Impregnation at a Wedding Pt. 01

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The bodice of her wedding gown was snug around Jilly’s large, firm breasts. Her blonde hair was firmly encased in an updo. She was finally ready for her wedding. She couldn’t wait to go down and find Lucas in the garden. Downstairs, the guests were beginning to mingle, as the waiters passed around hors d’oevres and the DJ was playing some of the first hits of the summer.

She wandered out into the hall. One of the bridesmaids was fumbling with a door handle holding two glasses of champagne.

“Hey,” said Amy, smiling. “There you are! Can you help me fix my hair? I know I shouldn’t ask you, since you’re the bride and everything, but I think the back is coming loose.”

They stumbled into one of the guest rooms.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married,” said Amy, sitting back against the bedspread, letting Jilly sit behind her and letting her fan out her long black tresses.

“Me neither,” said Jilly, rolling a little of it in her hand. She started playing with it, braiding it.

“This house reminds me of that one summer in…”

“In North Carolina,” said Jilly, finishing the sentence with a laugh. They both Escort bayan knew which summer the other meant. They had spent a lot of years in college together, doing odd jobs, chasing boys, and hanging out.

But there had been a particular one, with a hot tub… where things between them had gotten interesting.

“Are you nervous?” asked Amy. Her cheeks were flushed ever so slightly.

“I would be,” said Jilly. “But it’s almost like Lucas raised the stakes in our relationship, and I couldn’t help but go along. He can be very adventurous.”

“Adventurous?” said Amy. Her lips were parted in surprise.

“Yeah,” said Jilly, combing through Amy’s hair. Her friend had really smooth shoulders.

There was a brief pause.

She wondered if she should say what she was thinking. That Lucas had given her free reign on their wedding day.

“Adventurous how?” Amy said.

“Well, he loves it when I touch myself in public,” said Jilly. “It’s like a joke between us. He said he knew he had to marry me when he heard my name was Jill.”

“And he wouldn’t mind it if I ate pussy on the morning of my wedding Bayan Escort day.”

As for the marriage, Lucas had lured her into it. He was nothing if not persuasive.

She pictured the night before. They were lying in bed. Lucas’s huge hands caressing her thighs, lazily roaming between her legs.

“Your friend Amy is pretty,” he had said.

“I’ve always thought so,” she said mildly.

“I bet she thinks the same about you,” he said after a pause.

What if he were here right now? His thumb would be travelling, roaming somewhere between her clit and ass.

Jilly touched the strap of her dress thoughtfully.

Amy turned around. Her pupils were dilated.

“How does my hair look?” she said.

“I missed a spot,” Jilly said, reaching out to fix it, before Amy shut her up by kissing her.

Amy caressed the bodice of her dress.

“My mouth is practically watering right now, do you know that?” she said. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck on these huge titties.”

She pushed Jilly back onto the bed. She could feel Amy’s weight on her, the lightness of her ribcage, Escort the softness of her much smaller, but perky and delicious breasts, and the sleek promise of her thighs.

Rolling Amy back, she pulled up the bridesmaid’s dress and went to town. She licked and licked and licked that pussy, her own titties and pussy tingling.

Amy’s pussy tasted so good. Her pussy lips were soft and delicious and her juices were musky. Jilly enjoyed putting her tongue between the soft folds of the labia, and searching out the clit. She alternately sucked it into her mouth and licked it. Soon Amy was moaning hard.

“What am I doing?” she thought. “I’m fucking my friend!”

But then she was quickly overwhelmed by the rising heat of her own pussy. She lapped frantically and instinctively until Amy began to come.

Amy couldn’t wait to hold the big, heavy tits she had always been so curious about. They were soft, with small nipples that she sucked into her mouth and drew on eagerly. She fingered Jilly’s soaking wet pussy.

Then she ate Jilly out, until her own little clit glowed red hot, and she came right in Amy’s gorgeous, girl cum smeared face.

Afterwards, Jilly fixed Amy’s jet black hair, which was much, much messier than before. They drank the rest of the champagne, kissed, and cleaned up. Jilly went down the stairs on wobbly legs to find her husband to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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