Into the Bush Pt. 05

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In the first four Parts of this story, I lead Paula along the stream past the pond to the bush. Entering the bush, I lead her to a tree, the female spirit of the bush. Both now naked and highly aroused, we search for the tree of the male spirit of the bush.


In the midst of the Bush, I set off to seek out male spirit of power. I find it not far away, within sight of the female tree. A little higher up the slope, in a slightly darker and cooler place. It is tall and erect and strong and powerful. I look down – I too am erect, as hard as I have ever been. I lay my clothing down alongside this tree, awkward in my movements because of my stiff shaft.

I touch the tree, spreading a hand across its surface. You move forward in your nakedness, slowly because of the intense male power you feel around you. Your body is alive with small electric sparks and shivers. Your nipples are hard and throbbing. Your pussy lips are puffy and tingling.

Deep inside your cuntal channel fuck in traffic porno is a regular insistent pulse, in rhythm with your heartbeat – or is it an echo of my pounding heart? Or of something in the heart of this tree?

You place your own hand on the tree, alongside mine. You wrap your other hand around my pulsing erection. I turn towards you and kiss your mouth. I kiss you deeply and intensely, mouth sealed to yours.

Your hand tightens on my shaft, then slackens and just holds it loosely but closely, your palm in intimate communion with my flesh, so reluctant to lose this connection.

I then pull back from you. With my hands on your shoulders, I turn you away from me. Your hand falls from my cock, by necessity, not by choice. You are facing the tree, about a metre away from it. I put my hands on your head and push you down onto your knees. You bow down before the tree, in front of me.

You are surrounded by male power, by male full porno consciousness, by male essence. You feel exposed, vulnerable, excited, apprehensive – you feel like a woman, like Eve in the garden, new and fresh, your own self but belonging to someone, something else – someone and something within you, part of you, but beyond you, constantly drawing you onwards, upwards, inwards.

I reach down with my hands and raise your buttocks. This forces your face into the earth – you turn it to the side – and your breasts with their stiff throbbing nipples are pressed into the ground. I touch your thigh, on the inside, high up. Immediately you spread your legs wider.

I kneel down behind you, my cock ready in my hand, my mind full of bright swirling mist beset by coloured currents – the charged air flowing high above in the canopy of the male tree; the hair that flows from below your belly down between your legs and down to your anal rose; the ebbing and surging flows gizli çekim porno of my deepest lusts.

I place the head of my cock at the door to your cunt. With one slow steady irresistible push, Cock enters Cunt.

I penetrate the door to your wet heat, I dive deeply inside you, I possess you as deeply as you have ever been taken, and I hold myself there, I hold your self there.

The beat of my heart becomes one with the pulse of your womanhood.

You feel impaled on a lance – you feel filled as if with the trunk of a giant tree – you feel turned to liquid, a boundless tide of desire and passion and surrender.

Cock pulses inside Cunt. It is alive. Through Cock, I see your depths. Through Cunt, you taste my spirit.

When inside you, I don’t move for a long time. I simply am enjoined to you. It’s as if Cock and Cunt have melded and fused. But sometimes, without warning, Cock moves. Always slowly, always smoothly. Hotly and wetly.

And I feel Cunt respond always — squeezing, expanding, pulsing. And always Cock returns deep and dwells there, silently.

Cock comes to rest, to dwell, fully clothed by you. With you.

Aeons later – you feel me slide out of you, and you are desolate! Then you feel me approaching the entrance to your anus.

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