Internet Lovers Meet Ch. 02

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He left the room and she heard the bathroom door shut.

She had no idea what he had planned but just anticipating the possibilities excited her. Never before had she been so thoroughly pleasured…….her senses were all jumbled…..she wasn’t sure if this was reality or a beautiful dream.

He returned about twenty minutes later. “Stand up, Sweet-thing.”

He reached out and took her by both hands. “No, you don’t need to dress, just come with me.” He walked backwards still holding both her hands and she willingly followed him.

He opened the bathroom door with a flourish – – “M’Lady, your bath awaits!”

She stared, open-mouthed at the bathroom – – The lights were off. Around the tub and on the counter he had placed lit candles. On the floor he hand-sprinkled rose petals. On the counter was a bucket of ice with a bottle of champagne chilling in it along with 2 champagne glasses. And on the floor next to the tub he had placed the pillows from the other bed in their room. He escorted her to the tub and held her hand as she stepped down into it. The temperature of the water was perfect…hot but not too hot.

He told her just to relax and enjoy the bubbles.

She reclined and rested her head on an improvised pillow fashioned from a quadruple-folded bath towel.

“Oh, Tale-Spinner! This is so relaxing and so sweet of you!”

“My sweet Angel-Kitty! It’s just my feeble attempt to do something special just for you.”

He then opened the bottle of champagne and poured them each a glass, handed one to her and then with his glass in his hand, he sat on the pillows next to the tub.

“Now darlin’, give me your foot.”

She raised one foot and rested it on the edge of the tub. He took a bar of soap, soaped his hands then began to wash her foot. He very slowly and sensuously lathered her foot, making sure to get between each toe.

She put her head back and closed her eyes, savoring every moment and every sensation.

He gently eased her washed foot back into the tub and she instinctively gave him her other foot. He soaped his hands again and repeated his loving and oh-so-sensuous ministrations. She was surprised escort bayan istanbul just how aroused she’s became from such a simple act, and thankful she could hide her hardening nipples under all the bubbles.

When he finished with her feet they shared another glass of champagne – and then he helped her to stand again.

He indicates to her by his hands on her shoulders to turn her back to him. He took a washcloth, wetted it, soaped it and started at her shoulders. Making small gentle circles, moving slowly lower and lower, moving across her back, coming halfway around each side. Lower and lower, reaching her rear he washed each cheek thoroughly, then between them, and even under them.

She didn’t say anything yet, choosing to simply enjoy the moment.

Now he carefully washed down one leg and then up the other. He took the hand-held shower head and after adjusting the temperature of the water, with it set on a gentle spray he rinsed the soap from her back and legs.

“Oh Baby, that feels so incredibly nice!”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Darlin’. Now, please turn around.”

She turned to face him and as she did he took a step back and said “My God Woman! You are so, so beautiful! How did I get so lucky to find you?”

She just lowered her eyes, blushed, and smiled at him.

He refreshed the washcloth and began again to wash her. Starting up her sides, then around to her neckline, across the collar-bones. Then he started the slow circles again. Slowly, slowly he washed the top of her breasts….then circles the nipples, then washes the nipples.

As he was so tenderly washing her breasts she gave a little shudder. “Oh Baby, you’re so good to me – it feels so good when you do that.”

“This?” he asks.

“Y-ye-yes – just like that!”

He washed her now hard nipples again. And the circles proceed lower……..beneath her breasts…..across her belly…..down into her neatly trimmed hair…across the front of her thighs.

She jumped just a little as his hand barely grazed her pubic hair.

He washed down the front of one leg, the up the front of the other…..then escort istanbul down the inside, then up the inside of the other. Reaching the “V” he worked the cloth between her legs… brushed across her clitoris.

She moaned just a little and had to grab onto one of the support bars above the tub so as not to fall…her knees were shaking so badly!

“Alright, Sweet-thing, time for a rinse” he said as he took the shower handle. Checking the water temp again he gently sprayed it over her, rinsing all the soap from every inch of her. He eased her back down into the bathtub. “Turn your back to me now, honey, and lean your head back.” As she complied, he took her shampoo, poured some into his hands. He brought them to her hair and worked it into a wonderful lather. His fingertips massaged her scalp….working their way from front to back and back to front…then working the fragrant lather all the way to the ends of her long hair between his fingers. She in turn was loving every bit of this… the point of being aroused…never realizing that something as simple as a shampoo could be so erotic.

“Honey-gal………earth to Angel-kitty…..”

“Oh, I’m sorry….it was just so relaxing.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself….now…here…lean your head back and let me rinse the shampoo out.” Taking the shower nozzle again, he makes sure the temp is right and then he holds it close to the top of her head and let the water rinse all the shampoo out and then he brought the nozzle up behind her neck to make sure every bit of the shampoo was gone. Replacing the nozzle he now wrung out her hair and made sure no soap or water got in her eyes.

“Now please turn around, Sweetness.”

“Aren’t you finished? I thought you were done.”

“No, my beautiful one, not just yet. Give me your leg, Darlin’.”

“But You already washed……”

He cut her off…”Hush…..and do as you’re told….don’t argue with me.”

As she raised her leg to him he took it and lay it along the edge of the tub…opening her thighs in the process. Then, reaching for a special “feminine soap” he brought with him bayan escort istanbul he worked a lather onto his hands and began working the fragrant lather along the inside of her thighs. In small circles, each hand slowly working higher and higher…until…one finger gently brushed her clit while another slid along the slit.

As his fingers made that first contact she reacted as if a jolt of electricity went right through her pussy, “Oooh, Spinner!!”

He said nothing , instead continuing his tender ministrations.

He gently opened the folds around her pussy. Washing first the outer, then the inner lips…

She noticed this soap feels different than regular soap – more gentle and slipperier…and it felt so very nice.

Having washed the lips, one finger approached her clitoris. Gently washing the outside of the hood, then easing it back, tenderly he washed the clit itself.

All she could do was moan with pleasure. Never had she had anyone care for her like this. Or been so concerned with her pleasure while seeming to sublimate his own desires. She wondered how she could be so lucky to have found a rare jewel like ‘Tale-Spinner’. She’s roused from her thoughts when he reached across her to retrieve the spray nozzle.

“Excuse me, Pretty Darlin’. Time to rinse.” He set the spray for extra gentle and water at just body temperature. He sprayed up and down her thighs gradually working up to her pussy. As he approached her pussy with the spray he slowly increased the pressure of the spray and set it on pulsation. When he has it set the way he wants he sprayed all around her soapy pussy until the rhythmic pulsing spray finally made contact with her clit. She gasped in both surprise at the sensations and in ecstasy.

Seeing the spray is having the desired effect, he held it there, aimed right on her clit, watching her react to it until he brought her to a wonderful orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. As it subsided she leaned over and rested her head on his chest. “Oh Spinner! That was amazing! I’ve never felt anything like it before!”

“I’m happy you enjoyed it, Darlin’. Now stand up and step out of the tub. We need to get you dried off.”

He helped her from the tub and enfolded her in a huge, fluffy, heated towel, and wrapped another towel over her hair. He lovingly and gently pats her dry.

Once she is dry he tenderly picks her up and carries her to the bed.

To be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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