Into the Night

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“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Hmm?” Scott turned around to see his girlfriend leaning against their balcony door, gazing at the night scene laid out in front of her. “You say that every night,” he chuckled and walked over to her. He moved behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing the top of her head.

Melanie purred happily, and nodded, laughing a little herself. “I suppose so. But I’m so glad we got this apartment! The view is really so gorgeous to look at.”

“Mmm…” Scott mumbled and rested his chin on her shoulder, not bothering to hide the fact that he was blatantly gazing at the cleavage exposed in front of his face. “Yes. Yes, it is.”

Melanie turned her head slightly and followed his gaze, laughing a little. She turned around to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a few quick pecks on the lips before backing away and pacing over to turn off the television still blaring the late night news. She yawned and stretched, noting the time on the clock, and began to do her bedtime routinely sweep of the apartment. Padding around in bare feet and her favourite flannel robe, she walked into the kitchen, checking the stove and turning off the light in there. Scott leaned against the balcony door and watched her, smiling to himself.

“What?” she raised her eyebrow at him and continued to turn off the lamps in the living room.

“You really like that robe, don’t you?”

“Why not? It’s comfortable!” Melanie’s tone was edging on defensive.

“It looks it. Would you consider wearing something else tonight, though?”

She looked up to see a coy smile on Scott’s face. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously and she walked over to him, putting her hands on her hips. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I bought you a present…” his voice trailed off as Melanie’s face changed from an expression of doubt to surprise. “Would you wear it for me?” He lifted his hand to hook a finger into the front of her robe, tugging at it and playing with the lapel fold.

Melanie looked at him, puzzled. “A present? What for? It’s not our anniversary or my birthday or anything…” her voice trailed off. “And Valentine’s isn’t for another seven months.”

He kissed her forehead and smiled before turning and walking into their bedroom. “Stay here,” he warned. Melanie’s brow furrowed a little, trying to guess what Scott had planned. After a few minutes and several rustling noises, Scott strolled out of the bedroom in only his boxers and grinned. “Go in there and put all of what you see on the bed on. Promise? All of it?”

She smiled excitedly and paced quickly over to him, pinching his butt and whispering, “I promise,” before heading in the bedroom and shutting the door.

Scott walked over to the switch on the wall and turned off the last light illuminating the room. The moon and the city’s glow permeated the darkness and he walked over to the balcony door again, leaning on one shoulder against it and admiring the expanse of cityscape, marvelling at how many people must still be up and awake at this hour. He stretched a little, raking his fingers through his blond hair, and his mind wandered to the thought of Melanie dressed in the outfit he had laid out for her. He bit his lower lip and his cock stirred a little, knowing how delicious she would look. He began to wander around the room slightly out of giddiness, and was broken out of his train of thought by the sound of the bedroom door clicking open.

He snapped to face the doorway, but she wasn’t standing there. He fidgeted with his fingers and called softly, “Mel?”

She stepped out from around the corner. Illuminated by the bedroom light, she looked at him nervously for approval as her hands clasped behind her back. Scott just stared at her and groaned softly, drinking her in with his eyes. Her long red hair was twisted and piled on top of her head, with a few short stray strands escaping to frame her face. Her green eyes had been played up with amethyst-coloured makeup and her lips had been faintly stained a delicious-looking crimson. A deep green satin nightgown clung to her slight curves, exposing almost all of her breasts and hugging her flat stomach. The fabric buttoned with satin-covered buttons in a long line that started from her cleavage and ran all the way to the bottom hem at her knees. One strap had slipped down her shoulder and she stood tall in a pair of deep green stilettos. Transfixed, Scott murmured, “Turn around, honey… slowly…”. His voice trailed off and he bit his lip slightly as Melanie rotated to reveal a low-cut V back that exposed her slender figure. The notch of the V ended just above the delicious swell of her bottom, and the nightgown flowed away from her body loosely, swishing against her thighs. Her legs were covered in fine-meshed fishnet stockings, and as she completed her rotation, he swallowed hard as his cock strained against his boxers.

She looked down, blushing at his scrutiny, and felt her nipples swell in a mixture of excitement and anticipation. The hard nubs with the metal barbells through them pushed glory hole secrets porno against the thin, delicate fabric, and Scott groaned at the sight. “Mel… come here…” he extended his hand to her, and she quickly turned to shut off the bedroom light, again putting the room into darkness. She walked out from the bedroom slowly, and moved toward him. She put her hand in his and let him guide her to where he wanted.

She smiled softly at him as he directed her into his arms. He brushed a few stray strands of hair out of her face and smiled back, murmuring softly to her. “Hey there, gorgeous… stayin’ for awhile?”

Her smile broadened and she tilted her chin up to kiss him. He eagerly reciprocated and their lips began to tug at each other, nibbling and sucking slightly. Their grips on each other tightened as their kisses became more heated and urgent, and their tongues began darting against each others’ lips.

Scott broke the kiss, and opened the balcony door. The warm night air felt good against his skin and he stepped outside onto their balcony, leading his lover by the hand. He guided her to the balcony rail and leaned her against it, ensuring the metal bars came up sufficiently high enough to keep her from leaning too far. He pushed against her from behind, pressing her stomach into the bars and placing her hands on the railing. He leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Don’t let go. Let go before I tell you to, and this is all over.” He nipped the upper shell of her ear and ran his tongue briefly along it, causing her to whimper a little.

“Okay,” she breathed, willing to do whatever Scott wanted, knowing that in the end the delicious lump she felt pushing against her bottom would be inside her.

He pressed against her and ran his hands softly over her front. Kissing the back of her neck, he began with her lips, touching them gently and then tracing the slope of her neck down to her chest and in between her breasts. With both hands he grazed over them lightly a few times, nudging and feeling the small barbell beads next to her hard nipples. He smiled and sucked on her neck right at her hairline, ready for the squirm and mewl that he knew she would make.

“Aaaaah! Scott! Ohh… oh, oh, oh Go—d-d-d-d…” Melanie’s speech slurred as she stuttered and bucked her hips against him. Her neck and ears were very sensitive and Scott knew exactly where to nip and suck to make her lose any coherent thought she had.

“What was that? I didn’t understand a word,” Scott traced his tongue over the shell of her ear and clamped his lips on it without waiting for an answer. She whimpered and pressed her hips back against him, squirming in his arms. He sucked and nipped at her ear with his teeth and began to squeeze the small handfuls of her breasts with his hands. They fit perfectly in his grip, and he loved the perky nipples that would protrude proudly from the soft flesh. The barbells Melanie had through them looked sexy on her, and made her nipples almost as sensitive as her clit.

Melanie made a moaning sound in response and gasped loudly as Scott pinched her nipples. Letting go of her ear, he continued his hands’ run down her body as she let her head loll back into his shoulder, breathing heavily. Scott drank in the wonderful view of her body from above, and growled softly to himself as he began to unbutton the lingerie. Melanie felt the head of his hard cock press into her bottom and she wiggled against him firmly.

It was Scott’s turn to buck his hips. His cock had worked its way out of his boxers and was resting against the soft satin. When she moved, he made a choking noise as he felt his weeping cock slide quickly against smooth fabric. He growled and gave Melanie a firm spank, then returned to working at the buttons. “You little cocktease…” he muttered, and Melanie purred in response. He pulled up the hem of the satin gown to get the last few buttons, and then pulled it open, exposing her to the night air. Melanie looked around nervously, but knew none of their neighbours could see them.

“Nobody’s looking, Mel. And even if they are, they’re getting a damn nice view, so let them look…” he bit down on her shoulder gently as he began to pinch her nipples and flick the barbells, making her moan again. “…I’m the one holding your tits, not them. Let them salivate.”

With that, he gave her breasts a firm squeeze and lowered his voice to breathe in her ear, “Let go of the bar, turn around, and grab it again.” He exhaled slowly and Melanie made a loud mewling noise as she felt the warm and cool sensations against her ear. Shaking, she turned to face her tormentor.

Scott took a step back and groaned at the sight he saw. In the moonlight he could see faintly a flush across Melanie’s chest and cheeks, and her breasts were heaving with her heavy breathing. As his eyes travelled down, he grinned at the black garter belt holding up the lace-topped stockings. They framed the tiny triangle of neatly trimmed red hair nestled just above her slit deliciously, and he felt his cock twitch grup sex as he gazed. Removing his boxers quickly, he kicked them to the side and moved in closer. His hands began at her neck and wandered down her chest, cupping and kneading her perky breasts. He stepped close to her and let one hand slide around her body and tuck under the nightgown to cup her ass while he let the other continue its path down to let his fingers wander over the thatch of soft hair as he moved in again to kiss her. “Good girl… I see you left out the panties like I wanted you to.” His fingers travelled lower and slid across the smooth skin of her labia, nudging against the inner folds teasingly and petting the soft flesh. He was searching for another sensitive spot he knew would make her moan.

She gasped and her eyes fluttered closed as she spread her legs, gripping onto the balcony railing with both hands. The finger began to rotate and flick at the nub beginning to swell, while the pad of Scott’s thumb slowly stroked gently at Melanie’s mound. He leaned in to kiss her lips, then her jaw line, then her neck briefly, and his mouth began to follow the path his fingers had made just earlier. He kissed down her neck and chest, pausing to suck on the hard nipples protruding deliciously from her soft skin. The pink nubs crinkled and looked happily swollen against the metal beads. He lathed the metal with his tongue in his mouth, and nibbled on each of the hardened buds, coaxing a loud whimper from Melanie. Giving each nipple a final kiss, he nipped at her ribcage, then her belly button, as Melanie began to push her lower body against him.

Scott knew exactly what she wanted, but wanted to wait to give it to her. He traced his lips down to her mound and licked and nipped the skin there gently. “I’ve always loved the view down here…” he murmured, stroking fingers along the fire-red mat of soft hair. Melanie snorted at this, but quickly purred as he began to slide his tongue along her outer lips. She yelped as she felt a sharp stream of cool air directly on her swollen clit and her knees waivered a little in their strength. After a few more kisses along her glistening slit, he stood up and grinned at Melanie’s disappointed face. He pressed against her and whispered in her ear.

“Turn around again, Melanie. Keep holding onto the railing,” his hands guided her hips as she turned and clutched onto the metal bars, now gazing at the city lights before her. He grabbed her hips and walked them backward, and after an initial startled noise, Melanie giggled at the position he was moving her into.

“I should have guessed your favourite position was coming,” she looked over her shoulder at him teasingly, and he gave her ass a hard spank.

“As if it isn’t yours too,” he flipped up the hem of the soft material still draped over her to expose her garter-clad bottom. The black lace framed her firm, round cheeks perfectly and Scott had to close his eyes and will himself not to slam deep into her immediately.

Melanie’s shoulders and arms were resting on the railing of the balcony as she allowed her legs to spread and her body to relax in the position she was placed. Her ass was raised high in the air due to her heels, allowing her entire upper body to be almost parallel with the balcony floor. Grinning to herself, Melanie began to sway her hips, allowing her behind to move around on display for Scott, who groaned and placed a hand on it, squeezing roughly.

“You’re so fucking hot…” his voice trailed off as he nestled up behind her and leaned himself over her body, placing his hands beside hers on the railing. “You’re killing me back here,” he grumbled as he leaned down to nip at the back of her neck. After tugging roughly on her dangling nipples, he returned his hand to her back and moved it down to her ass as he kneeled behind her.

Feeling his hot breath against her opening, Melanie whimpered and began to quiver with anticipation. She was so wet, and so ready. If Scott had decided to take her then, she would have welcomed it. However, he had other plans. Wrapping his arms around her thighs and bringing her body close to his face, he pressed his mouth against her wet opening. He slid his tongue inside her to taste her delicious moisture, emitting an approving groan that matched her own noises. He nipped her lips all over, and made her shriek by running his tongue fleetingly downward along her slit. When he found her aroused clit, he pressed his lips against it and put slight suction on the sensitive flesh. Melanie screamed and her body quivered against him as he began to flick his tongue quickly and smoothly, yet firmly, against her exposed bead. Her knees went weak and her body buckled downward a little, but Scott wrapped his arms around her, supporting her as he continued his clitoral onslaught. He gingerly stroked her ass with one hand and flicked his tongue against her clit faster as he moved one finger to stroke against her puckered hole.

Melanie’s body lurched at the sensation and Scott’s mouth lost contact. She whimpered and wiggled her bottom hd porno in the air as he chuckled to himself, knowing she liked what he had done. “Easy there, you delectable thing, you…” he muttered and slid a finger deep into her pussy. He groaned along with Melanie as he felt her walls fluttering around his finger, and eagerly ducked down to bathe her clit with his tongue once more. With his other hand he clenched her ass, squeezing and kneading it roughly as he listened to her gasp and moan over him. He began to stroke his finger in and out of her pussy slowly, as he nudged the tight ring of her ass with the pad of a finger on the other hand.

Melanie’s mind was in a fog as she fought to keep herself still above Scott. He was playing with her as a skilled musician would play his instrument, coaxing all the right noises from her, and making her vibrate with pleasure. She was so close. His tongue knew exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it, and her body was responding quickly. She whimpered his name as he pushed his fingertip into her ass and let out a yelp as he curved the finger inside her pussy. She mewled loudly, and began to encourage Scott.

“Ohh… oh, Scott… don’t stop… keep doing that… right there…” she was panting now, and the telltale beginnings of her orgasm were contracting around Scott’s fingers. He moaned encouragingly and increased the speed of his tongue and his finger. He felt Melanie’s entire body tense around him for several moments and as he kept going, he simply wiggled the little bit of his finger in her ass. She screamed loudly into the night, not caring who heard that she was having an exquisite orgasm. Her hips jerked violently, and Scott withdrew his fingers to grab onto her pelvis and hold it to his mouth. His tongue did not stop its quick lapping until the small aftershocks and shudders racing through Melanie died down to groans of appreciation.

Panting heavily, Melanie dropped down suddenly, crouching with her legs splayed and gripping onto the railing with both hands. Scott gave her a swift spank on the ass and demanded, “Who told you to move your ass down? Get that thing back up here!” Melanie chuckled and looked over her shoulder at him to see him grinning and licking his lips.

She stood up and turned her head to look at him. “Kiss me first,” she pouted and wiggled her butt at him, feeling the strength in her legs returning. Her chest was still heaving as she caught her breath, and her cheeks and chest were flushed. Scott eyed her hungrily and moved in behind her quickly. He caught her mouth with his and felt her suck her juices off his lips. She made a small approving noise that made his cock throb as soon as he heard it. He wanted her. Now. Giving her ass a sharp spank, he roughly pulled her hips backward again. She yelped in surprise and followed his lead so that she was bending over at the hip again with her legs spread. His hands ran along her front, roaming over her breasts and swollen nipples, raking along her flat stomach, and squeezing the rounded hips and butt covered in black lace.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Mel…” Scott’s voice trailed off as he began to run the head of his swollen cock up and down her slit, teasing her. Her slippery folds felt amazing against him and he caught a groan in his throat as he felt the heat radiating out from her.

Melanie looked over her shoulder and bit her lip, watching him digging her nails into her hips and gasp with his eyes closed. “Scott,” she murmured huskily, causing him to look at her with his eyes half-lidded. “Fuck me.”

Scott let out a loud, ragged, groan at the sight of Melanie biting and licking her lips and demanding to be taken. He pushed his hips forward and felt her strong muscles clenching and gripping him, driving him insane. He took a deep breath or two and began to slowly and purposefully rear back and slam into her again. Melanie yelped loudly and moved one hand away from the railing to begin touching her clit.

“No!” Scott wrenched her hand out from underneath her and spanked her ass again. “Mine!” he growled, and slid his hand around her to rub her clit, leaning over her back and using the other arm to grab her and hold her to him. “Mine,” he said again, softer, as Melanie began to coo and purr familiarly. He wanted to make her cum again, and he wanted to do it on his own. He loved being the reason for her pleasure and loved to make her cum for him.

Melanie’s hand flew back up to the railing as she bucked her hips against Scott’s thrusts. He slid his free hand up to cup her right breast and toy with her nipple. She whimpered loudly at the onslaught of stimulation and began to feel another orgasm coming. She heard Scott talking to her through her clouded mind and felt her knees buckle a little as the pleasure became overwhelming.

“Good girl, Mel… you’re so fucking hot when you cum. I love making you cum around me and against me. You’re so tight, fuck…” Scott gasped and felt the familiar clenches and squeezes of an impending explosion. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, gasping as he tried to last as long as he could and wanting Melanie to cum again first. He knew she was close by her gasps and the way she was gripping the balcony railing. She bucked up against him harder with each thrust, and he hoped he could last as long as it took to make her scream his name again.

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