I Want To Ride A Cowboy

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I pull my car over in a lonely spot, out on a country road. I am wearing my black fishnet stockings, with suspenders, up to my crotch,with my cherry red mini skirt riding my smooth tight arse, and my lacy see through black top, with no bra; my favorite knee high lace up boots completing my slutty look. I am wondering what do and I glance over into a paddock.

A nice looking man is fixing fencing; he looks like a cowboy, with all the gear; a dark blue checked shirt, with low-slung jeans hugging his sexy hips.

As I lick my lips, my mouth starts to water, causing my bright red lips to twitch. As he saunters over, I am checking him out. Mm, I thought; I could fuck that.

“Can I help you?” In his sexy cowboy drawl, he asks.

“I’m in need,” I say, giving him a wink, and my sexiest smile.

As I get out of the car, I’m run my hands down my body adjusting and smoothing my dress, I open the bonnet, and lean in so my mini rides up a little, showing him my sexy tight arse, and the cherry red g-string; I am glad I decided to wear by the look on his face.

He swaggers around behind me, and leans over my body slapping his hand on my right knee, and running it up under my skirt, tecavüz porno to place it on my arse.

“I’m sure I can give you long hard satisfaction,” he says, while rubbing two fingers along my pussy lips; Mmm, I cream a little onto his fingers.

He takes my hand, and leads me into the paddock, to a haystack. I am getting very sex-cited while pushing him down onto his back. Climbing over his body with my knees on each side of his hips, I mount him, sitting on his swelling cock; I can feel his hardness through his jeans.

“I like cowgirl, start riding my cock,”‘ he drawls, in his sexy fuck me voice.

He rips off my lacy top, and grabs both of my tits, with his rough worker’s hands, licking and sucking, until I am moaning and groaning.I start fucking his mouth with my tongue, darting in and out; I can feel his reaction, his cock swelling under my pussy and arse.

His right hand runs down to my bum cheeks, squeezing, and slips inside my g-string; I am getting wet and juicy with this fuck-able cowboy – I am thinking to myself.

I start licking and sucking his skin from his neck to his jeans, undoing the belt buckle, releasing his swelling cock, travesti porno to my surprise and delight – no jocks.

“Mmm, oh fuck, you have a gorgeous cock, babe,” I say.

He lifts me up, and pushes his jeans down further,for easier access.I start licking his dick, and moaning; it fits just right in my wet, wet mouth. I keep licking his cock slowly, as it becomes harder. Running my tongue under his nob, to the sensitive spot, and lick up his shaft to his balls, sucking them in, as he puts his hands in my hair holding me firmly – urging me on. I take his throbbing member back into my mouth, sucking and licking the sweet pre-cum off; he is arching his back, but I withdraw my mouth slowly as I look into his eyes; I am not letting him cum just yet.

I sit up, straddle him again, and push up my skirt, while pulling aside my cherry red g-string, as I slowly take his cock into my slit. The first entry is very sex – citing. I throw back my head, arching my back as he runs his hands all over my body; then plays with my nipples, that are swollen throbbing nubs. I sit quite still savoring the moment; feeling the sensations on my clit, my pussy is getting very wet and tumblr porno tight having a good fucking.

“You love my cock in your pussy babe, aaah,” he says in that sexy drawl.

“Mmmm, oh, yes, yes Honey, I love your cock,” I can’t stop moaning.

“Your pussy is made for fucking, you horny fucking bitch, it’s so fucking tight on my dick,” he groans loudly.

I can feel his cock swelling, caressing my tight pussy walls, as I am getting juicier. He is ready to burst with his creamy cum; he suddenly grabs my arse with his strong hands, and lifts me up and down, making me groan even louder.

“Oh, oh, Honey, give me that cock of yours, my pussy needs a good fucking; I love your cock in me, it feel so good,” I yell.

He is pumping harder, and harder, giving me the pleasure I have never had before, as my pussy juices flow over his cock, and runs down to his balls.

“Fuck, fuuuck, I’m cumming,” he yells, while thrusting harder, and faster.

“Give it to me babe – fuck me,” I am moaning louder, thrusting my hips harder. As he cums, spewing into my hot wet slit; my pussy is spasaming and tightening its grip on his ramrod cock. I let go with the sensations, as my orgasm explodes, spewing juice down his cock, covering his balls.

“Oh, I love being a cowgirl, riding a cowboy,” I moan very loudly, while my pussy still throbs and my fuck juices leak out.

“Have you finished the fencing, are you ready to go home now, babe?”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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