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I want to thank my editor Dazmine for her great editing.

I have made some changes to some of my earlier stories (new editors) and you might want to reread them if you have already, or read them if you haven’t.

I do appreciate constructive comments and Emails. High ratings will encourage me to write future stories.


It was a while since we’ve done something naughty. I’ve been traveling quite a bit, and I miss your naked body next to mine. I suggest a trip to NYC to see a show.

The Hyatt Hotel in NYC is a pleasant business hotel. The rooms are small but adequate. The lobby reflects the 1980’s when the hotel was last redecorated.

You call me from the cab you are taking from the airport. I suggest you meet me in the lobby. I had a tedious day. Too much work… too little time. I am into my second glass of a reasonably good Red Zinn. It’s a pretty good one. $22 per glass (it is New York after all). You sit next to me. You’re wearing a short skirt (mid-thigh length) and strappy heels. Your roller board suitcase is with you.

“God, I missed you,” I say, and suggest you have a drink with me. The bartender smiles (he knows I am a very lucky guy), and he can’t help but notice your beautiful cleavage through your blouse that has come unbuttoned by accident or… maybe not by accident, as I think more about it.

As he moves away, I lean over to kiss you on the lips. As your mouth opens to accept my tongue, you feel the warm red wine seep into your mouth. It has caught you by surprise, but you react quickly to swallow the liquid.

“Not as salty as other things,” you add with a wicked smile as you lick your lips.

Meanwhile, my hand moves up your leg. Yes… there’s nothing underneath. I feel the moisture emanate from your pussy. We kiss again, and your hand glides over to my pants where my bulge becomes immediately apparent.

“Hmmm… Dinner first or dessert?” you whisper in my ear as your drink arrives.

“I think dinner and then dessert. I have patience, and I love talking with you. Making love is always a special treat, but I think I can wait a little while.” A smile grows on my face.

We finish our drinks, and chat about our day-to-day challenges and exchange exciting memories about our recent bedtime experiences.

I get the check and pay the bill. I give the bellman five dollars to bring your suitcase to our room, and we go down the hotel lobby stairs to the street to catch a cab. As you climb into the rear door of the taxi, the doorman gets a nice look up the back of your dress. I suspect he has seen a little more, since he winks at me as he takes the tip and closes the door after me.

I can’t keep my hands off you the entire trip. Fingering your pussy and kissing you has made me hotter and hotter. Our Jamaican driver pretends not to notice our back seat activity and winds his way through the crowded streets.

We pull up to the small Italian restaurant in the Village that the concierge recommended. You straighten your skirt as you get out of the cab. Escort bayan I try to look nonchalant as my pants tent in front of me.

We’re guided to a lovely little table in the back. I think they know we need privacy. We order a bottle of wine and begin a wonderful dinner together.

After the incredible meal, we take a cab to the Times Square area. Disney and other chain shops have taken over what was once a relatively seedy area. We pass one of the few remaining strip clubs. We hear the music pulsing behind the doors.

“Interested?” I ask.

“Sure,” you say with a smile.

We enter the dark club, and the music booms in the background.

We move to a table near the “runway” and order two more drinks.

A dark-haired girl just started dancing. She must be 23 or 24 years old. Slim with a nice tight ass, and medium-size breasts under a red plastic outfit. She begins dancing to a song I have never heard.

“Must be children’s music,” I announce over the pounding music.

As the song continues, she removes her clothing in a clumsy fashion; first revealing her bra and G-string red panties. We tip her after each song. She spends quite a bit of time in front of us, tempting us with her body. You take the tip and tuck it into her G-string. she smiles and mouths a “thank you.”

“Wish you were with that body?” you ask in my ear.

“Not bad,” I respond back into your ear (interrupting once with my flicking tongue). “But I’m not into children; I am attracted to women my age. You know that.” My hand moves up your skirt, and I feel your wet pussy ready for my finger.

Our friend on stage has removed the remnants of her outfit to reveal her shaved pink pussy, which she displays two feet from us as she leans over backward.

We finished our drinks. You whispered those beautiful words I love to hear in my ear, “You want to fuck?”

Nodding up and down with a broad smile on my face, we leave the club to catch the next cab.

The yellow cab pulls up. The driver must be in his sixties, greasy gray hair with stubble over his face that looks like a day and a half worth of beard.

“Hyatt Hotel, Times Square,” I say and we step in.

He starts the meter, and we embrace listening to the sounds of Frank Sinatra playing from the cab’s radio. As we kiss, you unzip my pants and feel my cock straining to get free of my underwear. Unbuckling my pants, you pull my underwear down enough to display my hard and ready cock.

“Oh, you feel so hard,” you say as you tease my member.

There is pre-cum on my cock; this is extremely common when I am with you for more than five minutes. You push me over to my side of the cab as you descend to taste me. My eyes close and I shudder visibly from the excitement of your tongue. You lick my balls and the length of my cock. It curves upward as it gets harder and harder. Suddenly you take me deep in your mouth. I can feel the head press against the back of your throat. You pull out and tell me to wait. You can tell you almost made me cum right Bayan Escort then.

Suddenly the cab slows and swerves right as we pull up to the Hyatt. You sit up in time to see the doorman who helped us earlier approach the door on my side. I manage to push my stiff penis back into my pants. I fasten the top button and slip out of the cab. Another doorman assists you in getting out of the cab while yet another opens the front door of the hotel. As we pass through the door a Japanese gentleman walks past us with what we both assume to be a prostitute. She is black, in her mid-30s, with long hair. She wears a short black skirt with high-heeled boots.

She looks at my undone belt and open zipper and as we pass says, “Yo, you go girl.”

We laugh and take the elevator to the 33rd floor. There are other people in the elevator coming from a late party. Too bad. Private elevators are lovely things (maybe next time).

We get off on our floor and head down the hall to our room.

As I struggle to find the room key, you unbutton my pants again. they fall to the floor over my shoes. The door opens and I almost fall over my pants trying to get into the room.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” you say as I struggle to pull my pants off. “I have a surprise for you.”

You take a small package from your suitcase and head into the bathroom.

I head to the bed and strip naked. I light some candles I purchased earlier that day. I hear the bathroom door open. You step out of the bathroom in a black lacy outfit with several layers; garters, back high heels, and black bow choker around your neck.

“My turn to dance for you,” you take out a small speaker from your suitcase and select a tune from your iPhone.

I watch as you approach the bed. You put the pillows behind my head, so I am in a half sitting position. I try to reach over to kiss you.

“You can’t touch me until I tell you, OK?”

I smile, “OK.”

You begin to move to the music. I reach over and grab my camera.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

I smile, “If I can’t touch you I want to get photos of you.”

“I am not sure I want you to have photos of me this way. What will people think?”

“That I’m a lucky guy?” I say and you smile. I take the first picture as you begin to dance to the music.

Off comes the long-sleeved top that covers another tight black lace top which accentuates your breasts, as the nipples push through. I take pictures every few seconds. As you dance, my cock continues to rise in front of you. You remove your black silk skirt by untying the top. Next comes the black blouse that unties with at least ten black bows in front. It seems to take forever to come off. The small black bra beneath is almost entirely see-through. You bend over to show me your beautiful ass as you unclasp the bra from the front. Turning around quickly, your breasts are illuminated for an instant by the flash of my camera.

You move toward me on the bed, crawling to the music. I set the camera down next to me Escort and reach for your breasts.

“No. Not yet!” you admonish me.

You lick my cock once down the length. You can taste more pre-cum as my excitement grows. Leaving the garter belt, stockings, and heels on, you slowly remove your panties. I pick-up the camera and continue talking pictures, while stroking my cock. You dance for a while this way.

You approach the bed. I place the camera back on the nightstand and lean toward you.

“Not yet!” you challenge.

You straddle my chest with your pussy inches from my face. You’re still moving. I take a close-up of your pussy from the rear. Moisture glistens from your lips. You plunge down on my cock with your mouth, taking it deep all at once.

“Oh my God!” I exclaim.

“Praying again?” you question as you release my cock from your throat.

You wiggle your ass toward me. “Eat me. Eat me.”

I don’t need more instructions. As you move your ass toward my waiting lips I can see the moisture on your pussy’s lip reflect the candle light. I lightly lick your clit slowly. I love your taste. You moan and continue to suck me.

You pull away and lick down my leg toward my calves. You are facing my feet and your pussy is now directly over my cock. You slowly move your hips down, and you position my cock to the edge your wet hole. You sit down on my cock and begin to ride my rod. Your legs are on either side of my chest. Your high heels dig slightly into my sides.

“My turn,” I say after a little while.

You sit up and my erect cock glistens in the candlelight.

You lay on your back. Your legs, still in stockings and heels, are resting on my shoulders. My cock rocks back and forth on the edge of your clit.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!

I enter your pussy with a thrust. You moan with excitement. I continue to thrust back and forth. Faster and faster.

“I’m cumming,” you moan. “Fuck, I’m cumming now!” you gasp.

Your body stiffens. I can feel your pussy contracting around my cock. You let out a loud scream which you immediately muffle by turning your head into the nearby pillow.

I grab your thighs as I continue to get every minute of excitement out of you.

“God that was good!” You say as you catch your breath.

“Get on top of me again.” I suggest.

We switch places. You squat with your snatch over my cock facing me. You fall on straight down on to my shaft and I groan again with pleasure. You give me that wicked sexy smile.

This feels so good. My cock seems even harder than usual.

“Damn, my cock is going to explode,” I say. I can feel my cock throbbing with that special feeling.

“Fuck, not yet. I’m almost there,” you gasp.

You grab and squeeze your nipples as you continue to pump up and down.

“I can’t hold any longer,” as my cock explodes inside you.

“I’m cumming too.” You moan.

Three, four, five explosions inside your pussy. I scream uncontrollably.

You put your other leg down. Now on both knees, you lean over my chest and kiss my lips as we continue our connection.

As we fall asleep in each other’s arms, you whisper in my ear. “I have another surprise for you tomorrow.”

To be continued…

© Steven Cin 2018

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