Ice Cream Man

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Me and Angel laze around her apartment, watching public access TV on a Saturday afternoon. We have all the fans on high plus the window unit, and it’s still a million degrees. I lie on the floor with a wet washcloth on my head and seriously consider buying an Eggmaster.

Dax’s ice cream truck rolls down the street playing “Turkey in the Straw” and I scramble for my wallet. I step into my flip-flips and quickly check my teeth.

“Get me something,” Angel yells after me.

Once I’m outside, I slow down outside and catch my breath. The truck is up the block. Dax beams and leans on the counter when he sees me.

“Hey hot stuff!”

“Hey there, Mr. Ice Cream Man! How’s business?”

“It’s booming, I’ve already made my quota for the month.”

“Wow, congratulations!”

“Thank you, thank you. So what can I get for you, Miss Drea?”

“I’ll take a King Cone and a Ninja Turtle. Also, do you have any new flavors on special?”

“I surely do, come on back.”

Dax closes the window. I wait at the back door and he gives me his hand to I climb up. I sit on an upside-down milk crate and shiver in the icy air. He passes me his vape pen.

“I don’t know how you stay in here all day.”

“Are you kidding me? I love it! Sometimes I do my route just for the air conditioning.”

“Yeah, I can see that. It’s just a shock coming from outside.”

“Did anime porno you really want the ice cream too?”

“Hell yes!”

I unwrap the popsicle and watch Dax dislodge a large tackle box from behind a hidden panel. I hungrily eye the colorful packages of pills and powders.

“What are you in the market for today?”

“Just a gram.”

“You got it. Good strain this week.”

He selects a baggie and I carefully tuck it inside my bra. He counts the cash and puts it in his pocket.

“Why are you eating that kid stuff? You look ridiculous.”

“I like Ninja Turtles. Sue me.”

“That seems like weak criteria for food.”

“Okay then, what’s your go-to ice cream? Since you’re the expert.”

“I’m a big fan of the Choco Taco. I guess that’s the obvious answer. And people sleep on ScrewBalls.”

“The one with gum in it? And you’re making fun of my taste?”

“Your ice cream has gumballs, too.”

“Yeah, as decoration. Not a treat at the bottom. I throw the gum part in the trash.”

“Here, take one on me. Revisit the ScrewBall with a fresh perspective.”

“That’s a hard pass.”

Someone knocks and Dax opens the window. It’s a woman, with high cheekbones and a pierced septum. Her face lights up when she sees him. Dax sells her a Coke and closes up again.

“She likes you.”

“She does asyalı porno not. You just love drama.”

“She most definitely wants to hit it.”

“I didn’t realize that buying soda was a universal come-on.”

“Are you always this bad at knowing when women are flirting with you?”

“That’s what people tell me.”

“Do you think I’m into you? Can you tell?”

“I can’t, actually.”

“All the signs are there. You just have to read them.”

“You are such a weirdo.”

“C’mon, Daxy. This is a learning exercise. There are no wrong answers.”

“You’re going to have to give me a hint. I’m a slow learner.”

I grab him by the shirt and pull him in for a kiss. He accidentally falls on top of me, and we tumble onto the floor. I sit in his lap and he kisses me sweetly. I can hear the city noise over the idling engine. I’m high as hell, and it feels like time has stopped.

Dax touches my face, and his tongue rolls gently against mine. I turn my body into him. He slides his hand under my shirt.

“Are you wearing a bathing suit?”

“We were at the pool.”

“You do kind of taste like chlorine.”

“You like?”

“I do…”

Dax unties the back of my bikini. He massages my breasts and licks the hollow of my throat. There’s a bang on the side of the truck. He ignores them.

He pulls my shorts and babes porno bathing suit bottom to the side and teases me until I’m wet. I wiggle the tip of my tongue inside his ear. He shivers. He enters me with his fingers and strokes me inside. I kiss his nose. I hug his neck.

Another person knocks, and they’re more persistent this time. Dax doesn’t look away from me. I take off his shirt and touch his chest. We lie down together in the narrow aisle.

I unbutton his jeans and shove my hand inside. I take his hard shaft in my fist and pleasure him. He moans and holds me tight. I grip harder.

Dax licks his fingers and touches them to my pussy. I move my hips against him. He puts his cock inside when I’m slick and ready. I ride him like stallion. He sits up and embraces me tightly. I put one arm around his back and balance with the other. The truck bounces up and down.

Dax finishes, and he rubs me furiously with his thumb. I squeeze him with my thighs while I climax, and he rests his head against my chest when I’m done. I kiss his hair.

“Your other ice cream melted.”

“Do you do refunds?”

“I’ll give you new ones since I distracted you. It’s only fair.”

“Um. As I remember it, I was the one who distracted you.”

“But I seduced you first. That’s why you kissed me. You couldn’t resist.”

Someone knocks. Knock, knock, knock.

“Yo, Dax! I know you’re in there!”

“I should talk to him,” he says.

“When do you come by next?”


“Thursday? Okay.”

Dax runs his fingertips down my spine and kisses me softly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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