Is My Bestie Bi?

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Is My Bestie Bi?

My friend, Lida, and I met in a Facebook group supporting a local recycling initiative. We met IRL at some events and instantly clicked. Our families even get along great! We are both respectable liberal professional couples each with a couple of kids like that old show Thirtysomething.

Although I am very happily married to a cishet man, I have several sexy escapades with lovely ladies under my muff and tongue. My husband is supportive of me being bi–and is open to a mff threesome–duh–or even with me just having a hot curvy slut to fuck and record for him to watch. It’s never panned out with online personals, and I was craving tits and pussy.

At a recent supper over at Lida and Henry’s house, Henry let it slip that the first time he ever saw Lida was at a bar in college. She was kissing a cute brunette on a dare and enjoying it. Henry immediately wanted Lida, but he was so intimidated that it took him two months to work up the courage to talk to her. Since that’s the more “socially appropriate” story, it’s what they identify as when they first met. I wondered silently if Lida would still enjoy kissing a girl.

Later, as we cleaned up a bit in the kitchen, I brushed my hand along Lida’s round ass to test the waters. Everyone else was outside in the gazebo. Her ass swayed a little bit, and she sharply inhaled but kept chatting about how we should plan a 2 family camping trip.

Thinking about salty pink vulvas, I went for it and slid my hand, palm up, under her ass and across her crotch. Her leggings were smooth underneath–no panties. “Oh, Lida,” I purred against her throat.

“Mmmmmm…,” she moaned, “we…listen…”

“We can bahis şirketleri do this if you want to, ” I whispered. “You are an incredible woman, Lida. I would be honored to have you. You know the husbands will support it.”

“What?” she asked.

“Do you really think that Henry will get upset because I eat your pussy and he gets to watch? I’m not going to leave Charlie. You’re not going to leave Henry. We won’t stop being friends. We’ll just be besties with benefits!”

Logical, right?

Lida paused then shoved her tongue into my mouth. I pivoted and gave her mound a few firm rubs while pushing my tongue deeper into her mouth like I would do to her pussiy if given a chance.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from my dear delicious friend. We had been gone for a while and the kids needed to get into bed. We both blushed and straightened up a bit. Unsure of how to keep her at ease about this, I said, “Lida, if you want to explore this then I am all in. If not, I am always your friend. We reset to yesterday and pretend this never happened.”

Lida replied, “I know that I’d die without your friendship, Morgan. Truthfully, I have fantasized about sex with another woman, and…my friend, you are very appealing. But, can we do this?”

“Why not?” I shrugged.

“Why not?” she smiled and pinched my left nipple through my shirt.

After working with the guys to get all of the kids settled in for the night upstairs, we all moved back to the gazebo strung with tiny lights to have a few more drinks. Well, after a few more drinks on top of the buzz from fondling Lida, I handed Lida a fresh glass and leaned in for a deep kiss. Henry and Charlie sat gob-smacked. Lida kissed bahis firmaları me back with passion then set our drinks down. Then she started to caress my big tits as we continued to kiss each other with increasing intensity. Giving in completely, I started to pull up her shirt. We undressed each other in the gazebo then Lida took me by the hand and led me to the pool. She sat on the edge of the pool with her legs dangling into the water. I slid in and parted her thighs before seeing her pink mound already swollen and slick with anticipation under a dark trimmed bush.

“It’s been so long,” I sighed as I ran my tongue broadly over her delicious pussy. Lapping up Lida’s lesbo-virgin twat, I made my best friend cum in my mouth. Pushing up, I sucked on her nipples and kissed her so that she could taste her sweet cum.

Climbing out of the pool, our husbands hurried over to kiss and grope their own wet slippery wife. I winked at Charlie, then pulled Lida over to a lounge chair. I laid down first and Lida positioned herself over me so that we could eat each other’s pussies. Her damp sweet bush tickled my chin as her clit swelled for my tongue.. She parted my vulvas with her hands to admire my pink fuck hole. Then, pushing two fingers in, she gently suckled my quivering clit.

Working me over with her tongue and fingers, I spread her wide and licked every inch of her pussy and ass. We both came repeatedly then lapsed into the pool to cool off. The water increased the intense tingling all over my body like cool soft tongues running all over my naked body. Charlie and Henry stripped and joined us in the water. Each hard and horny husband used the water’s buoyancy to hold us up, legs kaçak bahis siteleri wrapping around them, as they fucked hard. Using our curvy hips to pull us deeper and our big breasts bouncing at the top of the water, I watched as Lida came for her husband like she came in my mouth just a few minutes earlier. Then I pulled Charlie balls deep into me and let my orgasm squeeze the cum out of his cock.

Dripping cum and water, we all got out and cleaned up. We made small talk about the kids sleeping over for the night. Lida and Henry would return our kids tomorrow. We also made plans to have dinner at our house next weekend. Lida looked dead at me and said, “Maybe we could return tonight’s favors?”

“Absolutely!,” I replied. “Best dinner party ever with your sexy self as dessert.” They left after Lida and I shared another long kiss. As we drove home, my husband gushed about how sexy I was, and how he could hardly believe that he got to watch me fuck Lida AND have a show in the pool.

He couldn’t get the door open fast enough to please either of us. Before it closed behind us, I was already stripping in the entryway. Charlie dropped his pants on the floor and led me into the den. He arched an inquisitive eyebrow at the couch, but I bent over the large ottoman instead displaying my big PAWG ass because I know he loves it. My husband slowly and firmly kissed my ass cheeks then gently spread them apart. Using spit and some thumb action, he warmed up my tight asshole. Then he started to slowly push the tip of his hard cock into my tight ass. Charlie kept pushing deeper as I slowly thrust to meet him. Exhaling deeply, I pushed back to force his cock into me. Working up speed, he fucked me bent over the ottoman until he filled my ass with cum. Now, dripping cum from two holes, I quickly showered and joined him in our bed to rest and plan for next week’s dinner. And for how I would fuck my best friend again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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