happens, at your age. Kurt.”

“I’m not an old man…of course it still happens; and for no apparent reason; don’t let it bother ya. Get under the covers and nobody’ll see it, though I can’t imagine why ya’d wanna hide it, Kurt said, laughing heartily.

The bed was certainly long enough, but a width of forty-two inches was a bit narrow. It was impossible to avoid contact with each other. However, Ken had to admit to himself that he was comforted by the warmth and closeness of Kurt’s body. It wasn’t long before Kurt asked, “Ken, will it bother you if I jerk off?”

“Of course not,” Ken replied quickly.

“It’s not something I’d normally do while someone else is nearby, but I got to thinking about the mess we’re in, and thought I’d like to enjoy what could be a last orgasm,” he said, adding, “I hope you understand.” It was some time before Ken was able to respond. He was thinking over what Kurt had just said, and realized kaçak casino that neither did he wanna leave without enjoying the same thing.

“Kurt, you think it might be a good idea to hold each another; I’d love to experience being close to another guy. Ya think ya could do that for me?” Kurt, immediately took Ken into his arms and kissed him hardly on his lips. Ken breathed a sigh of relief and licked Kurt’s lips till Kurt opened his mouth to Ken’s tongue. “I don’t feel so frightened, now, knowing we’re going to make love…thanks, Kurt.”

“Don’t thank me, baby, we’re sacrificing our heterosexuality for both of us,” Kurt said, as he sucked Ken’s cock deeply into his throat.

“Oh, my god,” Ken purred, “I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life.”

“Get up for a minute, Ken,” Kurt said, as he grabbed a couple of pillows and instructed him to lie over them, on his stomach. Nervously, Ken waited for the the pain, he was certain he’d feel, when Kurt’s large cock-head entered his virgin hole, but he was ecstatic when, instead, it was Kurt’s tongue penetrating him. Kurt licked up and down Ken’s saliva-slicked ass crack till Ken couldn’t take any more. “Oh, ohh, Kurt I’m gonna cum.”

“No, Ken,” Kurt shouted, “Turn onto yer back,” he instructed, then, taking Ken’s throbbing, precum-dripping cock into his mouth, Kurt swallowed till Ken sighed, contentedly.

Kurt’s cock softened in Ken’s mouth when Kurt, exhausted, involuntarily drifted into a deep sleep. Ken, his hand holding Kurt’s balls, and with carbon monoxide the farthest thing from his mind, finally slept, also.

“Kurt, Kurt, wake up!” Ken shouted, excitedly. Sunlight was shining in his eyes through the truck’s skylight. “Kurt, wake up! We’re alive. Are you listening, Kurt, we’re still alive.” Kurt shaded his eyes from the brilliant sun to look at Ken and smile, broadly.

“It’s wonderful, seeing you, again, baby.” Kurt said.

“The snow’s melting, Kurt, I can’t believe how much better it all seems, now…Listen! I think I hear the plows,” Ken said, shaking with excitement.

“It’s all good, now, baby,” Kurt said, hugging Ken, “They’ll have us outta here in no time.” Ken was sucking Kurt’s cock when they heard the banging on the tractor’s door.

“Anybody in there?” The rapper asked. Kurt wrapped himself in a blanket and went into the cab to open a window.

“Yep,” he told the highway patrol officer…”Mighty glad to see you. Is the road plowed, yet?”

“Yes, sir, it’s all clear and with this hot sun the snow will, probably, be completely melted by evening.”

“Thanks a lot, Kurt said, closing the window and returning to the bedroom. “Let’s get dressed, Bambino,” he said, affectionately to Ken,

“The only way I can pay the mortgage on this hundred and fifty thousand dollar limousine is by keeping it moving…let’s hit the road.”

Once on the highway, Ken, noticing how high they were over everything else on the road, bent over, unzipped and withdrew Kurt’s cock and sucked it into his mouth. Kurt pulled over to the shoulder and stopped. He reclined his seat to it’s maximum, slipped his pants and underwear below his knees, and surrendered the big cock to Ken.

“Oh, yeah, Ken, suck me real hard,” he moaned, while running his fingers through Ken’s hair.

“”Ummm,” Ken hummed, as the knob slipped into his throat. Kurt was as horny as a two dicked dog in springtime. Soon, he was groaning ecstatically.

“I’m gonna cum, Ken,” he said, breathlessly, “Try not to let any cum get on the upholstery, huh?” Ken made certain there’d be no mess. He greedily swallowed it, then licked Kurt’s cock clean. “Kenny, baby, that was a real prize-winning performance.”

“Good,” Ken said, proudly, “That was my first time, sucking a cock, and I loved it, Kurt.”

The SUV had been moved onto the shoulder and was completely free of snow, thanks to the roads department. Ken started it up, then

got out to get a final hug from Kurt. “Thanks for making my first time such a memorable occasion, Kurt,” Ken said sincerely, “I’ll recommend the Hotel Kenworth to all my friends.”

“No thanks necessary, Ken, Maybe it was even more fun for me.”

Ken felt a deep sadness when he heard the loud hissing sound of the air brakes being checked. Then, with Kurt waving from the window, the massive engine growled and the Kenworth began to roll. He watched till the truck, its massive exhaust pipe, high above the tractor’s roof, belching diesel smoke into the air, was almost out of sight.

“Kurt, you fucking, lying son-of-a-bitch!” He shouted, when he realized the exhaust pipe extended high above the roof of the truck, there hadn’t been the slightest possibility of carbon monoxide entering the cab; and Kurt had known that. “He conned me.” Ken said, then, after thinking it over, he couldn’t stop laughing.

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