I Can’t Live Without You

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Stepping out of her towel, Carmen crossed the room to find her panties. They were lying jumbled under the desk in her bedroom where she’d kicked them off to masturbate. White cotton and covered in tiny red hearts, Carmen’s panties barely concealed her hairy treasure. She’d been apprising herself in the mirror, the matted dark of her bush visible under the stretched, white cotton, when the urge to masturbate overcame her. Instantly wet and swollen, Carmen shoved her panties to her knees as she sprawled taught on the office chair in her bedroom. It had taken her only a minute or two to cum over her probing fingers as she ground them hungrily into her sopping cunt. At some point her panties had slipped completely off but Carmen had barely noticed.

Now she was showered and getting ready for Valentine’s lunch with Brad. Because he was married, dinner was out of the question. Brad would be with his wife, which Carmen accepted. When she’d lured him as her lover she knew he was married. It was part of the deal although the longer they were together the deeper they were falling in love. Anticipating lunch with Brad had been the impetus for masturbating. The thought of making love to him later in the day made her horny. She pictured his soft kisses on her back and his wide fingers stroking her hungry pussy. Brad had taken her to levels of ecstasy no lover ever had.

Carmen eased her panties back up, pulling them taught over her furry pussy. She smoothed between her thighs with her right hand, flattening the cotton flat against her bush. Otherwise naked, Carmen stole a long glance in the mirror at her firm slender body and full, round breasts. She smiled, reflecting that if she was irresistible to herself, what chance did Brad have? The answer she knew was none.

Anticipating Valentine’s lunch with Carmen, Brad hadn’t fared much better. An early riser – literally – he’d wakened with a swollen cock and visions of Carmen riding him. Lying on his back, Brad only needed a couple of minutes of gentle, two fingered stroking to soak the flat of his stomach in a creamy, warm load of fresh cum. He knew that enjoying this early release wouldn’t take anything away czech super models porno/ from the afternoon with Carmen. She was impossible to resist.

Brad had a special surprise for Carmen this Valentines Day. He’d purposely hidden the fact his wife had left a couple of days earlier on a trip with her parents. They appreciated her help and Brad had encouraged her to go, making it clear that missing Valentine’s Day would be ok. Brad had driven them to the airport.

Today, Carmen had offered to pick Brad up for lunch then head back to her place for dessert. However, Brad had another plan. They would have lunch, dinner, dessert, breakfast and whatever other tasty treat might come along, at his place. They weren’t going anywhere.

Carmen texted to let Brad know she was just around the corner. That was his signal to cover himself with nothing but a towel. He didn’t text back. Carmen would have to come to the door.

When Brad answered, his towel suddenly sliding to the floor, Carmen laughed. It wasn’t out of character for Brad to do something unexpected and she certainly appreciated his naked gesture. Rushing to get her inside and the door closed, Brad smiled sheepishly while guiding Carmen’s left hand to his dangling cock. She got the message: forget going out for lunch. With the door barely closed Carmen dropped to her knees, encircling Brad’s cock with her lips and stroking the suddenly stiffening shaft. Brad purred but refused to be thrown off. He had other plans for lunch including Carmen’s favourite – lobster mac and cheese. Their anticipation could build a little longer. Helping Carmen to her feet, they walked to the kitchen.

Lunch was excellent but it didn’t last long. Although Brad was now semi-clothed, the stage had been set and Carmen and Brad ate side-by-side, arms and feet touching, sparks of excitement slinging through their bodies. They talked about their business and dreams of someday being together. When they were done Brad encircled Carmen in his arms, engaging her in a long, taught embrace, her face pressed up against his. He handed her a card that said:

“When I saw czech tax porno you I was afraid to meet you. When I met you I was afraid to kiss you. When I kissed you I was afraid to love you. Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you. Love, Brad.”

Her eyes swelling uncontrollably with tears, Carmen held on to Brad for dear life, her face and body clinging to him desperately. She loved Brad more than anything and she needed to know that he loved her.

Walking slowly, arms encircling her, Brad lead Carmen to the bedroom down the hall. Kissing the tears from her soft face, Brad pulled Carmen gently onto the bed, cloaking her with his body, shielding her with his love. They kissed. Firstly softly, then intensely crushing their lips together, gazing wide-eyed at one another. Brad rolled on top of Carmen, forcing his strong legs between hers to spread them wide open and grind his swelling member into her jeans-covered bush. Suddenly raising his body from hers, Brad bent over Carmen to shower wet, hard kisses on her thighs and swelling mound. Moaning, Carmen tugged at the belt on Brad’s jeans, fumbling to undo it. Brad helped her and his hard cock sprung loose, suspended inches from Carmen’s face. While she reached up to stroke it, Brad reached down, moving his fingers from the flat of her stomach down under her tight jeans and soft panties to her moist, furry mound. As Carmen stroked him, Brad stroked her.

Parting her furry lips, Brad inserted his fingers deep into Carmen’s soaking folds. Carmen tilted her head, caressing the tip of Brad’s cock then opening her mouth wide to take in most of his length. Withdrawing his hand from her soaking Valentine’s panties, Brad slowly withdrew his cock from Carmen’s mouth while sliding lower on the bed to tear away her jeans and moistened underwear. Now released, Carmen’s furry bush erupted from her milky white thighs. Transfixed, Brad lapped at her sopping hair hole, plunging his thick rod into her. Carmen gasped, writhing to meet Brad’s every thrust. Brad pushed forward, wrapping his arms tightly around Carmen’s head, his elbows over her shoulders and staring into her wide eyes. Thrusting defloration porno deep between her thighs, the scent of their lovemaking permeated his nostrils — a musky combination of sweat and pre-cum mixing with Carmen’s sticky, soaking juices. It was an intoxicating mixture that drove both of them to a writhing frenzy, insanely grinding all parts of their naked bodies against each other.

Withdrawing urgently from Carmen’s sopping thicket, Brad kneeled over her quivering slit, grasping his rod just in time to direct a creamy white load shooting over her hairy bush and all the way up to her heaving, sweat-glazed breasts. Squealing, Carmen raised her head to hungrily suck the remaining drops of cum from the throbbing tip of Brad’s sticky rod. As she relaxed, Brad reinserted his cock into Carmen’s slippery hole then kneeling, he suddenly raised her legs up over his shoulders. Unexpectedly, his fingers traced the dripping trail of juices dripping from Carmen’s cunt to her round, tight asshole. Gently stroking it, he filled it with his wide, wet middle finger. As he thrust softly with his slippery digit in Carmen’s anus, his cock pounded urgently into her cunt. Without warning, Carmen exploded, writhing uncontrollably, her legs clenching tightly around Brad’s head, her body rolling from side to side. Carmen was gone. Eyes rolling back in her head, she was overcome by ecstasy, juices flooding from her pounding cunt and soaking everything including Brad and the messy white sheets they were both lying on.

Brad felt immensely proud. He loved bringing Carmen to climax like this, the same way she loved doing the same for him.

Hours later, still lying in bed, their bodies returned to a state of calm, Carmen and Brad shared their mutual appreciation for having the other as a lover. Neither had ever been with someone they connected so comfortably and easily with. Neither had ever been so turned on by someone else’s body and the hungry thoughts of what the unbridled sex was like. Laughing, both of them easily admitted to masturbating earlier in day while thinking of the being together. Carmen found her purse and handed Brad the Valentine’s card she had made for him. It read: “I always looked for someone I could live with but I ended up finding someone I can’t live without. I love you. Carmen.”

As Brad softly cried, his cock began to swell and Carmen felt warm juices starting to soak her silky folds again. This Valentine’s Day was a long ways from being over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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