Images in Her Head

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She felt the palm of his hand slide inside the elastic of her knickers. His face was buried in her neck, his lips brushing her skin. She breathed deeply in anticipation. Her eyes closed, she waited to be pleasured. His other hand gripped her buttock firmly, squeezing gently. Then the epiphany struck. Her mind syntaxed and instead of only awaiting the physical pleasure, her closed eyes focused. She felt the fingers approached her clitoris, already strong an erect. Moisture pooled in her vagina. Historically, she would eagerly anticipate the touch, now as her mind focused, she visualised what was transpiring as well

She could “see” her knickers, see the hand slide underneath the thin cotton. It was as though she could see through the material as she “watched” as the two middle fingers slid either side her clitoris, pushing the compliant labia aside. The soft crimson tissue glistening with moisture of her pussy. The tips of the fingers beginning the gentle tugging on her “button”. She could see her clitoris visually respond to the touch, watched the crinkles disappeared as it became even more erect, now pointing out from beneath the hood of her vulva.

The image changed as he slid his fingers lower, she could see them now pressed tightly together, the czech couples porno tips curling as they approached her vagina. The orifice was a more pronounced pink and very wet, the tissue twirled slightly, a little like a belly button as the orifice was closed but glistening from her aroused state.

Her right brain continued to enjoy the heavenly stimulus of her pussy being aroused, her left brain continued to watch as the fingers disappeared into the vault of her pussy. Amazingly, her view changed. Instead of watching from the outside, her view was now from inside her vagina. It was as though her cervix now had and eye. The two fingers approached, slowly parting the walls of her vagina as they entered deeper. The finger tips now spread apart, there was a web of her fluid strung between them. The vault of her vagina, deep pink, wet with her oozing secretion, but soft and pliable. Compliant to the pressure of the advancing fingers, gently moved aside and gave way as the digits continued their slow entrance. She could guess their goal. Just in front of her view, on the front wall, she could determine a soft mound of thicker flesh, more wrinkled than the adjacent tissue, harder and less compliant to movement. Her g-spot was swollen.

Her czech estrogenolit porno right brain exploded in pleasure as her left brain watched the two fingers, now pressed together, apply pressure to her spot and slow move apart as the pressure increased.. As the fingers reached the edge of her g-spot mound. they retreated slightly before advancing again to repeat the manoeuvre… over and over again. Each time they withdrew slightly, she felt the palm contact her clitoris, sending sparks to her right brain. As she watched, she felt the onset of an orgasm. The walls of her vagina contracted and exploded with orgasmic fluid as though they had been drenched with a shower head. The walls convulsed as wave after wave ripped through her pelvis and her right brain disappeared into the dark blue depths of climax.

The fingers retreated, the vault returned to darkness, albeit, a moist darkness. Suddenly a soft pink light began to emanate from the entrance. The walls were again parting as something entered her. Her orgasm was still clinging to the walls, and as they moved apart, the fluid was suspended like spider webs across the vault. It was creating a misty vision not unlike a fog.

From within this opaque czech experiment porno vista, she could see a flesh coloured object entering slowly. As the opaque curtain of orgasm parted with its approach, she identified the head of his penis, the slit of the eye now clearly visible. Before she could gain a clearer view, it suddenly retreated. If her mind’s eye had a mouth, then her bottom lip would have dropped in disappointment.

Then just as suddenly, it reappeared, this time breaking through the curtain and almost striking her. She watched as the penis continually trust in and out of her, approaching her vantage point and then disappearing down the tunnel. The head was coming closer and closer to her with every push, she could clearly make out the head and the vein. The eye seemed to open as the edge of the head dragged on the walls of her vagina but quickly closed as it withdrew.

She felt a hard push, the head was approaching her rapidly, it reached its zenith but didn’t withdraw. There was a spurt of hot creamy liquid from the eye. Instinctively she would have ducked her head but there was no need. She watched as the jets of cum nearly filled the vault of her vagina in a few spurts. The head moved away from her marginally and then pushed back towards her as she watched as the last of the ejaculation dribbled out from of the eye, finally filling the vault completely and obscuring her view.

It was as though someone had switched off the lights. Her left brain returned to normal, her right brain rejoiced in her orgasm while her pussy twitched in satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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