I Did the Easter Bunny

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Yesterday I was walking in the mall killing time during my lunch break. I walked past the open area where they had set up the big chair and the camera, for kids to take a picture with the Easter Bunny. As I passed by, I was looking at the Easter Bunny, and he waved at me. Since I couldn’t see the person inside, I wasn’t really sure if he was waving at me or not, but the big head kept turning as I walked by, and continued to wave until finally, I waved back. He then motioned me to come over, and I thought, why not, I’ll take a $5 polaroid with the Easter Bunny.

Since it was lunchtime on a weekday, there wasn’t a line, so I walked past the white picket fence that was set up for kiddie mob control, and sat on EB’s lap. A fluffy white paw went to my waist, and I heard a male voice from inside say, “What’s your name?” I told him my name was Angel, and he said, “very sweet…” as his paw moved down from my waist, down the curve of my hip, and settled on my ass.

The Easter Bunny was hitting on me! was all I could think. Just then, the photographer, dressed in green with a purple tulip headpiece, yelled “smile!” and snapped the picture. I was caught off guard, and blinked right when she took it, so I requested another. All this time, EB’s paw was moving over my ass, caressing it. Thinking I’d have some fun, I moved from one side of his lap to the other, rubbing my ass over the crotch of his bunny suit. When I settled myself on his other leg, I looked at EB and saw that the furry chest beneath his bright green vest was visibly taking deeper breaths.

I smiled at him, evil, and asked, “What’s wrong EB?”

His muffled voice said, “Got dvd full porno anywhere to go after this? I’ve got a break coming.”

I checked my watch and said, “I’ve got about 40 minutes until I have to be back at my office.”

Just then, the purple tulip-head said, “Are you ready?” How nice of her to ask. EB and I nodded yes, and she snapped the photo. I got up up from EB’s lap, and he stood up behind me. He told the tulip that he was taking his half hour, and that we’d be back for my picture later. EB took me by the hand and led me to one of the doors that led to the maze of hallways behind the mall stores. We walked through several hallways, before he finally stopped at a door.

“Where are we?” I asked.

He looked back at me, but didn’t say anything. He opened the door and I could see that this was the storage room/dressing room. There were Santa suits, elves costumes, an extra bunny suit, and even different colored tulip heads. There was also a vanity table with a large makeup mirror surrounded by lights. He led me to the table, cleared it off and sat me down with my back leaning against the mirror. He removed his paws, and put his hands to my knees to open my legs. His hands moved up and down, under my skirt and over the insides of my thighs, getting closer and closer to my panties. I started aching for him to touch me, and finally felt his finger slipping past the elastic of my thong, and over my wet slit. He slipped a finger inside me, then two, watching as I met his hand with every finger fucking stroke. My head was leaning back on the mirror, looking into the big black eyes of the Easter Bunny ensest porno as he brought me to my first orgasm.

He put his finger to my lips, and I licked my honey from his fingers. Standing up, I took off my clothes. I reached for the crotch of the suit, and felt his erection, and knew that he liked what he saw. He unzipped the zipper that started under his green vest, and went down far enough for me to reach in. I opened up his suit, and out popped a throbbing, 8 inch cock, already dripping with pre-cum. I licked the tip, savoring the salty sweet taste spreading over my tongue. I then licked all around his head, and slowly let him into my mouth. I don’t know if it was to be funny or kinky, but he had put his paws back on. They were on either side of my head, pulling me forward gently. When he hit the back of my throat, I started moving his cock in and out of my mouth. My one hand pumped his meat and the other reached into his costume to massage his balls. He moaned in pleasure as I sucked on him, and I could sense that he wasn’t going to last much longer. I took his cock into my mouth as far as it would go, relaxing my throat to take it all in. It sent him over the edge and he came hard. A few spurts went down my throat, the rest hit my breasts and neck.

I cleaned myself off, taking two of my fingers and scooping his cum from my skin to my mouth. By the time I had gotten every drop, he was rock hard again, just from watching me. He stood me up and had me sit on the vanity table again. Opening my legs wide, he stepped between them, his huge hard-on jutting out in front of him. I could feel the fur of his costume on my fake agents porno inner thighs, and looked straight into his rabbit face as he plunged into my pussy, giving me all 8″ at once. I gasped at the sudden invasion, then began to move with his deep,steady thrusts. His paws reached behind me and grabbed my ass, pulling me towards him and taking him as deep as he could go. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, nestling my naked body into his fur as he impaled me over and over. I could hear his muffled grunts from inside the costume head, and suddenly wondered if he was hot in there. He stepped out from between my legs, and turned me around so I was bending over the table. Now I was looking into the mirror, and I swear, I almost started laughing at the sight of this big furry rabbit, paws on my hips, about fuck me over a table. But then he was in me again, and all funny thoughts disappeared as he pounded into me, with the same intensity as before. In this position, I could feel his shaft rubbing my clit, and I could feel another orgasm build. I moved with his thrusts, backing into his hips and feeling his balls against me. The sensations were too much, and an orgasm ripped through my gut, making my knees buckle. He was about to come too, and mercilessly fucked me as my inner walls spasmed around his cock. I felt him swell, and right after he blew and enormous load of cum into me, and didn’t stop his thrusting hips until the last drop made its way out.

He stayed inside me until he was limp. When we finally pulled apart, I started getting dressed, and he zipped up his costume. Neither of us said a word as he took my hand into his paw and walked out of the little room. When we were back in the main part of the mall, he pulled me to him and hugged me. He said, “How does it feel knowing you just fucked the Easter Bunny?”

I laughed and said, “Don’t tell him I said this, but you were definitely better than Santa!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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