In The Night Ch. 03

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Weeks went by and still Casey had not seen or heard from Callie. After their hot rendezvous outside the night club, all he could think about was getting her naked again. He picked up his phone and dialed her number, only to get her voicemail.

Callie held up her phone to see his name flashing across the screen. “Oh Casey, are you missing me?” she said to herself, laughing as she tucked her phone away. She loved how desperate he was for her at this moment and wasn’t sure if she really wanted to give him what he wanted…yet.

She fell back onto her bed, nestling her head onto the fluffy white pillows. She laid there thinking about Casey and their last encounter. Just thinking about his dick stiff and up right made her damp down below. She thought about his fingers, teasing her clit into a hard swollen nub. How his tongue could make her whimper when he harassed her nipples. By now she was horny and beginning to rub her hand between her firm thighs.

She quickly kicked off her pants and worked her way out of her pink thong. The air from the room cooled her moistened pussy and set chills up her belly. As she continued to think about Casey she traced her fingers down her smooth stomach, slowly opening her thighs. As her pink slick lips began to separate, she slowly slid her finger over her wet throbbing clit. As she massaged the tingling nub harder in circular motions, she could feel her warm sticky cream begin to flow, gradually trickling out her pussy and down her ass. Her hips, beginning to thrust forward and back with each stroke of her finger, she could feel her tummy tightening as she worked herself closer to orgasm. She continued to manipulate her clit occasionally giving it a pinch between her fingers. As her body quaked she slid her finger down the slickened trail that was her clit and inserted it into her warm wet pussy. As she pumped herself, her fingers became engulfed in her sultry cum as she sent herself into climax. Once the waves of orgasm settled, she withdrew her fingers and headed to the bathroom leaving her undergarments spread along the foot of her bed. She cleaned up at the sink and stood starring at the mirror. She let out a sigh as she turned off the water knowing she could not hold out much longer before she would need Casey’s cock in her.

A few days had gone by and Casey still had heard nothing. He was getting tired of jacking himself off thinking about her. At work he tried to stay occupied with bartending duties, but he couldn’t help scanning the crowd each night in hopes of seeing her again.

Again, his shift ended and he walked out to his truck, disappointed in not seeing her perched up on his tail- gate. He drove home alone…again.

Like always he jumped in the shower and threw on some loose fitting sweats that sat low on the hips and decided to forfeit the shirt. He planted himself on his bed lying atop the covers and flipped on the TV.

Callie sat on her large comfy sofa as she read through her messages. Occasionally looking up at the TV screen not really paying much attention to what was on. As she read the multiple messages from Casey, her pussy began to tingle in reply to his pleadings and graphic descriptions of what he wanted to do to her. She thought about pleasuring herself again but not tonight. She tossed her phone on the table and headed to her bedroom. She quickly slipped into some sexy lingerie, grabbed her coat and scarf and headed out the door.

She pulled up the long gravel drive and threw her car in park and shut off the engine. Her insides quivered in excitement over the thrill of what was to come.

Casey continued to flip through the stations when he thought he heard a car door. He paused for just a moment and shrugged off what he thought was his imagination. As he settled on a station to watch he heard a quick rattle at his front door. Not expecting anyone this late…or really this early on the morning…it was rounding 3am; he hurried down the hall and made his way down the steps. Casey, without hesitation, opened the door to see Callie standing before him.

“It’s been awhile ” she teased as he took a step into the doorway obviously still surprised by seeing her standing there in a knee length black coat tied around the waist, silhouetting her curves perfectly and shiny black stilettos. She had thought the shoes to be a bit cliché, but hey, sexy is sexy no matter how you look at it.

Casey swallowed hard trying to find words as his cock bounced to life in his pants. All he could manage was a question he already had an answer for. “You want to come in?”

As she seductively strutted past him he shut the door and gave his standing prick a swat in hopes to lower the erect tee -pee he had down below. Without saying a word she grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs. She still remembered the layout of his house. Casey could only smile as he followed her swaying tight ass up the stairs watching her exposed calves flex with each step she took in her arched heels. She led him up the steps reality kings porno and into the dark living space occupied by a simple sofa set, TV, and a kitchen table nestled in the back corner. The lights were off with only an orange illumination from the porch light seeping in from the front window giving the room a sexy seductive glow.

Callie turned to face him. He was so fucking hot standing there in front of her in his grey sagging sweats sitting just so on his hips. His was chest bare and chiseled with his muscles pulsating with nervousness. She could tell he was going commando by the way his cock swayed freely beneath the fabric as he shifted his weight from one foot to another.

“You ready to play hot stuff?” She questioned as she began to unbutton her jacket.

“Fuck yea” he responded as his cock quickly stood at attention as she dropped her coat to the floor. Flexing his hands, he readied himself to get a firm grip on whatever part of her body he could.

“Damn” was all he could muster up as his mouth went dry and his heart begun to race.

She stood there wearing a black Teddy. This was no usual Teddy….at least not one he had ever seen before but he sure as hell liked it. The tight black corset gripped around her waist, accentuating her intoxicating curves and pushing up her breasts just enough her dark little nipples were close to popping out. Black silky ribbons fell alongside her hips tickling the tops of her thighs. Thin black material traced the inner side of her thighs splitting open in the front exposing her pink shaven pussy.

“I guess you like it, huh?” she asked as his eyes continued to scan her body from head to toe.

He had no words to offer at the moment and merely nodded trying to keep himself from reaching into his pants and gripping his cock in his hand. She turned away from him allowing him the view of her tight white ass, snugged so nicely under the shear black panties. All Casey could think was “too bad the back isn’t opened for viewing pleasure like the front.” He licked his dry lips as he watched her walk to the kitchen table and grabbed a chair.

Callie couldn’t help but be turned on by her own charades. She pulled the chair from the table and slid it toward the open space she previously occupied. As she settled the seat, she smacked the wooden top encouraging him to sit.

He gave her a smirk as she tapped the chair, enjoying the view of her bent over with her breasts pushed forward by the clenching corset. She didn’t have large breasts, but God damn she had nice ones. All he could think about was bending her over that chair and fucking that pink little pussy playing ‘peek-a-boo’ between her crotchless panties.

Callie slapped the chair again, “SIT!” she demanded.

Casey, lost in thought, hurried to the chair and sat down as ordered. His cock now standing hard and tall, as Callie tongued his sensitive ear from behind. She ran her hands down his tense arms weaving her fingers into his. She continued to work her mouth along the back of his neck as she slowly pulled his arms behind the chair.

Just then Casey was pulled back to reality as he realized what she was up to. He began to pull his arms from her grip, trying to avoid the bondage that was coming. He had never been a fan of the idea of being tied up, tying her down was more his avenue.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Callie whispered into his ear as she grabbed the scarf, till dangling from her neck. Up until now, he hadn’t even noticed the scarf.

‘Sneaky little she-devil’ he thought to himself.

Once she had his arms tied back, Callie smoothed her hands over his solid shoulders and down his smooth chiseled chest, rubbing his nipples into hardened pebbles. He let out a soft hum as she aroused his nipples and grazed his neck with her velvety lips. His cock bobbed in his sweats as he felt her corseted breasts press against his bare upper back. Oh, what he would give to have those perky tits in his mouth right now.

She slowly, yet seductively worked her way around the chair as he began to shift in his seat, secretly tugging at the make-shift bondage. Surprised how good a job she did of tying his arms down, he gave up on his efforts. Casey could feel the beads of sweat expanding across his brow; his nervousness beginning to build. Despite feeling uneasy about being tied down, Casey’s arousal grew, as did his erection.

Callie stood in front of him, deliberately opening her thighs, just enough to offer him a view of her dampened lips. ‘Time to tease’ she thought to herself as she gracefully slid her hands over her corset and cupping her breasts. She knew he was very interested as she watched his eyes open wide in amusement. She slipped her fingers through the velvet trimming that laced her ensemble. Skimming her upper lip with the tip of her tongue, Callie tugged releasing the bow supporting her breasts. As the corset loosened its grip, it fell to the floor, allowing her tits to bounce free. The teasing games sexmex porno she played ignited a fire in her, causing her pussy to tingle in anticipation.

Casey, sitting like a ‘good-boy,’ fought back the urge to saturate the inside of his pants from the sight of her stripping before him. All he could think about was how badly he wanted to grip his stiff rod and fist it, as her delicate hands explored her own nude body. He sat, breathing increasing, watching her hands glide over her breasts, rubbing her nipples.

“Fuck…” Casey muttered as she stepped forward between his legs brushing his throbbing cock with her shapely thigh.

“Suck ’em sexy,” She stated swiping her now firm nipples across his cheek and over his plump lips.

Eagerly, Casey leaned forward, being reminded of his limited range of motion, and opened his mouth welcoming her breast into his salivating mouth.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it sweetheart, just like that,” Callie whimpered as he happily sucked her tender skin into his mouth assaulting each bud with his tongue.

Gripping the back of his neck, she threw her head back, allowing her blonde hair to tickle her shoulder blades. The sensations his whirling tongue generated was causing her inner thighs to moisten. He groaned as his mouth tightened around her breasts, as his mouth became more aggressive. Releasing her grasp from his neck, Callie slapped his cheek. He released his bite, stunned by the sting of her hand.

“That’s enough of that, stingy boy.” Callie said playfully, leaning over, offering him a quick peck on the lips.

“Come on Callie, untie me, I don’t think I can stay this way all night.” he pleaded, slightly pulling his arms forward in efforts of trying to break the bondage.

“No worries, Case, it won’t be all night.”

She continued to lower herself to her knees, eventually kneeling between his legs, close enough to feel his perky member throb against her stomach. She leaned in placing her lips on his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his rapid breathing. She trailed her tongue to his dark stiffened nipple, warming it with her mouth. She continued to pursue each tip, before nibbling down on the tender bud, not releasing until she provoked just enough discomfort.

Casey was so aroused by her busy mouth, he could feel the wet spot his pre-cum had created on his pants. Lost in the unbelievable scenario playing before him, he cried out from the painful sensation he felt from her bite. Although he was uncomfortable, he couldn’t help but be turned on. “Uhhhhh…” he managed to mumble, wishing his hands were available to free himself from her gnawing grip.

“Awwww, did that hurt?” She asked in a low sarcastic tone.

Trying to play it off as though he was fine, Casey worked up a smiled, “Of course not.”

“Liar!!” she quickly retorted and swiftly pinched each nipple between her fingers until he yelled out.

As he grimaced from the assault, she gently slid her hands beneath his ass. Casey was able to slightly raise his sweet little rear to allow room for her hands. Before he could rest his tight cheeks on her palms, she gripped the seam of his pants and jerked them down far enough to expose his thick hard-on. His pulse increased at the thought of his member finally getting its well-deserved attention. Casey shifted and shook his lower-half excitedly, shimmying out of his pants and kicking them aside. By now, his cock was painfully hard with every vein pulsating from base to tip, pre-cum slowly escaped.

Casey tried thrusting his pelvis forward as he watched her lower her mouth toward his purple head. Watching him push his hips forward, she gripped his waist and shoved him back in the seat. Exhaling loudly, he felt the sting of the wood back chair along his spine.

“Yummy,” she groaned as she bit her bottom lip, eyeing the glistening bleb of creamy cum. Callie clutched his knees and aggressively spread his legs open. Casey jerked slightly at the discomfort of the forceful repositioning. As he was expecting a warm, wet mouth to take hold of his dick, he unexpectedly felt her palm wrap around his member, her thumb covering his bulging tip with his cum. Shoving his hips forward, he pushed more of his dick into her hand.

All she wanted was to suck that massive cock. As his moaning increased, she continued to knead his cock pumping her hand up and down, occasionally tugging at his sac. By now her inner thighs were sticky, tempting her to slip a free hand downward. Thoughts of his dick pumping in and out of her pussy put her in near orgasm.

“Faster,” he begged in a low husky voice, still driving his cock the best could in his position.

“Getting a little greedy, are we?” Callie accused, letting go of his shaft.

“No, no, no, no,” he whined as she quickly released her grip.

In one, swift continuous movement, she stood back up in front of him. Visibly showing off her dampened pussy, unfortunately it was too far for Casey’s tongue to reach. Wetting sindrive porno a finger in her mouth, she began to pleasure herself, allowing him the view of her separating her lips. His dick painfully bobbed as he watched the erotic show.

“Come on Callie, let me go so I can do that for you” he begged.

“Oh, I am doing just fine sweetheart” she said slowly as she worked her finger over her swollen clit, giving him an occasional grin, knowing it was driving him crazy.

She continued to work herself over until she pleasured herself enough to finally allow Casey to join in.

Sexually frustrated and still tied to the chair, Casey’s dick stood tall and ached as the blood pulsed through his deep purple veins.

“Suck my dick,” he demanded with a shy grin on his face.

Callie smiled, “You need to say please, sexy.”

“Please, please, please!!!” Casey replied instantaneously. His excitement increasing, as he watched her walk forward and kneel to the ground in front of him. Damn, she was hot. All he could think about was her tight jaw and thick wet lips around his cock.

Callie once again gripped his shaft in her hand, slowly pumping it in her palm. Casey’s dick solid, she knew he needed some release.

She lowered her mouth over the tip of his cock, tasting the sweet nectar that was slowly dripping out. Casey groaned with gratification. She circled his tip with her tongue as she ran her hands up his flexed thighs. He tingled with desire.

Callie lowered her mouth further over his bobbing cock, taking in more of him. She continued to work her tongue around his dick, tracing the thick vein with pressure. Deep moans echoed above her, as Casey thrust his hips forward. Taking him in further, she drove her mouth down his shaft, deep throating him the best she could. He had a thick cock and the more the sucked and licked the more sore her jaw became. She didn’t care, she enjoyed pleasuring him this way. As she pulled her mouth back up his shaft, she sucked down hard, slightly pulling on his cock skin until she felt his mushroom head at her lips. She replaced her mouth with her hand, and lowered her lips to his sac, slowly sucking and nibbling at the tender skin. She knew he loved this by the way he opened his thighs for her, increasing his moans.

“Oh, Cal…that feels…so good.” He managed.

Callie knew she could not hold off much longer before she would need to ride his cock. Her pussy becoming more wet with each minute of her teasing. She stopped playing with his sac before he climaxed. She worked him up just enough, and now it was time for her.

She rose slowly, giving him another peck on the lips.

“I’m ready now!!” she said straddling him in the chair. Allowing her pussy to hover over his hard cock.

She leaned forward, teasing his neck with her tongue, and occasionally biting his ear. She placed her hands over his broad shoulders.

“Let me fuck you,” he said with hunger in his eyes. She loved that look.

“Oh no baby,” she said placing a palm along his cheek “I’m going to fuck you.”

She then leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, allowing their tongues to move freely with one another. There was something about kissing him, that made her core heat up. Her pussy throbbed as she felt wetness spreading over her swollen pink lips. As she passionately assaulted his mouth, she lowered herself gently over his rigid cock. They both moaned simultaneously at the incredible sensation they felt as their sultry parts met.

Casey’s bulging rod damn near exploded as he felt Callie’s hot wet pussy engulf him. He tried to push his dick in faster as she lowered herself on him, but due to his present position, he failed. She continued to sink down over him until the tip of his dick was forced fully inside the soft moisten walls. It drove him mad, as she sat atop of him and did not move. He could hardly focus on kissing her, while her pussy held him. Allowing his thick round cock to stretch her pussy, she sat motionless, enjoying the feeling of his dick throbbing inside of her. As the initial sting of his size subsided, Callie gradually began to slide her pussy up his shaft and back down again. With each drive deeper than the one before. As she continued to ride his cock, she rested her hands behind her on his shaking knees, allowing her the ability to arch her back just enough to open her pussy more for him. Callie drove her wet pussy harder and deeper over Casey’s dick, pushing her hips forward so her budding clit grated along the fine hairs that traced the top of his shaft. With her pussy stretched and her clit tingling, she drove herself toward climax, hissing and moaning with joy.

She knew Casey was getting closer too as he began to tighten his thigh muscles and grind his teeth. She slowed her pace over his cock, almost grinding him in slow motion.

As he sat on the chair and Callie rode him, Casey’s balls began to tighten up, letting him know he was close to blowing his load. He continued to hold off, knowing she was getting close too. Her pussy began to tighten around his shaft, slowly squeezing it with each thrust she gave. He could feel her pussy beginning to drip with creamy cum, soaking the base of his cock, giving his hairs a glistening affect in the faint light.

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