I didn’t know My Ex was a Squirter

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We’d known each other for years. Yes we had dated but that felt like aeons ago. But tonight was not homage to what had transcended those many years ago. No it definitely wasn’t. It was just about being around each other without either, driving to someone’s house or to a party or dropping her back home after one. All we wanted to do was to spend some time together. Like we used to. Like we were comfortable doing for hours on end without actually feeling obliged to engage one another. Just being in the same room and feeling our auras around each other. Read a book, listen to some tunes, drink some chai/ coffee. The simplest of things. That’s all we required.

It was the middle of summer and boy was it getting a tad bit uncomfortable. All I’ve wanted to do since summer started was to book a room in a nice hotel, get naked and crawl into those crisp, white laundered sheets. Probably even shut the blinds so that I didn’t know what time of the day it was as I rolled around searching for patches of cold comforter. A complete hibernation of sorts.

I didn’t know what to expect when I asked her if she wanted to partake in this grand plan of mine. Thinking that it would be the perfect excuse to finally get to spend some time with just her, I asked.

“Would you like to get a hotel room with me where we could just chill and not be disturbed?” I asked after mustering the courage to be less than shy.

“Yes!” She replied with almost no hesitation.

And so it began. We booked a room at the Raddison. Not particularly the best in town, but contemporary, clean, hospitable and fairly priced. She got the jump on me and checked in a whole 3 hours earlier than when I had proposed to go there.

As the elevator sped upto the floor our room was on, I took time to reflect on what I could expect from this little secretive deal of ours. I snapped out of it and denied myself the right to draw any assumptions. “Just go with it” I quietly exclaimed to myself as the doors opened to our tryst and to an evening that I probably will never forget.

She was curled up in the sheets when I entered the dimly lit room. I could get the faintest smell of her. She knew I had entered and whimpered a soft “hi!” I dropped everything and crawled right in.

As I engulfed myself with those soft white sheets I had been longing for, I immediately felt the familiar. Her warmth. For those few seconds or less, it felt like nothing had changed. We lay there for a while. How we passed it I don’t recall.

The rain compelled us to order chai and coffee. A joint to compliment it, and her company to trump it all. Is familiar good? In this circumstance it felt comforting. The comfort of not having to converse when nothing needed to be said. Just staring at the rain and engaging in the most casual discourse. There often came moments where I just wanted to grab her and kiss her on the mouth. But I didn’t know what to expect and so I extinguished the thought train as it stemmed. And stemmed it did, from there on out.

As the evening fluttered by with joints, music and conversation, the time came where our prerogative beckoned us to get ready and head out for dinner. She of course had to shower and that gave me sometime to reflect. The entire evening had gone by and neither of us instigated the slightest initiation towards making something happen off this evening we had planned. A pleasant evening this would be I thought to myself as I enqueued the next song and read my evening article.

The next thing I know she was waltzing out of the shower buck naked! I hadn’t seen her naked in years and I couldn’t help but notice how her body had transitioned from the petite, young 20 year old I knew and adored, to this beautiful, bodacious minx standing right in front of me. Her hair bunned up as beads of water trickled down her neck, down to her dainty shoulders where the tattoo of a Mandala patched itself onto her arm. Her shapely breasts were no longer those of an adolescent. They now belonged to a bold woman, exuberant and confident. One not ashamed of her body and free of inhibitions.

Whether she wanted me to notice or not didn’t matter, because I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she slowly made her way to the bed where she laid out her inner wear for the night. I felt almost disheartened when she covered her breasts, even more so as she put her panties on. Slipping her long, slender legs into them and covering up her bottom. What felt disheartening initially, instantly manifested to lust as I noticed those weren’t ordinary inners she was sporting. They certainly weren’t. What she was wearing was a pair of black and pink lined lingerie!

“How do you like it?” She questioned me, knowing the effect she had on me since she walked out of the bathroom. I knew better than to drool, after all, I conceived this plan. Nonchalant is the way to go I said to myself.

“You look gorgeous!” I exclaimed as I grabbed her and seated her on my half tented lap. Taking in her aroma and running my hands on her thighs, I wanted to have her then and there. fake hospital porno I wanted to throw her on the bed and sink my teeth into her until pain set in and yelping was heard. I wanted to taste her. All of her. Her skin, her lips, her saliva… her cum, her piss… her blood. Tonight I would take it all, I thought many a time. But what held me back from being utterly ravenous was the place she held in my heart and mind. Dinner was on the cards, and dinner is what we shall have! The rest can wait. After all, the dinner was planned months before this rendezvous was.

Through the city we roamed until we reached our fine dine. A place from her childhood memory. She wore a smile as she perused the menu and reminisced the times she went there with her folks. It instilled a feeling of pride in me that I could bring her here, and bring that wide grin on her face. I’d have taken a picture, but I knew that smile only too well to ever let it seep out of the vestiges of my memory of her. It was easy to be around her, but what I feared was how much easier it was to fall in love with her all over again.

Before I knew it we were driving back to the hotel. As the elevator climbed I couldn’t help myself. The sight of her in that dress, and everything that was under it consumed my consciousness. I needed her. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer and leaned in. She didn’t hesitate when my lips met hers. And surely she gave into it. I loved being kissed by her. I loved tasting her this way. It was so intimate yet carnal. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock as the intensity grew. Our heart rates increasing, as she moved closer to feel my cock rubbing her.

The lift opened before I knew it and the moment had passed. That look she gave me as she walked out I could never forget. It was the look that I couldn’t have her tonight. The little tease. I bit my lip as I followed her to the room. Little did she know that I would have her anyway I pleased. I would claim her body for my own seeking and ravage her until she squirmed of sexual impulse.

Whether she liked it or not, I would be in her tonight.

She went straight to the bathroom as the lights came on. I helped myself out of my pants and poured myself a drink. It was still drizzling outside as I stared on at the city lights. The traffic encompassing the lake creating a snaking path of blinking lights. The lake acting like mirror for the moon. The night was perfect and I couldn’t help but crack a smile at how we got here. The whiskey went down smooth.

She came out wearing her night gown. Mustard. It fell beautifully on her body as she made her way to the telephone where she ordered Vanilla ice cream to go with the whiskey. We rolled a joint and cut the lights, the only illumination coming from the moon engulfing her face partially. We spoke of our lives and the people we had encountered. The women in mine and the men in hers.

The whiskey and vanilla complimented the joint famously inebriating us to a point where we started talking of the sexual adventures we sought in the future. We were comfortable enough to speak of the darkest corners of our perverted minds. She was just as horny as I was, which meant that regular sex didn’t quite cut it anymore. We both wanted more from sex. Whether it was with someone we had just met or someone we were seeing. And slowly yet surely we started speaking of the unspoken. The taboo vestiges of sexual acts that were rarely visited by those with shame and demure. Acts that were left out in the dusty sections of the Kama Sutra. Not meant to be understood and executed by the normal and mundane. Just writing this down has made me hard and makes me want to chew her up and spit her out for the dauntless minx she is.

She told me of how she wanted to be the head mistress of a queer brothel of sorts, where women would be on display in glass vestibules and men would come and choose who they would want to fuck for that evening. She told me how she wished to run the establishment and if they paid the premium, would get to fuck her. She told me how she masturbated to the thought of getting fucked multiple times a day while she ran this vile palace of lust and defilement. I could feel her breathing get harder as she said it and I could tell she was getting wet by just the thought of it.

I told her of my fantasies. Of how I wanted to taste the woman. Of how I wanted to hurt her and draw her blood. How I wanted to have her taste it from my mouth. How I would treat her and watch her as she orgasmed out of control while I drank libation of cum and piss from her pussy and leave her there until I chose to use her again.

I was so hard by now she could’ve felt it lining her back as I made no effort to conceal it, prodding her every now and then to know how badly I wanted to violate her body.

“I’m really horny” I said to her in a hushed voice.

“Was it the lingerie or the night gown?” She replied as she turned her head to face mine.

I ran my hands along her thigh, fake taxi porno bunching the satin of her dress as I went up. Her skin was filled with goose bumps as I made no effort to get to her navel fast.

“Its your everything!” I said in an exhaling tone as I grabbed her hair and kissed her deep. We transitioned into 2 starved animals of the night not wanting anything more than having our fluids flow in abundance. Our tongues winding as we exchanged saliva, only breaking contact to catch our breath. I pulled her straps off her shoulders and whipped her dress off her body exposing the lingerie I had been so keen to rip off. I kissed her again as I ground my dick through the layers separating my dick from her pussy. Her breathing getting faster and harder as she wound her legs around my back.

“Im so wet!” She spoke into my mouth breaking our tongues from their slimy dance only to get back to it.

I knew what I wanted but it wouldn’t come that easy. I had to get her to completely give herself up before I could do it. I had to play with her a little. Get her to the point where all she cared about was to fuck and cum and convulse while she came over and over. And I would give her that gladly but not only in the way she wanted it. I would give it to her in the way I enjoyed it most. With my tongue!

“Fuck me!” She exclaimed as she pulled my dick out of my boxers. We didn’t have the patience to even get rid of our garments as she pushed the fabric of her panties aside so that I could enter her.

There was nothing slow or intimate about this. There was no foreplay either. And that, by my book was selfish and unbecoming. I humoured her by entering her. Fast and hard. I filled her pussy with my cock which by now was veiny and coated with her cream.

The warmth which I had felt years ago now refreshed my memory. The warmth of her walls and the frictionless effort with which I penetrated her in conjunction with her moans scented with whiskey, vanilla and marijuana created a concoction of impulses in my head that could’ve made me cum then and there had I not pulled myself together.

I pulled out and my hands went straight for her panties which I yanked off. My hands went for her knees which I used as a lever to spread her legs exposing that which I had been waiting to taste since we left to dinner. Her salty, glistening austral lips. Before she knew of my intentions I dove right in. Ever since I could remember she never truly liked being taken care of this way.

As soon as I got to it, as soon as I got to taste that salty bodily nectar, her thighs snapped in rejection, squeezing my head like a watermelon.

“Not my pussy!! I don’t let anyone do it!!” She moaned in rejection.

She squirmed trying to wriggle herself free or my grip. But there was no stopping it. There was no stopping what I started to finish. And I wouldn’t stop until she finished. Squirming still, I grip her thighs and pinned her down like the sex maniac she was, all while not breaking the contact my lips had with hers. I relished the very taste of her sex, lapping her pussy up like a parched dog. I could feel her buckling under her own sexual intimacy. Doing to her what she wouldn’t let others do. Defiling her womanhood under no control of her own. She was mine for the taking, and take it I would. All of it would be mine. All of her would be mine. The carpeted corridor outside absorbed the sounds we were making as I continued to conquer her pussy. Licking up every drop of cum she oozed and relishing the odour it emitted. I’d been so thirsty, for so long.

The quenching of my parched sexual eros sent my head into a state of dizziness. The craving, no drug could sate and no spirit could quench. It was mine, and treat it that way I would as she submitted herself to my overwhelming drive to eat her whole.

Her attempts to foil my quest died down and now transformed into one of desire. The soiree we had, didn’t foretell the acts we were committing. Our desires now was that of a highly sexual disposition. The want and need to fuck! To consume! To ravage! To defile! To violate! and to cum! Just how much though, I didn’t know. Our intentions were purely for the moment whether it got over that instant or lasted the whole night.

“Im cumming!!” She gasped!! I knew by then by the taste of her sex. The buckling of her hips as her body convulsed. The involuntary contraction of her pussy walls around my tongue told me she was on the brink of an orgasm as she came into my accepting mouth. Finally I got what I had come for. Or did I??

“Get over here and fuck me!!” She said in a rushed tone.

Pinning her leg on my shoulder, I penetrated her. My mouth glistening with her fresh cum, my tongue fresh with the taste of her bodily emission. A taste I needed her to taste. As I heaved and filled her until I could fill her no more, the bed shook on its castors. Her hands trying to grab onto a post where there was none, she settled for palming the cushioned headboard as my thrusts matched her family stroke porno welcoming rhythmic shifts creating a harmonious duo of forward and backward motions. I lowered my body and kissed her hard, muffling her moans. Her tongue finally tasting the mighty orgasm she encumbered a while ago.

“Do you like the taste of your cum?” I gasped into her mouth. She answered with a new wave of vigour. The range of tastes and smells threw caution into our surroundings as we continued to live in this state of sweaty selfishness.

“Fuck me harder!!” She screamed as she scratched the length of my back.

“You like to be fucked like this don’t you? You like it when I fuck you like the dirty slut you are!!” I said. She moaned in agreement.

“Im gonna fuck you like a whore! Like my whore!!” I yelled as I thrust harder and deeper into the depths of her sex.

I pulled out of her and got on my back.

“Get on me” I ordered. But before she did, she grabbed my dick and engulfed it with her mouth. Dripping it with fresh saliva as she twirled her tongue around my shaft. I grabbed and bunched her hair so that I could get an unperturbed view of this gorgeous woman relishing my cock. Watching her head bob rapidly as she swallowed me whole, was almost as good as her riding me or so I thought for that minute or two. A couple of seconds more and I would’ve spewed right into her mouth.

She withdrew from her rhythmic sucking one last time and finally straddled me. Slowly teasing my cock as she rubbed the tip onto her dripping pussy.

“Just the tip” I moaned as she seductively danced on my cock, slowly lowering herself, an inch at a time before withdrawing. God she was such a fucking tease. My impatience was mounting and brimming by now and I needed to be in her. I needed to feel her insides once again where I had been not too long ago.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me like the slut you are!” I groaned.

She loved being called names when we were fucking like this. She loved being told what to do and how good she was at doing it. The moment ended with her dropping herself on my hungry cock. Her pussy was so wet by now, my cock just slipped in and disappeared into her warm, sliminess, sending a fresh wave of moans and sexual intensity into that well insulated room.

Even through the darkness I could see the silhouette of her breasts bouncing as she strode me. I could hear the new wave of cum as my dick splotched in and out of her. I could feel her heart rate increase as I pulled her lips to mine and she moaned into my mouth. She was such a passionate lover.

I could feel her cream dribble slowly down my balls as I closed my eyes and took it all in. Savouring the moment before it fleeted away. I could feel her perky tits rubbing against me as I cupped her ass and squeezed it. Our thighs slapping every time she dropped onto me.

With every moan of hers I breathed her in. I was tasting her soul as she poured it into me, edging me closer and closer to a mighty orgasm that I had been saving up. Like animals we paraded our lust to cum. Our lust for cum. And my time was coming close. It just required one final act.

I wanted to taste her pussy as she rode my face. I wanted her cum to drip down my chin as I lapped her up while she grinded and gyrated her hips on my lips. This I knew would work for her just as well as it would work for me.

Before she knew it, I lifted her by the bum and planted her right onto my awaiting lips. With no resistance, she took her position atop my face.

“Grind me baby!!” I said in a half mumbled tone, taking her essence in with all I had. Lapping and gobbling her sex, she gyrated her hips on my mouth all the while oozing our forbidden love into my mouth.

Her heavy breathing becoming heavier, her moans becoming more distinct, my disposition elevating to want to take in her all. Every now and then I’d sneak my tongue into her ass hole as her pussy moved further up my face suffocating me with her swollen labium. She was a maniac, and so was I. So raw, so uninhibited, so fulfilling was its nature, it would be a shame if we didn’t cum in that instant just by the sexual energy we were emitting.

“Im gonna cum!!” She uttered in her rushed voice.

“Cum for me baby! Give it to me!” I groaned.

I could feel her body convulse. The involuntary clenching of her muscles. Her thighs tightening up around my head. I knew it was coming, and it was coming hard. And I couldn’t have been readier. Or that’s what I thought in my disillusioned state of sexual madness. So electrifying was that moment, just a prick would’ve set off a reaction of immense fulfilment.

“Im cumming!! Im cumming!!” She blurted out as her vaginal walls caved and sent her into a dizzying frenzy.

At first I could taste the emission as she came into my mouth. Grabbing her ass and pushing her sex into my face for that last bit of stimulation as my tongue wriggled furiously in her pussy.

You then raise yourself as if to dismount me. Unknown to me, you were far from done. You start rubbing your clit furiously as you start moaning again. You send out a spew of cum onto my face and into my mouth. Still rubbing your pussy in wild abandon, your pussy starts spurting out fluid like a broken faucet. That warm liquid trickling down your fingers and onto my chin and neck.

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