In The Dark

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Jeff awoke in the darkened bedroom, certain that someone had called his name. He lay still and listened. The summer house was quiet. The alarm clock next to his bed told him that the time was 3:21 am. Lightning flickered in the sky over the lake. He counted until he heard the thunder. The storm was still far off. Perhaps it was the thunder that had awakened him. Nikki, the black cat who slept at the end of his bed, sensed that he was awake, stretched and padded up the bed purring. As he reached out to pet her, Nikki dropped heavily to the bedroom floor and meowed. She wanted to go outside and hunt.

Jeff rose, quietly lifted the door latch and stepped naked into the hall. The cat ran ahead of him down the hall to the screened porch and pressed against door, dancing on its hind legs in anticipation. He opened the door a crack. Nikki poured through like black water and was gone. He felt a breeze on his body and the lightning played in the sky again. He hoped the storm would come soon and break the heat. He turned to go back to bed, but as he turned he thought about Natalie and decided he wouldn’t go back to bed just yet. A dangerous and exciting idea came to him.

Natalie was his sister’s friend and was visiting. Natalie was beautiful and she knew it. He had a hard time keeping his eyes off her young, tight body in her two-piece bathing suit, and Natalie noticed. She enjoyed that he liked looking at her and flirted with him. He imagined, as he watched, what she would look like naked. She had dark curly hair, a tight little ass, taut breasts and a taunting look. He needed to see that sleek, young body sleeping alone in the bedroom at the end of the hall. He would slip quietly into Natalie’s bedroom and see what he could see. In this heat she might be sleeping nude and seeing her naked would be worth the risk. If she woke he could always claim he was sleepwalking.

His heart was beating hard as he opened the door to her bedroom with painful slowness. He was afraid the door would creak, but going slowly was difficult because his heart was beating so hard he was grup sex porno afraid she might hear it. His hand trembled. At last he was inside the bedroom and the door was closed behind him. He leaned back on the door, trying to calm himself. In the gloom he could make out the bed and on it the sleeping Natalie. She was on her back, naked, her legs parted slightly. Success!

After he felt calmer Jeff moved quietly to the bedside. He wanted to see more than he could see from the door. He stood and looked down at that body. He could see the dark nipples of her firm breasts, her tight, flat stomach and the dark triangle of pubic hair. He was beginning to get aroused and he took his hardening cock in his hand and stroked it. He imagined jerking himself off and cumming on those beautiful tits. Just then lightning flashed, a bright bolt, and in the sudden light Jeff was astounded to see that Natalie was not asleep. Her eyes were open and she was looking up at him. In the dark following the lightning flash she spoke to him.

“I was hoping you might come. Why don’t you come to bed with me?”

Her hand touched his penis, then wrapped her fingers around his hard-on and gently pulled him down onto the bed. As he lay down she came to him and found his mouth with hers. Her little tongue flicked between his lips. He felt her breasts against his body and then he was kissing them and sucking on them and Natalie was making quiet sounds of pleasure. She gently but firmly squeezed his rigid cock.

“I want you to fuck me. Why don’t you lick me a little?”

His head was between her legs and his lips were touching the delicate folds of her pussy. Jeff’s tongue gently parted the cleft and sank into her warm softness, snaking up and down as her dark bush brushed against my face. He found the right spot and she purred.

“Oh yes…that’s just right! Oh, that feels so good!”

And then he felt her hot mouth close over the head of his dick and a shiver of exquisite pleasure ran through him. Natalie’s hips began to move languidly, making fucking motions latina fuck tour porno as he licked her. She took his aching cock out of her mouth for a moment and slowly bent it back between his legs, caressed it and then let it return. When she put it back in her mouth he nearly came. He was panting.

“Did you like that?”

She did it again and when she had his cock pointing back between his legs once more she fisted it and squeezed hard. She squeezed again and then he felt her finger trace the crack of his ass and stop directly on his wrinkled brown hole where he felt her fingernail pressing somewhat uncomfortably for admission. Then his balls were being stroked. His tongue moved faster in her wet pussy and he was pleased to hear her moan.

“I’m ready to get fucked.” Natalie announced.

Jeff wanted to get on top of her but Natalie said she had a better idea. She didn’t want to hurry. She lay back and lifted her right leg up to her chest. She directed Jeff to lie beside her. He forked her other leg with his and Natalie reached down and placed the head of his cock where she wanted it to go. Jeff pushed it in and Natalie sighed and her right leg came down and hooked behind his back. Natalie bent toward him and they kissed.

“Let’s just go slowly,” she whispered. “You feel really good inside me and we have plenty of time. Let’s just fuck for awhile.”

This position was comfortable and Jeff did as she asked. He fucked her steadily and slowly, staying deep with in her.

“Mmmm….keep doing that and you’re going to make me cum. Your cock feels so good!”

Her pussy felt good too. She was tight, hot, and very slippery. As they fucked she rocked her hips and they fell into a dreaming rhythm. In and out he surged. When he was in he wanted only to come out so that he could go back in again. Sometimes he felt like getting on top and just frantically screwing her, but he fought that urge. Soon he found that all his feelings of urgency went away. Everything went away and all that was left his hard cock lezbiyen porno pushing up into Natalie and coming back only to push in once more. He had never felt so good or so hard. He floated on this lake of fuck without drowning in it. The two of them were quiet except for the soft sounds of the bed. His mind drifted. He thought about the black cat outside hunting, about the approaching rain. He touched her soft stomach and gently touched her hardened nipples. Time stopped; fucking continued. In…Out…In…Out…In. Slowly. Deeply.

Then Natalie gave a small, stifled cry and started to cum. She gasped and her hips bucked. Jeff forced himself as far into her as he could get and ground his cock, holding her hard against him. Natalie’s body arched as the sexual electricity surged and she whispered to him again and again how good it felt. One more snap of the hips and she was quiet and lay still breathing hard.

Jeff slowly pulled his still-hard penis out of her, parted her legs, got on top her and pushed himself all the way in.

“You didn’t cum yet?”


Later when Jeff thought about that evening with Natalie he could never account for the feelings that came out of him when he got on top and began to fuck her. They were powerful, natural, animal feelings and his body expressed them without any interference from his mind. He drew Natalie to him, felt her hot breasts pressing into his chest, and he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could without stopping. The harder he fucked her, the harder he wanted to fuck her. He cared nothing for her; he cared only about fucking. He felt strong and male and aggressive and his body moved without his bidding, knowing what it wanted to do.

He felt strong and terrible, and he raped her while she clung to him. Then, in the midst of this testosterone dream, a wave loomed over him and broke and when he struggled to the surface he was gaping and squirting himself deep inside her over and over again. As he came, the powerful feelings broke apart and went away, replaced by a sweetness and clumsy peacefulness he had never experienced before. He loved her. He kissed Natalie and she kissed him back and murmured happy sounds.

They fell asleep and when he woke it was getting light and Natalie was shaking him.

“You have to leave now. I’ll come and visit you tonight. OK?” He smiled and nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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