Impatience Has Its Virtues

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I have recently gotten into writing erotica in my spare time and really am enjoying it. I was never the best writer (grammatically speaking), so any feedback (good or bad) I’d love to hear. Without further ado….

Once home I turn to lock the door, as I turn around I see the dress you were wearing a moment earlier in a humbled heap on the floor around you feet. You’re standing in nothing but your black lace panties and matching push up bra. I can’t help but bite my lip as I see your crotch is still wet from our earlier adventure. My eyes are drawn to your hips as they sway back and forth. Before I realize it you’re right in front of me, your hand slowly massaging my cock through my pants. You feel it growing in your hand.

It seems as if round two has started already.

You start to take off my jacket, struggling as you attempt to do it without breaking rhythm on my now hardening cock. Realizing you’ll need two hands you slowly, as if you dreaded having it, let go of my clock. Within seconds my jacket is on the floor; right next to your dress.

You untuck my shirt and begin undoing the buttons; one by one by one. Kissing my chest each time you undo another button. As you get lower you take a moment to gently bite my nipple – causing a deep moan to escape through my clenched jaw.

With my shirt finally unbuttoned, looking past the czech couples porno fact that you took your sweet time kissing every inch of my flat stomach. As you come back up, kissing up my abs as if they were moguls on a mountain. Your hands trailing up my sides inside my shirt. Once up you relieve me of my shirt – tossing it to the ever growing pile of clothes at that in my foyer. You give me that sly smile that I’ve grown to love over the past few days; saying to me “now we must do something about those pants…..”

“Take them off” you tell me as you sit down at the bottom of the staircase. Confused I begin to undo my belt, and then my zipper. My pants fall to the ground. The sound of my Cocky belt buckle hitting the ground startles me. Looking over to you I see you touching yourself. Your French manicured nails had pushed your panties to the side as you thrust two fingers deep into your already hot cunt. You lean against the banister and bite your tongue to keep from crying out – pushing yourself higher and higher…

As your blood begins to pulse, you can feel your cunt tightening around your fingers – your rhythm increases as your moaning quiets. You’re close, you can feel your orgasm building inside you – quickly you’re brought back down as my hand tightly wraps around your wrist. Without a word I pull you to your feet. czech estrogenolit porno You try to protest, but my hand closes around your throat before the first sound escapes your lips. Pushing you against the wall, the hand that was on your throat has now moved to what remains of your lace thong. Looking down you see all? Inches of my perfectly sculpted cock at attention, still covered in your sex from earlier this evening. The head of my shaft teases against the opening of your slit. Your arms dig into your back as I press against you. A part if you wishes that I could hold both your wrists with one hand, but another part – the part that desperately wants me to do nothing but fuck your brains out, loves it. “I’m not going to be gentle” I growl. Whatever response you were about to say was overpowered by “Fuuuck!” As I impaled you with all? inches of my hard, thick, cock at once. “Oh God” you scream as you feel the tight walls of your sex stretch.

I push my tongue into your mouth as my hot rod abuses your tight cunt. You gasp as my cock brushes against your g-spot with each forceful thrust. Oblivious of the stucco wall digging deeper into your back you mumble “fuck me John, fucking fuck my cunt.” With a swift motion I’ve picked you up and pinned you against the wall, your legs wrap around my hips as my shaft sinks deeper into czech experiment porno your tight-hot cunt.

Your teeth sink into my shoulder, the taste of my sweat fills your mouth, as my hard cock rapes your pussy. I can hear your muffled moaning as your teeth sink deeper into my flesh. Adjusting my hips, your clit becomes pressed against the devil horns of my hip. With each thrust a wave of list travels through your clit. You scream in ecstasy as my head of my cock pushes against the back of your cunt. I groan as the muscles of your sex tighten around my shaft.

You push back as the stucco bites into your back. With each thrust my cock buries itself deeper inside of you. As I grab a fistful of your hair, yanking it back – our eyes lock. My rhythm slows momentarily, I pull almost all of my cock out of you – leaving just the tip. “you’re mine” I say as I plow my thick shaft deep into your cunt. In that moment your body tightens, your fists clench turning your knuckles white. Every joint of your body stiffens as I thrust once more into your cunt. Your head falls back, your back arches, the muscles of your pussy tighten along the entire length of my shaft as your climax tears through your body. As your eyes close in ecstasy you see the burning orange sunset that is your orgasm. It races through your body. Your moans echo throughout my house as wave after wave of hear courses through your body. With one final thrust of my cock I bury myself deep inside of you, emptying my hot cum inside of you. Feeling my cock cumming inside of you brings on another orgasm – as the combination of our fluids drip out of your not spent cunt you collapse in my arms. Physically and sexually spent…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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