Intimacy Without A Bed

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This story as with all works by me is entirely fictional and any relationship to actual events is purely coincidental. That said this is my third story submitted to .com and the exceptional reviews I have received as of yet is entirely inspiring and has started me on my first series of stories so i am excited to see how that comes off in you, the readers eyes. I love to hear your comments so dont be shy (It’s annonymous).

Staring into your eyes, all I could feel was the vivid tension and the latent desire in the air, your legs sitting on mine, our bodies close, and only one thing truly on our minds, regardless of what we said. We close the gap slowly, chatting about this, that, and the other thing, not really paying attention to what each other say anymore, our minds considering where we were going to go from here, and then it finally happens, our lips meet, our tongues meet for an instant, sparks fly as we discover just how well we each kiss. Fireworks blasting in our minds, my mind contorting and twisting to the point of only one thing could possibly exist.

We pause, just for a moment, and you comment on my kissing, stealing the words from me, as though you knew what I was going to say and said it first, and our lips meet again, this time our tongues dancing, longer, stopping long enough for you to breathe again and catch yourself before going on. We kiss and kiss and finally lean back so that you are laying on your couch, the intensity of the kissing growing and growing, stopping only long enough to clear our heads, our bodies grind together like gears in a clock, my desire to go on hindered solely by the question if you want me to go on. My kisses finally travel from your mouth and softly I kiss and lick your ear, blowing on it to add to the sensation, then, down your neck a few times to amplify the feeling, again my desire to go on almost too much to bear when, finally, you answer my question, without me ever having to ask, with but a whisper, “I am ok will you be?”

My heart skips a beat, you are such a sweet heart my soul goes out to you, my mind floods with desire, my body tingles with pleasure, “I am ready, and I wont let you down.” I won’t ever let you down… and from here the kisses resume.

My hand finds your breast and starts to massage it… I could feel the details of your bra through your shirt, intrigued by the rough patterns I could discern, your body grinds into mine, passion building relentlessly between us, our kisses increase in intensity. When my kisses finally attempt to find their way to your other ear, you find my neck first, family stroke porno filling my veins with fire, my heart pumps faster and faster, each kiss fuels my desire further and further, and our lips meet again. My hands both massaging your breasts now, my kisses finally find your other ear and this time I play more aggressive and kiss it even more passionately than I had the previous, then kissing down your neck like the fire inside of me was ready for release.

My hands trace a path under your shirt and find your lace bra, much to the delight of my senses, and again passionately rub and massage your breasts driving your sensations deeper and deeper, your body writhing under mine. Patiently I stimulate them through the lace until I am certain that nothing would drive you wilder than for my bare hands to meet your sensitive flesh, and then I surprise you with more than you hoped for.

I pull back the lace, the warm air of the living room rushing over your tender nipples; my lips leave yours and this time… I kiss down your chest to your breasts. I tenderly kiss around them teasing you with my kisses, building the sensation, the anticipation, until finally I grant you your wish. My lips touch to your areola and a moan escapes your lips, fueling me to go on further. My tongue dances around your nipple teasing it and stimulating it without hesitation, your body writhing under mine, the passion building again. I circle your nipple with my tongue, teasing it, and then run it up and down, stimulating it, my teeth gently scraping across, pleasuring it, before sucking it fully into my mouth and pleasing you even more. After a generous amount of attention I balance things and pay the same attention to the other, all the while the fire in your veins boiling out of control.

I kiss your lips some more and finally ask what I can do to pleasure you further, you reply with a simple thrust of the hips, a coy look in your eyes, and I know exactly what you want, but there is still more I desire for you yet. I allow my hand to find the button on your jeans and release them, then your zipper, my hand sliding inside. I rub your tender, moist pussy through your panties, your eyes rolling into the back of your head, you hold back the moans as the building the anticipation in your groin becomes almost too much to bear. Finally you give in and moan intensely, giving me the go ahead I was seeking and I finally pleasure you with what you need, and slide my fingers into your panties. My finger easily finds its target, your moist clit anxiously female taxi porno awaiting a chance to be pleasured, instantly my touch sends pleasure throughout your entire body, causing yet another moan to escape your lips. With bliss twisting your mind, my persistent fingers continue to stimulate your clit fueling you to cum quickly to my touch.

You lead me downstairs, barely able to walk a straight line, so that if anyone does come to the door that they will not see something they should not, where. We enter a small room with no windows, two couches a coffee table and a large TV decorate the room, you direct me to a large couch, where, upon arriving we barely make it to the couch and we are already kissing passionately, you pull me down on top of you and we kiss intensely. My hand travels to your pants again, this time I request to take them off, desiring more than just a few fingers in your panties. You delight me by obliging and I aid you with removing them and for the first time get a glimpse at what was going to consume a large part of my attention in the near future. After kissing you a little more… your hand stimulating my cock driving me insane, I finally make a move for giving you the pleasure that you deserve, kissing my way down your chest, your stomach, to your groin, where after kissing your legs and your tender groin I find your clit.

My tongue dances across your already stiffened clit, your flesh tender to the touch, a hint of sweet apple pie flashes across my tongue, instantly instilling a drive to taste more. My tongue tickles your pleasure button forcing your body to thrash uncontrollably, your mind twisting into bliss, your thoughts traveling to me, and how you cannot believe how talented I am with my tongue, your body desires more and more, your mind cannot refuse, and you let loose, moans escaping your lips, trying hard not to make too much noise, as you near your second climax of the evening, you force yourself to hold your breath hence not to scream from the pleasures of my tongue.

As your mind starts to clear again from the bliss you had just endured, you realize that I have not stopped my delights in your pussy, my tongue still enthralling your body. While your mind grips on the pleasure it had received. Instantly your mind is flooded with the sensations of the past few moments while you recovered, your eyes roll back into your head and you arch your back, aching for more, you cannot bring yourself to make me stop.

Twice more I delight you with my tongue until you climax, until you finally female agent porno stop me, your mind finally clearly set that you want to grant me pleasure, but you cannot allow yours to stop. You whisper that you want me to fuck you, so, I agree, though reluctant to stop, I know this is what you need and I would never wish to prevent you from experiencing whatever you need. I travel out to my car leaving you for a moment, when you suddenly discover your nakedness and seek to cover up sitting up and covering yourself, I return and simply smile at you.

I stand over you and look into your eyes, sending to you the comfort that you need to relax again with your nakedness. We kiss again, our tongues dancing lightly in our mouths and you lay back on the couch. I look into your eyes, looking for any sign of hesitation, but don’t see anything but lust. I slip between your legs the touch of my body between your legs flashing memories of when my head had been there, the memories flooding your mind with bliss, and slowly ease myself close to your tender tunnel. Slowly I ease my tip inside, careful so as to not injure you, the sensation filling me with desire, pleasure, and bliss, ever so slowly I ease myself inside of you, slowly filling you with my stiffened flesh, until our hips meet after what seems an eternity and we are joined.

Slowly you feel me ease myself in and out of you, the intimate details of my manhood pleasuring every possible point inside your sensual hole. You feel me slide in and out of you the warm rubber between us tenderly rubbing against your flesh, creating a sense of warmth from the lotions on it. With each thrust you feel me hit your g-spot, your spine tingling, your entire body shuddering each time. I slowly continue this pace knowing you will give me a signal when you are ready for more, until then the sensation of easing myself inside of you filling my head with lustful imagery of you, desiring only you, amplifying the pleasure for me. After a short while of pleasuring you with my slow thrusts you pull me close to you with your legs, sending the signal I had been waiting for, and I give you your desire, slowly picking up pace, the speed, and the intensity of my thrusts, increasing slightly with each time, slowly building to what we both want more than anything else at that moment.

Your moans increase with each time, your body now shuddering uncontrollably, your mind is a mess of emotion and pleasure and feeling, moaning uncontrollably, as I thrust harder and harder into you, forcing you to hold your breath for moments at a time, so as not to scream, intensity of the pleasure forcing everything from our minds except this very moment, until finally I climax inside of you, bliss flooding both our minds, the world disappearing, leaving only the touch of each of our bodies together as we lay collapsed on the couch, exhausted from the adventure.

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