I Got More than I Bargained For Ch. 01

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This is an extension of a story I wrote some time ago, ‘Lisa does her first porno’ and it is set many years after that story.

I guess you could say it is a follow-up which brings her to today.


My name is Tony and my wife’s name is Lisa.

I am retired, in my mid 60’s but still enjoy sex, lots of it, along with my nympho wife.

One day I saw an ad while I was surfing on my phone.

The ad said, “Wanted, a mature man who likes sex and is not shy. Money is good…call.” They gave a number and it was local.

That night I told Lisa who laughed and told me if I wanted to see what it was about, call.

The next day I called and spoke to some guy named Vince who didn’t go into much detail but said if I wanted to come in, that would be fine. I told him I could be there the next day.

He gave me his info and told me to be there at 10:00.

I told Lisa and smiled and said, “Hey, if they want a horny woman, let me know. It might be interesting.”

The next day I showed up at the place which was a bit seedy but I expected that.

Vince introduced himself as a producer and he started to explain what he was looking for.

He said, “Tony, I am looking for an older around your age who loves sex and isn’t camera shy.”

I told him that sounded like me.

He continued, “Let me see your cock and balls.”

I undid my pants and shorts so he could see what I had.

He examined me and said that was what he was looking for, a nice cock and balls.

He went on to explain and said, “I am making videos of girls sucking guys cock and balls together and yours are a perfect size for them to get in their mouths. Are you interested?”

I asked, “What would I have to do?”

He replied, “All you have to do is keep your cock hard so the girls can suck your cock and balls together. You don’t even have to cum. We just need your cock and balls.”

I asked him how much would I make.

He said I would make $500 for an hour’s work and if I was good, I could make more.

I told him I would take the job. He told me to come back in two days.

Before I left, I said, “Oh, my wife is also interested in making some money. She is very pretty with big tits and loves sex. She is in her 50’s.”

He looked at me and said, “Bring her with you. We’ll see.”

When I got home I told Lisa the good news and told her the guy wanted her to come with me in two days. She smiled and just said ok.

That night in bed she asked me about the job. I told her that the guy wants to use my cock and balls only for the girls to suck them together in their mouths and I didn’t even have to cum and he is paying me $500.

That night we fucked like never before.

The day finally arrived and Lisa and I headed to our appointment.

Vince introduced himself to Lisa and we all sat down to chat.

Vince directed most of the conversation to my wife and asked her if she were really interested in performing in porno and if she had any experience.

Lisa smiled and said, “Well, what did you have in mind? I know how to fuck if that’s what you are asking.”

Vince answered, “Well, I was thinking more in the line of you getting fucked by more than one guy in front of cameras and crew.”

Lisa replied, “You can ask my husband if I’m camera shy. And, as far as getting female agent porno fucked by more than one guy, the more the merrier.”

Vince laughed and said, “Before I say anything else, I want you to take your husband’s cock and balls out and suck them at the same time. Can and will you do that?”

Lisa looked at him and replied, “I can and will.”

She turned to me and undid my pants and shorts until my cock and balls were out.

She knelt down and started sucking my cock. After a few sucks, she deep throated me and sucked my balls into her mouth at the same time. She continued sucking on my cock and balls for awhile, then stopped and looked at Vince and said, “Anything else you want me to do? Too bad you didn’t film this.”

Vince looked at her and said, “Yes, take your clothes off.”

Lisa didn’t flinch and started removing all her clothes until she was naked.

Vince told her to stand up and as she did, he walked over to her.

He started touching her and feeling her up and Lisa never moved away. He played with her tits and sucked her nipples and she never flinched. He rubbed her smooth pussy and petted her pussy tattoo. He even slipped his fingers in her cunt and she just smiled.

Then Vince pulled out his cock and told her to give him a blow job.

Lisa got on her knees and sucked him off and she made him cum on her tits.

Lisa then said, “If you want me to fuck you right now, I will but that will cost you.”

Vince just smiled and said, “You are a terrific lady. I’ll offer you a job right now. Interested?”

Lisa replied, “Again, what would I have to do?”

She didn’t even bother to clean his cum off of her as she got dressed.

Vince said, “I want you to do a porno. I’ll give you $1,000 for an hour.”

Lisa looked at him and said, “$5,000 or no deal and my husband works with me and I have control of the script, and this is a one time event.”

Vince stared at us and after a brief pause said, “Ok. You got it.”

He said he would call in a couple of days.

As we left I said, “By the way, nice touch getting naked and giving him a blow job. Any reason you saved his cum?”

Lisa laughed and said, “I thought you might like to lick it off when we got home.”

I looked at her and said, “How about I do that in the car now?”

We walked out of there laughing and I said to my wife, “We must be crazy. Do you know what’s going to happen?”

Lisa smiled and said, “Yeah, I know. I’m going to get fucked by a few guys, maybe some girls, probably have cocks in my ass and be covered in cum, all of which I’ve done before as you know. So what’s the big deal? We do it once, make a few bucks and go on a trip.”

I replied, “Look, I know you can do it since you did it before and I don’t mind it either, as long as it’s a one shot deal. I know how you are. Ok?”

Lisa smiled and told me that was fine.

We got home and celebrated with some good old fashioned fucking.

A few days later Vince called.

He gave us the address and time for the shoot and I told him we would be there.

It took us an hour to get to the place which was in a secluded area.

We pulled up to the mansion and were greeted by an assistant who took us inside.

He brought us to meet the director, a guy named Mike.

He gizli cekim porno introduced himself and seemed friendly enough.

We asked about the porno and he sat with us and went over everything with us.

He explained, “Lisa, Vince told me you are a natural and that I should take real good care of you. So, that being said and since this is your first time, I will.”

He continued, “This is going to be a pretty straight forward porno. You are going to have an endless number of guys fucking you in your cunt and ass as well as plenty of blow jobs. There are no condoms used as every man used has been certified clean.”

He went on, “And, since you are mature, we don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant.”

I asked him, “How many men are we talking about?”

Mike looked at us and said, “There will be fifty guys in all. Lisa, can you handle that?”

Lisa looked at me and him and said, “I could but not for $5,000. Call Vince and tell him I want double that or we go home.”

Mike left and came back a few minutes later and said, “I spoke to Vince and he agreed to your request. He apologized and said he didn’t know it would be fifty men.”

We told him we were ready to start.

He brought us to a room where we could undress. As soon as we were naked, we joined him on the set, which was a big room with a huge bed with red satin sheets on it.

He then took us to a room where all the men were and introduced her to them. They all seemed pleasant enough and Mike told them that this was Lisa’s first time out and for them to be gentle.”

After we met the guys, Mike took us to the set and had Lisa lay on the bed.

Cameras were started and Mike called the guys in and they started filing in.

I watched as Lisa had a cock in her cunt, one in her mouth and two in her hands, jerking them off.

One by one, each guy had a turn with my wife. It must have lasted almost two hours and she had cum oozing out both holes. Her body was completely covered, including her face and hair and she must have drunk almost a pint of cum.

Mike finally called for the cameras to stop.

Then, he asked us, “Would you two be interested in doing another short video while you’re here?”

I asked him what it was and he said, “I want Lisa to suck some cocks and balls at the same time.”

I asked him how many and how long.

He said, “Twenty guys and all Lisa had to do was suck their cocks and balls together. However, I am sure the guys will jerk off and cum on her.”

“How much?” I asked him.

He said, “$2,500 for Lisa and $500 for me.”

Lisa looked at me and we both nodded an ok.

Mike got everyone ready and Lisa didn’t even bother to clean up when Mike yelled for the cameras to start.

One by one the guys came in and Lisa started deep throating them and sucking their balls at the same time.

Of course, each guy jerked off and came all over my wife.

The shoot lasted an hour and I was the last guy she did.

Mike yelled for the cameras to stop and called it a wrap.

Lisa was able to get cleaned up before we left. Mike handed us our checks and we thanked him and left.

On the way home I asked Lisa what she thought about everything.

She smiled and said, “Well, I’ve done worse. It wasn’t so bad. I enjoyed glory hole secrets porno myself and we made some good money for a nice vacation. What do you think?”

I told her she was terrific, as usual, just like the in the olden days.

Then I said to her, “I bet I know what you’re thinking.”

“What?” She asked.

“You’re thinking of doing more porno. Am I right?”

She looked at me and said, “I was but I’m too old for this, even though the money is good.”

I replied, “Ok. Look, I know you want to do more. How about we compromise? You do three more and it’s over, permanently? Agreed?”

Lisa smiled and said, “Now I know why I love you. By the way, do you think they will ever recognize me from the early days?”

I smiled and said, “No, they’re too young and besides, you can barely see your pussy tattoo that made you famous.”

We laughed as we drove home.

That night when we were in bed I said, “By the way, where and when did you learn how to suck a cock and balls together?”

Lisa laughed and said, “Don’t you remember when we took that session with Jake and the two sisters, Nancy and Ellie? They taught it to me. You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

I gave her a great big smile and kissed her, then we fucked.

The next morning the phone was ringing off the hook when I finally answered it.

It was Vince and he was all excited. He just kept mumbling about last night.

I yelled out, “Vince, slow down. What do you want?”

He said, “I want Lisa to do more movies. I heard she was unbelievable. I want her.”

I replied, “Vince, calm down. Remember, we said it was only a one time thing. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I will speak to Lisa and if she is interested, I will call you back before lunch.”

He said ok and hung up.

I called Lisa down and over breakfast, we discussed Vince and that he wanted her.

She told me to call him to set up a meeting.

After breakfast, I gave him a call and made arrangements to see him later today.

After lunch we met with Vince.

He said, “I want Lisa to star in my next movie. She will have complete script control, all expenses paid, a limo and rights to the movie.”

We looked at him and together we said, “How much?”

Vince looked at us and replied, “Name your figure, but there is a hitch. You have to commit to six movies.”

We looked at each other and asked Vince to leave so we could discuss the offer.

When he left I said to Lisa, “You see, it’s starting all over again. I know you are going to take the offer. But you promised.”

Lisa looked at me and said, “I know what I said and if you don’t want me to do it, I won’t. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

I looked at her and said, “No. It’s your decision. It’s up to you. I will support you whatever you decide.”

We called Vince in and Lisa said to him, “Your offer is very generous but I don’t think you could afford me. I would want $1 Million per movie and $50,000 for my husband, even if he isn’t in the movie.”

Vince looked at us and said, “Ok. We have a deal.”

Lisa and I looked at each other and asked Vince why he would pay that much.

He smiled and said, “My business is porno. I would recognize your pussy tattoo anywhere and I am going to promote your movies as your comeback to the business.”

Lisa and I laughed and I said, “We didn’t think you would remember or recognize Lisa.”

Vince said, “I could never forget her. She was the queen of porno when she retired. So, do we have a deal or not?”

Lisa looked at me and I just nodded an ok.

Lisa told Vince we had a deal.

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