Indian Boy New to Incest Pt. 01

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Hi. Incest was not common to india those days. But now its gaining popularity. It has even reached south until tn, where I belong. I got to know about world of incest in early 20’s of age at my college days where my friends would read hot stories. Sex stories mostly but you cant keep out of incest once you start reading sex stories.

I used to read only aunt stories those days as anything other than, I would think to be sin. But slowly I got dissolved more into world of incest. And I start to love and lust all relationships that come by. Particularly stories mom son. Not sure why but they are erotic to read.

I grew up in orthodox family where there is nothing beyond normal exist. But as times change people change and their vision towards certain things. I happen to read more and more of incest stories from web and that changed my perspective towards women. Especially towards my mom.

And about her she is stands at 5.6 feet and weighs around 63. More of exact ht wt ratio that men go crazy about. Yes she is 48yrs old but her physic may not look that way. Any stranger looking at her would guess her age to be around 35. Thats how she maintains her physic well.

Her inner suggest that she is 36-30-36 by built. Yes such a terrific shape even at this age makes her the perfect desirable women.

The stories which marsbahis güvenilirmi I read made me horny and realize that taboo is very normal like any other feel. Lust for mom is very normal as lust for any other women. Because that women is a mother of some kid too. And our mom too would surely be lusted by someone else. So why not lust our very own mom. My feel grew up there and mom son incest turned out to be my fav from then. I used to read lot of incest story by then and I started to leak hell. Slowly I started seeing my own mom in different way.

I can relate of those instances I read in those stories with my mom and it matched so perfectly. I started to see more of her womenly feature now. Able to watch her from close she felt more exotic now. A women to desire for, even for her own son. By admiring her more I found her more sexy every passing day. I was looking for even more ways to admire her. And there came a open chat room where women hungry men would come and text about women. It was new to me. But soon I found courage and spoke to many uncles about my mom.

Yes the same boy who had no bad intentions of his mom whatsoever, started to admire his mom with some stranger uncle. Our earlier talks were more about her physic alone and even that made me damn horny. As things progressed in chat room, marsbahis yeni giriş those uncles were curious to see mom. Some wanted to know whether im exaggerating things and others wanted to see her to feed their lust women. I was very hesitant for sharing her pic even. But they kept on insisting. So I decided to show her up but concealing her face so that her identity is safe. They were stunned to see her physic. They were ogling every inch of curvy body. They were ogling so badly that provoked me share few more identity concealed pic of her. Now I came to know sexy appeal that my mom has. Even at this age she was ogled for the sexy physic she has.

Now my lust started growing in strength. And I started having a feel on why shouldn’t I show them my mom without any concealing stuff. I was feeling bad as well horny. But my horny feel won and I started to show her to few selected uncles in online chat. They were aroused with her. Many wanted to keep in touch with me. The reason – they want to lay their hands on her. What was I doing asked my inner self? Is it morally correct to let someone admire and lust your mom. To add spice to I they even want to lay hands on her. Is this okay. Many such questions propped up. But lust prevailed and I felt everything to be normal in this new world.

About the uncles I prefer marsbahis giriş to text is only those uncles who are decent in society yet kinky inside. This type uncles are very safe to have especially when your mom to be lusted.

One among that uncle became close to me on chat. He is from another city of same state. Decent uncle who lives with his wife. His wavelength of lust matched with mine. So we went deep in our convo about mom. He became regular admirer of mom. But at the same time maintained decency. This impressed me and I thought I should make him more hornier. So I decided to show mom to him in live video. Yes a stranger uncle is about to gaze my mom live. He was thrilled for and said that he has never seen a women like this in live.

On the very first live mom was on her nighty. It was tight one that revealed her shape very well. He was stunned to see her. He was in different world on seeing that he said. His lust on mom grew many folds. Now he started asking me to show her off now and then. On one night I treated him with moms leg show. Moms nightie was upto her knees and he was able to see her creamy fit legs. He was ogling at her even in that night time. The next morning when we texted he was feeling bit worried on whether what we are doing is right or not. He seemed very genuine and caring. And I felt that this kind of uncles are very much ideal to share your lust for mom. So I decided to add fuel to his fire of lust. So I planned to show him something very special that would surely make him leak on the go. What special stuff is waiting for the uncle?

Find in the next part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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