Hotel Room Rendezvous

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Suzanna kissed me passionately as we stood in the lift as it traveled the ten floors from reception. I had booked us a luxury five star room for a romantic weekend in London where we planned on visiting some of the museums and art galleries; at least that was what we had told our friends and family. They didn’t need to know the true reasons for our trip, ignorance was bliss.

As Suzanna lent her petite body against me, I squeezed a hand over her firm rear end and kissed her back. We looked into each other’s eyes intently before hearing the lift come to a swift stand still allowing us access to the corridor where are room was located.

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” Suzanna asked.

I didn’t reply with words, only pushed her gently into the corridor and began searching out our room. She sensed my answer and playfully chased after me, aiming to find the room before me. Door after door when past as we move up the hallway; then we finally came to it. Room 1069 – our love nest for the next 48 hours. Suzanna opened the door, rushed in and jumped onto the large king size bed. The room was spacious, well decorated and offered a beautiful view of The City.

“When is he getting here?” Suzanna demanded eager to begin our fun.

Now we get to the real point of the trip… Museums and Art Galleries were very much off the cards for the next two nights. We had arranged something that was sure to prove much more fulfilling – at around 7pm we were due to meet Suzanna’s new fuck buddy. It was the first time we had meet in person; though we had swapped pictures by email and he came recommended by a very, very close friend.

Our man was due to become Suzanna’s first interracial fuck and Suzanna was clearly very excited and eager to get started. It wasn’t our first time with another man as we had enjoyed the company of our regular fuck buddy Derek virtually every Saturday night since we had met him 2 months ago. Our current plan had come together after a night of hard sex with Derek. Suzanna turned to me in the midst of a deep orgasm and uttered four simple words…

“I want black cock.”

Within days it had been arranged; in all honesty I had been preparing for it, what woman doesn’t want to have a big black cock and Suzanna had become a sex crazed beast since our first few encounters with Derek. I had also gotten used to watching her screw other men; it turned me watching her enjoy the liberation. The only conditions were that the guys she fucked had to be muscular and very attractive with a large cock, nothing but the best for my girl.

After a few hours in the room, getting ready and generally relaxing we headed to the bar to meet our man. The plan was to have a drink in the bar before I disappeared back to the room and topkapı escort waited for Suzanna to bring him up and begin her night of interracial love. I had picked a short plaid skirt and tight fitting, black low cut top, revealing and framing her petite cleavage.

Underneath where her favourite black lacy panties and bra and topped with a pair of knee high white socks and a pair of light blue shoes. Almost school girl-esque, innocent but capable of the hottest fucking in the whole of London.

Upon arrival at the bar we meet our man, he was a big guy, muscular as we had expected and very friendly. We chatted for about an hour, his eyes constantly on Suzanna and hers deeply on his. I sensed a two way attraction and was relieved when the conversation turned to our finely laid out plans. All we lacked was a starting point, how to break the sexual ice and get things moving.

At that point I decided to make a move, leaving my girl with her new man in the hope that they would work their way up to our room and begin the fun. I walked for a while around the streets of the city, taking in the atmosphere and allowing my imagination to run free. Finally my mobile buzzed.

“In the bar still, we just kissed for ages, he is so hot! Taking him up now, no action until you arrive.” The message read.

I had my signal, knowing that he would be limited to kissing until I could get back to the hotel; my cock throbbed as I pace walked back. I nearly allowed my hand to slip into my trousers as the lift went up the 10 floors, but held strong eager to get started.

I zoomed down the corridor and burst through the door to find Suzanna stood in the arms of her new lover as they kissed slowly, caressing each other’s bodies sensually and allowing their tongues to entwine. As I moved into the room I noticed Suzanna lift a hand to the back of his neck pulling him in closer and harder as he let a hand slip down her ass to her thigh where he lifted her leg and allowed her entire weight to rise into his arms.

Suzanna’s legs spread and wrapped around his large torso, their lips still locked in a series of hot, passionate kisses. I watched intently as his left hand wrapped around Suzanna’s body, lifting her skirt and grasping her waist as his right hand caressed her bare ass cheek and letting a finger or two brush her wet panties. Suzanna then pulled out of the kiss and looked at her man before pulling down her low cut top and removing her black bra.

He watched closely as her bare breasts bounced free inches from his face and then placing a hand on each ass cheek, spreading her tight firm rear and lifting her body so that her erect nipples were level with his mouth. Suzanna threw her head back, with closed eyes and arched her back as he kissed and fatih escort flicked his tongue over her breasts, paying close attention to one before moving onto the next. Finally he moved up her chest and neck, kissing passionately and then allowing his face to meet hers as they entered another loving kiss that lasted for some time.

After a while, Suzanna was back at ground level, sat on the edge of the bed as her man stripped naked, revealing his firm, toned torso and then the full package. His jeans and boxers came off in one swift move allowing his fully erect penis to bounce free inches from Suzanna’s willing mouth. Without so much as a word, she dutifully grasped at his big black cock and allowed her mouth to begin massaging the thick swollen end.

He was very big, at least 9 inches but more impressively, his shaft was so thick that Suzanna could barely fit her hand around it, let alone allow him a deep blowjob.

None the less, she tried and began covering him in slippery saliva ensuring he was wet enough for smooth penetration. At this point I was desperate to see him fuck her, so decided to speed things up by giving Suzanna some oral lubricating. I pulled her onto all fours at the edge of the bed as she continued to suck on thick black cock. I pulled down her panties and buried my face into her trimmed pussy, licking around her clit and then pushing my tongue into her tight pussy. I could feel her tensing as the intimate feelings shot up her spine, making her suck harder and harder on his thick cock.

Finally she could take no more and pushed her man into the centre to the room before jumping back into his arms. I watch from the comfort of the bed as my girlfriend jostled for position over a fresh new cock, her petite body was still clothed; the short skirt was firmly wrapped around her waist underneath her top and her legs were held by her white socks. She looked like such an innocent little slut about to be taught the true meaning of sex.

They kissed hard as he rubbed the thick swollen end of his cock over the entrance to her wet pussy, I sensed her bracing; preparing her body like a virgin again, waiting for a whole new sensation. Then it happened, her pulled apart her tender ass cheeks and allowed his thick, bare cock to slip into her tight pussy. He was now allowing his shaft to slide deeper into my girlfriends love hole and she was clearly enjoying the sensation of being stretched to new limits.

After a few minutes of slow entry, he held Suzanna in his arms and began to stare into her eyes. His bare cock was only half way into her but I sense a calm before the storm moment as her pussy stretched a little more to accommodate him fully. Suddenly, he held her tight and let her entire body drop, forcing his shaft into eyüp escort her until it was completely inside her tight hole. Suzanna let out a loud groan as her pussy dropped violently, forcing every ridge of his bare cock to hit the sensitive nerve ends all around her soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck my wet cunt, fuck me, fuck me!” She screamed at him as he held her firmly on his shaft.

I’d never heard her say that word but it really summed up how desperately horny she was for this stranger. Her pussy raged for an orgasm and her dirty mind needed his thick salty cum to fulfil her, there was no turning back now; my girlfriend had reached oblivion and the only way out was to spread her legs and take the hard, fast thrusts of a man she had yet to learn the name of. She was so horny that an orgasm was now a certainty, perhaps even two.

Finally he laid her on the bed, I moved so that he upper half was between my legs and I looked down at her as he began giving her harder and harder thrusts. I grasped at her tiny breasts and watched as his thick cock began to slide in and out of her pussy and his hips slammed against her. I pulled her legs up and moved her body to allow deep access to for his thick cock.

Before long Suzanna was moaning with deep, loud outbursts as her man fucked her hard and fast. Her hands grasped at his ass as he filled her, letting his cock slip in and out of her with vigour. Finally, Suzanna let go of herself and flew into a hard orgasm, her body shook hard as it ran up and down her spine. I held her tight as he continued to fuck her deep letting her lips meet mine as she let out short sharp breaths.

Suddenly the moment came and our man hit his own point of no return, his orgasm was building, fully intensified by my girls tight pussy wrapped around his naked dick. He pounded his hips against her with increased intensity as it built up; Suzanna arched her back and threw her head back against me, looking up before she slipped into a second intense orgasm that filled the room.

I looked down again as he finally hit the edge and his naked dick began to twitch violently inside Suzanna’s pulsing vagina. He gave one last thrust before slamming his balls tight against her pussy and letting his sperm enter her, shooting his warm cum into my girlfriends pussy as she used her last ounce of energy to rock herself over him ensuring every drop of spunk was emptied into her used pussy.

We lay kissing for some time; Suzanna was exhausted and lay fully content in my arms as we made out. Before long she had fallen asleep and our mystery man had left us alone to contemplate the dirty situation. My girlfriend had just openly enjoyed hard sex with a man she didn’t know the name of and now lay dosing in my arms as his warm salty sperm dribbled out of her stretched and used pussy.

We didn’t see him again but spent the rest of the weekend fucking like teenagers in our luxury hotel room. We definitely intended to open a regular account with the hotel…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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